Adelaide, South Australia, Australia IP Addresses

AS96 - DNIC-AS-00096 - Headquarters, USAISC, US
AS703 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS1221 - ASN-TELSTRA Telstra Pty Ltd, AU
AS1851 - ADELAIDE-UNIVERSITY-AS-AP The University of Adelaide, AU
AS2764 - AAPT AAPT Limited, AU
AS4739 - INTERNODE-AS Internode Pty Ltd, AU
AS4802 - ASN-IINET iiNet Limited, AU
AS4804 - MPX-AS Microplex PTY LTD, AU
AS4826 - VOCUS-BACKBONE-AS Vocus Connect International Backbone, AU
AS6262 - CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial, AU
AS7474 - OPTUSCOM-AS01-AU SingTel Optus Pty Ltd, AU
AS7477 - TEREDONN-AS-AP SkyMesh Pty Ltd, AU
AS7543 - PI-AU Pacific Internet (Australia) Pty Ltd, JP
AS7545 - TPG-INTERNET-AP TPG Telecom Limited, AU
AS7575 - AARNET-AS-AP Australian Academic and Reasearch Network (AARNet), AU
AS7578 - ADN-AS-AP Access Digital Networks Pty. Limited AS Communications Provider, AU
AS9297 - COLOCITY-AS-AP Colocity Pty Ltd, AU
AS9443 - INTERNETPRIMUS-AS-AP Primus Telecommunications, AU
AS9556 - IINET-AU iiNet Limited, AU
AS9822 - AMNET-AU-AP Amnet IT Services Pty Ltd, AU
AS9942 - COMINDICO-AP SOUL Converged Communications Australia, AU
AS10113 - EFTEL-AS-AP Eftel Limited., AU
AS10143 - EXETEL-AS-AP Exetel Pty Ltd, AU
AS10213 - WORKCOVER-AS-AP Workcover Corporation, AU
AS17498 - CINENET-AS-AP Superloop (Cinenet), AU
AS17766 - DATAFX-AS-AP Data FX Online Pty. Ltd., AU
AS17899 - ASN-ACN ACN Pacific Pty Ltd, AU
AS17907 - NUSKOPE NuSkope Pty. Ltd., AU
AS20473 - AS-CHOOPA - Choopa, LLC, US
AS23762 - VPNSOLUTIONS-AU VPNsolutions Pty Ltd, AU
AS24093 - BIGAIR-AP BIGAIR. Multihoming ASN, AU
AS38285 - M2TELECOMMUNICATIONS-AU M2 Telecommunications Group Ltd, AU
AS38333 - SYMBIO-AS-AU-AP Symbio Networks, AU
AS38484 - VIRGIN-BROADBAND-AS-AP Virgin Broadband Australian, AU
AS38809 - NXGNET-AS-AP Nextgen Networks, AU
AS45198 - MESANT-AU Level 10, 25 grenfell Street, AU
AS45226 - SANTOS-MULTIHOME-AS-AP AS for multi homing ISPs at Adelaide HO, AU
AS45270 - OSSINI-AS-AP Ossini Pty Ltd, AU
AS45454 - WEB24-VIC-AU Web24 Virtual & Dedicated hosting service provider, Melb, Australia, AU
AS45510 - TELCOINABOX-AU Level 10, 9 Hunter Street, AU
AS45852 - BENDIGOBANK-AS-AP Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, AU
AS56300 - MYREPUBLIC-SG MyRepublic Ltd., SG
AS58750 - LOGICPLUS-AS-AP Logic Plus, AU
AS59376 - EXPEED-AS-AP Expeed Technology Pty Ltd, AU
AS61440 - Digital Energy Technologies Chile SpA, CL
AS64495 - TOREN7, NL
AS65000 - -Private Use AS-, ZZ