Nokomis, Florida Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Nokomis, Florida IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US
AS25851 - ALTIUS-FL-AS - ALTIUS Broadband, LLC, US
AS30415 - SCG-BGP01 - Sarasota County Government, US

Nokomis, Florida Streets

10th St
11th St
1st Ave
1st St E
2nd Ave
2nd St
2nd St E
2nd St W
3rd St
3rd St E
3rd St W
4 Bays Dr
4th St E
4th St W
5th St E
5th St W
6th St E
6th St W
7th St E
7th St W
8th St
9th St
Acacia Ln
Adriatic St
Albee Farm Rd N
Albee Farm Rd S
Albee Rd E
Albee Rd W
Albino Cir
Aljohn St
Amalfie Rd
Anchorage Dr
Anderson Rd
Angelico Dr
Anne Bonny Cir
Anne Bonny Cir N
Anne Bonny Cir S
Apalachee Ln
Aquila St N
Aquila St S
Arabian Cir
Aristocrat Dr
Aron Cir
Astey Ln
Asti Ct
Ave Bahia
Ave de la Isla
Ave la Palma
Ave of Barons
Ave of Dukes
Ave of Kings
Ave of Queens
Azalea St
Bainbridge Dr
Bald Eagle Ln
Ball Dr
Banyan Dr
Barnes Pkwy
Bass Ln
Bay Ave
Bay Point Ave
Bayshore Dr
Bayshore Rd
Bayside Ct
Bayside Ln
Bayside Pkwy
Bayside Way
Bay St
Bayview Dr
Bayview Pkwy
Bella Vista Ter
Bellini Cir
Bellini Ct
Birch Ave
Bittner Blvd
Blackbeard Ln
Blackburn Rd
Bluegrass Ct
Bob Hope Dr
Boca Ciega St
Bolanza Ct
Bonito Ave
Botticelli Dr
Botticelli Pl
Brenda Ln
Brigantine Way
Bristol Ln
Broad St
Brookshire Dr
Browns Rd
Buena Vista Dr
Burano Ct
Calusa Lakes Blvd
Camalot Dr
Camellia St
Camelot Dr
Canal Way
Caneletto Way
Capistrano Dr
Captain Kidd Cir
Captiva St
Capt Kidd Cir N
Capt Kidd Cir S
Carissa St
Carriage House Ln
Casa Bonitas Cir
Casa Bonitas Ct
Casa Bonitas Dr
Casa Bonitas Ln
Casas Bonitas Cir
Casas Bonitas Dr
Casas Bonitas Pl
Casas Bonitas Way
Casey Cove Dr
Casey Key Rd
Castle Dr
Cavallini Dr
Ceil Ct
Ceil Dr
Central Ave
Chandler Rd
Channel Acres Rd
Channel Ln
Chardin Dr
Charles Dr
Cherokee Pl
Chippy Ln
Chirico Dr
Church St
Cielo Ct
Cipriani Ct
Cipriani Way
Circle Dr
Circuit Rd
Citadella Dr
Citrus Ave
Citrus Dr
Clipper Way
Clydesdale Cir
Cocoanut Ave
Coconut Cres
Collins Rd
Colonial Bay Dr
Colonia Ln
Colonia Ln E
Colonia Ln W
Connemaral Cir
Coquina Ct
Coral Dr
Corot Dr
Courbet Dr
Crottsmar Cir
Crown Point Dr
Curry Ave
Curry Ln
Curry St
Curry Trl
Cutlass Bayou
Cutlass Bayou Rd
Dante Dr
Dartmoor Cir
Da Vinci Dr
Da Vinci Dr N
Degas Dr
Delacroix Cir
Derian Pl
Desoto St
Discovery Way
Dolphin Shores Cir
Dolphin St
Dona Bay Dr
Dona Dr
Dona Way
Duchamp Dr
Duchess Ave
Dulmer Dr
Eagle Pl
E Albee Rd
Eddy Dr
Edmondson Rd
Edmonson Rd
Eisenhower Dr
Elba Dr
Elk Inlet
E Marland Ct
Emerald Ave N
Emerald Ave S
Endeavor Ct
Enterprise Ct
E Palm Ave
Equestrian Ct
E Rossetti Dr
E Rubens Dr
Estil Dr
Eucalyptus Cir
Ewing St
Fair Winds Dr
Falcon Trace Ln
Flamboyant St
Florence St
Forest St
Four Bays Dr
Frances St
Gardenia St
Garland Ave
Gasparilla Ln
Gayle Ave
Gene Green Rd
Giotto Dr
Giovanni Dr
Gloria Ln
Goya Dr
Grove St
Gulf Ave
Gulf Winds Way
Hamlin St
Hammock Dr
Hampton Rd
Hanchey Dr
Hanoverian Cir
Harbor Shore Dr
Harmony Ln
Harrier Way
Harris St
Haskett Rd
Haul Rd
Hibiscus St
Hidden Pines Way
Highland Cir
Highland St
Hillcrest Dr
Hillcrest Rd
Hills Rd
Hollowood Cir
Hoover Cir
Hoover St
Hyacinth St
Indiana Ave
Ingres Dr
Inlets Blvd
Irene St N
Irene St S
Islamorada Dr
Jacana Ct
James St
Jeanette Ct
Jenny Dr
Jessica St N
Jessica St S
Jones St
J W Dr
Kenwood Ave
Ketch Way
Key Way
Kilpatrick Rd
King Arthur Ct
King Arthur Dr
King St
Kings Way
Knights Trail Rd
la Costa Dr
la Costa St
Lafitte Dr
Lake Dr
Lake Shore Dr
Lakeview Dr
Lakewood Cir
Lakewood Ct
Lakewood Dr
Lakewood Ln
Lakewood Ter
Lancer Dr
Landfall Dr
Laurel Hollow Dr
Laurel Oaks Rd
Laurel Oaks St
Laurel Pines Cir
Laurel Pines Dr
Laurel Rd E
Laurel Rd W
Laurel Woods Dr
Laurencin Dr
Leger Dr
Lenain Dr
Lerida Ct
Lesia Dr
Lightfoot Dr
Lily St
Lime Dr
Lindis Ln
Loblolly Ln
Long Ben Ln
Loreto Ct
Louella Ln
Lucille Ave
Lychee Dr
Lychee Ln
Lychee Rd
Lyons Bay Rd
Mackintosh Blvd
Magnolia Ave
Maler Dr
Mango Ln
Maple St
Margaret Dr
Marlin St
Martellago Dr
Martellago Way
Martha Ln
Matisse Cir E
Matisse Cir N
Matisse Cir S
Matland St
Mc Hill Rd
Mc Neal Ave
Medici Ct
Medici Ter
Melody Ln
Mestre Ct
Mestre Pl
Micanopy Trl
Millet Pl
Miro Cir
Mission Valley Blvd
Modigliani Dr
Monet Dr
Monet Pl
Montana Ave
Montelluna Dr
Morgan Cir
Morgan St
Morse Ct
Mount Pleasant Rd
Murillo Dr
Muskogee Trl
Mustang St
Myrtle Ave
Myrtle Dr
Nash Ave
New Forest Cir
Nippino Trl E
Nippino Trl W
N River View Dr
N Rossetti Dr
Oak St
Oak Tree Ln
Old Albee Farm Rd
Old Trl
Oleander St
Olive Ave
Orange Ave
Orange Blossom Ln
Orange Blossom St
Orange Grove Ave N
Orange Grove Ave S
Orchid St
Osceola Rd
Oxford Dr
Pacer St
Padova Way
Padua Ct
Palamino Cir
Palazzo Ct
Palm Ave
Palm Dr
Palmetto Cres
Palmetto Rd E
Palmetto Rd W
Palmetto St
Palm Ln
Pamela St
Pameto Rd
Paras Pl
Park Dr
Patton St
Pavonia Rd
Pearl Ave N
Pearl Ave S
Pearl St
Pecan Ln
Pecan St
Percheron Cir
Periwinkle St
Perkins Ln
Pesaro Dr
Picasso Dr
Pineapple Ave
Pine Ave
Pine Cone Ln
Pine Ct
Pine Rd
Pine St
Pine St E
Pinewood Ave
Pinta St
Pinto Cir
Pocono Trl E
Pocono Trl W
Poco Pl
Poinciana Rd
Poinsettia Rd
Pompano Ln
Pops Ln
Portia St N
Portia St S
Portofino Dr
Precision Dr
Preserve Pl
Princess Ave
Quail Ct
Ramblin Rose Ln
Ranch Rd
R and F Ranch Rd
Raphael Pl
Ravenna St N
Ravenna St S
Rimini Way
River Blvd N
River Blvd S
Riverview Dr S
Robbins Rd
Roberts Bay Dr
Roberts Rd
Ross St
Rousseau Dr
Rubens Dr
Ruby Ave N
Ruby Ave S
Ruisdael Cir
Rustic Rd
Sabal Ln
Sago Ln
S Albee Farm Rd
San Carlos St
Sandhill Ln
Sandpiper Ln
Sandspur Ln
Sanibel St
Santa Cruz
Savona Ct
Savona Way
S Casey Key Rd
Scotties Pl
Scott St
Seurat Dr
Shadylawn Ave
Shady Pine Ln
Shakett Creek Dr
Shetland Cir
Shire St
Shore Rd
Shore T Rd
Sierra St N
Sierra St S
Sierra Vista St
Signorelli Dr
Silver Spray Ln
Simmons St
Sloop Way
Snook Ln
Sonoma Dr E
Sonoma Dr W
Sorrento Inlet
Sorrento Pl
Sorrento Ranches Dr
Sorrento Woods Blvd
South Dr
Spanish Lakes Dr
Spencer Ave
Spoonbill Dr
Squire Ct
State Hwy 45
Suffolk Cir
Sugarloaf Dr
Sunaire Ter
Suncrest Dr
Sunrise Ave
Sunrise Dr
Sunset Ave
Sunset Dr
Sunshine Dr
Sweetland St
Tamiami Trl
Tamiami Trl N
Tangerine Dr
Tangerine St
Tarpon Ct
Tarpon Way
Tavernier Dr
Technology Dr
Tequesta Trl
Terra Bella Ct
Tiepolo Dr
Timucua Trl
Tiziano Way
Tocobaga Ln
Torcello Ct
Tortuga Dr
Tracy Cir
Treviso Ct
Triple Diamond Blvd
Trotter St
Trout Ln
Truman Cir
Turner St
Twin Lakes Ave
Twin Laurel Blvd
Uppakrik Ln
US Hwy 41
Valencia St
Valenza Ct
Vanderbilt Dr
Van Dyck Dr
Venetia St
Vermeer Dr
Verona St N
Verona St S
Veronese Dr
Veronesse Dr
Verrocchio Dr
Vicenza Way
Village Dr
Villa Park Dr
Wallace St
Wanda Pl
Waterside Ln
White Feather Ln
Winfield Way
W Marland Ct
W Matisse Cir
Woodland Rd
Woz Ln
W Rossetti Dr
Wyeth Dr
Yawl Way