Garrison, Texas Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Garrison, Texas Phone Numbers


Garrison, Texas IP Addresses

AS174 - COGENT-174 - Cogent Communications, US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS7136 - ONLY - Only Networking Inc. (ONLY2-DOM), US
AS19108 - SUDDENLINK-COMMUNICATIONS - Suddenlink Communications, US

Garrison, Texas Streets

Adams Rd
Alania Ave
Ave A
Ave B
Ave C
Barber Rd
Beauty Parlor Rd
Bill Cranford Rd
Bluebonnet Dr
Boatman Rd
Bradshaw Ln
Brileytown Church Rd
Brush Prairie Rd
Caddo Dr
Camp Tonawa Rd
Camp Tonkawa Rd
Carlos Dews Rd
Cedar Bluff Rd
Cedar Bluff Rd N
Charles Ln
Chase St
Chenowith Ln
Cheryl St
Clay Wells
Co9 Rd 137
Cooper Rd
Co Rd 127
Co Rd 128
Co Rd 130
Co Rd 134
Co Rd 135
Co Rd 136
Co Rd 1362
Co Rd 137
Co Rd 153
Co Rd 155
Co Rd 157
Co Rd 1571
Co Rd 159
Co Rd 160
Co Rd 161
Co Rd 162
Co Rd 164
Co Rd 166
Co Rd 167
Co Rd 168
Co Rd 169
Co Rd 170
Co Rd 171
Co Rd 173
Co Rd 174
Co Rd 175
Co Rd 179
Co Rd 182
Co Rd 195
Co Rd 261
Co Rd 262
Co Rd 263
Co Rd 264
Co Rd 265
Co Rd 266
Co Rd 2663
Co Rd 267
Co Rd 268
Co Rd 269
Co Rd 2691
Co Rd 271
Co Rd 272
Co Rd 273
Co Rd 274
Co Rd 280
Co Rd 282
Co Rd 283
Co Rd 284
Co Rd 285
Co Rd 286
Co Rd 287
Co Rd 288
Co Rd 289
Co Rd 290
Co Rd 291
Co Rd 292
Co Rd 293
Co Rd 294
Co Rd 295
Co Rd 296
Co Rd 297
Co Rd 299
Co Rd 300
Co Rd 3122 S
Co Rd 3181 E
Co Rd 3183 E
Co Rd 3184D
Co Rd 3189 S
Co Rd 3191
Co Rd 3198 E
Co Rd 3242
Co Rd 3253
Co Rd 3255D
Co Rd 3257
Co Rd 3258S
Co Rd 3261
Co Rd 3263D
Co Rd 3266
Co Rd 3278
Co Rd 3280
Co Rd 3281
Co Rd 3282
Co Rd 3283D
Co Rd 3284
Co Rd 3285 E
Co Rd 3286
Co Rd 3287D
Co Rd 3288
Co Rd 3289D
Co Rd 3289D S
Co Rd 3291
Co Rd 3292D
Co Rd 3293D
Co Rd 3294D
Co Rd 4763
Co Rd 6103
Co Rd 6108
Cr 127
Cr 128
Cr 130
Cr 134
Cr 136
Cr 153
Cr 157
Cr 161
Cr 162
Cr 168
Cr 170
Cr 263
Cr 2641
Cr 269
Cr 274
Cr 286
Curry St
Davis Rd
Deloney Rd
Dobbs Rd
E Cedar St
E Henning Rd
Elbow Ridge
Elbow Ridge Rd
Elm St
E Magnolia St
E Main St
E Pine St
Faye St
Fern St
Fitze Rd
FM 1087
FM 138
FM 1971 S
FM 2435
FM 2476
FM 2609
FM 2907
FM 95
Francis Loop
Francis St
Fred St
Free Way
Gaddy Ln
Garrett Loop
Gates St
George Chandler St
Girl Scout Rd
Goodman Ln
Greenwood St
Greenwood St W
Haney Ln
Haney Rd
Harris Rd
Hartt Rd
Hartt St
Hickory St
Hidden Valley Dr
Hilltop Rd
Holly Springs Rd
Hutchinson Rd
Indian Creek Dr
Irving Rd
Irwin St
Jim Moore Rd
Jones Rd
Joplin Hill St
Kimbrough Rd
Lake Tinkle Rd
Lazy S Ln
Liberty Ln
Linn Flat Rd
Logansport Rd
L Russell Rd
Mayo Rd
McKinney Lake Rd
Megan Ln
Mitchell Rd
Mount Union Rd
Mull Cramford Rd
Mutt Cranford Rd
Mutt Crawford Rd
N A Ave
Naconiche Rd
N C Ave
N D Ave
Newman Rd
N FM 95
N US Hwy 59
Old Brickyard Rd
Patterson Rd
Phillips Rd
Pine Hill Rd
Project Rd
Rambin Ln
Ramblin Ln
Red Springs Rd
Sand Flat Rd
San Diego Rd
S Ave C
S C Ave
Scroggins Ln
Silas Rd
Simmons Ln
Snider Rd
Stanaland Rd
Tejas Dr
Todd Ln
US Hwy 59
US Hwy 84
Vim Rd
Walnut Grove Rd
Walnut St
Water Well Rd
W Cedar St
W Henning Rd
Whitlock St
Williams Rd
Willis Ln
Willow St
W Magnolia St
W Main St
Woodland Oak Dr