Parrish, Florida Scanner Frequencies



Parrish, Florida IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS30221 - T3COM - T3 Communications, Inc., US

Parrish, Florida Streets

100th Ave E
100th Dr E
101st Ave E
102nd Ave E
104th Ave E
105th Ave E
108 Ave E
108th Ave E
112th Ave E
112th Pl E
112th Ter E
113th Ave E
114th Ave E
114th Dr E
115th Ave E
115th Dr E
115th Ter E
117th Ter E
118th Ave E
118th Ter
119 Ave E
119th Ave E
119th Ter E
120 Ave E
120th Ave E
121st Ave E
122nd Ave E
122nd Ter E
122 Pl E
123rd Ct E
123rd Pl E
123rd Ter E
124th Ave E
124th Dr E
125 St E
125th Ave E
125th Dr E
126th Ave E
126th Dr E
126th Ter E
127th Pl E
127th Ter E
128th Ave E
129th Ave E
130th Ave E
131st Dr E
132nd Pl E
132nd Ter E
134 Ter E
136th Ter E
155 Ave E
155th Ave E
156th Pl E
157th Ter E
159th Pl E
159th Ter E
161st Ave E
162nd Ave E
162nd Pl E
162nd Ter E
163rd Pl E
163rd Ter E
20th St E
21st St E
22nd Ct E
23rd St E
24th St E
25th Ct E
25th St E
27th Ct E
28th Cir E
28th St Cir E
28th St E
28th Street Cir E
29th Ct E
29th Ln E
29th St E
30th Cove E
30th Ct E
30th St E
30th Street Cir E
31st Ct E
31st St E
31st Street Ct E
326th Ave E
32nd Ct E
33rd Ct E
34th Ct E
35th Ct E
35th St E
36th Ct E
37th Ct E
38th Ct E
38th Ln E
39th St Cir E
39th Street Cir E
40th Ct E
41st Ct E
41st St E
42nd Ct E
42nd St E
44th Ct E
44th Street Ct E
46th Ct E
47th St E
48th Ct E
49th Ln E
50th Ct E
50th Ln E
50th Street Cir E
52nd Ct E
52nd St E
53rd Ct E
54th Ct E
54th Glen E
54th Gln E
55th Ct E
56th Ct E
56th St E
56th Street Cir E
57th Ct E
57th St E
57th Street Cir E
58th St E
59th St E
60th St E
61st Ct E
63rd Ct E
64th Ct E
64th St E
65th St E
66th St E
66th St W
69th St E
71st St E
72nd St E
73rd St E
77th St E
78th Ln E
78th St E
80th Ave E
80th St E
81st St E
82nd Ln E
82nd St E
84th Street Cir E
85th Avenue Cir E
87th Ave E
88th Ave E
89th Ave E
90th Ave E
90th Avenue Cir E
91st Ave E
92nd Ave E
95th Dr E
96 Ave E
96th Ave E
97th Ave E
97th St E
98th Ave E
98th Ter E
99th Ave E
99th Avenue Cir E
Adelia Dr
Alamanda Ln
Albritton Rd
Asbury Dr
Avalon Dr
Banbury Cir
Begonia Ter
Belvoir Dr
Berkeley Dr
Bill Parrish Rd
Blue Roan Ter
Bougainvillea Cir
Bougainvillea Ln
Bougainvillea Ter
Bradley Rd
Bridlewood Ct
Britt Rd
Brookridge Ln
Bunker Hill Rd
Cameron Ln
Cape Haze Cir
Cardiff Pl
Carlton Rd
Cedar Knoll Pl
Chardonnay Ter
Charles Partin Dr
Colyar Ln
Corbett John Rd
Corbitt John Rd
Co Rd 39
Co Rd 675
Co Rd 683
Country River Dr
Coyote Creek Ct
Crawford Parrish Ln
Creekside Park Dr
Creole Ct
Darsey Rd
Davis Grade Rd
Deer Forest Pl
Dickey Rd
Doe Creek Ct
Donnington Dr
Doris Rd
Douglas Hill Pl
Duette Rd
Dunster Ln
Durham St
E Palm Ln
Erie Ct
Erie Ln
Erie Rd
Fawn Lake Pl
Fennemore Way
Ficus Ct
Foal Creek Dr
Forest Creek Trl
Forest Ln
Fort Hamer Rd
Foxbrook Trl
Foy Rd
Gamble Creek Rd
Gardenia Ln
Gettis Lee Rd
Golf Course Rd
Grandview Dr
Gray Wolf Ct
Harrison Rd
Hatteras Ln
Heather Ln
Hibiscus Dr
Hibiscus Way
Hickory View Cir
Hidden Forest Loop
Honey Rd
Howling Wolf Run
Island Estates Dr
Jacaranda Way
Jackson Manor Ct
Jim Davis Rd
Josselin Pl
Juniper Trce
Keen Cementary Rd
Keen Cemetery Rd
Keen Rd
Keentown Rd
Key Deer Ter
Kingsfield Dr
Lake Fox Pl
Lake Paddock Cir
Lakeside Cir
Lantana Cir
Lantana Ln
Larchmere Ln
Larson Ln
Laurel Oak Ln
Lexington Dr
Little Country Rd
Logue Rd
Lyntnor Rd
Major Turner Run
Malickson Dr
Manatee Rd
Maple Ridge Dr
Marina Way
Martha Rd
Moccasin Wallow Rd
Morgan Hammock Ct
Mulholland Rd
Mulholland Rd Exd
Natures Reach Ter
Noble Pl
N Rye Rd
Oak Ridge Dr
Old Cypress Cv
Old Florida Ln
Old Orchard Ln
Old Tampa Rd
Oliver Manor Dr
Orchid View Dr
Ormond Ter
Oxford Rd
Palm Blvd
Palm Ln E
Palm Ln W
Parrish Cemetery Rd
Phillips Rd
Prairie Wolf Gln
Preston Park Dr
Pritchart Rd
Rawls Rd
Red Leaf Rd
Red Rooster Rd
Revell Rd
Rive Isle Run
River Shores Trl
Rivers Reach Blvd
River Woods Dr
Roanwood Ct
Rogers Rd
Rosario Dr
Rutland Rd
Ryegrass Loop
Rye Wilderness Rd
Rye Wilderness Rd NE
Rye Wilderness Trl
Saddlewood Ter
Saffold Rd
Savannah Lakes Dr
Sawgrass Rd
Sawgross Rd
Scarbough Rd
Schooner Dr
Seminole Trl
Shirburn Cir
Shrewsbury Ln
Sorrelwood Ct
Spencer Parrish Rd
State Hwy 37
State Hwy 62
State Rd 62
Sucia Cir
Summit Rock Ct
Suncrest St
Sunflower Dr
Taylor Grade
Taylor Grade Rd
Tiger Lilly Dr
Turner Rd
Twin Rivers Trl
US Hwy 301
US Hwy 301 N
Veranda Blvd
Violet Ave
Walden Loop
Wallingford Way
Warwick Cir
Wauchula Rd
Wellon Ranch Rd
White Blaze Ter
White Fang Ct
White Fox Dr
White Stallion Ct
White Tail Ct
Wilderness Blvd
Wilderness Blvd E
Wilderness Blvd W
Wilkins Rd
Wolf Ridge Xing
Woodland Fern Dr
Woodland Ter
Youngblood Rd