Long Lake, Wisconsin Scanner Frequencies



Long Lake, Wisconsin Phone Numbers


Long Lake, Wisconsin Streets

1st St
2nd St
3rd St
4th St
Ash St
Association Ln
Bald Eagle Blvd
Bell Ln
Berry Trl
Brook Ln
Brule Creek Rd
Brule River Rd
Bugler Ln
Camp 5 Rd
Camp Five Rd
Carey Dam Rd
Chipmunk Rapids Rd
Co Hwy A
Columbus St
Cooks Ln N
Cooks Ln S
Cooks Run N
Cooks Run S
Co Rd A
Coyote Ct
Crall Rd
Daumitz Rd
Delbert Dr
Divide Rd
Dorzok Rd
Dorzok Trl
Dream Lake Rd
Easement Rd
Easment Rd
East St
E Halsey Lake Rd
Elliot Rd
Elm St
Elvoy Creek Ln
Elvoy Ln
Emerson Rd
Emmery Perry Ln
E Tuttle Ln
Fay Lake Rd
Fay Lake Resort Rd
Ferry Rd
Fire Tower Rd
Fishel Rd
Flanagan Rd
Flannigan Rd
Forest Rd
Forest Rd 2133
Forest Rd 2156
Forest Rd 2168
Forest Rd 2169
Forest Rd 2172
Forest Rd 2174
Forest Rd 2175
Forest Rd 2176
Forest Rd 2193
Forest Rd 2206
Forest Rd 2404
Forest Rd 2407
Forest Rd 2424
Forest Rd 2426
Forest Rd 2427
Forest Rd 2454
Forest Rd 2457
Forest Rd 2458
Forest Rd 2550
Forest Rd 3854
(Forrd 2169)
Forrest Ln
Fry Rd
Fuhrman Rd
Gaspardo Rd
Gilligan Ln
Grandma Lake Rd
Halada Ln
Hall Dr
Halsey Lake Rd
Halsey Lk Rd
Hartline Rd
Highland Ridge Ln
Hillcrest Ln
Hilltop Dr
Hill Top Ln
Hoeppner Rd
Holford Rd
Holly Ln
Holt Rd
Howell Lake Rd
Howe Rd
Huff Creek Rd
Huff Ln
Jackson Ln
Jochem Trl
Kaine Lake Rd
Konitzer Rd
Lake Shore Ln
Lakeview Ln
Lena Rd
Lily Pad Ln
Lily Pad Rd
Lindahl Spur Rd
Long Lake Rd
Lost Lake Rd
Lotto Rd
Main St
Maple St
McIntosh Rd
Meadow Brook Rd
Meadow Ln
Megs Ln
Montie Ln
Morgan Lake Rd
National Forest Rd 2169
National Forest Road 2152
National Forest Road 2155
National Forest Road 2158
National Forest Road 2161
National Forest Road 2450
Nettleton Tower Ln
Nettleton Tower Rd
Nichol Rd
Nicolet Hills Rd
N Shore Rd
Oak Hill Dr
Oak St
Old 139 Rd
Old Hwy 139
Packer Ave
Patten Lake Rd
Perry Rd
Pine Cone Ln
Pine St
Popple Ln
Porcupine Lake Rd
Powers Dam Rd
Puckett Rd
Redig Rd
Remberg Rd
Ritchie Rd
Ritter Rd
River Bank Ln
Rock Dam Rd
Rocky Rd
Schrader Rd
Schultz Rd
Sczcpanski Rd
Sczepanski Rd
S Delbert Dr
Seifert Rd
Settlement Rd
Shannon Rd
Shodis Ln
Sidney Rd
Spencer St
Srevens Lake Rd
State Hwy 139
State Hwy 55
State Hwy 70
Staube Rd
Stevens Lake Rd
Stock Rd
Sullivan Rd
Sydney Rd
Thrasher Ln
Thrasher Rd
Timber Ln
Tucker Rd
USFS Rd 2156
USFS Rd 2450
USFS Rd 2452
W Duck Lake Rd
Whitetail Ln
Whitetail Xing
Whitt Rd
Williams Rd
Wilson Bessette Rd
Wilson Rd
Windsor Dam Rd
Wisconsin Creek Rd
Wisconsin St
Wolf Rd
W Remberg Rd
Zepp Rd
Zierler Rd