Swansboro, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Swansboro, North Carolina Phone Numbers


Swansboro, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US

Swansboro, North Carolina Streets

4-H Camp Rd
Ace Ln
Adrian Ln
Amphitheater Dr
Anita Forte Dr
Apollo Ct
Apollo Dr
Appaloosa Ct
Aprils Dr
Arabian Ln
Ardan Oaks Cir
Ardan Oaks Dr
Ashley Nicole Ct
Ashley Pl
Ash St
Azalea Ct
Bahia Ln
Banks Dr
Barbour Point Rd
Bay Harbor Ct
Bay Landing Rd
Bayshore Dr
Bayside Dr
Bayview Ct
Beach Haven Cove
Belgrade Swansboro Rd
Bell Rd
Bell St
Blue Crab Ct
Bluewater Cove
Bluff Rd
Boat Basin Dr
Boat Basin Rd
Boat Landing Dr
Bobwhite Cir
Bogue Commercial Dr
Bogue Ln
Bogue Sound Dr
Bonita Ln
Bonita St
Borough Nest
Bounty Ln
Branch Ct
Brant Ct
Breezy Point Rd
Bridle Ct
Brigantine Ct
Britany Ln
Brookside Ct
Brookside Ct S
Brook Xing
Buccaneer Ct
Bucks Corner Rd
Buds Ln
Burns Ln
Buster Rd
Bynum Ln
Calhoun Slew Way
Camp Pelletier Rd
Camp Queen Rd
Camp Queens Rd
Camp Rd
Cape Point Blvd
Cape Point Ct
Capn Deck Ln
Captain Deck Ln
Carter Shores Rd
Casey Ct
Castaway Cove
Cedardeen Ct
Cedar Ln
Cedar Point Blvd
Cedar Point Commercial Ct
Cedarwood Dr
Century Ct
Channel Dr
Channel Marker Loop
Channel View Ct
Cherrywood Ln
Chestnut St
Circle Dr
Circle Rd
Clam Digger Ct
Clearblue Ln
Club Ct
Club House Dr
Club Point Dr
Coldwater Dr
Coleby Ln
Collins Rhue Rd
Corbett Rd
Cormorant Dr
Covey Ct
Creekside Woods Ct
Creekside Woods Dr
Croatan Dr
Crush Ct
C Wood Farm Rd
C Wood Farms Rd
Deaton Dr
Deer Creek Ct
Deer Creek Dr
Deerfield Ct
Deer Island Rd
Divot Ct
Dogwood Dr
Dolphin Bay Ests
Dolphin Dr
Dolphin St
Dora Ct
Dr Corbett Rd
Driftwood Ct
Drum Ln
Duck Haven
Easy St
Echo Ridge Rd
E Corbett Ave
Edgewater Ct
Elizabeth's Way
Elizabeth Way Ct
Ella Ln
E Magens Ct
Emma Ct
E Sabiston Dr
Fairway Ln
Fawn Creek Ct
Ffa Camp Rd
Fir St
Five Aprils Dr
Florita Ln
Fore Lane Dr
Forest Ln
Forest Ridge Trl
Foster Creek Ct
Foster Creek Rd
Fox Dr
Franklin Ct
Franklin Dr
Fredericka Ln
Frog Pond Ct
Front St
Galleon Ct
Gambrel Way
Gemini Cres
Gemini Ct
Gemini Dr
Gertrude Hurst Ct
Glancy Ct
Glancy Rd
Glancy Rd Exd
Glancy St
Godfrey Branch Rd
Golden Leaf Rd
Golfin Dolphin Dr
Goodwill Ln
Great Heron Pl
Hadnot Creek Rd
Hadnot Dr
Hadnot Farm Rd
Halls Creek Dr
Hammock Beach Rd
Hampton Bay Rd
Hamrick Rd
Harbor View Rd
Harbour View Dr
Harold Ave
Harvest Pl
Hawkins Creek Ln
Hazel Willis Ln
Herman Ln
Herring Ln
Hickory Cir
Hickory Hills Ct
Hickory Hills Rd
Hidden Bay Dr
Hidden Creek Dr
Hideaway Ct
Hill St
Hilltop Dr
Hilltop Dr Exd
Holland Mill Ln
Holland Point Rd
Holly Hill Ct
Holly Hills Ct
Holly Ln
Horseshoe Rd
Howard Ln
Howell Rd
Huffman Ln
Hummingbird N
Hummingbird S
Hunter Brown Dr
Hunters Creek Rd
Hunting Bay Dr
Island Pl
Island View Ln
Jasmine N
Jasmine S
John L Hurst Dr
Johnston Ln
Jones Rd
Jones St
Journey Ln
Journeys End
Julie Ln
June Holland Dr
Kathleen Pl
Kathy Ct
Kayak Ct
Kear Dr
Ketch Dr
Landing Ct
Lee Ct
Lejeune Rd
Leslie Ln
Lighthouse Ln
Lilley Grace Ct
Lilli Cir
Lillie Cir
Limbaugh Ln
Line Boat Ln
Little Bay Dr
Little Kinston Rd
Live Oak St
Loma Linda Ct
Loma Linda Dr
Longleaf Dr
Lookout Ridge
Lousan Dr
Low Country Ln
Lydia Dr
Mackerel St
Madison Ct
Magens Ct
Magens Way
Main St Exd
Manatee St
Manor Ln
Marlin Ln
Marlot Ct
Marsh Hen Ct
Marsh Island Dr
Mary Catherine Ct
Masonic Ave
Mathew Andrew Ct
McCain Ln
Meadowbrook N
Meadowbrook S
Meadows Ln
Mercury Ct
Middle Ct
Mills Branch Ct
Moore St
Morganser Dr
Morningstar N
Morningstar S
Morse Cir
Morse Rd
Moss Ln
Moss Springs Dr
Mount Pleasant Rd
Mt Pleasant Rd
Mulligan Dr
N Dogwood Ln
Ned Ln
Nellie Ln
Neptune Ct
Neptune Dr
Nikida Ct
N Lisk Dr
Nordeen Ln
Norris Landing Rd
Norris Rd
Nosey Rd
N Park Ln
N Plantation Ln
N Red Maple Ct
Ocean Spray Dr
Odum St
Old Carney Rd
Old Church Rd
Old Freeman Rd
Old Hammock Rd
Old Horse Rd
Old State Hwy 58
Otway Burns Dr
Outrigger Dr
Oyster Bay Rd
Paddle Trail Ln
Palmetto Dr
Palomino Ln
Park Ave
Park Ct
Park Ln
Path Finder Ln
Peartree Ln
Peletier Loop Rd
Persimmon Ln
Pettiford Park Cir
Pettiford Rd
Phillips Dr
Phillips Loop Rd
Picket Ct
Pickett Way
Pigeon Ln
Pine Bluff Rd
Pine Ct
Pine Lake Rd
Pine Needle Cir
Pinewood St
Piney Grove Baptist Church Rd
Pinfish Ave
Pirates Cove Dr
Plantation Dr
Pleasant Nook Rd
Point Dr
Port Dr N
Portwest Townhouses Dr
Poston Dr
Premiere Ln
Quail Neck Ct
Quailridge Ct
Quail Run
Quailwood Cir
Quailwood Ct
Queens Creek Rd
Raccoon Ct
Ray Ln
Richard Riggs Rd
Ridge Crest Dr
Ridge Ct
River Beach Dr
River Creek Ln
River Reach Ct
River Reach Dr
River Reach Dr W
Robert Scott Cir
Robin Cresent Cir
Rock Ct
Rolling Hill Dr
Rooster Run Rd
Royal Oaks Ct
Russell Ln
Ryan Glenn Dr
S 5th St
Saddlehorn Ct
Saint Augustine Dr
Sand Lot Curve
Sandspur Ln
Sandy Run
Sandy Shore Ln
Schooner Dr
Scott Place Rd
Scott Rd
Scotts Place Rd
S Dogwood Ln
Seagate Ln
Sea Horse Dr
Seashore Dr
S Elm St
Seth Thomas Ln
Sewell Rd
S Glancy St
Shady Path
Shark Dr
Sherwood Ave
S Holly Ln
Shoreline Dr
Shoreside Dr
Silver Creek Dr
Silver Creek Ldg
Silver Lake Ct
Sloop St
Snap Dragon Ct
Soundview Ct
Soundview Dr
Sparks Creek Ln
S Plantation Ln
Spring St
S Sabiston Dr
Star Fish Ln
Star Hill Dr
Starlight Dr
State Hwy 24
State Hwy 58
State Rd 1104
State Rd 1105
State Rd 1106
State Rd 1107
State Rd 1110
State Rd 1111
State Rd 1113
State Rd 1114
State Rd 1117
State Rd 1202
State Rd 1210
State Rd 1214
State Rd 1264
State Rd 1284
State Rd 1434
State Rd 1444
State Rd 1445
State Rd 1446
State Rd 1447
State Rd 1448
State Rd 1449
State Rd 1463
State Rd 1509
State Rd 1510
State Rd 1511
State Rd 1512
State Rd 1549
State Rd 1551
State Rd 1559
State Rd 1607
State Rd 1610
State Rd 1633
State Rd 1737
State Rd 1738
Steep Hill Dr
Stella Rd
Stevens Ct
Stillwater Dr
Stoneybrook Ct
Stoneybrook Dr
Sudan Dr
Sunburst Cir
Sunrise Ln
Sunset Dr
Sutton Dr
Sutton Pl
S Walnut St
Swann Ct
Swansboro Loop Rd
Swansboro Middle School Rd
S Water St
S Webb St
S Winds Ct
Swingbridge Dr
Tammy Paige Ct
Tasha Ter
Taylor Notion Rd
Taylor Ter
Three Oaks Ct
Three Oaks Ln
Tidal Ct
Tifton Cir
Timothy Chris Ct
Townsend Ln
Treasure Cay
Tunnel Ln
Vacation Village
Venice Ct
Vfw Rd
Vic Ln
Viola Ln
Walkers Cay
Walnut Dr
Walston Ln
Ward Rd
Water Front Dr
Waterway Dr
W B McLean Dr
W Broad St
W Church St
W Corbett Ave
Weeks Blvd
West Ct
Westwood Ct
W Firetower Rd
White Heron Ln
Whitehouse Fork Rd
White Oak Bluff Rd
White Oak St
White Oak Xing
White Swan Way
White Tail Ln
Wildlife Trl
Wild Oak Dr
Wind Dance Ln
Windsong N
Windsong S
Woodland Dr
Woodlawn Rd
W Phillips Dr
W Pineland Dr
W Russell St
W Shore Dr
W Spring St
Yaupon Dr
Yeck Ln