Fort White, Florida Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Fort White, Florida Phone Numbers


Fort White, Florida IP Addresses

AS7029 - WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications LLC, US
AS22394 - CELLCO - Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless, US

Fort White, Florida Streets

256th St
4th St
Ada Ct
Albany Rd
Apache Trl
Appalachee Ter
Applewood Gln
Atlantis Pl
Azalea Dr
Badger Rd
Bellamy Rd
Bibby Rd
Blanding St
Blue Jay Dr
Bobcat Ln
Boston Rd
Boundary Pkwy
Bountiful Rd
Boyle Creek
Brahman Gln
Brahman Rd
Breckenridge Rd
Bridge Blvd
Bridge Pkwy
Bucchils Pl
Buckhead Woods Rd
Buffalo Rd
Bussey Rd
Byron Ct
Caboose Rd
Cactus St
Cain Ln
California Rd
Carl Edwards Rd
Carl Wilson Rd
Cedar Rd
Cedar Spring Ln
Central Blvd
Central Pkwy
Chap Rd
Chastain Glen
Chastain Rd
Chiefland Ln
Chinook Gln
Choctaw Ave
Cochran Cir
Collins Ln
Collins Rd
Columbia Blvd
Community Ln
Cook Rd
Cooper Ter
Co Rd 131
Co Rd 138
Co Rd 18
Co Rd 238
Co Rd 778
Cowboy Trl
Coyote Cir
Coyote Rd
Cumberland Rd
Cumberland St
Cumoiah Road Rd
Daisy Rd
Dallas Rd
Deer Ln
Deese Ln
Delaware Rd
Dewey Rd
Dogwood Ln
Don Cook Rd
Dorch St
Dove Rd
Drew Feagle Rd
Dutch Gap
East Rd
E Dorch St
E Ellis St
E Jordan St
E Jordon St
Elim Church Rd
Ellis Rd
E McKenney St
E Right-Of-Way
Evergreen Ln
E Well St
Falkner Rd
Feather Ln
Federal Way
Fern St
Fielding Rd
Florida Pkwy
Fordham Glen
Fortune Way
Fox Trot Rd
Fry Rd
Gallberry Ct
Gazelle Glen
Georgia Pkwy
Georgia Rd
Gideon Pl
Goldenrod Glen
Gopher Ct
Grapevine Ct
Greenwood Rd
Guynn Ln
Guynn Rd
Hall Rd
Hammock Rd
Hartford Rd
Hawaii Rd
Hawkins Rd
Heflin Ave
Henderson Rd
Herlong Rd
Hickery Ct
Hickory Rd
Hickory St
Hill Rd
Horse Shoe
Horton St
Huxley Glen
Hwy 27
Ichetucknee Blvd
Idaho Pkwy
Illinois Pkwy
Iowa Rd
Jenson Rd
Junction Rd
Kansas Rd
Keltner Rd
Kentucky Pkwy
Kinard Rd
Kodiak Ave
Koon Hollow Rd
Laurel Dr
Lazy Oak Rd
Legree Rd
Lenuil Rd
Lightwood Rd
Lime Rd
Little Beaver Rd
Locala Dr E
Locala Dr W
Loncala Dr W
Luke Rd
Magnolia Ave
Mahan Ct
Maplewood Pl
Mark St
Mayflower Glen
McClinton Rd
Memorial Dr
Michigan Ave
Misty Ln
Montana Pkwy
Montana Rd
Montane Rd
Moonlite Dr
Moreland Bush Dr
Mum Gln
Mum Rd
Myshe Way
N 1st St (us Hwy 17)
N 2nd St
N 3rd St
N Bryant St
Nebraska Rd
Nevada Pkwy
Newark Rd
N Hill St
Niblack Rd
N Mill St
NW Hilliard Ln
NW Old Bellamy Rd
Oak Ridge St
Oakwood Ct
Ohio Pkwy
Old Bellamy Rd
Old Bellemy Rd
Old Ichetucknee Rd
Old Itchtucknee Rd
Old Wire Rd
Olympic Pl
Ontario Rd
Otter Trl
Paisley Ct
Park Rd
Part Timers Ct
Part Timers Ln
Pine Haven Blvd
Pine Haven Ln
Pine Rd
Pine St
Pineville Rd
Pioneer Way
Plum St
Polowan Dr
Portland Rd
Powell Glen
Powers Rd
Princeton Pl
Raccoon Run Rd
Randolph St
Redbud St
Reno Rd
Richmond Rd
River Oak Rd
River Rd
Riverside St
Roanoke Ter
Roberts Rd
Rolling Ln
Rolling Meadows
Round House Rd
Rufo Ct
Rum Island Rd
S 1st St
S 2nd St
S 3rd St
Sanders Rd
Sandy Rd
Sangor Way
Santa Fe Blvd
Santa Fe Rd
Santa Fe Trl
Sante Fe Blvd
Sante Fe Rd
S Bryant St
Scenic Ct
S Coulter
Scout Gln
Scrubtown Rd
Sedgefield Farm
SE Elim Church Rd
Sherman Rd
Shiloh Church Rd
Shiloh Rd
Singal Ct
Singelton Rd
South Pkwy
Spear Rd
Spring Rd
Spruce Rd
Spruce St
Stalnaker Rd
State Hwy 47
Steadman Rd
Sunset Rd
SW Aires Pl
SW Alabama Gln
SW Albany Ter
SW Alberta Pl
SW Amazon Gln
SW Amelia Ct
SW Amiel Ct
SW Angel Gln
SW Apricot Ct
SW Ashley Ct
SW Atlantis Pl
SW Atlas Dr
SW Atlas Ln
SW Autumn Gln
SW Aztec Gln
SW Backwoods Gl
SW Backwoods Gln
SW Badger St
SW Ballista Gln
SW Bangor Way
SW Barber Gl
SW Barber Gln
SW Battle Ct
SW Bayberry Gln
SW Bay Pl
SW Bear Ln
SW Beauregard Gln
SW Beaver St
SW Beehive Ct
SW Beetle Gln
SW Bellows Way
SW Benjamin Pl
SW Bethleham Church Ave
SW Bethlehem Ave
SW Bigfoot Ct
SW Blazer Ct
SW Bluebird Pl
SW Bluegrass Ct
SW Bluff Dr
SW Bobcat Dr
SW Bob White Gln
SW Bonifay Gln
SW Boston Ter
SW Boulder Gln
SW Boundary Way
SW Boundry Way
SW Bountiful Ave
SW Boyle Loop
SW Bradenton Way
SW Bramble Ct
SW Breckenridge Ln
SW Briar Patch Ter
SW Bridge Ln
SW Brigade Gln
SW Bryant Ave
SW Buccaneer Gln
SW Bucchi Gln
SW Buck Ct
SW Buckhead Way
SW Buffalo Ct
SW Bumble Rd
SW Bumble St
SW Burgundy Dr
SW Burgundy Ln
SW Bussey Gln
SW Butterfly Ct
SW Byron Ct
SW Caboose Dr
SW Cactus Gln
SW Cain Gln
SW California Ter
SW Calm Gln
SW Candi Ct
SW Cantaloupe Ave
SW Carl Wilson Rd
SW Carmine Way
SW Cason Gln
SW Celestial Ct
SW Centerville Ave
SW Central Ave
SW Central Ter
SW Chalet Ter
SW Charity Ct
SW Chase Ct
SW Chastain Gln
SW Chippewa Gln
SW Chugwater Gln
SW Cinnamon Ct
SW Clark Gln
SW Clayton Ln
SW Clewiston Ct
SW Cobra Dr
SW Cochran Ct
SW Coles Ct
SW Colgate Cir
SW Colgate Loop
SW Collins Ln
SW Collins Rd
SW Community Ct
SW Compass Ct
SW Conestoga Way
SW Cook St
SW Cooper Ter
SW Copperhead Ln
SW Co Rd 138
SW Co Rd 18
SW Coulter Ave
SW Courage Ct
SW Cow Poke Ct
SW Coyote Cir
SW Cr 138
SW Cr 18
SW Cr 778
SW Crownhill Ct
SW Crow Ter
SW Cullen Ave
SW Cumorah Hill St
SW Curtain Ln
SW Daisy Rd
SW Dakota Ct
SW Dallas Ter
SW Dana Gln
SW Dart Dr
SW Dart Rd
SW Daybreak Ct
SW Delaware Way
SW Delton Ct
SW Depot Way
SW Devon Pl
SW Dingo Way
SW Don Cook Way
SW Donnely Ave
SW Dortch St
SW Drake Pl
SW Dreamer Glen
SW Drew Feagle Ave
SW Durant St
SW Elim Church Rd
SW Elim Church St
SW Ellis St
SW Eureka Ct
SW Evergreen Ct
SW Explorer Gln
SW Faulkner Dr
SW Feather Ln
SW Federal Ct
SW Fellowship St
SW Fenton Gln
SW Fielding Way
SW Fordham Gln
SW Forsythe Ave
SW Fortune Way
SW Fotem Gln
SW Fox Pl
SW Fox Squirrel Pl
SW Fralick Ct
SW Freedom Ct
SW Frog Gln
SW Fry Ave
SW Futch Pl
SW Future Ct
SW Garth St
SW Gastonia Ct
SW Gatling Ct
SW Gay Gl
SW Gazelle Gln
SW Gemini Gln
SW Genesis Ct
SW George Gln
SW Georgia Gln
SW Geranium Ln
SW Gideon Pl
SW Gillard Ct
SW Gladeola Ct
SW Glider Way
SW Gopher Ct
SW Grape St
SW Grassy Ln
SW Greenwood Ter
SW Guernsey Way
SW Guynn Farm Ct
SW Hackberry Gln
SW Hall Ave
SW Hawaii Ter
SW Hawkins Ct
SW Hawk Ln
SW Hawthorne Ter
SW Healan Ct
SW Heathrow Gln
SW Heflin Ave
SW Hemderson Ter
SW Henderson Ter
SW Hereford Pl
SW Herlong Rd
SW Herlong St
SW Heron Dr
SW Herschel Ct
SW Hickory Gln
SW Hidden Ct
SW Hillard Ln
SW Hilltop Ter
SW Hollingsworth St
SW Holstein Ave
SW Homestead Cir
SW Homested Cir
SW Honeybee Ct
SW Honeycomb
SW Hoot Owl Pl
SW Horseshoe Loop
SW Hugh Loop
SW Ichetucknee Ave
SW Ichetucknee Rd
SW Illinios St
SW Illinois St
SW Illusion Ct
SW Iowa Dr
SW Itchetucknee Ave
SW Jacob Ct
SW Jade Ct
SW James Turner Gln
SW Jasmine St
SW Jensen Ln
SW Jim Ward St
SW Jordan St
SW Joseph Ct
S W Julbug Glen
SW Juncction Rd
SW Junction Rd
SW Kansas Ct
SW Kayla Ct
SW Keltner Ct
SW Kendrick Ct
SW Kentucky St
SW Keough Glen
SW Kernan Gl
SW Knight Ter
SW Koenig Ct
SW Koonhollow Gln
SW Lander Ct
SW Langelier Dr
SW Lantana Ct
SW Laredo Pl
SW Lauman Gln
SW Layfield Gln
SW Leah Ct
SW Legree Ter
SW Lenox Gln
SW Lenvil Ln
SW Levi Way
SW Liberty Gln
SW Light Wood Pl
SW Lisa Way
SW Lola Ct
SW Loncala Loop
SW Longhorn Ter
SW Lowe Ct
SW Luke Ln
SW Lynn Sherman Ter
SW Mady Leigh Ct
SW Magellan Ct
SW Magnolia Ln
SW Manatee Ter
SW Mapleton St
SW Marigold Pl
S W Marine G Ln
SW Martin Glen
SW Maxwell Ct
SW Mayflower Gln
SW McClinton Dr
SW McKinney St
SW Melville Gln
SW Memorial Dr
SW Merciful Pl
SW Meridian Ct
SW Military Gln
SW Mission Springs Ct
SW Montana St
SW Monument Ln
SW Moonflower Ct
SW Moonrise Ct
S W Moonset Glen
SW Moreland Bush Ct
SW Morning Star Gln
SW Moseley Gln
SW Mount Hope Dr
SW Murdock Ct
SW Mystical Dr
SW Mystic Way
SW Nantucket Pl
SW Nantuckett Pl
SW Natures Ct
SW Nebraska Ter
SW Nevada Ln
SW Newark Dr
SW New Port Pl
SW Newton Cir
SW Newton Creek
SW Newton Ct
SW Nice Ct
SW Nightingale Glen
SW Normandy Dr
SW Nuthatch Ct
SW Oak Gln
SW Oak Ridge St
SW Ohio Pl
SW Old Belamy Rd
SW Old Bellamy Rd
SW Old Niblack Ave
SW Old Niblack Rd
SW Old Spanish Rd
SW Old Wire
SW Old Wire Rd
SW Olympic Pl
SW Ontario Ter
SW Orville Ter
SW Otter Ln
SW Paisley Ct
SW Palawan Gln
SW Panda Pl
SW Papoose Pl
SW Papoos Pl
SW Pathfinder Gln
SW Patsy Way
SW Phoenix Gln
SW Pierson Way
SW Pleasant Hill Gln
SW Pleasant Ter
SW Pleasnt Ter
SW Plum Ct
SW Plymouth Ave
SW Poinsetta Ct
SW Polaris Ter
SW Poormans Pl
SW Possum Gln
SW Powell Gln
SW Powers Gl
SW Powers Gln
SW Pretender Gln
SW Primrose Ter
SW Princeton Ct
SW Quail Ct
SW Quail Pl
SW Quarry Cir
SW Quarter Ln
SW Raccoon Way
SW Racoon Way
SW Rain Mist Gln
SW Rambling Ct
SW Ramp Gin
SW Ramp Gln
SW Randolph Ct
SW Raspberry Ct
SW Rattlesnake Gln
SW Red Bud Gln
SW Red Cedar Ct
SW Reno Way
SW Richmond Way
SW Riverland Ct
SW River Oak Ct
SW River Rise Ct
SW Riverside Ave
SW Robert Ave
SW Roberts Ave
SW Rocille Gln
SW Rock Way
SW Rolling Gln
SW Rolling Meadows Gln
SW Rose Ln
SW Roundhouse Ct
SW Rufo Ct
SW Rum Island Ter
SW Salliowood Ct
SW Sanama Way
SW Sanders Way
SW Santa Fe Dr
SW Santa Fe Rd
SW San Tucknee Ter
SW Saratoga Ct
SW Sassafrass St
SW Sata Fe Dr
SW Scattered Oaks Ct
SW Schofield Ct
SW Scrub Town Rd
SW Seagrove Ct
SW Sedgefield Ln
SW Sedona Ct
SW Serene Ct
SW Shelbyville Ct
SW Shellcracker Dr
SW Shiloh Rd
SW Shiloh St
SW Sierra Ct
SW Silent Ct
SW Singleton Ter
SW Skye Ave
SW Skyline Loop
SW Smyrna Pl
SW Snelgrove Gln
SW Sonoma Way
SW Spalding Ct
SW Sparkle Gln
SW Spaulding Ct
SW Spear Pl
SW Spirit Ave
SW Spirt Ave
SW Spoonbill Ct
SW Spruce Rd
SW Squirrel Ct
SW Stalnaker Ct
SW State Rd 47
SW Steadman Gln
SW Stillman Ave
SW Stillman St
SW Stillview Gln
SW Sullivan Ln
SW Sunflower Ct
SW Sunshine Ct
SW Sunview St
SW Tampa Gln
SW Tanager Ct
SW Tangerine Dr
SW Tanner Gln
SW Tara Ct
SW Terrell Ct
SW Texas Ln
SW Thistlewood Ln
SW Thorne Ln
SW Tiffany Ct
SW Timoqua Ter
SW Timuqua Ter
SW Tomahawk Gln
SW Tommy Lites St
SW Toms Dr
SW Totem Gln
SW Traver Ct
SW Tree Ct
SW Trenton Dr
SW Trenton Ter
SW Trudy Way
SW Truluck Ter
SW Turkey Gln
SW Turtle Pl
SW Tuskenuggee Ave
SW Tustenuggee Ave
SW Tustnuggee Ave
SW Tyrus Rd
SW Uncle Remus Gln
SW Unicorn Ct
SW Unity Ct
SW Utah St
SW Vargas Way
SW Viola Dr
SW Virginia Way
SW Waffle Gln
SW Walkers Way
SW Wallflower Gln
SW Walnut Pl
SW Washington Ave
SW Watson St
SW Weasel Ct
SW Well St
SW Whisper Dr
SW Wigwam Ct
SW Wilsin Sorings Rd
SW Wilson Springs Dr
SW Wilson Springs Rd
SW Wilsons Springs Dr
SW Winthrop Pl
SW Wisteria Ct
SW Woodland Ave
SW Worry Free Gln
SW Yale Ter
SW Yulan St
SW Zinna Ct
SW Zinnia Gln
Tanner Rd
Tara Ct
Texas Pkwy
Thorn Ln
Tiffany Ln
Timberlane Rd
Timuqua Rd
Tommy Lites Rd
Tommy Lites St
Trenton Rd
Truluck Rd
Tuskenugge Rd
Tustenuggee Rd
Unity Trails Rd
US Hwy 27
Utah Pkwy
Virginia Rd
Walnut St
Washington Blvd
Watson Rd
W Dorch St
W Ellis St
Wilson Springs Rd
W Jordan St
W Jordon St
W Little Beaver Rd
Worry Free Gln
W Right-Of-Way St