Stanmore, New South Wales, Australia IP Addresses

AS1221 - ASN-TELSTRA Telstra Pty Ltd, AU
AS4739 - INTERNODE-AS Internode Pty Ltd, AU
AS7545 - TPG-INTERNET-AP TPG Telecom Limited, AU
AS10143 - EXETEL-AS-AP Exetel Pty Ltd, AU
AS17477 - MCT-SYDNEY Macquarie Telecom, AU
AS17918 - INFOPLEX2-AS-AU INFOPLEX Hosting and Managed Service Provider Asia Pacific, AU
AS23859 - UNSW-AS-AP University of New South Wales, AU
AS24105 - UNWIRED-CORE-AP Unwired Group, Fixed Wireless Broadband Access, Sydney, AU
AS38285 - M2TELECOMMUNICATIONS-AU M2 Telecommunications Group Ltd, AU
AS55923 - HARBOURSAT-AS-AP Harbour IT Pty Ltd, AU