Irvington, Alabama Scanner Frequencies



Irvington, Alabama IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS13760 - SOUTHERN-LIGHT - Southern Light, LLC, US
AS30036 - MEDIACOM-ENTERPRISE-BUSINESS - Mediacom Communications Corp, US

Irvington, Alabama Streets

14th St
15th St
16th St
Airport Rd
Allen Dr
Amanda Ln
Angkor E
Argyle Estates Rd
Argyle Rd
Athena Ln
Bay Oaks Place Dr
Beverly Ct
Beverly Dr N
Beverly Rd
B Howerin Dr
Bobby Lowe Rd
Boe Rd
Bosarge Ln
Bosarge Way
Brandon Dr
Brown Dr
Cecil Dr
Cemetery Rd
Charity Ln
Cherry Ct
Cindy Dr
Cleveland Ave
Clover Dr
Cody Driskell Rd
Cook Ave
Co Rd 15
Co Rd 17
Co Rd 19
Co Rd 23
Co Rd 24
Co Rd 39
Cornelius Rd
Corrine Dr
Cory Ln
Country Club Blvd
Country Oak Ct
Country Oaks Dr N
County Farm Rd
Curtis Ct
Curtis Dr
Curtis Dr W
Curtis Ln
Deakle Ln
Deakle Ln N
Deakle Rd
Debra Ln
Deerfield Dr
Dees Rd
Dk Rd
Dodge Rd
Easyway St
Edgar Roberts Rd
E Gulley Way W
Ellis Ave
Elon St
E Mimosa
Ensley Dr
Fairway Dr
Farnell Ave
Fields Ln
Forest Glenn Ct
Fosters Trl
Four Mile Rd
Foxland Ct
Foxland Dr
Franklin Ave
Freedom Dr
Freeze Dr
Fritz Ln
Geary Dr
Gibson Rd
Ginkle Rd S
Ginkle Rd W
Government Blvd
Grand Way
Gran Forest Dr
Gray Dr
Green Dr
Grover Godwin Ln
Gulf Blvd
Gulf Ct
Half Mile Rd
Hampton Rd
Harbor Dr
Harvest Ln
Henley Rd
Heritage Ln
Highgate Dr N
Highgate Dr W
Hillside Dr
Hodge Nursery Rd
Hodges Nursery Rd
Hog Pen Rd W
Hogue Rd
Home Ave
Home St
Hurricane Blvd
Ilene Ct
India Way
Ingleside Ave
Irvington Blb Hwy
Irvington Ct
Jamestown Ct
Jamestown N
Janet Ave
Jay Dr
Jesse Deakle Ln
Jinkle Rd
John Davidson Rd
Johnson Aly
Kenbuck Rd
Khamphouy Ln
Khmer Rd
Killarney Ct
Killdeer Dr
Kimber Ridge Dr
Landing Ct
Landing Ln
Landing Ln E
Landing Ln W
Laos St
Lee Bishop Rd
Lee Cir E
Lee Cir W
Leisure Woods Dr N
Leisure Woods Dr S
Lloyd Rd
Louise Ct
Magnolia Crest Ct
Magnolia Crst
Magnolia Ln E
Magnolia Rd
Major Maples Rd
Maple Ct
March Rd
Matlock Rd
McDonald Rd
McDonald Svc Rd
McKee Rd
McKee Rd N
Megan Ln
Memaws Ct
Memaws Way
Memory Ln
Mitchell Dr
Mitchell Ln
Moores Ln
Murray Heights Dr N
Murray Heights Dr S
Murray Heights Dr W
Murray Hill Dr
Murray Hill Dr Exd
Murray Hill Rd
Murray Oaks Ct
Murray Oaks Dr
Murray Plantation Dr
Murray Rd
N Meadow Ln
N Pecan Dr
N Valley Ct
Oak Farms Dr
Oak Farms Dr S
Oak Farms Ln
Oak Farms Ln S
Oak Isle Ct
Oak St
Offspring Dr
Oliver Clark Rd
One Mile Rd
Orchard Rd
Padgett Switch Rd
Park Blvd
Pecan Ct
Peggy Ln
Pendarvis Ln N
Pendarvis Ln S
Pendarvis Ln W
Penny Ln
Pine Springs Rd
Prospect Rd
Quail Rd
Rainbow Ct
Rainbow Dr E
Rainbow Dr W
Raley Rd
Ranch Rd
Roberson St
Roberts Rd
Rodyn Ln
Roger Rd
Rollie Tillman Rd
Rose Ct
Roush Rd
Roy E Ray Airport Rd
Safe Harbor Cir E
Safe Harbor Cir N
Safe Harbor Cir S
Safe Harbor Cir W
Safe Harbor Dr
Safe Harbor Ln
Sam Hagy Rd
S Angkor Rd
Scenic View Ct
Seedling Ct
Sepone Ct
Shannon Dr
Shannon Dr E
Shannon Dr N
Shine Rd
Shrimp Ln
Sincerity Ln
S Meadow Ln
S Mimosa
S Pecan Dr
Spencer Rd
Spring Cir
Spur Dr
State Rte 16
State Rte 188
Stearman Dr
St Elmo Cir E
St Elmo Cir N
St Elmo Cir S
Stewart Ct
Stinson Dr
Stinson Rd
Stratford Dr
Success Ct
Sunshine Rd
Sunshine St
Suzanne Ct
S Wind Dr N
S Wind Dr S
Tahobi Ln
Taylor Ave
Thomas Rd
Three Mile Rd
Tiffani Rd
Tolbert Ln
Tom Waller Rd
Tower Ln
Trout Rd
Twin Pond Dr
Two Mile Ct
Two Mile Rd
US Hwy 90
Valley Ln
Vanity Ct
Vina St
Vixen Ct
Waco Dr
Walker Rd
Waterford Ct
Waterford Dr
Water Oak Dr
Whip O Will Ln W
White Oak Dr
Wilcox Way
Willard Rd
Williamsburg Ct
Williams Dr
Windsor Dr
Winston Ln
Wintzell Ave
Wisteria Ct
Wisteria St
W Jinkle Rd
W Meadow Ln
W Mimosa
Woodie Ln
Woodland Terrace Dr N
Woodland Terrace Dr S
Wright Aly
Wright Rd