Citra, Florida Scanner Frequencies



Citra, Florida Phone Numbers


Citra, Florida IP Addresses

AS7029 - WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications LLC, US

Citra, Florida Streets

163rd St
166 Pl
167 Pl
168th St
185th St
22 Ct
22nd Ter
22 Pl
232nd Pl
23rd Ter
Anchor Ln
Bean Ln
Brentwood Ave
Cadelac Dr
Church St
Co Rd 122
Co Rd 200A
Co Rd 315
Co Rd 316
Co Rd 318
Co Rd 329
Cornett Dr
Dawn Ln
Diamond Back Rd
E 316 Hwy
E Hwy 316
Ellis Ct
Florida Ave
Gardenia Ave
Island Rd
Jessamine Ave
Magnolia Ave
May Ave
McHenry Ln
Millwood Rd
Mockingbird Ln
Narcissus Ave
NE 103rd Court Rd
NE 107th Ave
NE 10 Ave
NE 10th Ave
NE 10th Ct
NE 110th Ave
NE 110th Court Rd
NE 110th Ct
NE 127th Pl
NE 12 Ct
NE 12th Ct
NE 132nd Pl
NE 134th Pl
NE 135th Pl
NE 137th Pl
NE 13th Ave
NE 140th St
NE 147 Ln
NE 14th Ave
NE 150th Ln
NE 151st Pl
NE 153rd Ln
NE 153rd Place Rd
NE 155 Pl
NE 155th Ln
NE 155th St
NE 155th Street Rd
NE 156th St
NE 157th Pl
NE 158th Ln
NE 158th Pl
NE 159 Pl
NE 159th Pl
NE 159th St
NE 160th Ln
NE 160th Pl
NE 160th St
NE 161 Pl
NE 161st Ln
NE 161st Pl
NE 161st St
NE 162nd Ln
NE 162nd Pl
NE 162nd St
NE 162 Pl
NE 162 St
NE 163rd Ln
NE 163rd Pl
NE 163rd St
NE 164th Ln
NE 164th Pl
NE 164th St
NE 165 Pl
NE 165 Ter
NE 165th Ln
NE 165th Pl
NE 165th St
NE 166th Pl
NE 166th St
NE 167th Ln
NE 167th Pl
NE 167th St
NE 168th Ln
NE 168th Pl
NE 168th St
NE 169th Ln
NE 169th Pl
NE 169th St
NE 16th Ter
NE 170 St
NE 170th St
NE 172nd Pl
NE 175th St
NE 175th Street Rd
NE 177th Pl
NE 178 Pl
NE 178th Pl
N E 17th Ave
NE 17th Ct
NE 180th Ln
NE 180th St
NE 181 Ln
NE 181st Ln
NE 182nd Pl
NE 184 Pl
NE 184th Pl
NE 184th St
NE 185th St
NE 189 Ln
NE 189th Ln
NE 18 Ct
NE 18th Ave
NE 190th St
NE 192nd Pl
NE 192nd St
NE 193rd Ln
NE 194th St
NE 195th St
NE 199th St
NE 199th Street Rd
NE 19 Ct
NE 19th Ct
NE 19th Ter
NE 1st Ave
NE 217th Pl
NE 218th Lane Rd
NE 21st Avenue Rd
NE 21st Ct
NE 220th Ln
NE 220th St
NE 222nd Pl
NE 224th Place Rd
NE 227th Pl
NE 22nd Ct
NE 22nd Ter
NE 230th St
NE 237th Pl
NE 23rd Ave
NE 23rd Ter
NE 24th Ave
NE 25th Ave
NE 30th Ct
NE 30th Ter
NE 31st Ave
NE 31st Ct
NE 31st Ter
NE 33rd Ave
NE 33rd Ct
NE 34 Ter
NE 34th Ct
NE 35th Avenue Rd
NE 35th Ave Rd
NE 35th Ct
NE 35th Ter
NE 36 Ave
NE 36th Ave
NE 36th Ct
NE 37th Ave
NE 37th Ct
NE 37th Ter
NE 38th Ct
NE 39th Ct
NE 3rd Ave
NE 3rd Ct
NE 40th Ct
NE 40th Ter
NE 41st Ct
NE 42nd Ave
NE 42nd Ct
NE 43rd Ave
NE 43rd Ct
NE 44th Ave
NE 44th Ct
NE 45th Ave
NE 45th Avenue Rd
NE 45th Ct
NE 45th Ter
NE 46th Ct
NE 46th Ter
NE 47th Ave
NE 47th Ct
NE 47th Ter
NE 48th Ave
NE 48th Ct
NE 49th Ave
NE 49th Ter
NE 50th Ct
NE 50th Ter
NE 51st Ct
NE 51st Ter
NE 52nd Ct
NE 53rd Court Rd
NE 58th Ave
NE 5th Ave
NE 5th Terrace Rd
NE 65th Ave
NE 65th Ct
NE 66th Ave
NE 66th Ct
NE 67 Ave
NE 67 Ct
NE 67th Ave
NE 67th Ct
NE 73rd Ter
NE 73rd Terrace Rd
NE 74th Ct
NE 75 Ct
NE 75th Ave
NE 76th Terrace Rd
NE 77 Terrace Rd
NE 77th Terrace Rd
NE 78th Ct
NE 79th Court Rd
NE 7th Ave
NE 85th Ave Rd
NE 93rd Ln
NE 9th Ave
NE Jacksonville Rd
NE Str
N Magnolia Ave
NW 10th Ave
NW 10th Cir
NW 10th Ct
NW 11 Ter
NW 123rd Ln
NW 123rd Pl
NW 124th Pl
NW 124th St
NW 125th Ln
NW 125th Pl
NW 126th St
NW 127th St
NW 134th St
NW 135th Ln
NW 137th Pl
NW 140th St
NW 142nd Pl
NW 145th St
NW 146th Pl
NW 147th Pl
NW 148th St
NW 155th St
NW 157th Pl
NW 161st St
NW 165th St
NW 16th Ave
NW 183rd Ln
NW 186th Ln
NW 186th Pl
NW 18th Ave
NW 191st Pl
NW 20th Ave
NW 21st Ct
NW 22 Ave
NW 23rd Ct
NW 24th Ave
NW 27th Ave
NW 30 Ave
NW 3 Ave
NW 3rd Ter
NW 43rd Court Rd
NW 4th Ave
NW 4th Ter
NW 5th Ct
NW 8th Ave
Oak Lawn Ct
Oleander Ave
Rhodes Ave
Ridgeway Ave
Robin Ln
Shady Ave
Spinks Rd
Spring St
Staggs Ave
State Hwy 200
State Hwy 25
Ula St
US Hwy 301
US Hwy 441
Wallace Wimberly Rd
Yeamans Dr