Presque Isle, Wisconsin Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Presque Isle, Wisconsin Phone Numbers


Presque Isle, Wisconsin Streets

1st St
2nd St
3rd Ave
3rd St
Adelaide Dr
Adelaide Rd
Agony Point Rd
Annabelle Lake Rd
Annabelle Landing Rd
Annabelle Shores Rd
Armour Lake Rd
Arrow Dr
Arts Dr
Badger Pass Rd
Baer Rd
Bailey Dr
Baker Rd
Bald Eagle
Bald Eagle Rd
Balsam Dr
Balsam Rd
Balsam Row
Barrs Rd
Bartsch Rd
Basswood Ridge Ln
Beacon Point Dr
Bear Claw Trl
Bear Den Rd
Bear Pt
Bears Den
Bear Trail Pt
Bear Trl
Beaver Rd
Benson Dr
Big Lake Rd
Birch Bark Dr
Birch Bay Rd
Birch Point Rd
Black Forest
Black Forest Rd
Black Lndg
Blue Bill Rd
Blue Heron
Blue Heron Rd
Bobcat Rd
Boot Lake Rd
Bowie Rd
Bow Rd
Brach Dr
Breede Dr
Breede Rd
Bruette Rd
Brunell Rd
Bucks Rd
Butler Dr
Caboose Dr
Camp Mishike Shores Dr
Carlin Club Dr
Carlin Lake Dr
Carola Dr
Casper Rd
Cast A Way Ln
Chaney Lake Rd
Charly Ln
Chicago Ave
Chipper Dr
Church St
Co Hwy 519
Co Hwy B
Co Hwy M
Co Hwy O
Co Hwy P
Co Hwy W
Co Rd B
Co Rd M
Co Rd O
Co Rd P
Co Rd W
Coyote Pass Rd
Crab Bay Rd
Crab Lake Rd
Crab Landing Rd
Crab Lndg
Crawford Lake Rd
Cth M
Cth W
Cut-Off Rd
Deer Trail Rd
Deer Trap Rd
Deer Trl
Diamond Point Dr
Divine Rd
Downstream Dr
Eagle Point Ln
Eagle Tree Dr
E Armour Lake Rd
E Armour Rd
E Bay Rd
E Birch Lake Rd
E Birch Ln
E Harris Lake Rd
Elmhurst Dr
E Minon K Rd
E Musket Rd
E No Man's Ln
E Rock Lake Rd
Eva Dr
E Van Vliet Rd
E Woodland Dr
Firemans Point Rd
Forest Dr
Forty Niners Rd
Frisch Dr
Frisch Rd
Frontier Rd
Funk Dr
Gemstone Rd
Gladys Rd
Gretchen Lake Ln
Haase Rd
Hank Dr
Harris Creek Ln
Harris Lake Rd
Hartman Dr
Hawk Dr
Hemlock Hill Dr
Hemlock Rd
Hemlock Row
Hiawatha Dr
Hiawatha Shores Rd
Hill Top Rd
Horned Owl Rd
Island & Boat Landing Rd
Island View Rd
Isle View Dr
Johnson Ln
Katinka Lake Rd
Keberle Ln
Keppler Rd
Kitten Ln
Klein Dr
Kling Rd
Kunschke Rd
Lakeshore Dr
Lakeshore Rd
Lake St
Lake Yolanda Rd
Limpy Bear Ln
Little Fawn
Little Fawn Rd
Little Papoose Lake Rd
Little Papoose Rd
Logan Blvd
Logging Dr
Lois Dr
Lone Oak Rd
Lone Pine Dr
Lynx Lake Rd
Lynx Landing Dr
Maclean Dr
Main St
Mallard Landing Rd
Mallard Park Rd
Maple Rd
Maple Ridge Ln
Mars Point Dr
McDowell Rd
McKenzie Pl
McKinzie Pl
Meadow Ln
Mermaid Lake Dr
Meuller Ln
Miller Dr
Milt's Dr
Milwaukee Bay Dr
Minonk Lake Rd
Moccasin Ln
Moonshine Rd
Moonshine Valley Rd
Mordvinoff Dr
Mueller Ln
Mueller Rd
Murphy Lake Rd
Musket Rd
Natural Springs Rd
N Crab Lake Rd
No Mans Ln W
Nordic Dr
Noway Rd
N Star Rd
N Turtle Dr
Old County W
Old Hwy O
Old O
Ormes Rd
Owen Dr
Oxbow Lake Rd
Oxbow Ld
Oxbow Rd
Pace Dr
Palmer Rd
Papoose Lake Rd
Pardee Lake Ln E
Pardee Lake Rd
Peninsula Rd
Pine Cone
Pine Cone Dr
Point Rd
Pomeroy Lake Rd
Posedel Rd
Powderhorn Rd
Prairie Dr
Priest Point Ln
Quiet Waters Dr
Radtke Dr
Rainbow Shores Dr
Rathborne Rd
Rays Dr
Rd 44
Red Fox Rd
Red Fox Spur Rd
Red Lake Dr
Red Lake Rd
Red Squirrel Ln
Ridge Rd
River Park Rd
Riverside Dr
Riverside Rd
Rock Lake Rd
Rosalind Rd
Rottman Rd
Round Lake Rd
Ruffed Grouse
Ruffed Grouse Rd
Ruffled Grouse Rd
Rustic Rd
Sanders Dr
S Bay View Rd
School Loop Rd
S Crab Lake Rd
Serenity Ln
Snowmobile Ln
Snowshoe Rd
Solitude Ln
S Rainbow Lake Rd
S Rainbow Rd
State Line Lake Rd E
State Line Rd
Streator Rd
Strebe Rd
S Turtle Lake Rd
S Turtle Rd
Sunny Shores Rd
Swanson Dr
Tall Timbers Rd
Tamarack Ln
Teal Rd
Thoma Dr
Tillman Rd
Timber Wolf Rd
Town Dock Rd
Townsite Rd
Trail Rd
Turtle Bay Rd
Vera Ln
Village Point Ln
Vinge Rd
Vinje Rd
Viola Ln
Waldner Dr
Water Fall Way Dr
Wayne Dr
W Bay Rd
W Birch Lake Rd
Wegner Ln
W Harris Lake Rd
White Deer Ln
White Wolf Dr
Wildcat Rd
Wilderness Dr
Wilderness Rd
Wilke Dr
Wilke Rd
Winegar Rd
W Kitten Ln
W Musket Rd
W No Launch Ln
Wolski Ln
W Rock Lake Rd
W Shore Dr
Wurms Blvd
W Van Vliet Rd
W Wildcat Lake Rd
W Woodland Dr
Yellow Birch
Yellow Birch Rd
Zog Dr