Davenport, Florida Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Davenport, Florida IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS701 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS1239 - SPRINTLINK - Sprint, US
AS3356 - LEVEL3 - Level 3 Parent, LLC, US
AS3549 - LVLT-3549 - Level 3 Parent, LLC, US
AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US
AS26205 - MIC-MARCO - Summit Broadband, US

Davenport, Florida Streets

17th St N
1st St
2nd St
3h Acres Rd
3h Ranch Rd
3rd St
42nd St
43rd St
4 Acres Ln
4th St
Aberdeen St
Access Rd NW
Adair Rd
Adriana Ct
African Daisy Ct
Alabama Ave
Aldridge Ln
Alfani St
Allison Ave
Alpine Ridge Loop
Alta Vista Ct
Alta Vista Way
Alton St
Amaca Ln
Andalusia Loop
Andover Dr
Andrews St
Arena Dr
Armada Ln
Armenta Ln
Arnold Palmer Dr
Ashford Dr
Ashley Loop
Ashton Dr
Aster Dr
Atwell Ln
Augusta Ave
Australian Way
Avila Ct
Aylesbury Ln
Azalea Dr
Bacopa Pass
Bahama Ave
Bailey Cir
Ball Rd
Ballyshannon Dr
Balmoral Ct
Balmoral Dr
Barbera Dr
Bargain Barn Rd
Barrett Rd
Barrington Loop
Barry Ct
Bass St
Battlegrove Dr
Bauer Bert Dr
Bay Breeze Loop
Bayhead St
Bay Leaf Ln
Baypoint Dr
Bay St E
Bay St W
Bayswater Ln
Beasley Rd
Begonia Ln
Belfry Cir
Belfry Dr
Bella Cara Ct
Bella Rose Ct
Bella Tierra Ct
Bella Vida Cir
Bella Vista Dr
Belle Isle Ct
Bellmont Ln
Belly Shannon Dr
Belvoir Dr
Bentley Oaks
Bentley Oaks Blvd
Bent Oak Loop
Bergamo Dr
Berlwood Way
Bermuda Rd
Berry Blvd
Berwick Dr
Best Rd
Bexley Dr
Birchwood Dr
Birdie Dr
Bird Rd
Birkdale St
Bivoac A
Bivoac B
Black Bass St
Blackcloud Ln
Blackheath Ct
Blake Ave
Blank St
Bloomingdale Dr
Blue Dolphin Ave
Blue Gill Ave
Blue Heron Ct
Blue Jay Way
Blue Ridge Ln
Bogey Dr
Bonville Dr
Bowen Rd
Boxwood Dr
Bramley Ct
Brayton Ln
Breezy Oaks Ct
Brett Ct
Brett St
Brewer Ln
Briargrove Ave
Briarton Dr
Bridgeton St
Bridgewater Blvd
Bridgewater Dr
Brighton Dr
Bristol Ln
Broken Woods Blvd
Brookhaven Ct
Brookshire Dr
Brunswick Dr
Buckeye Ridge Dr
Buckingham Cir
Buck Trl
Bunker Ln
Burbank Ln
Burford Cir
Burgoyne Loop
Burke Dr
Cabrie Ln
Caddy Dr
Calabay Parc Blvd
Calabria Ave
California Blvd
Calloway Ct
Cambria Ave
Cambridge Ave
Canary Island Cir
Canna Dr
Canna Ln
Capistrano Ln
Capri Dr
Captain Hook Way
Cardiff Ave
Cardinal Ct
Caribbean Dr
Carrera Ave
Carter Rd
Cassia Dr
Casterton Cir
Castlemain Cir
Catfish Dr E
Catfish Dr S
Catfish Dr W
Cedar Dr
Cedarpark Ln
Cello St
Center Crest Blvd
Center St
Central Ave
Central Grove Rd
Chadwick Dr
Challenger Ave
Champagne Rd
Champions Cir
Championsgate Blvd
Championship Cir
Championship Dr
Charles Ave
Charlwood Dr
Charo Pkwy
Chatsworth Ln
Chatwick Ln
Chaucer Ave
Chelsea Ave
Chelsea Dr
Cheshire Way
China Berry Cir
Chipola Ave
Choon Ln
Chris Ct
Christopher Ct
Churchill Dr
Churchill Park Dr
Church Rd
Cinnamon Ridge Ln
Circle Dr
Circus World Vis
Citrus Ridge Dr
Citruswood Ct
Civita Dr
Clairmar Cir
Clarinet Way
Coconut Palm Way
Coconut St
Coco Plum Dr
Conch Key Ln
Connie Ct
Connie Dr
Convent Gardens Ave
Co R 547 N
Coral Ln
Co Rd 532
Co Rd 54
Co Rd 547
Co Rd 547 N
Co Rd 630
Co Rd 700
Cordova Ave
Cork Way
Cornwallis Dr
Cortez Dr
Cortland Dr
Corvina Dr
Cotswold Cir
Cottonwood Dr
Cottonwood Rd
Country World Dr E
Country World Dr W
Courtney Way
Covent Garden Ave
Coventry Ln
Coventry Rd
Craen Dr
Crescent Rd
Crescent Ridge Rd
Crescent Valley Ranch Rd
Crestview Ct
Crestwick Ct
Crestwood Pass
Crista Dr
Cross Creek Rd
Cuban Royal Palm Way
Cunningham Dr
Cypress Landing St
Cypress St E
Cypress St W
Dalton Ct
Darlene Ct
Darlington Loop
Dartford Dr
Dawdney Ln
Dean Still Rd
Deen Still Rd
Deer Creek Blvd
Deer Run Dr
Delancey Dr
Delaney Park Ave
del Sol Ave
de Soto Ln
Diamond Acres Rd
Dillon Way
Divot Ln
Doe Dr
Dolcetto Dr
Domoch St
Dorado Ct
Dornoch St
Dorset Pl
Doubles Ln
Douglas Park Ave
Dowdney Ln
Downing Cir
Drayton Ave
Dreama Dr
Dunson Ln
Dunson Rd
Durango Loop St
Dusk Ct
Eagle Ct
Eagle Dr
Eagle Ridge Dr
Earlmont Pl
East Blvd
East Blvd S
East St
Easy St
Eckerd St
E Fuller St
Elberton Dr
el Conte Dr
Elderberry Dr
el Dorado Dr
Elgin Blvd
Ella Mae Dr
Emerald Loop
E Murphy St
Eola Park Dr
E Palm St
Escambia Ave
Essex Pl
Ethan Ave
Evangelia Dr
Evergreen Blvd
Fair Hope Pass
Fairway Dr
Fallglow Ln
Fan Palm Dr
Fawn Ct
Fawn Ln
Fdc Grove Rd
Feldon Ln
Fern Cres
Finney Hill Ln
Finney Rd
Fitzgerald Ln
Flamingo St
Fleming Ln
Florence Villa Grove Rd
Florida Ave
Florida Development Rd
Foggy Creek Ct
Foggy Creek Rd
Forest Ave
Forest Dr
Forest Lake Dr
Forest View Ct
Forest View Dr
Fort King Rd
Four Acres Ln
Fox Loop
Fox Ridge Dr
Frontage Rd
Gaines Ave
Gaines Ln
Gaines Rd
Garberia Dr
Garden View St
Garman Ave
Gary Player Dr
Genesse St
Ghent St
Gilford Point Ln
Gillilan Ln
Glascow Ct
Glasgow Ct
Glenco Dr
Gleneagles Cir
Gleneagles Dr
Glenwood Blvd
Golden Malay Palm Way
Golf Course Pkwy
Golf Crest Ln
Golfview Dr
Golf Vista Cir
Golf Vista Dr
Gotts Rd
Granada Ave
Gran Bahama Blvd
Grande Dr
Grandin Dr
Grand Reserve Ct
Grand Reserve Dr
Grant Cir
Grantham Dr
Grapefruit Dr
Grass St
Graystone Blvd
Greeley Loop
Greenbay Ave
Greenbay Cir
Green Bay Rd
Greenwich St
Grosvenor Loop
Grovepark Dr
Gunston Ct
Halstead Dr
Hamlin Close Rd
Hammock Ct
Hammock St
Hampton Dr N
Hanging Moss Rd
Hanna Ln
Harpersfield St
Harrell Rd
Harrington Ct
Harriswood Ct
Hart Rd
Hartwell Ln
Harvest Dr
Haversham Way
Hazelnut Ct
Hazlenut Ct
Heather Hill Blvd
Heather Lynn Dr
Heavenwood Ct
Hempstead Pl
Hempsted Pl
Henley Cir
Henue Ct
Heritage Green Ave
Herring St
Hibiscus St
Higher Combe Dr
Highgate Park Blvd
Highland Meadows Ave
Highland Meadows Dr
Highland Meadows St
Highlands Reserve Blvd
Highlands Ridge Ln
High Point Dr
High Ridge Dr
High Vista Dr
Hillard Ln
Hillcrest Dr
Hillcrest Rd
Hilliard Ln
Hills Bay Dr
Hillside Ave
Hillside Dr
Hilltop St
Holaway Ln
Holborn Loop
Hollinghead Loop
Hollingshead Loop
Hollybrook Ct
Holly Dr
Holly Hill Barn Rd
Holly Hill Cutoff Rd
Holly Hill Fruit Rd
Holly Hill Grove 1 Rd
Holly Hill Grove 2 Rd
Holly Hill Grove Rd 3
Holly Hill Grove Three Rd
Holly Hill Rd
Holly Hill Tank Rd
Homerun Blvd
Horizon Ct
Horseshoe Creek Rd
Horton Park Dr
Hose Shoe Creek Rd
Huarez Ct
Huckleberry Rd
Hummingbird Pass
Huntingdale Ct
Huntwicke Blvd
Hyde Park Cir
Hyde Park Ct
Hypolita Ave
I- 4
Imperial Oak Ct
Indian Key Blvd
Integra Meadows Dr
International Bass Blvd
Iron Horse Ln
Ironwood Dr
Island Breeze St
Island St
Ivy Brook Ct
Ivy Mist Ln
Jack Nicklaus Ln
Jackson Park Ave
Jahna Mine Rd
James St
Japonica Ave
Jaybee Ave
J B Carter Rd
Jefferson Blvd
Jennifer Ln
Jeremy Dr
Jerica Ln
Jessamine Dr
Joanne Dr
Jocelyn Dr
Joewood Trl
John Horne Ln
Johns Pl
Jonquil Iris Pl
Judith Way
Julliard Blvd
Juniper Dr
Kelly Ct
Kellygreen Ave
Kemp Rd
Kendal Way
Kenny Harmon Rd
Kensington Dr
Kensington Park Dr
Keswick Ave
Kettering Rd
Key Biscayne Ave
Key Largo Dr
Key West Ave
Kildrummy Dr
Kimberly Point Dr
King George
Kingham Rd
King Henry Ct
Kings Ridge Loop
Kings Way
Kissimmee Ave
K L Cornman Rd
Knightsbridge Cir
Knollwood Dr
la Cabana St
la Costa Dr
Lady Diana Dr
la Fiesta
la Fiesta Dr
Lago Vista Ct
la Jolla St
Lake Charles Dr
Lake Crst Lp
Lake Davenport Blvd
Lake Davenport Cir
Lake Davenport Estates Dr
Lakeshore Dr
Lake Shore Pkwy
Lake Shore Pwky
Lakeside Villas Dr
Lake Trout Ct
Lake Wilson Rd
Lake Wilson Rd W
Lakewood Rd
la Mancha Dr
la Mirage St
Lancaster Dr
Lancaster Ridge Dr
Langford Park Ave
Langford Park Dr
Langham Dr
la Quinta Cir
Laroche Rd
Laura Ct
Laura Ln
Laurel Cir
Laurel Oak Pass
Laurel Ridge Pass
la Vista Dr
Lbj Ln
Lee Dr
Lee Jackson Hwy
Leeward Ct
Legends Blvd
Lem Carnes Rd
Lemon Dr
Lemon St E
Lemon St W
Lewis Dr
Lexington Ave
Lime Dr
Lisbon Ct
Little Zion Rd
Live Oak Ln
Lobelia Dr
Lockbreeze Dr
Locke Rd
Loma Bonita Ct
Loma Bonita Dr
Loma del Sol Dr
Loma Vis Lp
Loma Vista Ct
Loma Vista Dr
Loma Vista Dr E
Loma Vista Dr W
Lone Pine Ct
Long Pine St
Lorenza Ln
Loughman Rd
Lucky World Ct E
Lucky World Ln
Luckyworld Rd
Lugano Ct
Mack Carver Ln
Madina Cir
Madison Cir
Magnolia Ave
Magnolia Ct
Magnolia St
Magnolia St W
Mahogany Ridge Dr
Main St
Maitland Ct
Majesty Dr
Malaga Ave
Mandarin Ct
Mandel Ln
Mango Ct
Mango Dr
Manoel Ln
Manuel Ct
Maple Ridge Dr
Maple St E
Maple St W
Marbella Blvd N
Margate Dr
Mariel Ct
Marilyn Dr
Marilyn Ln
Marker Ln
Market St
Marsh Meadow Ln
Martinique Loop
Mary Jo Ln
Mason Ter
Massee Rd
Masters Blvd
Match Point Dr
Maui Ave
McCloud Ln
McFee Dr
Meadow Green Dr
Melissa Pl
Menlo Park Ave
Merrimack Blvd
Merrimack Ct
Merrimack Dr
Merrimack Ln
Merrimack Pkwy
Merrimack Pl
Miami Ave
Milford St
Milledge Ln
Miller Landing Rd
Miller Lndg
Mineola Dr
Mini Dump Rd
Minute Maid Ramp Road 1
Mi Rancho Rd
Miro Dr
Misty Breeze St
Misty Ridge Ln
Mockingbird Rd
Monroe Cir
Montana Ave
Montara Dr
Montzen Rd
Moorgate Dr
Moscato Dr
Moss Ln
Mossy Oak Dr
Mouse Mountain Dr
Mouse Moutain Dr
Murphy St
Myakka Ave
Mystery Cir
Mystery Ct
Mystery House Rd
Mystic Brook Way
N 10th St
N 17th St
N 18th St
Napoli Dr
Navel Rd
Navel Rd W
Nazha Dr
N Blvd E
Neal Rd
Nelcros Ln
Nesbitt Park Ave
Nevada Ct
Nevada Loop Rd
New England
New Mexico Ln
New Providence Promenade
N Hampton Dr
Nicholson Dr
N Manatee Ave
Norfolk Dr
North Blvd
North Blvd E
North Blvd W
North Cir
Nottingham Way
N Valencia Dr
Oak Chase
Oak Chase Pl
Oakcrest Ct
Oak Dr
Oak Hammock Dr
Oak Haven Dr
Oak Leigh Ct
Oakpark Loop
Oakpoint Cir
Oakpoint Pl
Oak Promenade Ct
Oak Ridge Rd
Obo Dr
Ocean Cir
Old Bridge Cir
Old Deen Still Rd
Old Kissimmee Rd
Old Lake Wilson Rd
Old Schoolhouse Rd E
Old Schoolhouse Rd W
Old Tampa Hwy
Olsen Rd
Orange Ave
Orange Cosmos Blvd
Orange St E
Orange St W
Orangevale Ct
Orchid Dr
Orista Dr
Osceola Polk Line Rd
Osprey Ave
Overlook Dr
Overnight Dr
Oxford Dr
Oxford Rd
Pablo Ct
Page Ct
Page Rd
Page St
Palermo St
Palisades Dr
Pallisades Dr
Palm Crest Ln
Palm Ct
Palm Dr
Palmer Park Ln
Palmetto Dr
Palmetto St
Palmetto St E
Palmetto St W
Palm Key Blvd
Palm Rd
Palm St E
Palm St W
Paloma Dr
Pansy St
Paradise Dr
Paradise Parade
Paradise St
Paradise Woods Ct
Paradise Woods Pl
Par Dr
Park Ave
Parker Rd
Park Place Blvd
Park Rd
Par Pines Blvd
Patricia Pl
Patterson Groves Dr
Patterson Rd
Payne Stewart Ln
Penrith St
Perch Pl
Perch Pl E
Perch Pl N
Perch Pl S
Perch Pl W
Peregrine Ln
Peter Pan Blvd
Petes Ln
Piano Ln
Piccolo Way
Piedmont Park Ave
Piermont Dr
Pine Cone Dr
Pinedale Dr
Pinehurst Ct
Pine Lake View Dr
Pineleaf Pass
Pine Ln
Pine Ridge Dr
Pine St E
Pine St W
Pinetop Trl
Pinewood Ct
Pinewood Dr
Pink Apartment Rd
Pin Oak Pl
Pizzaro Way
Playa Dr
Players Ct
Players Dr
Plumoso Loop
Polo Park Blvd
Polo Park Blvd E
Pond Rd
Portofino Dr
Power Line Rd
Prather Dr
Preston Ave
Prestwick Dr
Prince Charles Dr
Pueblo Ct
Purslane Pass
Quail Ridge Ct
Queen Mary Dr
Queen Palm Dr
Quiet Oak Ct
Quimby Cir
Quimby Dr
Racquet Ln
Railroad Ave
Rainbow Chase Rd
Ranger Park Ct
Raquet Ln
Redding St
Redgrave Rd
Red Maple Pass
Redwood Dr
Regency St
Rena Dr
Reserve Dr
Reserve Pl
Reston Pl
Richmond Dr
Ridgebrook Ct
Ridge Center Dr
Ridgemont Ct
Ridgemont Ln
Ridgemont Loop
Ridge Pointe Ln
Ridge View Dr
Ridgeway Blvd
Ridgeway Blvd N
Ridgeway Blvd S
Riggs Cir
Rio Ct
Rita Bee Ave
Riverdale Ln
Riviera Ave
Robbins Rest Cir
Robin Rd
Robins Rest Cir
Robins Rest Ct
Robins Rest Pl
Rochester Loop
Rock Bass Ave
Rodale St
Rod Ln
Rolling Oaks Ridge Ln
Rollins Dr
Ronald Reagan Pk
Rona Ln
Ronda Ct
Rooks Rd
Roseling Xing
Rosewood Dr
Rosselli Blvd
Rosso Dr
Royal Caribbean Rd
Royal Palm Dr
Royal Palm St
Royal Ridge Dr
Royal Troon Loop
Ruby Run
R W S Ranch Rd
Sabal Lake Dr
Saddle Ridge Dr
Sahalli Ct
Saint Andrews St
Saint George Dr
S Allapaha Ave
Samuel St
San Carlo Rd
Sandalwood Dr
Sander Rd
Sanders Rd
Sand Hill Point Cir
Sand Hill Rd
Sand Mine Rd
Sand Pine Ln
Sand Ridge Dr
Sandy Oak Dr
Sandy Ridge Dr
Sandy Ridge Rd
San Juan Ct
San Pablo Cir
Santana Pl
Saragossa Ave
Savannah Preserve Loop
Savannah Rd
Sawgrass St
Schofield Ln
Scott Ln
Scrub Jay Way
Secluded Oak Ct
Section 7 Airport Rd
Sedonia Ct
Sela Ct
Seminole Ridge Ln
Seneca Ln
Sentry Palm Way
Sevilla Ave
Sevilla Ct
S Goodman Rd
Shadow Ridge Dr
Shady Ln
Shady Oak Loop
Shoreline Dr
Sigmund Loop
Silver Palms Cir
Silverton Rd
Sir Phillips Dr
Sky Crst Lp
Skyview Ridge Ln
Skyview St
Smallmouth Bass St
Smithfield Pl
Smithfield Ter
Snell Creek Rd
Solana Cir
Somerset Dr
Somerset Way
Song Bird Ave
Sonja Cir
S Orange Blossom Trl
South Blvd
South Blvd E
South Blvd W
Southern Pine Way
Southwind Ct
Spanish Moss Rd
Spotted Fawn Ln
Springfield Pass
Spring Meadow Way
Spruce Ct
S Suwanee Ave
Stadium Way
Starbird Ct
State Hwy 25
State Hwy 547
State Hwy 600
State St
St Augustine Ave
Steamboat Blvd
Stella Pass
Stewart Rd
St George Dr
Stonegate Pass
Stone Ridge Dr
Strada Dr
Strait Dr
Stratford Rd
Sue Ave
Suffolk Pl
Sullivan Rd
Sundown Ct
Sundown Dr
Sunfish Ct
Sunny Acres Rd
Sunny Isle Ln
Sunnyridge Dr
Sunridge Woods Blvd
Sunridge Woods Ct
Sunrise Rd
Sunset Ct
Sunset Ridge Ln
Sunset View Dr
Sunshine Ave
Sunview St
Sunward Run
Sussex Dr
Suwannee Ave
Sweet Bay St
Swifty Ln
Sycamore Ridge Ln
Sylvan Ramble Rd
Symphony Pl
Tahiti Cir
Tallahassee Blvd
Tangelo Dr
Tangerine Loop
Tee Garden Way
Teejarden Way
Temple Dr
Temple Ln
Tennis Ln
Terrace Ridge Cir
Terra Lago St
Therese Ave
Therese St
Thornbush Pkwy
Thorne Meadow Pass
Thornton Park Ave
Thousand Oaks Blvd
Tiffany Loop
Tigerlily Ct
Tilden Ln
Tilden Rd
Timberpark Dr
Titan Dr
Tivoli Cir
Tivoli Park Dr
Tomoka Ave
Torgersen Ln
Tortuga Ct
Tournament Dr
Town Center Blvd
Trade Winds Loop
Traub Ave
Travis Ln
Tri County One Rd
Tri County Rd
Tripoli Rd
Troon Cir
Tropical Ave
Tulip St
Tupelo Cir
Tuscan Hills Blvd
Twilight Ct
US Hwy 17 19 N
US Hwy 27
Vagt's Ln
Valencia Cir
Valencia Dr
Valentino Ct
Vandaleur Dr
Varner Rd
Vega Ct
Venetian Way
Venezia Ct
Verano Ct
Verbena St
Verdi St
Vervain Ave
Via Bianca Dr
Via del Sol
Via Mariel Dr
Via Mariel East Dr
Victoria Dr
Victoria Park Dr
Victory Ave
Villa Dr
Village Pl
Vine Dr
Vintage View Blvd
Viola Dr
Violet Ct
Vista Dr
Vista Loop
Vista Oaks Way
Vista Pass
Vista Sol Dr
Vizcay Way
Wade Park Ct
Wakeview Dr
Wall Ave
Walleye Dr N
Walleye Dr S
Wall Robert Rd
Walpole Loop
Waltham Ct
Washington Palm Loop
Water Chase Ct
Water Oak Ln
Watling Way
Waverly Barn Rd
Waverly Barn Road 4
W Bay St
Wellesly Dr
West Blvd N
West Blvd S
Westport Ln
Westridge Dr
Westridge Rd
Westscott Dr
Westwind Dr
Wexham Ct
Weymouth Dr
W Fuller St
W Hibiscus St
Whispering Pines Way
Whispering Wind Ln
Whisper Ridge Loop
Whitby St
Whitehall St
Whittier St
Whittie St
Wildflower Rd
Wild Forrest Dr
Williams St
Willingham Dr
Willow View Dr
Wilmont Ter
Wilton Pl
Wimbledon Dr
Wimbledon Ln
Windmill Blvd
Windrush Dr
Windsong Ave
Windsor Estates Dr
Windsor Pl
Windward Way
Wingdale Way
Winter Park St
Winter Ridge Ln
W Magnolia St
Woodlark Dr
Woodmoor Ct
Woodpecker Ct
Wooten Rd
World Over Look
W Ridge Rd
Wynell Dr
Yellow Snapdragon Dr