Dover, Florida Scanner Frequencies



Dover, Florida IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS7029 - WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications LLC, US

Dover, Florida Streets

Abbey Ridge Dr
Abbey Trace Dr
Ace Ln
Acker Rd
Al Simmons Rd
Amos Oak Ln
Arch McDonald Dr
Art Acres Rd
Artesian Ridge Ln
Atkins Ranch Ln
Ausburn Ln
Balliet Pl
Barrington Creek Pl
Barrington Oaks Dr
Barron Oaks Pl
Belveal Rd
Bennett Acres Pl
Berry Patch Rd
Bethlehem Rd
Bevlin Acres Ln
Binnion Dr
Blackjack Rd
Bland Way
Blankenship Rd
Blount Rd
Blue Sky Pl
Boca Grande Cir
Boca Raton Loop
Bogaert Rd
Brady Ave
Bragg St
Briney Breeze Dr
Briny Breeze Dr
Broken Oak Dr
Browns Berry Rd
Buggville Ln
Burgin Oaks Dr
Carmichael Pl
Caruthers Rd
Caryn Bobbi Ln
Caton Woods Ct
Celestial Way
Cherry Grove Way
Church Pond Pl
Clinton St
Colewood Ln
Conner Ave
Connor Ave
Coral Gables Pl
Co Rd 676
Countryview Rd
Cow Trail Ln
Creek Crossing Ln
Cre Rd
Crescent Beach Loop
Cresswell Manor Ct
Cristo Rey Pl
Crossfield Manor Dr
Cynthia Ln
Dad Weldon Rd
Dickey Ave
Dickey Rd
Dixon Ave
Dodo Ln
Dogtrack Rd
Done Groven Dr
Double Jack Pl
Dover Cliff Ct
Downing Oaks Ln
Downing St
Drexel Ave
Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Durant Rd
Durant Trails Blvd
Edmund Ct
E Hillsborough Ave
Elder Oaks Dr
Emerald Acres Ave
Emory Cove Ln
Endeavour Ave
E Wheeler Rd
Fairgreen Rd
Farm Ln
Fietzway Rd
Forges Rd
Franklin Ave
Freeman Ct
Friendly Acres Ln
Fritzke Rd
Gallagher Rd
Garland Branch Rd
Garza Rd
Gaudon Ranch Ests
Gavin Rd
Gillett Acres Rd
Glen Harwell Rd
Godins Ln
Gore Rd
Grant St
Greene Acres Loop
Green Oasis Dr
Greyhound Ln
Gwaltney Pl
Hale Bopp Dr
Halima Rd
Hans Ln
Hare Family Ln
Harry Pl
Harwell Estates Dr
Hawell Estates Dr
Haynes Rd
Herndon St
Hey Joe Ln
Hiers Rd
Higgins Ave
High Country Ln
Hinson Acres Trl
Hinson Rd
Holiness Church Rd
Hollifields Ln
Holly Berry Ln
Honey Oaks Dr
Hopewell Rd
Hudson Oaks Ln
Ismail Rd
James Tree Ln
Jaudon Ranch Rd
Jaudon Rd
Jernigan Ln
Jerry Smith Rd
Jess Walden Rd
Jo Harley Ln
Jonathan Ct
Jordan Rd
Judy Rd
Kalebs Forest Trl
Kas Ln
Kim Acres Ln
Kirkland Rd
Lake Ave
Lance Ct
Lanson Creek Ln
Lariscy Ln
Lark Dr
Last Chance Ln
Lawncrest Pl
Lawnwood Pl
Leslie Bell Ln
Leslie West Rd
Lewis Gallagher Rd
Lewis Raulerson Rd
Lewis Rd
Lilita Ave
Lindsey Loop
Lindsey St
Little Creek Pl
Lolita Ave
Lotta Watta Ln
Lovitis Park Ln
Lynn Oaks Cir
Magnolia Leaf Ln
Mansell Rd
Maple Nut Ln
Marcia Oaks Ln
Marge Owens Rd
Martin Rd
Mason Ave
Maston Grove Ln
McIntosh Lakes Ln
McIntosh Oaks Ct
McIntosh Rd
McLeroy Pl
Meadow Oaks Dr
Meeks Horizon Trl
Melouga Preserve Trl
Methodist Church Rd
Mickler Rd
Milagro Ct
Milton West Rd
Montayne Ave
Moores Lake Rd
Moser Pl
Mott Rd
Muck Pond Rd
Mullis Dr
Munson Ave
Music Tree Pl
N Dover Rd
Neal Acres Rd
Neeley Rd
Nelson Ave
Newman Dr
Newsome Rd
N Gallagher Rd
N Valrico Rd
N Wooten Rd
Oak Dr
Ohara Pl
Oliveira St
Orchidgrove Ln
Overstreet Hill Rd
Palm Creek Dr
Palm Grove Ln
Pancho Villa Ln
Parkes Pass Ln
Parksdale Ln
Paso Fino Ln
Pearson Estates Dr
Penny Royal Ln
Pettie Rd
Pinebrooke Pl
Pittman Rd
Punkin Patch Ln
Rainbows End Pl
Rancho Viejo Ln
Ranch Rd
Raulerson Rd
Raven Manor Dr
Red Fern Dr
Red Ruffle Ln
Renfroe Ave
Reola Rd
Rex Ave
Rhodeswell Ln
Ridge Manor Dr
Riverleaf Ln
Rmd Ave
Robert Bane Dr
Rockhampton Ln
Rolling Vis Lp
Rowantree Dr
Ruby George Ct
Ruby Woods Trl
Rushgrove Cir
Rutherford Dr
Sabus Rd
Salem Church Rd
Salem Watch Pl
Sam Allen Rd
San Diego Ln
Sandy Lee Ln
San Francisco Cir
San Jose Mission Dr
San Juan Diego Way
Sara Anna Ct
Schleif Ln
Schmitz Ln
Scooby Path
S Dover Rd
Sea Critter Ln
S Forbes Rd
Shadow Hawk Trl
Shady Acres Rd
Shady Stables Ln
Shakespeare Dr
Shippee Pl
Shirley Jo Ln
Siesta Key Loop
Siloam Springs Dr
Simpson Rd
S Jerry Smith Rd
Somerlott Pl
Stafford Rd
Star Country Ln
State Hwy 574
State Hwy 580
State Hwy 60
State Hwy 600
Stephens Ln
Sugar Oak Ln
Sullivan Manor Ct
Sumner Rd
Sweet Blossom Ct
Sweet Magnolias Ln
Sweet N Sassy Ln
Swift Creek Cir
Swinger Rd
Sydney Farms Pl
Sydney Rd
Sydney Washer Rd
Tall Redwood Ln
Tanner Rd
Thonotosassa Rd
Tom Gallagher Rd
Touchstone Rd
Tumbleton Ct
Turkey Creek Rd
US Hwy 92
Valley Ridge Ct
Varnadore Ln
Venice Beach Pl
Vickery Ln
Victory Ln
Walden Grove Ln
Walden Sheffield Rd
Wheeler Ct
Wheeler St
Whispering Sands Ct
White Arrow Dr
White Cliff Pl
Whitlock Pl
Willie Ln
Windchime Ln
Winn Lee Dr
W O Griffin Rd
Wooten Rd
W State Hwy 60
W Trapnell Rd
Yukon Rd
Yuxon Rd