Donnelly, Idaho Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Donnelly, Idaho Phone Numbers


Donnelly, Idaho IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS7011 - FRONTIER-AND-CITIZENS - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US

Donnelly, Idaho Streets

Andy Ln
Angus Ln
Arlin Place Trl
Armstrong Pl
Aurora Dr
Axel Rd
Azure Ct
Barker Ln
Barker Loop
Billie Rd
Billy Rd
Birch Ln
Boulder Pl
Brookie Rd
Buckskin Dr
Buttercup Ln
Camas Ln
Cameron Dr
Camp Creek Rd
Canoe Ct
Cascade Dr
Casey Ln
Charley Ln
Charters Cir
Charters Dr
Christie Rd
Chuckwagon Pl
Chuckwagon Rd
Clearwater Ct
Clearwater Ridge Ct
Coho Ln
Commercial St
Council Ct
Creason Pl
Creekside Ct
Davis Creek Ln
Davy Rd
Dawn Dr
Day Star
Day Star Pl
Deedee Ln
Delayne Rd
Discovery Dr
Dock Ln
Down End Way
Durham Ln
Dutch Oven Ln
Eagle Ln
Echo Pl
Edwards Ln
Elaine Ln
Eld Ln
Elk Run Rd
E Roseberry Rd
Farm To Market Rd
Finlandia Rd
Forest Lake Cir
Forest Pl
Francois Ct
Franks Rd
Front St
Gail Alan Rd
Glendale Ct
Gold Bar Ct
Golden Bar Ct
Golden Bench
Gold Fork Rd
Goode Ln
Gooseneck Ct
Grand Fir Dr
Grassy Pl
Grouse Trl
Halferty St
Hawks Bay Rd
Haystack Ct
Hazel Pl
Heath Pl
Herefoid Rd
Hereford Pl
Hereford Rd
Herons Nest Ct
Highland Rd
Hill House Loop
Holmes Cemetary Rd
Homestead Rd
Jacks Ln
Jordan St
Jughandle View Rd
King Ln
Kokanee Dr
Koskella Rd
Lake Trail Dr
Lee Way
Leland Dr
Little Ln
Lodgepole Ln
Longhorn Way
Loomis Ln
Lowland Rd
Lydia Dr
Main St
Mangum Cir
Margot Dr
Marion Ln
Martin Pl
Maverick Rd
McLeod Ln
Meadows Lark Ct
Mesa Ct
Mesa Ln
Moore Rd
Morning Dr
Myrne Ln
Nasi Ln
Nat For Dev Rd 422
Navajo Rd
No Business Rd
Northwind Rd
Norwood Rd
Old State Rd
Ora Dr
Ora Ln
Paddy Flat Rd
Paddy Pond Rd
Palladin Rd
Paradise Cove Rd
Patty Dr
Payette River Scenic Byway
Payette St
Perch Ct
Pinnacle Ct
Plant Ln
Platt Pl
Pointe at Goldfork Ct
Ponderosa Dr
Price St
Rainbow Rd
Red Fir Rd
Regal Ln
Rex Ln
Ridgeview Rd
Ridgeview Way
Roseberry Rd
Royal Ln
Salmon Loop
Sandy Dr
Scheline Ln
Schultz Ln
Scott Ln
Seubert St
Shadows Trl
Shelton Ln
Shore Crest Ct
Shorthorn Way
Singletree Ln
Siscra Rd
Skain Rd
Smalley Rd
Smoky Dr
S Norwood Rd
Spink Ln
Spring Valley Rd
Staircase Ct
State Hwy 55
State St
Steelhead Ct
Sugarloaf Ct
Syringa Rd
Tahoe Pl
Takeuchi Dr
Tamarack Falls Rd
Tamerack Falls Rd
Timberline Dr
Titus Ln
Tripod Ct
Tucker Rd
Twin Creeks Ct
Upland Rd
Vickery Ct
Vili Rd
Viola Pl
W 4 Ln
Wagon Wheel Ln
Westwind Ct
Westwind Ln
White Fir Loop
White Water Dr
Wildwood Dr
Willow Rd
Withers Ln
W Mountain Rd
W Roseberry Rd
Yensen Rd