Conifer, Colorado Scanner Frequencies

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Conifer, Colorado IP Addresses

AS174 - COGENT-174 - Cogent Communications, US
AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS3356 - LEVEL3 - Level 3 Parent, LLC, US
AS7385 - INTEGRATELECOM - Integra Telecom, Inc., US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US
AS32890 - BTC-AS-1 - Beehive Telephone Company, Inc., US
AS39939 - RISE-CO-AS39939 - JAB Wireless, INC., US
AS393351 - CSS - Comprehensive Software Systems LLC, US

Conifer, Colorado Streets

Agate Ave
Albo St
Aldrich Rd
Amy Cir
Apache Spring Dr
Apache Springs Dr
Apache Trl
Arrowhead Ln
Aspen Dr
Aspen Ln
Baca Rd
Bardwell Ave
Barker Ave
Barkley Rd
Barney Brook Dr
Barney Gulch Rd
Barton Ave
Bearcat Trl
Beas Dr
Beas Ln
Beaver Pond
Beaver Pond Rd
Belle Meade Dr
Belle Mont Trl
Belle Pointe Dr
Belle Vista Dr
Bent Feather Rd
Berrian Trl
Bert Dr
Big Game Trl
Big Timber Dr
Birch Ln
Black Bear
Black Bear Ln
Black Bear Trl
Blackfoot Rd
Black Hawk Dr
Black Mountain Dr
Black Widow Dr
Black Widow Way
Blue Sky Trl
Bobcat Dr
Bradley St
Braun Way
Briggs Ave
Broken Arrow Dr
Calfee Gulch Rd
Callae Ct
Callae Dr
Carol Ln
Cathedral Trl
Cedar Dr
Chalet Dr
Chambers Ln
Cherokee Trl
Chilton Ave
Christopher Dr
Christopher Ln
Clark Ave
Clear View Rd
Cline Ct
Club Creek Trl
Cochise Cir
Columbine Dr
Conifer Dr
Conifer Mountain Dr
Conifer Mountain Rd
Conifer Rd
Conifer Ridge Dr
Copper Spr
Co Rd 126
Co Rd 3158
Co Rd 73
Co Rd 78
Co Rd 96
Cordingly Rd
Cornelius St
Country Club Dr
Coyote Song Trl
Crazy Horse Trl
Crystal Way
Cub Creek Trl
Dauntless Way
de Berry St
Deckers Rd
Deer Trail Rd
Doe Valley Dr
Donna Dr
Duran Ave
Eagle Cliff Rd
Eagle Cliff Trl
Edward Dr
Eggers Ave
Elder Ave
Elizabeth Dr
Elk Haven Ln
el Pico Dr
Elsie Rd
Emerald Ln
E Spruce Dr
Evening Star Ln
Evergreen Dr
Evergreen Rd
Faller Ranch Rd
Fara Way
Fawn Dr
Fir Dr
Fishbeck Ct
Florence Rd
Gale Dr
Gardner St
Geronimo Trl
Gold Spr
Goodheart Ave
Gray Buck Trl
Green Cir
Green Ct
Griffin Dr
Haldimand Dr
Hannah Dr
Havekost Rd
Hawkins Ave
Hemlock Dr
Hidden Trl
Hilton St
Holbrook St
Hood Rd
Hosman Ct
Houston St
Hummingbird Hill Rd
Hurricane Way
Hurty Ave
Indian Springs Rd
Joy St
Juniper Dr
Kennedy Ave
Kennedy Gulch Rd
Kings Ct
Kings Valley Ct
Kings Valley Dr
Kings Valley E
Kings Valley W
Kings Valley Way
Kinsey Ln
Kitty Dr
Krashin Dr
Last Resort Creek Rd
Last Resort Creek Trl
Leavenworth Dr
Leon Dr
Light Ln
Lila Dr
Lindsey Rd
Linn St
Little Turtle Ln
Loa Ln
Log Trl
London Ln
Long Arrow Ln
Longview Dr
Lori Dr
Lost Trl
Macdonald Ave
Main St
Majestic View Dr
Marclif Rd
Marks Dr
Mary Dr
Mary Ln
Marys Dr
Marys Ln
Marys Trl
Mauff Ct
Mauff Way
Mc Farlane Dr
McIver Cir
Meadow Dr
Meadow Trl
Memorial Park Way
Meyer Pkwy
Milliken Ave
Mirage Dr
Misty Valley Ln
Molly Dr
Mormon Dr
Morris Ave
Mosier Cir
Mosier St
Mountain Brook Dr
Mountain Ranch Rd
Mountain View Rd
Nancys Dr
Nancys Ln
Navajo Trl
Nelson Ave
Nichols Way
Noah Ave
Norton Ave
Oehlmann Ave
Oehlmann Park Rd
Old 285
Old Mill Rd
Old US Hwy 285
Park Rd
Parsons Rd
Pauls Dr
Pauls Ln
Peak Dr
Penny Rd
Phoebes Dr
Piano Meadows Dr
Pike View Dr
Pine Country Ln
Pinedale Dr
Pine Grove Trl
Pine Ln
Pine St
Pine Trl
Pinon Rd
Pinto Dr
Pleasant Park Rd
Ponderosa Dr
Powhatan Trl
Pressler St
Primrose Ln
Pross Dr
Quaker Ln
Quartz Spr
Rampart Dr
Rampart Ln
Rancho Ct
Rand Ct
Rand Rd
Rea Ave
Red Cloud Dr
Red Cloud Way
Red Fern Trl
Red Hawk Trl
Renaud St
Resort Creek Rd
Rhodus St
Richmond Ct
Richmond Hill Rd
Ridge Trl
Riley Peak Rd
Roman Nose Dr
Running Deer Rd
Russell Ave
S Aldrich Rd
S Alvin Pl
Sandy Ln
Sarah Ln
S Ardlet Rd
S Arnold St
S Baird Dr
S Baird Rd
S Barker Ave
S Barnes Ave
S Bear Park Rd
S Black Hawk Trl
S Booker Ln
S Buena Vista Dr
S Calfee Gulch Rd
Schweigert Ave
S Circle Dr
S Clear View Rd
S Corsair Dr
Scott Rd
S Dallman Dr
S Dauntless Way
S Davis Ave
S Deer Trail Rd
S Elk Trail Rd
S el Pico Dr
S Evergreen Rd
S Fallen Rock Rd
S Foxton Rd
S Geronimo Trl
S Goodheart Ave
S Gray Ln
S Greening Dr
Shadow Brook Dr
Shadow Mountain Dr
Shiloh Cir
Shiloh Dr
Shiloh Ln
Shiloh Rd
Shiloh Ridge Rd
S Hosman Cir
S Hosman Ct
S Houston St
S Hughes St
Silver Fox Ln
Silver Ranch Rd
Silver Springs Blvd
Sitting Bull Trl
S Jill Dr
S Kennedy Ave
S Legault Ln
S Little Turtle Ln
S London Ln
S Marauder Dr
S Marks Dr
S Martin Ln
S Milliken Ave
S Nancy's Dr
Snowy Trl
Snyder Ave
S Pinedale Dr
S Pinon Dr
Spirit Valley Trl
Spring Dr
Springs Rd
S Pross Dr
Spruce Dale Dr
Spruce Dr
Squirrel Ln
S Rampart Dr
S Ranch Elsie Rd
S Red Cloud Way
S Renaud St
S Resort Dr
S Rex Ln
S Rhodus St
S Ridge Rd
S Styve Rd
S Sunset Trl
Stagecoach Rd
Stansberry Cir
Stansberry St
Stansbery St
Starview Dr
State Hwy 73
S Tecumseh Trl
Stenzel Dr
Steven Ln
Steven Way
S Timber Trl
Stonecrop Trl
Sullivan Dr
Sunlight Ln
S US Hwy 285
Sutton Rd
S Vaseen Ct
S Wagon Trl
S Wallace Ave
S Wamblee Trl
S Wamblee Valley Rd
S Warhawk Rd
S Warhawk Way
S Wolff Ave
SW Platte River Rd
S Wright Dr
Tall Pines Ln
Taylor Dr
Tecumseh Trl
Thomas Dr
Thompson Dr
Thunderbolt Cir
Thunder Ridge Rd
Timothys Dr
Timothys Rd
Timothys Trl
Tomahawk Trl
Trl End
Turner Ave
Upper Ridge Ct
Upper Ridge Rd
US Hwy 285
Vaseen Ct
Vickery Ave
Vosler St
Wagon Trl
Walter Dr
Wamblee Trl
Webb Ave
West St
White Bear
White Bear Ln
White Cloud Rd
White Hawk Trl
Wild Trout Trl
Wilkerson Rd
Willets Ave
Wind Dancer Way
Windflower Ln
Winter Trl
Witteman Rd
Wonder Dr
W Platte River Rd