Middleburg, Florida Scanner Frequencies



Middleburg, Florida Phone Numbers


Middleburg, Florida IP Addresses

AS3356 - LEVEL3 - Level 3 Parent, LLC, US
AS3549 - LVLT-3549 - Level 3 Parent, LLC, US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US
AS22773 - ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDC - Cox Communications Inc., US

Middleburg, Florida Streets

Abelia Manor
Acacia Manor
Acacia St
Acanthus Manor
Acorn Manor
Addie Ln
Agave Manor
Alberta Ct N
Alberta Ct S
Albury Ct
Alcove Dr
Alderney Ct
Alec Dr
Aletha Manor
Alfalfa St
Alford Ln
Allaboard Dr
Allie Murray Rd
Alligator Blvd
Allison Ct
Aloe Manor
Aloha Ln
Alpaca Ave
Als Satch Rd
Alton Ct
Amanda Ln
Amarylis Ave
Ambrosia Dr
American Way
Anchor Rd
Angelica Ave
Angora St
Angus Rd
Anne Dr
Antelope St
Antler Trl
Apache Ct
Apalachicola Blvd
Apollo Ct
Apopka Dr
Appaloosa Rd
April Dr
Aquila Ct
Archer St
Armadillo St
Arrowhead Ave
Arrowroot Ave
Asgard Ct
Ashleigh St
Ashton St
Ashwood Cir
Ashwood Dr
Aspen Forest Dr
Aster Ave
Audrianne Ln
Avila Way
Azalea Ave
Azalea Ridge Blvd
Backwater Dr
Backwoods Dr
Bailey Way
Baird Ct
Baker Rd
Balboa Ln
Bamboo St
Banks Rd
Barberry Ct
Barkway Ct
Barkwood Ln
Barley St
Barrage Ct
Basil St
Baxley Rd
Bayberry Rd
Baycove Court
Bay Cove Ct
Bay Ct
Bayview Ln
Beacon Ct
Beacon Rock Ln
Beautlich Rd
Beaver Ave
Becky St
Bedford Dr
Beehive Rd
Begonia Ct
Begonia Dr
Belladonna St
Bellows Ct
Bencrest Ter
Bent Bow Ln
Bent Twig Rd
Big Branch Rd
Big Spring Pt
Biloxi Trl
Bison Ct
Bittern Ct
Bitterroot Ave
Bittersweet Ct
Blackberry Ave
Blackbird Ln
Black Creek Dr
Blackfoot Ln
Blackjack Rd
Blackwood Dr
Blanding Blvd
Blarney Cir
Bluebell Ave
Blueberry Bay Ct
Blueberry St
Bluebill Rd
Bluegrass Ave
Bluejay Dr
Blue Knoll Rd
Blue Sky Ct
Blue Star Ct
Bluet Ct
Bluewave Dr
Boardwalk Pl
Bob White Dr
Boggy Branch Rd
Bonanza Ct
Boree Rd
Bosco Blvd
Botany St
Braeden Ct
Bramble Ct
Branan Field Rd
Brandi Ln
Brangus Rd
Brannan Oaks Dr
Breckenridge Blvd
Brickyard Rd
Bridlewood Pl
Bright Leaf Ct
Broadhaven Dr
Bronco Rd
Brookside Ct
Broom Ct
Browns Rd
Buckboard Ct
Buckhead Rd
Buck Ln
Buckner Rd
Buckwheat Ct
Buddingtons Landing Ct
Buggy Whip Trl
Bull Creek Rd
Bullrush Ct
Buoy Ct
Burdock Ct
Burns Dr
Bur Oak Pl
Burroughs Rd
Butler Ave
Buttercup Rd
Button Wood Dr
Buzzie Ln
Cactus Ct
Cactus Cut Ct
Cactus Cut Rd
Calendula Ave
Calendula Cir
Calusa Trl
Calvary Ct
Camel Cir
Camellia St
Campbell St
Camp Ridge Ln
Candlewood Ct
Cane Ct
Canvasback Rd
Canyon Rim Pl
Caplock Ct
Captiva Dr
Caraway St
Cardiff Ln
Cardinal Ln
Carissa Dr
Carlotta Rd
Carnation Ave
Carriage Ct
Carter Spencer Rd
Casablanca Ct
Cashmere Ct
Cassidy Ln
Castlewood Ct
Catherine Ln
Cattail St
Cedar Ln
Celebration Ln
Center Way
Charlsee Ln
Chase Ridge Dr
Chervil Ct
Chickpea St
Chicory Cir
Chicory St
Chief Ridaught Trl
Chimney Dr
Chimney Swifts
Chinchilla Ct
Chipmunk Rd
Choctaw Trl
Chokeberry Rd
Chuck Wagon Ct
Cinnamon St
Clifford Ln
Cloister Ct
Clover Ave
Clover Ct
Clove St
Clydesdale Pl
Coachmans Pl
Coffee Ave
Cold Harbor Ct
College Dr
College Park Dr
Compound Ln
Compton Rd
Conductor Ct
Coneway Ct
Conifer Cir
Coopers Hawk Way
Co Rd 215
Co Rd 218
Co Rd 220
Co Rd 220B
Co Rd 224
Co Rd 739
Coriander Ter
Corinth Ct
Cormorant Ln
Cornel Ct
Cornell Rd
Cortez Ct
Cosmos Ave
Cotton Gin Ct
Cotton Ln
Cottontail Ct
Cottonwood Ct
Cougar Ct
Country Estates Rd
Country Meadows Dr
Country Meadows Ln
Country Pines Dr
Courson Rd
Covemont Ct
Coventry Ct
Cranberry Cir
Crandall Ln
Crazy Horse Ave
Creek Bank Dr
Creek Bluff Ln
Creek Hollow Ln
Creekmont Dr
Creek St
Crestdale Ct
Crestview Ct
Cricket Rd
Crooked Creek Point Rd
Crooked Creek Pt
Cruz Ct
Currant Ave
Cutting Ct
Cypress Bend Ln
Daffodil Ave
Dahlia Ct
Daisy St
Dalby Ct
Dale Ct
Dampier St
Dandelion St
Daphne Ct
Dark Bay Dr
Darlene Rd
Dartmouth Dr
Davids Pl
Debbie Rd
Deer Ave
Deer Creek Dr
Deer Park Blvd
Deer Park Ct
Deer Trl
Deerwood Cir E
Deerwood Cir S
Deerwood Cir W
Derrick Ct
Devilwood St
Dexter Way Dr
Diamondhead Rd
Diana Dr
Diploma Ct
Dixie Dr
Doctors Inlet Rd
Dogwood Ave
Dogwood Cir
Dogwood Ln
Dolphin Cir
Donna Dr
Donto Ln
Dowling Rd
Drake Loop Rd
Drew Ct
Dripping Vat Rd
Driver Ln
Duckwater Dr
Duckweed Ln
Duckweed Pl
Dyess Rd
Eagle Nest Ln
Eagle Point Rd
Eagles Hammock Blvd
Earl Baxley Rd
Easy St
Eclipse Dr
Ed Burns Rd
Eden Estate Trl
Edgeland Trl
E Fennel Ct
Eli Whitney Dr
Elizabeth Ct
Elizabeth Ln
Elk Ct
Ellen Ct
Ember Glow Ln
Embers Ct
Emerald Ln
Enchanted Ln
Equestrian Ct
E Teakwood Cir
Everett Ave
Evergreen Ln
Evergreen Ln E
Falcon Run Ln
Falcon Run Ln S
Fallon Ct
Farm Way
Feather Ln
Felucca Dr
Fennel Ave
Fieldcrest Dr
Fieldstone Ct
Fireside Dr
Fireweed St
Fisher Cir
Five Forks Ct
Flax Ct
Flock Ct
Flora Ct
Florence Dr
Floyd Dr
Foggy Day Dr
Forest Dr
Forman Cir
Fouty Rd
Foxmeadow Trl
Foxtail Ave
Foxtrot Ct
Freedom Dr
Fresco Dr
Friendly Pl
Frogmore Dr
Front Porch Ln
Gander Ln
Gardenia Ave
Gentlebreeze Rd
Geranium Ave
Ginger Ct
Ginhouse Dr
Ginny Lake Dr
Gladiolus Ave
Glen Canyon Pl
Glen Laurel Dr
Glen View St
Glitter Ct
Glow Wood Ct
Gobbler Rd
Goldenrod Ave
Gopher Cir
Gopher St
Grackle Ct
Graduation Ln
Grand Teton Dr
Grape Ct
Great Egret Way
Great Falls Loop
Green Acre Rd
Greenbrier Dr
Greenfield Ct
Green Meadows Dr
Green Oaks Ln
Green Rd
Green View Ter
Greenwood Ln
Greenwood Ln E
Greenwood Ln W
Grotto Ct
Guava Ct
Habitat Dr
Half Moon Cir
Hall and Boree Rd
Halperns Way
Hammock Cove Ct
Happy Vale Ct
Harlequin Ct
Harmony Hall Rd
Harrier Ct
Harvard St
Harvest Cove Dr
Harvest Way
Hastate Ct
Hatcher Rd
Hattie Nolan Rd
Havenwood Rd
Hawk Haven Rd
Hawks Crest Dr
Hearth St
Heartpine Dr
Heather Glen Ln
Heather St
Hedgehog St
Hemlock Ct
Hemp Ct
Henley Rd
Hereford Rd
Hermitage Pl
Hibiscus Ave
Hicks Rd
Hidden Acre Rd
Hidden Lake Cv
Hidden Oaks Dr
Hideaway Hill Ct
Hideaway Ln
Highfield Ln
Highland Glen Ln
High Prairie Ln
Hilda Ln
Hill Rd
Hollars Pl
Hollow Glen Dr
Holly Ct
Hollyhock Ave
Hollywood St
Honeysuckle Cir
Horseshoe Bend Rd
Horsetail Ave
Howard Rd
Huckleberry Ct
Hudson Pl
Hunters Trace Cir
Huntington Ct
Hutchinson Rd
Ian Ct
Iceni Ct
Indigo Ave
Indigo Cir
Inglewood Dr
Iris Ct
Irish Spring Ct
Irishwood Ct
Iris St
Ivy Ct
Jacaranda Ave
Jacqueline Ln
Jaguar Ct
Jake Ln
Jasmine Ave
Javeline Cir
Javeline St
Jay Mark Ln
Jean Ct
Jill St
Joan Ave
Joe Johns Rd
Joe Wilbur Rd
Johns Cemetery Rd
Joseph Ln
Joyce Ct
Julie Ln
Junction Dr
Juneberry Ct
June Bug Ln
Juniper Ave
Jute Ct
Kalmia Cir
Kalmia St
Kangaroo Cir
Kangaroo St
Karen Dr
Kayak Ct
Kay Rd
Kel Ln
Kelp Cir
Khaki Ct
Kilkenny Ct
Killarn Cir
Killdeer Ct
Kindlewood Dr
King George Rd
King Rail Ln
Knight Box Rd
Knight Boxx Rd
Knob Hill
Knottingham Pl
Kristi Ct
Lago del Sur Dr
Lake Crest Ter
Lake Edge Dr
Lakemont Cir
Landward Ln
Lantern Light Trl
Largo Ct
Larkspur Ave
Laura Cir
Laurel Dr
Laurel St
Laurie Ln
Lazy Acres Rd
Leadership Loop
Leap Frog Ln
Lee Dr N
Lee Dr S
Leigh Ln
Lemon Drop Ln
Lenda Ln
Lenox Ct
Leopard Cir
Lester Murray Ln
Liana Ct
Liberty Way
Licorice Ct
Lighthouse Ct
Lightning Ln
Lilac Ct
Lime Ct
Limestone Ct
Limpkin Ln
Limrick Ct
Linda Ln
Lint Ct
Lion St
Lisa Dawn Dr
Lismore Ct
Live Oak Ln
Llama Ct
Long Bay Rd
Long Horn Rd
Longleaf Ranch Cir
Longmeadow Trl
Longmire Rd
Longneedle Ln
Loon Ct
Louis Ln
Lucille Ln
Lucky Ln
Lyme Ct
Mackenzie Ct N
Mackenzie Ct S
Maggie Ln
Magnolia St
Mail Coach Ct
Main St
Maize Ct
Mallard Rd
Mallow Ct
Maltese Pl
Maluke Ln
Manatee Pt
Mandrake St
Mango Ct
Mango Dr
Manitoba Ct N
Manitoba Ct S
Manucy Ct
Maranantha Dr
Maranatha Dr
Marguerite St
Marias River Ct
Marigold Ave
Markus Ln
Marlin Ct
Mary Beth Ct
Mary Beth Dr
Masters Rd
Maverick Rd
Mayapple Ct
Mayflower St
McAllister Rd
McLaughlin Ln
Mc Lish Ct
McVickers Rd
Meadowgreen Ln
Meadowlark Ct
Melanie Ln
Melissas Ln
Melody Ln
Merlin Pt
Michaelwood Rd
Mill Creek Rd
Mimosa Ave
Mink Ave
Mink Ct
Minorcan St
Mint Cir
Mistletoe Ct
Mockingbird Dr
Moonflower St
Moon Harbor Way
Moonrise Ct
Moorings Cir
Morningside Dr
Morning Sun Dr
Munjack Ct
Muscovy Rd
Musket Ridge Rd
Mustang Rd
Myrtle Loop
Myrtle St
Nalls Ln
Nantucket Ct
Nature Walk Ct
Nautilus Rd
N Camel Ave
N Chickory Ave
N Cocoa Ave
N Deer Ave
N Dolphin Ave
Nemacolin Trl
New Beginnings Ln
Newton Rd
Nighthawk Ln
Night Light Ct
Night Owl Trl
N Juniper Ave
N Lee Rd
N Mimosa Ave
Nolan Rd
Norman Rd
Norseman Ct
Northglen Cir
North St
N Periwinkle Ave
N Primrose Ave
N Star Ct
N Teakwood Cir
Oakfield Dr
Oak Haven Dr
Oak Leaf Ln
Oak Moss Loop
Oak Point Ter
Oakwood Ct
Oconee Trl
Oden Ct
O Hara Rd
Old Dine Field Rd
Olde Tyme Pl
Old Jennings Rd
Old Lawtey Rd
Old Moss Ln
Old Plank Rd
Old Trail Rd
Old Wagon Ct
Oleander Ave
Olin Baxley Rd
Ontario Ct
Openwoods Rd
Orangewood St
Orchard Oriole Pl
Orchid Ave
Oregon Trl
Osceola Trl
Otter Ln
Palmetto St
Palmwood Ct
Paloma Ct
Panda Ave
Pansy Ct
Paradise Moorings Blvd
Parliament Ct
Parsley Ave
Parsonage St
Peaceful Ct
Peacock Cove
Pearwood Cir
Peggy Ln
Pekin Ln
Pelican Pl
Penney Ln
Penzance Pkwy
Peppercorn Ct
Peppergrass St
Pepperhill Ct
Peppermill Ct
Peppermint Ave
Peppertree Dr
Peregrine Pl
Petunia Ave
Pheasant Run Trl
Phillip Smith Rd
Phoebe Ct
Pika St
Pine Haven Dr
Pine Island Ct
Pine Lake Dr
Pinellas Ln
Pine Oaks Ln
Pine Ridge Pkwy
Pine Straw Ct
Pineta Cove Dr
Pine Tree Ln
Pinewood Blvd
Pinewood Blvd E
Pinewood Blvd N
Pinto Rd
Pintze Ln
Pipit Pt
Piquet Ct
Plankton Ave
Plantain Ave
Plantation Dr
Platinum Ct
Plum Ct
Poinsettia Ave
Pomar Ct
Pony Express Trl
Pony Ln
Pope Rd
Poppy Ct
Poteete Rd
Powderhorn Ct
Power Line Rd
Primrose Ave
Primrose Cir
Primrose Ct
Primrose Ln
Pronghorn Cir
Puma Ct
Quail Roost Rd
Quapaw Trl
Quarterhorse Trl
Quebec Ct N
Quiet Acres Ln
Rabbit Ct
Racoon Run
Rainbow Rd
Raindrop Ln
Ranch Pines Way
Range Line Rd
Ravens Trace Ln
Ravine Hill Dr
Ravines Lake Rd
Ravines Rd
Razorback Ct
Red Bug Aly
Red Crest Ct
Redwing Ct
Redwood Ln
Reed Ct
Reed Valley Way
Reindeer Ct
Rhonda Dr
Richard Rd
Richie Ln
Rideout Ferry Rd
Rideout Ln
Riverbank Dr
Rob Baxley Rd
Robert King Rd
Robin Ln
Rock Pigeon Ln
Rose Ct
Rosemary St
Rose Ridge Ct
Roundabout Dr
Ruddy Ln
Rue Ct
Runes Ct
Rustic Ln
Rustic Oaks Trl
Rustic Oak Trl
Rustlewood Ct
Ruth Knight Rd
Rye Ct
Sable Ave
Saddlehorn Trl
Saga Ct
Sage Ct
Sahara Pl
Saint Ives Dr
Sams Ln
Sand Dollar Rd
Sanderling Ct
Sandhill Crane Ter
Sandy Branch Ct
Sandy Hollow Dr
Sandy Hollow Loop
Sandy Oak Rd
Sandy Run Dr
Sandy Run Dr E
Sandy Run Dr N
Sandy Run Dr W
San Pablo Ct
Santa Clara Ave
Sapp Ln
Saunders Dr
Saw Lake Dr
Scarlet Oak Ct
Scenic Dr
S Cocoa Ave
Scully Hill Rd
Scully Rd
S Deer Ave
S Dolphin Ave
Secret Cove Rd
Section St
Sedge St
Sedgwick Dr
Selig Ct
Seminole Village Dr
Senbay Ln
Sereno Ct
Sesame St
Setter Ct
Shady Ridge Ct
Shady Woods Dr
Shannon Lake Dr
Sharon Ln
Sharpsburg Ct
Sheraton Lakes Cir
Sherrys Way
Sherwood Dr
Shiloh Ct
Short Horn Rd
Shoshone Dr
Shotgun Ct
Sidewinder Trl
Silver Birch Pl
Silver Moss Cir
Silver Spur Ct
Sisters Ct
Skibo Ln
Skipper Rd
Skylight Ct
Sleepy Hollow Rd
Sloop Ct
Smallwood Pl
S Mimosa Ave
Snap Ct
Snapdragon Ave
Snow Rd
Song Sparrow Dr
Sonny Ln
Sophie Pl
Sorghum Ave
Sorrel St
Sorrelwood Ct
Southampton Dr
Southern Magnolia Ln
Southern Pines Dr
Southlake Dr
Southwood Way
Sparkleberry Dr
Sparrow Ct
Spearmint St
S Periwinkle Ave
Spicewood Cir
Spindle Ct
Spindlestone Ct
Spring Dr
Spring Meadows Dr
Spurray Ct
Squaw Ln
Squirrel Ct
Stacey Ct
Staple Ct
Starbright Ct
Starling Rd
State Hwy 21
Steelgate Ct
Stella Hall Rd
Steven Arthur Dr
Stewart Pl
St George Ct
Stonegate Ln
Stoney Ln
Striker Pl
Sugarpine Dr
Summerbrook Dr
Summer Spring Dr
Sunflower Ave
Sunnyside Dr
Sunny Stroll Dr
Sunrise Farm Rd
Sunset Pass Ct
Sunshine Ct
Surrey Ford Rd
Surrey Glen Cove
Surrey Glen Rd
Susan Dr
Suzanne Dr
Sweetwater Ln
Swimming Pen Dr
Tacoma Dr
Talisman Dr
Tall Pines Ln
Tansy Ave
Tansy St
Tara Farms Dr
Tarragon Ave
Taylors Landing Ct
Teaberry Dr
Teakwood Cir W
Teal Ln
Tekesta Ct
Ten Rod Rd
Thames Ct
The Glades Rd
Thistle Ct
Thunder Heights Ln
Thunder Rd
Tickford Ct
Tickford St
Tigress Ln
Tillis Ln
Timberwood Trl
Timothy St
Timucua Trl
Tina Ln
Tobacco Ct
Toft Ct
Tomahawk Dr
Tom Thumb Ct
Trail Ridge Rd
Treeland Ave
Trefoil Trl
Trews Ln
Trl End
T Square Ct
Tudor Ct
Tulip Ct
Tumbleweed Rd
Tunica Trl
Turkey Trl
Tuscarora Trl
Twilight Ct
Twin Oak Ct
Twin Oak Dr E
Twin Oak Dr S
Twin Oak Dr W
Twin Oak Ln
Twin Peak Ct
Tynes Blvd
Tyrone Rd
Union Rd
Unison Ct
Valkyrie Rd
Valley View Crst
Valor Ct
Vargas Rd
Veronica Ave
Viola St
Violet Way
Wagon Wheel Ct
Wallaby Ave
Walters Rd
Warbler Way
Warrior Dr
Waterlilly Ct
Wavering Ln
Wayfare Ln
Weathered Pine Ct
Wedgefield Ct
Weigela Ln
Welcome Home Dr
W Fennel Ct
Wharf St
Wheat Ct
Whin Ct
Whippoorwill Ln
Whipstick Trl
Whiskey Creek Rd
Whisper Creek Blvd
Whitebark Plantation Dr
White Oak Ln
White Pelican Way
Whitesville Landing Ct
Widgeon Ct
Wilbur Rd
Wilderness Cir
Wilderness Dr
Windemere Ct
Windhover Ln
Winding Brook Ct
Windmill Ct
Windsor Hill Ct
Wingfield Ln
Winsorhill Ct
Wintergreen St
Wisteria Ln
Witch Hazel Rd
Wolf Trl
Woodchuck Dr
Wood Duck Rd
Woodland Glen Rd
Woodmere Ln
Woodpecker Ln
Woodridge Ct
Woodsdale Dr
Woodstone Dr
Wren Ln
Yarmouth Dr
Yucca St
Yukon Ct
Yvonne Ter
Zagato Ct
Zeyno Dr
Zibra St
Zunnia St