Cable, Wisconsin Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Cable, Wisconsin Phone Numbers


Cable, Wisconsin IP Addresses

AS1273 - CW Vodafone Group PLC, GB
AS11796 - AIRSTREAMCOMM-NET - Airstream Communications, LLC, US

Cable, Wisconsin Streets

1st St
2nd Ave
2nd St
3rd Ave
4th Ave
Amundson Rd
Anderson Ln
Ash Ct
Aspen Ct
Atkins Lake Ln
Bass Lake Rd
Bay Dr
Bear Point Rd
Behan Dr
Big Brook Rd
Big John Rd
Big Pine Dr
Big Timber Ln
Birch Bend Rd
Birch Ln
Birch Point Rd
Bluebird Ln
Blue Gill Bay Rd
Blue Moon Rd
Bondegard Dr
Buffalo Lake Rd
Burgundy Point Rd
Cable Sunset Rd
Cable Woods Rd
Camp 08 Rd
Camp 38 Rd
Canterbury Trl
Castle Garden Rd
Cedar Ct
Chapinwood Rd
Chelesa Ln
Chelsea Ln
Chestnut Ct
Chicago Ave
Circle Dr N
Club Lake Rd
Coffee Lake Ln
Co Hwy D
Co Hwy M
Cook Rd
Crystal Lake Rd
Cty Hwy D
Cty Hwy M
Deer Path Dr
Diamond Point Rd
Dodd Dr
Duck Point Rd
Eagle Knob Rd
Eagle Point Dr
E Cable Lake Rd
Echo Point Ln
Ehman Rd
E Jackson Lake Rd
E Leonard School Rd
Elm Ct
E Price Lake Rd
E Tahkodah Lake Rd
Evergreen Ct
Fir Ct
Fire Rd 209
Flowers St
Forest Rd 1762
Forest Rd 632
Forest Ridge Rd
Fr 1762
Fr 191
Fr 192
Fr 194
Fr 201
Fr 202
Fr 207
Fr 211
Fr 212
Fr 213
Fr 214
Fr 272
Fr 322
Fr 341
Fr 365
Fr 373
Fr 374
Fr 378
Fr 660
Frels Rd
Friendly Ln
Funnys Ln
Garden Lake Rd
Garmisch Rd
Hambrecht Rd
Hardwood Ct
Harmon Dr
Helm Point Rd
Hemlock Ct
Hickory Ct
Hwy 63
Jalowitz Rd
Jenkins Rd
Judy Ln
Juneks Point Rd
Juniper Ct
Kaiser Ln
Karow Trl
Kavanaugh Rd
Kimball Rd
Kinzie Ln
Krafts Point Rd
Lake Ave
Lake Knotting Ln
Lake Lodge Dr
Lake Rd
Lake Ridge Rd
Leonard School Rd
Little Bass Rd
Maple Ct
Marsh Ln
McAully Rd
Mc Cloud Lake Rd
McKinney Rd
Mc Naught Rd
Metros Lndg
Michigan Bay Rd
Mill Rd
Missionary Point Cir
Missionary Point Dr
Morse Rd
Mosbaek Rd
Mossback Rd
Motyka Ln
Namakagon River Rd
Namakagon Sunset Rd
N Diamond Lake Dr
N Diamond Lake Rd
N Diamond Point Rd
Neers Rd
Nemec Rd
N Garden Ave
N Garden Rd
Nordmor Rd
N Riverside Rd
N Silver Birch Dr
N Sonby Rd
N Trapper Lake Dr
N Twin Lake Rd
Oak Ct
Oak Ridge Dr
Old Castle Garden Rd
Old D Rd
Old Grade Rd
Old Mill Rd
Old Namekagon Rd
Ole Lake Rd
Otter Bay Rd
Otter Tail Dr
Owen Ln
Parker Rd
Parquette Ln
Perry Lake Rd
Philippi Rd
Pine St
Pioneer Rd
Pohl Rd
Point of View Rd
Point Rd
Ponders Point Rd
Porcupine Rd
Porky Lake Rd
Radloff Rd
Randysek Rd
Resort Rd
Reyjavik Rd
Reynolds St
River Rd
Robin Ln
Rock Lake Rd
Ryan Ln
SE Atkins Rd
S Garden Ave
Short Rd
Sibbalds Ln
Silver Birch Dr
S Lake Owen Dr
Snake Trail Rd
Sonby Rd
Songbird Ln
Southridge Rd
Spider Lake Fire Ln
Spitzer Rd
Spruce Ct
Spruce St
S Riverside Rd
S Silver Birch Dr
S Tahkodah Lake Rd
Stone Pine Dr
S Trapper Lake Rd
Sugar Bay Dr
Sunset Exd
Sunset Ln
Sunset Rd Exn
Sunset Trl
SW Crystal Ln
Tahkodah Lake Rd
Tamarack Ct
Taylor Lake Rd
Telemark Rd
Tomasula Rd
Totogatic Rd
Tower Rd
Trail Inn Rd
Trail Inn South Rd
Treeline Rd
Triangle Dr
Twin Pines Ln
US Hwy 63
Val-Beth Ln
Valhalia Townhouse Rd
Viking Bay Dr
Village Kame Rd
Wald Rd Exn
Walds Exd
Walds Rd
Walker Rd
W Cable Lake Rd
W Crystal Dr
W Diamond Lake Rd
White Pine Ct
Wikforest Rd
Wisco Rd
W Jackson Lake Rd
Wollin Rd
Wood Bay Dr
Wood Crest Dr
W Price Lake Rd
W Ryan Ln
W Tahkodah Lake Rd
W Tahkodah Rd
W Woodcrest Dr