Reedville, Virginia Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Reedville, Virginia Phone Numbers


Reedville, Virginia IP Addresses

AS32448 - METROCAST-1 - MetroCast Cablevision of New Hampshire, LLC., US
AS46937 - NORTHERN-NECK - Northern Neck Wireless Internet Services LLC, US

Reedville, Virginia Streets

Arrow Ave
Arthur Ct
Atwill Dr
Barnstable Rd
Bayberry Ln
Bay Pointe Ct
Bay Shore Ave
Bayside Ct
Bay Watch Ln
Beach Rd
Berkshire Dr
Blackberry Rd
Blue Marl Ln
Blundon Rd
Boatyard Rd
Boiling Point Dr
Brickyard Rd
Bridge Creek Cir
Bridge Creek Dr
Bridge Ln
Broad View Ln
Bruington Rd
Buzzards Point Rd
Byers St
Campground Rd
Captains Way
Captains Way St
Captain Walters Ln
Cedar Dale Ln
Chesapeake Beach Rd
Chesapeake St
Clifton St
Cockrell Cr View Dr
Cockrell Point Ln
Colieville Ln
Connies Ln
Crabhouse Dr
Creek Way Ln
Cross Bow
Cross Bow St
Crowder Dr
Crowder Ln
Crowder Point Dr
Davis Dr
Deep Water Ln
Douglas St
Edwards Ln
E Harbor Dr
Emerald Cove Rd
E Virginia Rd
Fair Port
Fairport Rd
Field Ln
Fleeton Point Cir
Fleeton Rd
Fleeton Wharf Rd
Fords Pond Rd
Forest Green Rd
Forest Haven Ln
Fox Point Rd
Friar St
Gaskins Beach Rd
Gladys Ln
Great Wicomico Light Ln
Greenfield Cir
Greenfield Point Dr
Greenfield Pt Dr
Greenfield Rd
Hamlett Ln
Hammack Ln
Harbor Dr
Harbor Rd
Harris Grove Ln
Hickory Ln
Holly Grove Ln
Holly Harbor Rd
Hopedale Farm Rd
Hope Union Ln
Jett Ln
Julian St
Kay St
Lancelot Dr
Lane Rd
Lansing St
Leming Ave
Leming St
Liberty St
Lillian Ln
Little John St
Little River Dr
Little Riverview Dr
Little St
Locksley Ct
Locksley Hall
Locksley Ln
Longstreet Dr
Lucom Point Dr
Lucom Pt Rd
Lucy's Ln
Main St
Mann Ln
Maple Ave
Maplewood Ln
Marina Dr
Marina Point Rd
Martin Ln
McCormick Dr
McLean St
McNeal Rd
Menhaden Rd
Merlin Ct
Mollys Ln
Morris Ave
Morrison St
Mulberry Fields Rd
Murphy St
N Crowder Ln
Neale Dr
Northumberland Hwy
Nottingham Rd
Oak Ln
Old Bethany Dr
Old Fairprt
Otter Run Ln
Owens Point Ln
Oyster Bay Rd
Oyster Point Dr
Parker Rd
Pelican Ln
Pilot House Ln
Pine Dr
Pine Tree Dr
Point of View Ln
Polly Cove Rd
Pond Ln
Poplar Farm Dr
Raintree Ln
Reamy St
Reason Creek Rd
Reason View Ln
Reed Ave
Reedville Manor Ln
Richard Pl
Riverside Ln
Rock Town Rd
Roseland Rd
Seaboard Dr
Sharps Creek Ln
Shell Landing Rd
Sheps Point Dr
Sherwood Dr
Shipping Point Dr
Shipwatch Ln
Skys Limit Ct
Slough Creek Ln
Smith Point Rd
Smith Point Vw
Solitude Dr
Spear Pl
Spriggs Ln
State Rte 1302
State Rte 1304
State Rte 1305
State Rte 1306
State Rte 1307
State Rte 1308
State Rte 1309
State Rte 1311
State Rte 1312
State Rte 1315
State Rte 646
State Rte 647
State Rte 652
State Rte 653
State Rte 654
State Rte 655
State Rte 656
State Rte 657
State Rte 659
State Rte 661
State Rte 662
State Rte 673
State Rte 677
State Rte 683
State Rte 700
State Rte 703
State Rte 714
State Rte 722
State Rte 726
State Rte 734
State Rte 737
State Rte 754
State Rte 769
State Rte 770
State Rte 799
State Rte 801
State Rte 802
Summer Haven Dr
Sunny Bank Rd
Sunset Cove Ln
Sutton Ave
Swann Ct
Sweet Hall Dr
Taskmaker Ln
Taylors Beach Rd
Terrace St
Thompson Ct
Timberline Dr
Timbs Rd
Toulson Ave
Tranquility Rd
Trumps Ct
Twin Cedar Ln
Twin Harbor Rd
US Hwy 360
Virginia Rd
Washington Dr
Waterman's Way
Waters Edge Ln
Waterside Ln
Waterview Ln
Waverly Rd
Whaley Ln
Whaley Rd
Whays Creek
Whays Creek Rd
Whays View Ln
Wolskie Woods Rd