Litchfield Park, Arizona Scanner Frequencies



Litchfield Park, Arizona IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS2901 - OGT-AS - Oso Grande Technologies, Inc., US
AS20089 - ACS-DIABLO-INTERNET - Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., US
AS22773 - ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDC - Cox Communications Inc., US

Litchfield Park, Arizona Streets

130th Ave
131st Dr
131st Ln
132nd Dr
135th Ave
159th Ave
187th Ave
193rd Dr
194th Dr
Acacia Cir
Aldea Cir
Aldea Ct
Aldea Dr N
Aldea Dr S
Aldea Rd E
Aldea Rd W
Amelia Ave
Ancora Dr E
Ancora Dr N
Ancora Dr S
Ancora Dr W
Azul Cir
Bahia Ln E
Bahia Ln S
Bahia Ln W
Barranco Dr
Bethany Home Rd
Cabrito Cir
Campbell Ave
Capilla Cir
Cardeno Cir
Cascada Cir
Cascada Rd
Castillo Dr E
Castillo Dr S
Castillo Dr W
Cervato Cir
Clarendon Ave
Cloverfield Cir
Colter Ct
Colter St
Desert Ave
E Acacia Cir
E Bird Ln
E Campina Dr
E Campina Ln
E Cercado Ln
E Estero Ln
E Fairway Dr
E Goodyear Rd
E Indian School Rd
E Laguna Royale Dr
E Liebre Cir
E Oeste Ln
E Orange Ln
E Palm St
E Plaza Cir
E Sagebrush St
Escondido Pl
E Segovia Dr
E Sierra Hermosa Dr
Estrella Fwy
E Wigwam Blvd
Fairmont Ave
Fairway Cir
Fairway Dr
Florence Ave
Flower St
Garnet Cir
Indianola Ave
Jasmine Way
Juniper Ln
Laguna Dr E
Laguna Dr S
Laguna Dr W
Laguna Royale Dr
Lajolla Dr
Lila Cir
Loop 303
Luna Cir
Luna Cir S
Luna Ct
Luna Dr N
Luna Dr S
Luna Rd E
Luna Rd W
Madera Cir
Mulberry Dr
N 112th Ln
N 123rd Dr
N 124th Ave
N 124th Dr
N 124th Ln
N 125th Ave
N 125th Dr
N 126th Ave
N 126th Dr
N 127th Ave
N 127th Dr
N 128th Dr
N 128th Ln
N 129th Ave
N 129th Dr
N 129th Ln
N 130th Ave
N 130th Dr
N 131st Dr
N 131st Ln
N 132nd Ave
N 132nd Dr
N 133rd Ave
N 133rd Dr
N 134th Ave
N 134th Dr
N 135th Ave
N 135th Dr
N 136th Dr
N 136th Ln
N 137th Ave
N 138th Ave
N 138th Dr
N 143rd Ave
N 144th Ave
N 156th Ave
N 157th Ave
N 159th Ave
N 160th Ave
N 161st Ave
N 162nd Ave
N 167th Ave
N 179th Dr
N 180th Ave
N 180th Dr
N 180th Ln
N 181st Ave
N 181st Dr
N 183rd Ave
N 186th Dr
N 188th Ave
N 189th Ave
N 18th St
N 190th Dr
N 191st Ave
N 191st Dr
N 192nd Ave
N 192nd Ln
N 193rd Ave
N 193rd Dr
N 195th Ave
N 196th Ave
N 196th Ln
N 199th Ave
N 200th Ave
N 200th Dr
N 202nd Ave
N 22nd St
N Airport Rd
N Alcala Dr
N Aleppo Ct
N Almanza Ln
N Alsup Ave
N Alsup Rd
N Annie Ct
N Arbor Ln
N Azul Cir
N Barranco Dr
N Beardsley Canal Rd
N Bent Tree Cir W
N Bermuda Ave
N Brindley Ave
N Brookview Ter
N Castano Dr
N Cherie Ct
N Citrus Rd
N Clear Creek Dr
N Cloverfield Cir
N Conda Ct
N Dania Ct
N Dannys Ct
N Desert Ave
N Desert Stream Way
N Dysart Rd
N East Aldea Rd
N East Luna Rd
N el Mirage Rd
N Escondido Pl
N Eucalyptus Dr
N Fairway Dr
N Fallon Ct
N Florence Ave
N Garnet Cir
N Golf Dr
N Greentree Dr E
N Greentree Dr W
N Greenview Cir S
N Greenview Cir W
N Hidden Ter
N Jack Rabbit Trl
N Joey Ct
N Karina Ct
N Katie Ln
N Keds Rd
N Kristi Ln
N Laconia Dr
N Laguna Dr
N la Loma Ave
N Leslie Ct
N Litchfield Greens Blvd
N Litchfield Knoll E
N Litchfield Knoll S
N Litchfield Knolls S
N Litchfield Rd
N Litchfield Rd Byp
N Lyle Ct
N Madera Cir
N Mansfield Ct
N Mansfield Dr
N Milano Ct
N Molitor Ave
N Neolin Ave
N Old Litchfield Rd
N Ormondo Ct
N Ormondo Way
N Oro Vis
N Oro Vista Ct
Northern Ave
N Overlook Ln
N Pajaro Ct
N Pajaro Ln
N Palo Verde Ave
N Palo Verde Dr
N Parajo Ct
N Pebble Creek Pkwy
N Perryville Rd
N Plaza Dr
N Rattler Ct
N Rattler Way
N Reade Ave
N Reems Rd
N Robles Ct
N Robles Dr
N Sahuaro Rd
N Sarival Ave
N Sarival Rd
N Segovia Dr
N Sierra Hermosa Ct
N Super Sabre St
N Torno Ct
N Torno Ln
N Tuthill Rd
N Valley Glen
N Village Pkwy
N Village Rd
N Vineyard Ln
N Vista Verde Dr
N Wigwam Ave
Oro Vis
Otero Cir
Paladin Cir
Pebble Creek Pkwy
Plaza Cir
Reade Ave
Redondo Dr E
Redondo Dr N
Redondo Dr S
Redondo Dr W
Reems Rd
Robson Cir N
Roosevelt Irrigation District Csr
Rose Ln
S 139th Ave
Sagebrush St
S Bandera Cir
S Denny Blvd
S Desert Ave
S Esperanza Dr
S Florence Ave
S Hacienda Cir
Sierra Hermosa Dr
S Inca Dr
S Litchfield Rd
S Moreno Cir
S Neolin Ave
Solana Cir
S Old Litchfield Rd
Sonoma Dr
S Sagebrush Cir
S Serrano Dr
State Rte 303
S Villa Nueva Dr
Tornasol Cir E
Torreon Dr E
Torreon Dr N
Torreon Dr S
Trontera Cir
Tuthill Rd
Valley Glen
Val Verde Cir
Val Verde Cir E
Village Pkwy
Village Rd
Villa Nueva Dr
Vista Verde Dr
W 184th Dr
W 184th Ln
W Adobe Dr
W Aldea Ct
W Alegre Ct
W Alegre Dr
W Amelia Ave
W Annika Dr
W Apodaca Dr
W Augusta Ave
W Azure Ln
W Bent Tree Cir
W Bent Tree Cir N
W Bent Tree Cir S
W Berridge Ct
W Berridge Ln
W Bethany Home Rd
W Bird Ln
W Camelback Rd
W Campbell Ave
W Campina Dr
W Cardeno Cir
W Carole Ln
W Catalina Dr
W Cavalier Ct
W Cercado Ln
W Citrus Ct
W Citrus Way
W Claremont St
W Clarendon Ave
W Clubhouse Dr
W College Dr
W Colter Ave
W Colter Ct
W Colter St
W Cottonwood St
W Denton Ave
W Denton St
W Desert Ave
W Dorado Cir
W Earll Ct
W Earll Dr
W Elm Ct
W Elm St
W el Nido Ct
W el Nido Ln
W Escondido Pl
W Estero Ln
West Virginia Ave
W Fairmount Ave
W Fairway Dr
W Fleetwood Ln
W Flower St
W Georgia Ave
W Georgia Ct
W Glendale Ave
W Glenn Ave
W Glenrosa Dr
W Green Hollow Ter
W Greentree Dr S
W Greenview Cir N
W Greenview Cir S
W Grove St
W Hidden Ter Lp
W Highland Ave
W Honeysuckle St
Wigwam Blvd
Wigwam Creek Blvd
W Indianola Ave
W Indian School Rd
W Jacobson Dr
W Juniper Ln
W Keim Dr
W Lajolla Dr
W Lane Ave
W Litchfield Knoll N
W Little St
W Llano Dr
W Luchana Dr
W Luke Ave
W Luna Ct
W Mariposa Dr
W Marisol Ln
W Marissa Dr
W Marlette Ave
W Marlette Ct
W Marshall Ave
W Marshall Ct
W Maryland Ave
W Maya Dr
W Meadowbrook Ave
W Medlock Dr
W Mesquite Ln
W Minnezona Ave
W Missouri Ave
W Missouri Ct
W Mitchell Ct
W Mitchell Dr
W Modesto Dr
W Montebello Ave
W Montebello Ct
W Monterey Way
W Monterosa Dr
W Mountain View Dr
W Myrtle Ave
W North Aldea Dr
W Northern Ave
W North Luna Dr
W Ocotillo Rd
W Orange Ct
W Orange Dr
W Orangewood Ave
W Orchard Ln
W Oregon Ave
W Oregon Ct
W Osborn Rd
W Pacifico Cir
W Palo Brea
W Palo Verde Ct
W Palo Verde Dr
W Pasadena Ave
W Peck Ct
W Peck Dr
W Pierson Rd
W Pierson St
W Pintura Cir
W Plaza Cir
W Rancho Ct
W Rancho Dr
W Reade Ave
W Redondo Dr
W Rhine Ln
W Romain Ct
W Rose Ln
W Rovey Ave
W Rovey Ct
W San Juan Ave
W San Juan Ct
W San Miguel Ave
W San Miguel Ct
W Segovia Dr
W Segundo Dr
W Sells Dr
W Solano Ct
W Solano Dr
W Sonoma Dr
W South Aldea Dr
W South Luna Cir
W South Luna Dr
W State Ave
W Stella Ct
W Stella Ln
W Super Sabre St
W Sycamore Ct
W Sycamore Ln
W Tainter Dr
W Texan St
W Thomas Rd
W Thunderbolt St
W Valley View Dr
W Verbena Ln
W Verde Ln
W Vermont Ave
W Vermont Ct
W Village Pkwy
W Vista Ave
W Vista Paseo Dr
W Whitton Ave
W Wigwam Blvd
W Windsor Blvd