Frisco City, Alabama Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Frisco City, Alabama Phone Numbers


Frisco City, Alabama IP Addresses

AS3464 - ASC-NET - Alabama Supercomputer Network, US
AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS6983 - ITCDELTA - Earthlink, Inc., US
AS13760 - SOUTHERN-LIGHT - Southern Light, LLC, US
AS30036 - MEDIACOM-ENTERPRISE-BUSINESS - Mediacom Communications Corp, US

Frisco City, Alabama Streets

2nd St
Apple Dr
Arena Rd
Bailey Rd
Baker's Ln
Banks Ave
Barnes St
Barton Rd
Bass Ln
Bayles Rd
Bear Creek Rd
Berry St
Bessy St
Big Boy Rd
Blue Dr
Boatwright Rd
Bonita Pines Dr
Booker Rd
Bowden St
Bowen Rd
Brandon Ln
Brown St
Burson Rd
Busey St
Butler St
Carroll Ln
Cedar Ln
Cemetery St
Center St
Central Ave
Chambers St
Chandler Rd
Chanler Rd
Chapman Rd
Cherry Rd
Chow Chow Ln
Clausell Rd
Cole Rd
College St
Collins Rd
Co Rd 1
Co Rd 10
Co Rd 18
Co Rd 23
Co Rd 31
Co Rd 39
Co Rd 45
Co Rd 7
Cotton St
Cottonwood Ln
Cowboy Rd
Crystal Ln
Dales Ferry Rd
Davison Ln
Davison Rd
Dewise St
Diana Rd
Dixie Ln
Dog Track Rd
Dunn Ln
Dyess Ln
East Ave
Easy St
Ecambia Ave
Eddins Ln
Elm Rd
Erwin Rd
Escambia Ave
Excel Frisco Hwy
Excel Frisco Rd
Fast Ln
Fate Brooks Rd
Feaster St
Field Cr
Fisher St
Flowers Loop Rd
Fountain Dr
Franks Rd
Frisco City St
Frisco Excel Rd
Front St
Gaston Ave
Gibbs Rd
Goodway Rd
Grain Elevator Rd
Griffin St
Griggers Rd
Gross Rd
Halls Cross Rd
Harris St
Harvestview Dr
Haskew Rd
Hendrix St
Hickory Hollow Rd
Honeysuckle Ln
Horton Rd
House Rd
Houston St
Huggins Rd
Ike St
Jaye Rd
Jay Rd
Johnnys Dr
Johns Ave
Johnson Rd
Jones Ave N
Katherine St
Kathrine Rd
Kendrick Rd
Kilpatrick St
Kimberly Ln
Lake St
Lamar Rd
Lambert Ln
Lancaster Rd
Lavender Ln
Lawson Rd
Ledkins Rd
Lee Rd
Lee St
Lett Rd
Liberty Ln
Liberty St
Lilly Church Rd
Live Oak St
Luker Rd
Main St
Major St
Manistee Rd
Martin Luther King Jr St
Matheny Rd
Maughon Rd
Mayberry Ln
McKinley St
McNeil St
Medline Ave
Memory Rd
Merriweather St
Mexboro Rd
Middleton Ln
Mill Creek Rd
Mill Market Ln
Mosley Rd
Mulberry St
Nettles Rd
N Monroe St
Norris Ave
Norris Rd
North St
Oak Grove Church Rd
Oak Grove Rd
Oak Grove St
Oak St
Old Fort Claiborne Rd
Old House Rd
Old Majesty Rd
Old Salem Creek Rd
Old Salem Rd
Patterson St
Pecan Rd
Perdue Hill Rd
Perkins St
Pettis Rd
Pineland Dr
Plantation Ln
Pleas Ln
Presley Rd
Qualls Rd
Railroad St
Ray Ford Rd
Raymond Rd
Red Town Rd
Riley Ln
Roberts Rd
Rocky Ranka Ln
Roland Rd
Rolland Rd
Saucer Rd
Sawyer St
School St
Scott Orchard Rd
Scotts Ln
Settle Rd
Shady Rd
Shiloh Rd
Short St
Shumack Rd
S Main St
Smith Rd
Smokey Cir
Snider Ave
Snyder Ave
Snyder Rd
Snyder St
Stabler Ln
Stabler Rd
Stanton Farm Rd
Stanton Rd
State Rte 12
State Rte 21
State Rte 47
Strength Ln
Tatum Rd
Taylor Cir
Taylor St
Tekoa Rd
Terry Ln
Thames Rd
Torre Rd
Tucker Ln
Turkey Hollow Rd
Turkey Trot Rd
Twin Fountain Rd
US Hwy 84
Victoria Ln
Vine St
Vineyard Ln
Virginia Ave
Wallace Rd
Walston Rd
Ward Rd
Wasden Ln
W Byrd St
Weatherford Ln
Webb Rd
Welch Rd
West Ave
Whatley Rd
Wheat Rd
Wiggins Ave
Wiggins Rd
Wilfork Rd
Wilson Ave
Wilson Dr
Wilson Rd
Windmill Rd
W St