Littleton, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies

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Littleton, North Carolina Phone Numbers


Littleton, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS20115 - CHARTER-NET-HKY-NC - Charter Communications, US

Littleton, North Carolina Streets

Aborvitae Cir
Acanthus Ln
Adkins Dr
Agri-John Rd
Airlie Dead End Rd
Airlie Rd
Alice Dr
Aligator Rd
Alma Gardner Ave
Amos Jones Rd
Anchor Dr
Andrew Hale Rd
Angler Ct
Apex Ln
Apple Blossom Ln
Apple Ct
Ash Ct
Ashe Dr
Ashley Pl
Aspen Ct
A St
Aurelian Springs Rd
Aycock Rd
Bacon Rd
Bank Ridge Rd
Barker Rd
Basil Ln
Basil Rd
Bass Ln
Bears Den Rd
Beavercreek Dr
Beaver Trl
Beech Ct
Beechnut Rd
Beech Ridge Rd
Beechwood Ln
Bell Shearin Rd
Bernard Harris Rd
Big Oak Ct
Big Reid Rd
Bill Skinner Rd
Birch Ln
Birch St
Birchwood Ct
Birds Nest Ln
Black Ferry Ct
Blue Bird Ct
Bluebird Rd
Bluegill Ln
Blue Heron Ct
Blue Lagoon Ln
Bobbitt Rd
Bowers Rd
Boxwood Ct
Brad Elliott Dr
Branch Ln
Brentwood Cir
Briarclift Ct
Briarwood Dr
Bright Leaf Lndg
Briston Brown Rd
Brooks Ct
Buck Spring Dr
Buggs Pointe Ln
Burnette Dr
Burts Mill Rd
Burwells Ct
Butterwood Drive Lake
Cabin Point Rd
Calvary Church Rd
Campfire Rd
Canaan Ct
Canaan Shores Rd
Canada Goose Dr
Carriage Path Dr
Carrington Dr
Castlewood Cir
Catmint Ln
Cavalier Ln
Cedar Pointe Ln
Cedar Pt
Center St
Chameleon Ln
Chandler Ct
Cheeter St
Cherry Ct
Cherry St
Church St
Clanton Rd
Clearview Ct
Clifton Dr
Clint Rd
Club Dr
Cobblestone Ln
Coffer St
College St
Connie Ln
Cool Springs Ct
Coon Myrick Rd
Cornerstone Cove Dr
Cottonwood Ct
Country Rd
Courtney Pl
Crawley Farm Rd
Creeksbend Ct
Creekstone Dr
Crescent Lake Dr
Crest Ln
Cross Creek Ct
Cross Cut Ln
Cross Pt
Cross Wind Dr
Crowsnest Rd
Cypress Dr
Dairy Rd
Dakota Dr
Deacons Point Rd
Decoy Pt
Deep Creek Dr
Deepwood Ln
Deer Creek Trl
Deerwood Ct
Delphinium Ln
Dennis Dr
Devine St
Dickens Store Rd
Dockside Ct
Dogwood Ct
Dogwood Pointe Dr
Donavans Dr
Dove Manor Rd
Dragonfly Ln
Drumgold Rd
Dry Spring Ln
Eagles Cove Rd
Eastern Shores Rd
Easy St
Eaton Ferry Rd
Ebony Rd
E Cardinal Dr
Eden Cir
E Dogwood Trl
E End Ave
E Halifax St
E Harbor Dr
E Homestead Ln
Elam Rd
Elams Rd
Elm Ct
E Maple Pointe Dr
Embro Odell Rd
Em Bro-O Dill Rd
E North Main St
Enterprise Rd
E Planters Wood Ct
Epworth Rd
E South Main St
E Summerwood Rd
E Sycamore Hills Cir
Evergreen Ct
Evergreen Dr
E Warren St
E White Tail Dr
Expedition Ln
Family Farm Rd
Faucette Store Rd
Faulcon Rd
Ferguson St
Ferncliff Rd
Fernwood Dr
Fir Ct
Fire Tower Rd
Fishermans Cove Dr
Fitts Blvd
Flat Rock Cove
Fleming Dairy Rd
Fleron Ct
Flower Orchard Rd
Forest Cir
Forest Cove Dr
Forest Hill Dr
Fox Ct
Foxfire Dr
Foxtail Ln
Friday Ln
Furgerson St
Gail Dr
Gardner Point Cir
Gaston Bay Rd
Gaston Pointe Dr
Geranium Ln
Gold Mine School Rd
Golf Course Rd
Greenbriar Rd
Green Park Dr
Greentree Ln
Green Valley Dr
Gum Ct
Habitat Way
Hackett St
Hai Ct
Happy Valley Rd
Hardwood Ct
Hardy Cemetery Rd
Harlow Rd
Harris Jenkins Rd
Harvey St
Heath Dr
Heather Glenn Dr
Heathsville Rd
Hedgepeth Rd
Hemlock Ln
Henny Penny Dr
Henry Jr Rd
Hibiscus Ln
Hickory Hill Dr
Hickory Pt
Highland Pl
High St
Highwinds Dr
Hillcrest Ln
Hillcrest Point Rd
Hilliard Hux Rd
Hillside Dr
Hilltop Cir
Hilltop Creek
Hollie Pointe Ln
Holly Hill Ct
Hollyhock Ln
Holly Pt
Holt Cir
Hoot Owl Hollow Rd
Horizon Ln
Horseshoe Bend Rd
Hosta Ln
Hot Rod Dr
House Rd
Hummingbird Ln
Hunter Cir
Hunters Creek Rd
Huntington Ct
Hux Rd
Ice Pond Trl
Inscoe Rd
Jack Brown Rd
Jade Ln
Jan Ct
Jenkins Dr
Jessie Shearin Rd
Joe Ellis Dr
John Alston Rd
John Newsome Rd
Johnny Faulcon Rd
John Shearin Rd
John Skinner Rd
Johnson Mill Pond Rd
Johnston St
Jones Ct
Josh Harris Pl
Justice Branch Rd
Kingfisher Pt
King Ln
Kings Branch Ct
Kings Ln
Kirkland St
K & K Cir
Kyle Rd
Lake Ridge Rd
Lake Shore Dr
Lakeside Dr
Lakeview Dr
Larkin Mill Cir
Laurel Ct
Lauria Ct
Lazy Point Dr
Lees Ct
Lees Point Dr
Leeward Cir
Liles Rd
Lindsey Dr
Lindy Rd
Little Dr
Littletree Ct
Lizard Creek Rd
Locus Ct
Long Bridge Rd
Longdale Dr
Long School Rd
Longview Dr
Lonnie Dr
Lonsdale Dr
Lucilles Ln
Lula Lee Rd
Lynwood Rd
Macon Pl
Macon Point Rd
Macon Way
Madge Rd
Magnolia Ct
Mallard Dr
Mangum Ln
Mannar Trl
Maple Ct
Mariner Point Rd
Marlin Ct
Marlin Dr
Mary Lou Ct
Marys Haven Rd
Mat Nelson Rd
Meadow Dr
Melvin Rd
Merriwood Rd
Midway Ln
Miles St
Mill Creek Dr
Minnow Ln
Misti Ln
Mistipines Rd
Mitchell St
Mockingbird Ln
Mohorn Rd
Moore St
Morristown Rd
Mosby Ave
Mosby Ave S
Mosby Forest Ln
Mountain View Rd
Mulberry Ct
Mulberry St
Myrick Estates Rd
Myrtle Ct
Myrtlewood Cir
Nathaniel Macon Dr
N Birds Nest Ln
N Brown Rd
N Donhaven Dr
N Dove Ln
N Macon Dr
N Mosby Ave
N Oak Dr
Northern Cove Dr
Northside Dr
N Owen Ln
N Pine Ridge Dr
N Ridge Rd
N Shore Dr
N Smoketree Ct
N Sunset Point Ln
N Triton Dr
N Watersedge Ln
N Welles Rd
Oak Grove Church Rd
Oak Ridge Ct
Oak River Rd
Oak St
Oddangles Ct
Odell Arcola Rd
Odell-Littleton Rd
Old Crow Cir
Old Ferry Rd
Old Hotel Rd
Osprey Point Rd
Osprey Pt
Outdoor World Dr
Panacea Springs Rd
Parkside Ct
Parkview Cir
Parkway Dr
Parrot Cir
Parsley Ln
Peach St
Pearl Harbor Rd
Pearson Rd
Pecan Ct
Persimmon Ln
Person Ct
Phipps Dr
Pigeon Path
Pigeon Roost Dr
Pinecrest Ct
Pine Ct
Pine Dr
Pine Needles Dr
Pine Path Ln
Pine Path Rd
Pine Ridge Dr
Pine Wood Ct
Piney Grove Church Rd
Plantation Dr
Pleasant View Rd
Poe Creek Dr
Pomp Boys Dr
Pondview Dr
Poplar St
Port Cir
Pretty Creek Pl
Price Rd
Pughs Home Pk
Pullen Rd
Pumpkin Ln
Quail Hollow Dr
Rabbit Bottom Cir
Rachel Rd
Rail Dr
Rainbows End Ln
Raintree Ct
Raintree Dr
Ransom St
R A Wills Dr
Red Bird Trl
Redbud Ct
Red Bug Rd
Red Clay Rd
Redwood Dr
Richmond Rd
Ridgecrest Rd
Ridge Oaks Dr
Ridge Rd
Riverbluff Rd
River Forest Dr
Riverside Ct
Riverview Rd
Roanoke Ave
Roanoke Chapel Rd
Roanoke Shores Rd
Rockcrest Ln
Rock Hill Ct
Rock Ridge Rd
Rocky Pt
Rolling Wood Ct
Roper Ln
Roper Springs Rd
Rose St
Ross Pl
Ruby Ln
Russell Dr
Ruth Rd
Sage Ln
Salmon Landing Rd
Salmons Point Rd
S Birds Nest Ln
S Dove Ln
Sequoia Dr
Shadow Brook Shores Dr
Sharon Ln
Shaw Springs Rd
Shaw St
Shearin Dead End Rd
Shearin Dr
Shorewood Dr
Short St
Shortys Pt
Simmons Creek Rd
Sledge Rd
Sleepy Hollow Rd
S Macon Dr
Snowbird Ln
Soloman Dr
Somerset Rd
Songbird Creek Rd
Songbird Dr
Sorrie Rd
S Owen Ln
Spring Forest Cir
Spring St
Spruce Ct
Spruills Bridge Rd
Squirrel Run
S Ridge Rd
S Smoketree Ct
S Square Dr
S Sunset Dr
S Sunset Point Ln
Stansbury Rd
Starboard Cir
State Hwy 158
State Hwy 4
State Hwy 48
State Hwy 4 S
State Hwy 561
State Hwy 903
State Rd 1001
State Rd 1200
State Rd 1210
State Rd 1300
State Rd 1301
State Rd 1303
State Rd 1304
State Rd 1306
State Rd 1307
State Rd 1308
State Rd 1309
State Rd 1310
State Rd 1311
State Rd 1312
State Rd 1313
State Rd 1314
State Rd 1315
State Rd 1344
State Rd 1348
State Rd 1349
State Rd 1350
State Rd 1351
State Rd 1352
State Rd 1353
State Rd 1354
State Rd 1355
State Rd 1356
State Rd 1357
State Rd 1358
State Rd 1359
State Rd 1360
State Rd 1361
State Rd 1362
State Rd 1365
State Rd 1367
State Rd 1377
State Rd 1388
State Rd 1391
State Rd 1401
State Rd 1402
State Rd 1403
State Rd 1404
State Rd 1405
State Rd 1406
State Rd 1407
State Rd 1409
State Rd 1411
State Rd 1412
State Rd 1413
State Rd 1414
State Rd 1415
State Rd 1416
State Rd 1417
State Rd 1418
State Rd 1419
State Rd 1434
State Rd 1435
State Rd 1436
State Rd 1451
State Rd 1457
State Rd 1458
State Rd 1459
State Rd 1461
State Rd 1466
State Rd 1472
State Rd 1473
State Rd 1475
State Rd 1476
State Rd 1477
State Rd 1482
State Rd 1484
State Rd 1492
State Rd 1496
State Rd 1503
State Rd 1504
State Rd 1505
State Rd 1509
State Rd 1510
State Rd 1514
State Rd 1517
State Rd 1519
State Rd 1520
State Rd 1521
State Rd 1525
State Rd 1526
State Rd 1527
State Rd 1528
State Rd 1529
State Rd 1530
State Rd 1531
State Rd 1532
State Rd 1533
State Rd 1534
State Rd 1541
State Rd 1542
State Rd 1545
State Rd 1546
State Rd 1557
State Rd 1560
State Rd 1567
State Rd 1570
State Rd 1577
State Rd 1589
State Rd 1600
State Rd 1601
State Rd 1602
State Rd 1605
State Rd 1606
State Rd 1608
State Rd 1612
State Rd 1615
State Rd 1674
State Rd 1700
Stillwater Creek Dr
Stokes St
Stonecrop Cir
Stonehouse Dr
Stonehouse Lodge Dr
S Triton Dr
Sugar Creek Ln
Summer Pl
Summerwood Ln
Summit Rd
Sunfish Dr
Sunny Acres Rd
Sunpointe Dr
Sunview Ln
Susan Ct
S Watersedge Ln
S Welles Rd
Tall Pines
Tall Tree Dr
Tangle Oaks Dr
Tanner Rd
Tanya Ct
Taragon Ln
Teal Ln
Thompson Ln
Three Chopt Rd
Tidewater Dr
Timber Creek Dr
Timberlane Dr
Timberlodge Cir
Trader Cir
Trout Ln
Tulip St
Turkey Run Rd
Twin Creeks Dr
Twin Oaks Ln
US Hwy 158
US Hwy 158 E
Valleyview Dr
Viking Ln
Vincent Cir
Virginia Rd
Wagner St
Walkers Hill Cove
Walnut Dr
Walnut Hill Dr
Waltons Ln
Warren County Acres Rd
Warren Ct
Warren Oaks Ct
Warren Pond Rd
Waterford Ct
Waterfront Dr
Waterline Dr
Waters Edge Dr
Waterway Dr
Wayman Church Rd
W Cardinal Dr
W Dogwood Trl
W Drumgold Ct
Weavers Chapel Rd
Weavers Point Dr
Welles Rd
West Dr
Westhaven Ct
W Halifax St
W Harbor Dr
Wharton Cir
Whitby Cove Rd
Whit Locke Rd
W Homestead Ln
Wildwood Cir
Wilkins Point Dr
Williams Manor Ct
Williams Rd
Willow Ct
Willowwood Ct
Wilson Cir
Wilsor Oaks Dr
Wilsor Pines Dr
Windward Cir
Windward Dr
W Maple Pointe Dr
W North Main St
Wonder Rd
Woodburn Rd
Woodcock Rd
Wood Duck Dr
Woodhaven Dr
Woodlandhurst Rd
Woodland Pl
Woodland Rd
Woodland Shores Rd
Woodlawn Ct
W Planters Wood Ct
Wright Rd
W South Main St
W Summerwood Rd
W Sycamore Hills Cir
W Warren St
W White Tail Dr
Zion Hill Cemetery Rd