Ranchi, Jharkhand, India IP Addresses

AS2697 - ERX-ERNET-AS Education and Research Network, IN
AS9498 - BBIL-AP BHARTI Airtel Ltd., IN
AS9829 - BSNL-NIB National Internet Backbone, IN
AS24186 - RAILTEL-AS-IN RailTel Corporation of India Ltd., Internet Service Provider, New Delhi, IN
AS45609 - BHARTI-MOBILITY-AS-AP Bharti Airtel Ltd. AS for GPRS Service, IN
AS55824 - NKN-CORE-NW NKN Core Network, IN
AS132562 - ZEROWORRIES-AS-IN ZeroWorries Private Limited, IN
AS133597 - MAXTECH-AS Max tech media and communications pvt ltd, IN
AS133676 - PNPL-AS Precious netcom pvt ltd, IN