Townsend, Delaware Scanner Frequencies



Townsend, Delaware IP Addresses

AS701 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS3549 - LVLT-3549 - Level 3 Communications, Inc., US
AS6167 - CELLCO-PART - Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless, US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US
AS16504 - GRANITE - Granite Telecommunications LLC, US
AS17231 - ATT-CERFNET-BLOCK - AT&T Enhanced Network Services, US
AS32939 - ATLANTICBB-MIDDLETOWN - Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC, US

Townsend, Delaware Streets

Abby Dr
Aberdeen Way
Airport Pl
Alloway Pl
Anchor Inn Rd
Androssan Pl
Andy St
Appoquinimink Ct
Ashley Ann Ct
Aviemore Dr
Avonbridge Dr
Barcelona St
Barcus Ct
Basalt St
Bassett Ct
Beagle Dr
Bellmont Cir
Bilboa Ct
Blackbird Forest Rd
Blackbird Landing Rd
Blackbird Station Rd
Blackburn Ct
Black Stallion Rd
Brittany Cir
Brook Ramble Ln
Buckingham Ct
Buker St
Cabin Row
Caldwell Corner Rd
Caledonia Way
Camerton la
Cannery Ave
Cantwell Ave
Carthage Ct
Cart Rd
Cedar Brae Ln
Cedar Swamp Rd
Chestnut Ln
Chestnut St
Coale Ln
Coldwell Corner Rd
Cole Rd
Collins Beach Rd
Collins Ct
Commerce St
Coquina Ct
Corbit Sharp Dr
Corbit St
Cordoba Ct
Country Dr
Cyclone Catch
Deakyneville Rd
Deep Branch Dr
Deer Run Rd
Denny Lynn Dr
Dexter Corner Rd
Dogtown Rd
Dorking Dr
Dornoch Way
Dumphries Ct
Dundee Ct
Dupont Pkwy
E Abbey Dr
Eagles Nest Landing Rd
Eagles Nest Rd
Eaton Dr
Ebenezer Church Rd
Edgar Rd
E Founds St
el Dorado Way
Elmer Ct
Esch St
Feldspar Way
Feret Rd
Fieldsboro Rd
Finley St
Fleming Landing Rd
Forest Dr
Gardner Rd
Gibraltar Ct
Ginn St
Glen Mohr Ct
Glenshee Dr
Glenturret Way
Granada Ct
Gray St
Grears Corner Rd
Green Giant Rd
Green Meadow Ct
Greer Corners Rd
Gum Bush Rd
Hagerty Pl
Hanson Ct
Hardwood Ct
Harris Rd
Harvey Straughn Rd
Helen Dr
Hugh Ct
Ibiza Ct
Inverary Ct
Isaacs la
Janets Way
Kaitlyn Dr
Karins Blvd
Kelsey Lynn Ct
Kintyre Ct
Labrador Ln
Lake Valley Dr
Langshaw Ln
Lattomus St
Levels Rd
Lloyd Guessford Rd
Loft St
Log Yard Ln
Lynemore Dr
Macey Ln
Madrid St
Mailly Ct
Mailly Dr
Main Dr
Main St
Margist Ct
Marilyn Ct
Maryland Line Rd
Massey Church Rd
Mayfield Ln
McKays Corner Rd
Meadow Ln
Meadow Vista Dr
Melvin Ct
Merle Ln
Mica St
Millburn Ct
Mill Ln
Minorca Pl
Monastery la
Money Rd
Morris Rd
Myers St
Naomi Ln
New Discovery Rd
Niles St
N Meadow Dr
Noxontown Rd
Oak Hill School Rd
Obsidian Way
Olde Dutch Ct
Olde Dutch Dr
Old State Rd
Oliver Guessford Rd
Olivine Cir
Owensby Dr
Paddock Rd
Pamplona Ct
Peregrine Way
Pine Cir
Pine Tree Ln
Pine Tree Rd
Prestwick Pl
Queen Annes Dr
Railroad Ave
Raleigh Mitchell Ln
Ratledge Rd
Ravenglass Dr
Rd 30
Reihm Dr
Rose Valley Dr
Saw Mill Branch Rd
Saw Mill Rd
S Dupont Hwy
S Dupont Pkwy
Seamans Ct
Seminary Ct
Setter Ct
Shale St
Shepherd Ct
Silverhill Xing
Silver Ln
Six Acres Dr
Southerness Dr
South St
Spaniel Ct
Spring Creek Dr
St Annes Church Rd
State Rd 71
State Rd 9
Stave Landing Rd
Stonefield Dr
Stonehaven Dr
Summit Bridge Rd
Sunnyside Ln
Sycamore Ln
Taylors Bridge Rd
Taylor St
Thoroughfare Neck Rd
Toledo Ct
Tracy Cir
Travertine Ct
Tweedsmere Dr
Union Church Rd
US Hwy 13
Valencia Ct
Van Dyke Greenspring Rd
Van Dyke-Md Line Rd
W Abbey Dr
Walker School Rd
Walnut St
Watchgate Way
Waverly Ct
Wedge Ct
W Founds St
Wiggins Mill Rd
Willey Dr
Wilson St
Zamora Ct