Moore, South Carolina Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Moore, South Carolina IP Addresses

AS2711 - SPIRITTEL-AS - Spirit Telecom, US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS20115 - CHARTER-NET-HKY-NC - Charter Communications, US

Moore, South Carolina Streets

Aaron Ct
Allsbrook Pl
Amanda Ct
Amarillo Dr
Ambrose Ln
Anderson Mill
Anderson Mill Pl
Anderson Mill Rd
Angel Rose Dr
Antrim Ave
Arbours West Ln
Archway Ct
Ashby Ct
Ashe Ln
Ashley Oaks Dr
Ashton Dr
Ashwood Ct
Bailey Rd
Baltic Ct
Barker Dr
Barley Mill Rd
Bayshore Ln
Begonia Ter
Bent Hollow Ct
Bernice Dr
Bernndary Ct
Bethany Church Rd
Bethlehem Church Rd
Black Beaver Ct
Blackwood Store Rd
Blairfield Ct
Bloomfield Ct
Bobo Lake Rd
Bowman Ct
Bradford Dr
Brady Rd
Brandon Oaks Dr
Brewton Rd
Briarhill Ct
Bridgeford Ln
Bridwell Pl
Brighton Woods Dr
Brittany Ct
Broadway Hill Dr
Brookhaven Dr
Brookwood Ln
Candlewick Ct
Cane Bluff Cv
Carrickmore Ct
Cashmere Ct
Castleford Rd
Catan Ct
Cauthen Ct
Cedar Bluff Dr
Cedar Dr
Cedar Lake Rd
Cemetery Cir
Chamber Ln
Charlestown Ct
Chase Ct
Chelsea St
Churchill Ave
Circlestone Ct
Claire Ct
Clarence Cir
Clematis Ct
Collette St
Collins Rogers Dr
Corolla Ct
Corona Dr
Cotswold Ave
Cottage Ln
Country Side Cir
Crescent Dr
Crosshill Rd
Crystal Cove Ct
Culdass Ct
Cumberland Dr
Dafodil Cir
Dahlia Dr
Dale St
Dam St
Darmondale Dr
Dartmouth Way
D D Farm Rd
Dice Miller Rd
Donegal Dr
Dove Hill Rd
Dryden St
Dungloe Ct
Dunkineely Way
Eagles Ln
Easler Cir
E Autumn Ridge Rd
E Blackstock Rd
Edge Dr
Edge Rd
Edinburgh Pl
E Killarney Lake
Elam Way
Eldredge Ct
Elena Dr
Elizabeth Ave
Ellington Park Ln
Ellsmere Way
Emily Dr
English Ivy Ct
Eventide Dr
E Yorkswell Ct
Falcon Ln
Farmington Ct
Faulkner Dr
Ferguson Rd
Fox Hurst Ct
Galway Trce
Garden Ct
Gas Plant Rd
Georgetown Ct
George Valley Ln
Getsinger Ln
Glen Crest Dr
Glocher Ct
Golden Eagle Trl
Goldenrod Dr
Golden Star Ln
Grace Wood Cir
Grand Oak Way
Granger Lee Cir
Gray Ct
Grayson Dr
Graystone Dr
Grazing Ridge Ln
Green Ridge Dr
Griffin Rd
Grizzle St
Half Mile Rd
Hamilton Chase Dr
Harlequin Dr
Harmon Rd
Heathrow Ct
Hidden Hill Rd
Hollifield Ln
Hudson Ln
Hymarke Dr
Ivy Bluff Dr
Jamestown Ct
Jay Cir
Jordan Crest Dr
Judson Rd
Kaitlin Mac Dr
Katie Ln
Kavan Ct
Kenwood Ct
Kingsley Park Dr
Kingswood Valley Dr
Kingwood Valley Dr
Kirkwood Dr
Knollwood Dr
Kuhn Rd
Lakeland Ave
Lakeland Ct
Lakewood Dr
Larado Ct
Lauden Dr
Lauren Hope Ln
Lavender Dr
Leinster Run
Lenora Dr
Leonora Dr
Lewis Dr
Lightwood Knot Rd
Lightwood Knot Rd Exd
Lime Rd
Lindley Ct
Linville Dr
Listrac Dr
Litchfield Dr
Loblolly Run
Loblolly Run Rd
Londav Grove
Luke Allen Dr
Lynnell Way
Malbec Dr
Mallard Dr
Maranatha Ln
Markham Cir
Martello St
Matthew Rd
McAbee St
McFall Ct
Meadows St
Meagan Dr
Meathward Cir
Medoc Ln
Melrose Park Ln
Melton Rd
Memory Ln
Merlot Ct
Mesa Ln
Middleton Ct
Middleton Park Dr
Miller Ln
Miller Springs Dr
Monaghan Ct
Monfret Ln
Monroe Rd
Montigo Way
Moonridge Dr
Moore Dairy Rd
Moore Duncan Hwy
Morninglake Dr
Morningmist Dr
Munna Dr
Nash Rd
Nash St
Nazareth Church Rd
N Brown Beaver Ct
NE Fieldsedge Dr
Nether Ln
Nettie Katherine Dr
N Gray Beaver Ct
N Hamlet Ct
N Monterey Dr
N Serena Hills Dr
N Staunton Ct
N Sun Flower Way
N Sweetwater Hills Dr
Oak Hill Dr
Old Anderson Mill Rd
Old Bethel Rd
Old Colony Ln
Olde Derby Ct
Old Farm Rd
Old Georgia Rd
Old Roebuck Rd
Old Salem
Old Spartanburg Hwy
Old Switzer Rd
Orchard Dr
Orchid Pl
Osea Dr
Peachwood St
Pearson St
Pearson Town Rd
Peccole Pass
Pecos Ridge Rd
Pedro Pearson Rd
Pendernale Dr
Peony Pl
Periwinkle Pl
Perrysburg Ln
Phillips Rd
Pimmitt Run
Pinebrook Dr
Pinelake Ln
Pineview Dr
Pintail Ct
Plantation Dr
Plateau St
Plum Dr
Poplar Knoll Dr
Poteat St
Preston Dr
Quail Dr
Rambling Rose Way
Ray Hill Rd
Red Canyon Dr
Reidville Rd
Rexford Dr
Rice Rd
Richardson Ct
Riverbank Ct
Riveredge Ct
Riveredge Dr
Riverfarm Dr
River Farm Rd
River Ridge Dr
Riverton Ct
Rock Cove Ct
Rocky Ln
Rodney St
Roscommon Run
Rose Trellis Ct
S 121
S 194
S 197
S 199
S 302
S 430
S 489
S 590
S 64
S 678
Sabre Trl
Saddlebrook Dr
Saint Charles Ct
Saluda Ct
Saluda Rd
Sandhurst Ct
Santa Fe Rd
S Brown Beaver Ct
Scenic Oak Dr
Scott Dr
Seay Rd
Secret Cove Ct
Semillon Ln
S Gray Beaver Ct
Shadetree Ct
Shady Ln
S Hamlet Ct
Sheldon Dr
Sierra Ridge Ct
Silver Dapple Way
Simmons Dr
Simon Dr
S Kildare Way
Smith Ct
Smith Rd
Smokey Trl
S Monterey Dr
Solano Ct
Sorrento Dr
S Pointe Ct
S Serena Hills Dr
S Staunton Ct
S Stauton Ct
S Sun Flower Way
S Sweetwater Hills Dr
State Hwy 215
State Hwy 290
State Hwy 296
State Hwy 417
State Hwy S-42-121-A
State Rd S-42-121
State Rd S-42-1915
State Rd S-42-197
State Rd S-42-199
State Rd S-42-2275
State Rd S-42-2766
State Rd S-42-2804
State Rd S-42-2916
State Rd S-42-2933
State Rd S-42-2967
State Rd S-42-302
State Rd S-42-3275
State Rd S-42-3395
State Rd S-42-3396
State Rd S-42-3397
State Rd S-42-3398
State Rd S-42-3400
State Rd S-42-3401
State Rd S-42-3901
State Rd S-42-3902
State Rd S-42-4222
State Rd S-42-4266
State Rd S-42-489
State Rd S-42-509
State Rd S-42-514
State Rd S-42-515
State Rd S-42-517
State Rd S-42-518
State Rd S-42-519
State Rd S-42-521
State Rd S-42-590
State Rd S-42-64
State Rd S-42-646
State Rd S-42-725
State Rd S-42-8043
State Rd S-42-8044
State Rd S-42-8185
State Rd S-42-8186
State Rd S-42-8187
State Rd S-42-9237
State Rd S-42-9238
State Rd S-42-9239
State Rd S-42-9279
State Rd S-42-9280
State Rd S-42-9281
State Rd S-42-9282
State Rd S-42-9631
State Rd S-42-9632
State Rd S-42-9652
State Rd S-42-9922
Stockton Ln
Stratford Rd
Suffield Dr
Sugar Mill Ln
Summerfield Dr
Summerton Pl
Sundyal Dr
Sunset Ln
Suttles Rd
SW Fieldsedge Dr
Tarrigart Dr
Taylor Dr
Teeanna Dr
Tilliston Rd
Tipperary Ter
Tower Dr
Tracy Ln
Trotter Ct
Trumpett Flower Ln
Tulare Dr
Twin Lakes Dr
Upper Beaver Creek
US Hwy 221
Vausha Rd
Victory Ln
Vista Dr
Volunteer Walk Trl
Waldon Rd
Waterton Way
W Autumn Ridge Rd
Wellington Rd
Wells Dr
Wells Point Dr
Westchester Pl
Westmeath Dr
Westmoore Dr
Weston Valley Dr
West Rd
Westside Rd
Wexford Hills Ct
Whispering Pines Dr
White Lillie Farm Rd
Wildflower Ln
Wilkshire Loop
Williston Way
Willow Bank Lndg
Wilson Ferry Rd
Windsong Way
Windswept Way
Winsland Way
Wintergreen Ter
W Killarney Lake
Woodranch Ln
Woodruff Ct
Woodruff Ln
Woodsedge Ct
Worthy Dr
W Yorkswell Ct
Yorktown Rd