Holiday, Florida Scanner Frequencies



Holiday, Florida IP Addresses

AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US

Holiday, Florida Streets

Abacus Rd
Abdella Ln
Acme Rd
Aegean Ave
Aires Dr
Akita Pl
Aladdin St
Alameda Dr
Albion St
Alert St
Allandale Dr
Almond Dr
Aloha Pl
Alt US Hwy 19
Altus Ln
Amberly Ct
Anclote Blvd
Andorra Dr
Andrea Dr
Ann Dr
Annona Ct
Apache Pl
Apia Pl
Appletree Rd
Appomattox Dr
Aqua Ln
Arcadia Rd
Ardsley Ln
Arrowpointe Dr
Artistic St
Ash Ct
Ashley Ct
Ashton Ct
Astral Ln
Atlantis Dr
Atlas Ln
Auld Ln
Award St
Bacardi Ct
Baden Dr
Bahia Ave
Baileys Bluff Rd
Baillies Bluff Rd
Bainbridge Dr
Baltic Pl
Bancroft Dr
Banner Stone Ct
Barksdale Ct
Baron Dr
Baroque Dr
Barracuda Ct
Bartelt Rd
Basswood Dr
Baumann Ln
Bay Field Ct
Bayou Dr
Bayport Dr
Baywood Dr
Beacon Square Dr
Bedford St
Beechwood Dr
Begonia Dr
Belleville Ave
Belleza Dr
Berg Rd
Berkford Dr
Berry Hill Rd
Betsy Dr
Betty Pl
Bigelow Dr
Big Pine Dr
Billings Dr
Binder Dr
Birkdale Dr
Bittersweet Dr
Bixler Ct
Blayton St
Blossom Dr
Blossom Lake Cir
Blossom Lake Dr
Bluebell Ln
Bluebird Dr
Bluejay Dr
Blue Marlin Blvd
Blue River Rd
Bluff Blvd
Boardwalk St
Bob White Dr
Bold Ln
Bonita Rd
Bonton Dr
Bookman Dr
Bora Bora Pl
Border Ln
Botany Dr
Bowsprit Ln
Bradford Dr
Brambleridge Ct
Brass Ln
Brenton Dr
Brewster Dr
Briar Cliff Dr
Briar Hill Ct
Bright Dr
Brightwell Dr
Brixton Ln
Brompton Dr
Brookfield Dr
Brookston Dr
Buckner Ct
Buena Vista Ln
Buffum Pl
Burney Dr
Burntwood Ct
Bywater Dr
Cable Dr
Calais Dr
Calamondin Dr
Calera Dr
Calusa Trl
Calvary Rd
Canosa Dr
Canterberry Dr
Cantrell St
Cape Cod Dr
Capehart Dr
Capricorn Pl
Cardiff Dr
Carillon St
Carioca Rd
Casino Dr
Castile Ln
Castlewood Dr
Catskill Rd
Cedar Grove Dr
Cedar Grove St
Cedarwood Dr
Celcus Dr
Cemetery Rd
Chancellor Dr
Chancery Dr
Channing Dr
Chaparral Ln
Chatford Dr
Chatlin Rd
Chattsworth Ct
Chauncy Rd
Chelsea Ln
Cherrywood Dr
Chesswood Dr
Cheswick Dr
Cheval Dr
Cheyenne Dr
Chickadee Dr
Chime Way
Cincinnati Dr
Cindy Pl
Clairborne St
Classic Dr
Cluster Dr
Clydesdale Dr
Coastline Dr
Cockatoo Dr
Cockleshell Dr
Colchester Ct
Coldstone Ln
Coldwell Dr
Colmar Dr
Colonnade Ave
Columbus Dr
Conoley Ln
Consuello Dr
Continental Dr
Coolidge Rd
Cool Rd
Cora Dr
Corkwood, Ct
Cornwall Dr
Corona Dr
Cosmos Dr
Cougar Loop
Courier Ln
Courtney Dr
Cove Ct
Covington Dr
Crestfield Ave
Croydon Ln
Custer Dr
Dalwood Dr
Dander Dr
Dante Pl
Darlington Rd
Dartmouth Dr
Dawn Ln
Deal Ln
Debonair Dr
Deergrass Ct
Della Dr
Delta Pl
Derrick St
Devonshire Dr
Dickens Dr
Dixie Garden Loop
Dixie Ln
Dole St
Dolores Dr
Dolphin Watch Ct
Dominion Pl
Domino Dr
Dorado Dr
Dorsal Dr
Doubloon Dr
Druid Pl
Eagle Dr
Eagles Crest Ct
Easter Pl
Eastwood Ln
Edenwood Dr
Edgewood Dr
Edison Pl
Eisenhower Dr
Elena Dr
Elite Ct
Elkhorn Blvd
Elkridge Dr
Elmwood Dr
Emory Dr
Empress Ln
Encore St
Erin Dr
Ermine Dr
Ernies Ct
Essex Dr
Evensong Ct
Evewood Ct
Excalibur St
Facade Ct
Fairfield St
Fairmount Dr
Falcon Dr
Farley Dr
Featherstone Dr
Fentress Pl
Fern Glen St
Fern Ridge Ct
Fernwood Dr
Festivo Dr
Fieldcrest Ct
Finch Dr
Firecreek Ct
Fitchburg Dr
Flint Isle Pl
Flintwood Dr
Flora Ave
Flotilla Dr
Font Ln
Foothill Dr
Forest Hills Dr
Fox Dale Ln
Foxhall Dr
Front Dr
Fruitwood Loop
Fuchsia Dr
Gale Pl
Gardner Pl
Garfield Dr
Gaslight Ave
Genesis Ave
Gerard Ln
Geronimo Dr
Glenside Dr
Glenwood Cir
Golden Nugget Dr
Grand Blvd
Grandin St
Greenlea Dr
Greenwood Way
Gretna Pl
Grey Dove Ct
Guardian Ave
Gulf Trace Blvd
Gulfview Dr
Hacienda Way
Hama Dr
Hampshire Dr
Harpoon Dr
Harrison Dr
Harvard Dr
Harvardston Loop
Haver la
Haver Ln
Hawk Dr
Hawk Roost Ct
Hearthstone Ct
Herbal Dr
Hess Dr
Hiawatha Pl
Hickory Ln
Hilo Dr
Hilton Ln
Holiday Dr
Holiday Lake Dr
Honeymoon Ln
Honor Dr
Hoover Dr
Hopewell Dr
Hoyle Dr
Huntington Rd
Indian Key Dr
Ironware Dr
Ivyhill Ct
Ivy Ln
Jackpot Way
Jackson Dr
Jaguar Ln
Jambalana Dr
Jamestown Dr
Janice Ln
Jarvis St
Jasperwood Dr
Jays Nest Ln
Jennings Dr
Joann Pl
Julie Ln
Kahala Dr
Kansas St
Kauna Point Dr
Kenilworth St
Kepner Dr
Key Vista Blvd
Kibler Ln
Kilburn Rd
Kimberly Ln
Kimberly Oaks Dr
Kinard la
Kinard Ln
Kingfisher Dr
Kingsbury Dr
Kiwi Dr
Klaxon Ln
Knollwood Dr
Koala Dr
Kona Dr
Laguna Ln
Lake Ridge Ln
Lanai Dr
Lanark Dr
Landale Dr
Landau St
Lange Rd
Lawn Pl
Lecanto St
Lemonwood Loop
Lemur Dr
Lenmar Ct
Libby Ct
Lighthouse Way
Lima Dr
Limewood Dr
Linstock Dr
Lisabelle Ln
Lloyd Dr
Lodestar Dr
Lomi Lomi Dr
Longwood Ave
Lord St
Lost Trl
Lotela Pl
Louis Ave
Luan Ct
Lucas St
Lullaby Dr
Luma Dr
Lyra Dr
Madison St
Maitland Dr
Mandarin Dr
Mandolin Way
Manoa Dr
Manton Ln
Marengo Dr
Margate Dr
Margie Pl
Mariposa Dr
Marshfield Dr
Mary Ln
Masonville Loop
Matchlock Dr
Maui Dr
Maureen Dr
Maybury Dr
Melaleuca Dr
Melody Dr
Menlo Ct
Merita Dr
Merrilon Dr
Mile Stretch Dr
Mirada Dr
Mirage Ave
Mitzi Ln
Mohawk Ct
Mondale Ct
Monticello St
Montreal St
Moog Rd
Morlock Ln
Morning Glory Ct
Mosaic Dr
Muir St
Nancy Ln
Nantucket Dr
Narcissus Dr
Nettle Creek Ct
Newgate Ave
Nixon Rd
Nokomis Pl
Norfolk Dr
Norland Ct
Normandy Blvd
North Carolina Ln
Oahu Dr
Oak Bluff Ave
Oakfield Ave
Oakhurst Dr
Oakmont Ave
Oak Wind Dr
Oceanic Rd
Ochatilla Rd
Ocio St
Odom Dr
Odyssey Ave
Ohio Pl
Orange Dr
Orangeview Ln
Orca Ct
Ortona Dr
Oswego Dr
Ottway Dr
Overland Dr
Oxford Dr
Palamore Dr
Palmwood Dr
Paloma Dr
Pamela Dr
Panorama Ave
Pantile Pl
Pappas Rd
Pappillion Ln
Paragon Pl
Parkstone Dr
Parrot Fish Ct
Pascay Ct
Patriot Ln
Peacock Dr
Peconic Way
Peggy Dr
Penguin Dr
Penrick Dr
Perennial Dr
Persimmon Dr
Pert Ln
Peterborough St
Phoenix Ave
Picture Ave
Pinefield Ave
Pinehurst Dr
Pinetta Ct
Pineview Cir
Pineview Dr
Pinewood Villas Dr
Pinon Dr
Pitner Dr
Plantain Dr
Plantation Dr
Plaza Dr
Pleasant Hill Ln
Pleasure Dr
Plum Tree Rd
Plymouth Dr
Polar Dr
Ponce Ct
Portal Rd
Postell Dr
Powersong St
Precision St
Prescott Ln
Prestige Dr
Primrose Dr
Provost Dr
Puma Dr
Punta Palma Ct
Quebec St
Rally Ln
Ranchita Trl
Rattan Dr
Ravendale Ln
Raven Dr
Recreation Loop
Redwood Dr
Reggie Dr
Resort Loop
Richboro Dr
Riddle Rd
Ridgefield Ave
Riomar Dr
Rising Sun Dr
River Birch Ave
Riverlawn Ct
Roanoke Dr
Rockaway Dr
Rockfish Dr
Rock Royal Dr
Rock Valley Dr
Rosada Ave
Rosedale Ln
Rosefield Dr
Roselawn Dr
Rosewater Dr
Roundtree Dr
Roundtree Rd
Roxbury Dr
Royalwood Dr
Rumar Ln
Rushmore Dr
Russel Ln
Sablewood Dr
Sailmaker la
Sailmaker Ln
Salisbury Dr
Saltcreek Ct
Salton St
Sandalwood Dr
Sand Bay Dr
Sandhill Dr
Sandy Hill Ct
Sanford Dr
San Luis Rd
Santiago Dr
Saplin Dr
Saxon Ln
Scarlet Maple Dr
Schlotter Cir
Seaford Dr
Seagrass Ct
Seffner Dr
Sentinel St
Shadow Oaks Dr
Shady Cove Dr
Shannon Dr
Shawnee Ln
Sheppards Crook Ct
Sherrell Dr
Sheryl Hill Dr
Shipwatch Dr
Sierra Vista Way
Silhouette Ln
Silver Hill Dr
Silver Spur Dr
Skyland Dr
Society Dr
Solar Dr
Solitaire Pl
South Carolina Ln
Southfield Ct
Southport Dr
Spanish Trl
Sparkle Ln
Sparrow Dr
Speck Dr
Springdale Dr
Springfield Dr
Springland Dr
Springrun Ct
Springtime Dr
Sprint Ln
Staghorn Dr
Stardale Dr
Star Island Dr
State Hwy 55
Staunton Dr
Staysail Ln
Steenbok Dr
Stonecrab Dr
Stover Ct
Strauber Memorial
Sugarbush Dr
Summervale Dr
Sunny Loop
Sunray Dr
Supreme Dr
Surinam Ct
Sussex St
Sutton Pl
Sweetbriar Dr
Sweetwood Dr
Swordbill Dr
Swordfish Ave
Tackle Ln
Tahitian Dr
Tahitian Gardens Cir
Tamarac Dr
Tammy Ln
Taray Ln
Telogia Ct
Templewood Dr
Texas St
Thorny Ridge Dr
Thunder Dr
Tidal Creek Dr
Tiki Dr
Timacqua Dr
Toledo St
Topp Dr
Trafford Rd
Trask Dr
Tricon Ln
Triggerfish Ct
Tropical Ln
Truman Dr
Trunkfish Dr
Tuckahoe Pl
Tumbleweed Dr
Tung Dr
Umber Rd
US Hwy 19
Valimor Dr
Valve Dr
Viceroy Ln
Victoria Ln
Viking Dr
Villa Rosa Dr
Vision Ave
Wailua Dr
Wallace Blvd
Walnut Grove Ct
Warbler Dr
Waterview Dr
Waxberry Cir
Wellington Dr
Westchester Dr
Westminister Ct
Weston Oaks Dr
Westridge Dr
Westwood Dr
Weyford Ln
Whether Dr
Whippoorwill Dr
Whitehall Ln
Wickham Ln
Williamsburg Loop
Wilson Dr
Wiltshire Dr
Winder Dr
Windfield Dr
Windham Dr
Windridge Dr
Woodcock Dr
Woodfield Ave
Woodmuse Ct
Wood Pointe Dr
Woodrose Ct
Woodwind Dr
Wray Way
Yale Dr
Zodiac Ave