Lawrence Township, New Jersey Scanner Frequencies



Lawrence Township, New Jersey Streets

Abby Dr
Abelia Ct
Adams Ln
Adele Ct
Albemarle Rd
Alburtus Ct
Alcazar Ave
Alexandria Ct
Allegheny Ave
Allen Ln
Allura Ct
Allwood Dr
Altamawr Ave
Alyce Ct
American Eagle Ct
Andrew Dr
Anthony Ln
Arcadia Ave
Ardisia Ct
Ardmore Ave
Arthur Pl
Ashleigh Dr
Ashwood Ct
Avalon Bay Dr
Avalon Way
Azalea Ct
Bakers Basin Rd
Baker St
Balsam Ct
Balsam Dr
Barberry Ct
Barclay Ct
Barnett Rd
Bayless Dr
Bearfort Way
Benjamin Franklin Rd
Bennington Dr
Bergen St
Berwyn Pl
Betts Ave
Birchwood Knoll
Bishops Dr
Black Rd
Bonnie Ct
Bramble Ct
Branchwood Ct
Brandon Rd
Brearley Ave
Breckenridge Pl
Bridle Path
Britton Ct
Bromley Ct
Brookdale Dr
Brunswick Ave
Brunswick Cir
Brunswick Pike
Bunker Hill Ave
Bunker Hill Rd
Burning Tree Ln
Cambridge Ave
Camelia Ct
Canal View Dr
Canoe Ln
Carla Way
Carnation Pl
Carnegie Rd
Carr Ave
Carter St
Carver Pl
Catbird Ct
Cedar Court Dr
Cedar Ct
Cedar Dr
Chamberlin Ct
Charles Way
Chatsworth Ct
Cherry Blossom Ct
Cherry Tree Ln
Cheverly Rd
Chopin Ln
Clementon Way
Clivden Ct
Cliveden Ct
Coach Dr
Cobblestone Way
Colby Ct
Cold Soil Rd
Cole Rd
Colonial Lake Dr
Colts Cir
Concord Ave
Conrad Ct
Coolidge Ave
Copperfield Dr
Coral Tree Ct
Co Rd 533
Co Rd 583
Crab Apple Ln
Craigie Ave
Craven Ln
Creekside Ct
Cresthill Rd
Cypress Ct
Danielle Ct
Darby Ave
Darrah Ln
Darrah Ln E
Dayna Ln
Denow Rd
Devon Ave
Dickens Dr
Ditmars Ave
Dix Ln
Dogwood Dr
Donna Lynn Ln
Dorothea Ter
Drewes Ct
Drexel Ave
Drift Ave
Dumont Ct
Dustin Dr
Eagles Chase Dr
Easton Ct
E Darrah Ln
Edgehill Ave
Edgewood Ave
Edith Dr
Eggerts Crossing Rd
Eldridge Ave
Elm Ct
Emden Ave
Empress Ln
Eric Ct
E Run Dr
Evans Ln
Fackler Rd
Fairbanks Pl
Fairfield Ave
Fairview Ter
Fairway Ct
Feather Bed
Featherbed Ct
Federal City Rd
Federal Point Blvd
Feiler Ct
Fernwood Ln
Fieldboro Dr
Fieldcrest Ct
Fillmore Pl
Flanigan St
Florham Dr
Foch Ave
Forest Ridge Dr
Forrest Ave
Fountayne Blvd
Fountayne Ln
Foxtail Ct
Franklin Corner Rd
Frederick Ct
Freedom Blvd
Freedom Ct
Gainsboro Rd
Gallo Ct
Garden Rd
Garry Ct
Gedney Rd
George St
Gervin Rd
Gilpin Ct
Glenbrook Ct
Glenn Ave
Glenview Dr
Golden Pl
Gordon Ave
Graf Ave
Grandview Ave
Green Ave
Greenfield Ave
Greenwood Ave
Grovers Mill Rd
Hamilton Ct
Harding Ave
Harmony Ave
Harris Ct
Haveson Ave
Hawk Rd
Hawthorne Pl
Hazelhurst Ave
Heather Dr
Hedge Row Ct
Helen Ave
Hendrickson Rd
Heritage Way
Highfield Ct
Hillcrest Ave
Hillsdale Rd
Holly Ln
Hoover Ave
Hopatcong Dr
Hope St
Hopewell Ave
Hopkins Dr
Hughes Ave
Humphrey's Dr
Huron Way
Hyde Ct
Indiana Ave
Indian Run
Iris Ct
Irwin Pl
Ivy Glen Ln
Jackie Dr
James St
Jasmine Ct
Jasper Ave
Jill Ln
Joffre Ave
Johnson Ave
Johnson Rd
Joyner Ct
J Russel Smith Rd
Juniper Ct
Karena Ln
Keefe Rd
Kent Ct
Ketterer Ct
Kite Ct
Klockner Ct
Knox Ct
Lakedale Dr
Lake Dr
Lake Dr Spr
Landover Rd
Lannigan Dr
Lanning Ave
Larkspur Ln
Latta Ct
Laurel Wood Dr
Lawn Park Ave
Lawnside Dr
Lawrence Ave
Lawrence Rd
Lawrence Square Blvd S
Lawrence Station Rd
Lawrenceville Pennington Rd
Lawrenceville Rd
Lawrencia Dr
Lenox Dr
Lewisville Rd
Litho Rd
Little Cir
Locust Ave
Lombard Ave
Lost Trl
Lotus Ln
Lucerne Dr
Lumar Rd
Lynn Pl
Mabel Ave
Magnolia Ct
Main St
Manitee Ave
Manning Ln
Maple Ave
Maple Leaf Dr
Maplewood Ave
Marchesi Dr
Marilyn Ct
Mark Cermele Ct
Marlboro Rd
Marsh Ct
Marvin Ct
Mayflower Ave
Meadowbrook Ave
Meadow Rd
Melvina Dr
Mendrey Ct
Meriline Ave
Merion Pl
Merritt Dr
Michigan Ave
Millbrook Ln
Millerick Ave
Mill Rd
Mimosa Ct
Mink Ct
Mkain St
Monroe Ave
Morrell Rd
Morton Ct
Mulberry St
Myrtle Ave
Nash Ct
Nassau Dr
Nathan Hale Ave
Newberry Ave
New York Ave
Northbrook Ave
Northfield Ct
Oaklyn Ter
Ohio Ave
Old Bridal Path
Old Bridle Path
Old Denow Rd
Oleander Ct
O'Neill Ct
Ontario Way
Orchard Ave
Orchard Ln
Orchard Way
Overlook Way
Owls Way
Oxford Ct
Paddock Dr
Pagoda Ct
Palm Ct
Palm St
Peachtree Court Dr
Peachtree Ct
Peach Tree Dr
Pear St
Pembroke Ct
Penlaw Rd
Pheasant Dr
Phillips Ave
Pilgrim Ave
Pilla Ave
Pine Knoll Dr
Pine St
Pin Oak Dr
Poillon Ct
Poinsett Dr
Point Blvd
Point Ct
Polk Ave
Polonia Ave
Port Mercer Rd
President Ave
Princess Rd
Princeton Ave
Princeton Pike
Province Line Rd
Puritan Ave
Putnam Ave
Quakerbridge Mall
Quakerbridge Rd
Quince Ct
Ravona Pl
Reed Ct
Reeder Ave
Regency Pl
Registry Rd
Renaissance Blvd
Renee Ct
Review Ave
Richards Rd
Rich Ct
Rickard Ct
Rita Rd
Riviera Ct
Rolfe Ave
Rosalind Dr
Roseberry Ct
Roseland Ave
Rose St
Rosetree Ln
Rossa Ave
Roundtree Pl
Roxboro Rd
Royal Oak Rd
Rustic Ct
Rydal Dr
Santina Ct
Scherer Ct
Schindler Ct
Sea Pl
Shadowstone Ln
Shelmet Ln
Sherman Pl
Shinney Ln
Shirley Ln
Simonelli Ct
Skillman Ave
Sky Ct
Slack Ave
Smithfield Ave
Society Way
Sonnet Pl
South St
Spring Beauty Dr
Springwood Dr
Spruce St
State Rte 26
Stevens Ave
Stewards Crossing Way
Stonerise Dr
Stoney Creek Pl
Stonicker Dr
Stout Ct
Stratford Dr
Stratton Pl
Strawberry St
Sturwood Way
Sunset Rd
Surrey Dr
Sycamore Ct
Talon Ct
Tamar Ct
Tartan Ct
Temple Ter
Texas Ave
Theresa Dr
Tiffany Woods Ct
Tiffany Woods Dr
Tiffany Woods Rd
Tioga Ave
Titus Ave
Tompkins Pl
Tower Pl
Town Ct N
Town Ct S
Tracey Dr
Traditions Way
Trafalgar Ct
Trenton Fwy
Trumbull Ave
Tudor Ln
Tulane Ave
Twin Oaks Dr
US Hwy 1
US Hwy 1 Bus
US Hwy 206
Vaccaro Rd
Valerie Ln
Valley Forge Ave
Van Buren Pl
Vanderveer Dr
Ventana Ct
Vermont St
Viburnum Ct
Village Ct
Villanova Dr
Vinch Ave
Voscek Ct
Wayside Ln
W Church Rd
Wenczel Dr
Wexford Dr
Whitehead Rd
Whitemarsh Dr
White Pine Cir
Wilk Ct
Willow Rd
Wiltshire Dr
Winchester Ave
Windwood Rd
Winnipeg Ln
Winthrop Rd
W Laurelwood Dr
W Long Dr
Woodbury Ln
Woodfield Ln
Woodlane Rd
Woodmont Dr
Woods Dr E
Woods Dr W
Wosniak Ct
W Scotch Rd
Yeger Dr
Yorkshire Village Rd
Zoar Ave