Montague, California Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Montague, California Phone Numbers


Montague, California Streets

10th St
11th St
13th St
14th St
5th Ave E
5th St
6th St
99-97 Cutoff
Adobe Ln
Agate Ave
Agate Ct
Ager Beswick Rd
Ager Rd
Airport Rd
Airport Willow Creek Rd
Amethyst Ave
Apache Rd
Aubrey Ln
Axinite Ct
Aztec Rd
Ball Mountain Little Shasta Rd
Barracuda Dr
Bass Ct
Bella Vista Dr
Betty Way
Big Barn Rd
Bigfoot Ln
Big Springs Hart Rd
Big Springs Rd
Blackberry Ln
Blackfoot Dr
Blackfoot Rd
Black Mountain Rd
Blacksmith Rd
Blue Gill Dr
Bluestone Rd
Bounty Rd
Bowen Centers Rd
Bradley Henley Rd
Breceda Ln
Bridge Way
Bryant Willow Creek Rd
Buckhorn Rd
Buell St
Bunny Ln
Calamity Ln
California Dr
Carlton Rd
Carnes Rd
Carp St
Catfish Ct
Catherine Dr
Cedar Ln
Chalet Rd
Chipmunk Rd
Christine Dr
Churchill St
Cinnabar Ct
Cod Dr
Co Hwy A12
Colleen Circle Rd
Collier Ln
Collins Dr
Conifer Rd
Cooley Rd
Copco Rd
Co Rd A-12
Country Rd
Covey Rd
Crossland Ln
Daggett Rd
Davis Rd
Debbie Dr
del Monte St
Delphic Rd
Desavado Rd
de Soza Ln
Dolomite Ave
Dolomite Ct
Dorothea Dr
Dottie Ln
Eagle Rd
East St
E Buell St
Eel Dr
E King St
E Louie Rd
E Oberlin Rd
E Orr St
E Prather St
Erick Ln
E Spiers St
Everhart Dr
E Webb St
Faith Rd
Feldman Rd
Fiock Rd
Flint Ct
Forest Rd
Foster Rd
Frankie Ln
Freeman Rd
Frisbee Ln
Frisbee Rd
Frontier Dr
Gall Rd
Gamma Ln
Garnet Ct
Gilman Rd
Gold Mountain Dr
Golf Course Rd
Grandview Rd
Greenfinch Way
Gregory Mountain Rd
Halibut Way
Hammond Aly
Hare St
Harry Cash Rd
Hart Rd
Heather Ln
Heinzelman Dr
High Rd
Hinckley Dr
Holcomb Rd
Hoop Ln
Hornbrook Ager Rd
Hwy A12
Jacqueline Ave
Jade Ave
Jaguar Ct
Janice Ave
Jasper Ct
Julian St
Juniper Dr
Juniper Ln
Karina Dr
King St
Klamath View Dr
Kuck Rd
Leopard Ln
Leslie Ln
Leslie Ln NE
Leslie Ln SW
Liberty Ln
Lichens Rd
Lightle Ln
Little Bogus Creek Rd
Locust Ln
Lodestar Ct
Lott Dr
Lower Hangar Rd
Lower Little Shasta Rd
Machado Ln
Mallard Rd
Maple Springs Way
Marble Ave
Marlin Dr
Marshall Rd
Martin Dr
Mayten Rd
McDonald Ln
McLarty Rd
Meadow Rd
Mica Ct
Modoc Ln
Modoc Rd
Montague Ager Rd
Montague Field Rd
Montague Grenada Rd
Montague Rd
Montair Dr
Montana Ln
Mountain View Dr
Mountain View Hts
Mulloy Rd
N 11th St
N 12th St
N 13th St
N 14th St
N 15th St
N 16th St
N 6th St
N 7th St
N 8th St
N 9th St
Nelson Rd
Nemeth Dr
Noel Dr
Noel Rd
Norman Dr
North St
N Phillipe Ln
Oberlin Rd
Obsidian Rd
Old Montague Rd
Omega Rd
Onyx Ave
Opal Ave
Ordway Rd
Oregon Slough Rd
Patricia Ave
Perch Dr
Perimeter Rd
Perla Dr
Peters Ln
Pheasant Grove Ln
Pheasant Ln
Pheasant Rd
Pilar Rd
Placone Dr
Pleasant Hill Rd
Pleasant Rd
Prather St
Proteau Rd
Pyrite Ct
Quail Ln
Quail Rd
Quarry Way
Quartz Ave
Rabbit Brush Rd
Ralston Rd
Rancho Rd
Raven Ct
Reservoir Rd
Reynolds Way
Ridgeview Dr
River Ranch Rd
Robin Rd
Rocky Ln
Roland Dr
S 11th St
S 12th St
S 13th St
S 14th St
S 15th St
S 4th St
S 6th St
S 7th St
S 8th St
S 9th St
Sable Ct
Saint George Dr
Saint Michaels Bridge Rd
Salvadori Rd
Scala Ln
Scala Ln S
Scobie St
Sea Horse Ln
Seven Hills Dr
S Hammond Rd
Shasta Ln
Shasta Vista Dr
Shelley Rd
Snowden Hovey Gulch Rd
Solomon Rd
Soule Ln
S Phillipe Ln
Spiers St
Stags Leap Ranch Rd
Stanton Dr
Starling Rd
State Rte 3
Sterchi Ln
Steven Rd
Stewart Rd
Stoney Ridge Ln
Strawberry Ln
Sunrise Ln
Sunset Ave
Sunset Pl
Sunset Rd
Sunshine Ln
Swigart Rd
SW Leslie Ln
Sylva Rd
Table Rock Rd
Tarpon Dr
Teal Rd
Thrush Rd
Tiger St
Tourmaline Ct
Townsend Rd
Trail End Rd
Turquoise Ave
Upland Dr
Valerie Rd
Vardon Ct
Walsh Way
Watson Ct
W Bogus Mountain Rd
Webb St
Weber Ln
White Dr
Whitepine Rd
Whoo Ya Pl
Wilder Ln
Willit Way
Willow Creek and Red Rock Rd
Willow Creek Rd
W Julian St
W King St
W Old Montague Rd
Woodchuck Way
W Prather St
W Scobie St
W Spiers St
W Webb St
Yellow Butte Rd
Yellow Dog Trl
York Rd
Yreka Ager Rd
Zanotto Ln
Zircon Ave