Summerfield, Florida Scanner Frequencies



Summerfield, Florida IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US
AS62522 - CABLEVISION-OF-MARION-COUNTY - Cablevision of Marion County, LLC, US

Summerfield, Florida Streets

106th Ct
107th Ter
108th Ct
111th Ct
145th Ln
146th St
147th Pl
148th Pl
174th Loop
178th Pl
38th Ter
39th Ter
71st Ct
92 Ct
98th Ave
Andrew St
Angelina St
Arthur St
Bream Ave
Charity Rd
Chinica Dr
Co Hwy 475A
Co Rd 42
Co Rd 464
Co Rd 467
Co Rd 475
Co Rd 484
Darwin St
del Webb Blvd
Grell Rd
Hope Park Rd
Kellog St
Lake Dr
Leslie St
Mandrin Blvd
Marine Cir
Monarch Blvd
Nick St
Ocale Way S
Perry St
Reed St
Rodeo Dr
S Co Rd 475
SE 100 Ct
SE 100 Ter
SE 100th Ave
SE 100th Ct
SE 100th Cts
SE 100th Ter
SE 100th Terrace Rd
SE 101st Ave
SE 101st Avenue Rd
SE 101st Ave Rd
SE 101st Court Rd
SE 101st Ct
SE 101st Ter
SE 102nd Ave
SE 102nd Avenue Rd
SE 102nd Cir
SE 102nd Court Rd
SE 102nd Ct
SE 102nd Ter
SE 103rd Ave
SE 103rd Avenue Rd
SE 103rd Ter
SE 104th Ave
SE 104th Avenue Rd
SE 104th Cir
SE 104th Ct
SE 104th Ter
SE 105th Ave
SE 105th Ct
SE 105th Ter
SE 105th Terrace Rd
SE 106th Ave
SE 106th Ct
SE 106th Ter
SE 107th Ave
SE 107th Ct
SE 107th Ln
SE 107th Ter
SE 108 Ter
SE 108th Ave
SE 108th Ct
SE 108th Ter
SE 109th Ave
SE 109th Ct
SE 109th Terrace Rd
SE 10th Ct
SE 110th Ct
SE 110th Ter
SE 111th Ave
SE 111th Cir
SE 111th Ct
SE 112th Ave
SE 112th Ct
SE 113th Ter
SE 114th Ave
SE 114th Ct
SE 115th Ave
SE 115th Cir
SE 115th Ct
SE 115th Terrace Rd
SE 116th Court Rd
SE 117th Cir
SE 117th St
SE 117th Ter
SE 118th Ln
SE 118th Loop
SE 119th Avenue Rd
SE 119th Cir
SE 119th Ln
SE 119th St
SE 120th Ct
SE 120th Loop
SE 120th Ter
SE 121st Ave
SE 121st Cir
SE 121st Ct
SE 121st Loop
SE 121st Terrace Rd
SE 122nd Ct
SE 122nd Ter
SE 122 Pl
SE 122th Ln
SE 123rd Ter
SE 124th Ct
SE 124th Ln
SE 124th Loop
SE 124th Pl
SE 124th Ter
SE 125th Cir
SE 125th Ln
SE 125th Loop
SE 125th St
SE 126th St
SE 128th Ln
SE 128th Pl
SE 128th St
SE 129th Pl
SE 130th Loop
SE 130th Place Rd
SE 130th Street Rd
SE 131st Pl
SE 132nd Lane Rd
SE 132nd Ln
SE 132nd Loop
SE 132nd Pl
SE 132nd St
SE 133rd Ln
SE 133rd St
SE 134th Pl
SE 134th St
SE 135th
SE 135th Ln
SE 135th Loop
SE 135th Pl
SE 135th St
SE 136th Ln
SE 136th Loop
SE 136th Pl
SE 136th St
SE 137th Ln
SE 137th Loop
SE 137th Pl
SE 137th St
SE 137th Street Rd
SE 138th Ln
SE 138th Loop
SE 138th Pl
SE 138th Place Rd
SE 138th St
SE 139th Ln
SE 139th Pl
SE 139th St
SE 140th Ln
SE 140th Pl
SE 140th Place Rd
SE 140th St
SE 141st Lane Rd
SE 141st Ln
SE 141st Loop
SE 141st Pl
SE 141st St
SE 142nd Ln
SE 142nd Pl
SE 142nd St
SE 142 Pl
SE 143rd Ln
SE 143rd Pl
SE 143rd St
SE 144th Ln
SE 144th Pl
SE 144th Place Rd
SE 144th St
SE 145 Pl
SE 145th Ln
SE 145th Pl
SE 145th St
SE 146 Ln
SE 146 St
SE 146th Ln
SE 146th Pl
SE 146th St
SE 147 Pl
SE 147 St
SE 147th Ln
SE 147th Pl
SE 147th St
SE 148th Pl
SE 148th Place Rd
SE 148th St
SE 149th Ln
SE 149th Pl
SE 149th St
SE 150th Ln
SE 150th Pl
SE 150th St
SE 151st Lane Rd
SE 151st Ln
SE 151st Pl
SE 151st St
SE 152nd Ln
SE 152nd Pl
SE 153rd Pl
SE 154th Ln
SE 154th Pl
SE 154th St
SE 155th Pl
SE 155th St
SE 156th Pl
SE 156th Place Rd
SE 156th Pl Rd
SE 156th St
SE 157th Lane Rd
SE 157th Ln
SE 157th Pl
SE 157th St
SE 158th Pl
SE 158th St
SE 159 Ln
SE 159th Lane Rd
SE 159th Ln
SE 159th Pl
SE 159th St
SE 15th Ct
SE 160th Lane Rd
SE 160th Ln
SE 160th Pl
SE 160th St
SE 161st Ln
SE 161st Pl
SE 161st St
SE 162nd Pl
SE 162nd Place Rd
SE 162nd St
SE 163rd Ln
SE 163rd St
SE 163rd Street Rd
SE 163 St
SE 164th Pl
SE 165th Ln
SE 165th Pl
SE 165th St
SE 166th Ln
SE 166th Pl
SE 166th Rd
SE 166th St
SE 167th Ln
SE 167th Pl
SE 167th Place Rd
SE 168th Pl
SE 169 la
SE 169 Ln
SE 169th Ln
SE 169th Pl
SE 169th St
SE 16th Ave
SE 16th Ct
SE 170 Pl
SE 170th Lane Rd
SE 170th Ln
SE 170th Pl
SE 170th St
SE 171 St
SE 171st Ln
SE 171st Loop
SE 171st Pl
SE 171st Street Rd
SE 172nd Ln
SE 172nd Loop
SE 172nd Pl
SE 172nd St
SE 173rd Lane Rd
SE 173rd Ln
SE 173rd Pl
SE 173rd St
SE 174th Ln
SE 174th Loop
SE 174th Pl
SE 174th Place Rd
SE 174th St
SE 175 St
SE 175th Ln
SE 175th Loop
SE 175th Pl
SE 175th St
SE 176 St
SE 176th Loop
SE 176th Pl
SE 176th Place Rd
SE 176th St
SE 177th Ln
SE 177th Loop
SE 177th Pl
SE 177th St
SE 177th Street Rd
SE 178 Ln
SE 178th Lane Rd
SE 178th Ln
SE 178th Pl
SE 178th St
SE 179th Ln
SE 179th Loop
SE 179th Pl
SE 179th St
SE 180 St
SE 180th St
SE 18th Ct
SE 19th Ct
SE 1st Avenue Rd
SE 1st Av Rd
SE 21st Ave
SE 23rd Ave
SE 24th Ct
SE 25th Ave
SE 25th Ter
SE 26th Ct
SE 26th Ter
SE 27th Ave
SE 27th Ct
SE 28th Ct
SE 30th Ave
SE 30th Ct
SE 30th Ter
SE 31st Court Rd
SE 31st Ct
SE 32nd Court Rd
SE 32nd Ter
SE 33rd Ct
SE 33rd Ter
SE 34th Ct
SE 34th Ter
SE 35th Ct
SE 36th Ave
SE 36th Ct
SE 37th Ter
SE 38th Ter
SE 39th Ter
SE 40th Ave
SE 40th Ct
SE 40th St
SE 40th Ter
SE 41st Ct
SE 41st Ter
SE 42nd Ave
SE 42nd Ter
SE 43rd Ter
SE 44th Ave
SE 44th Ct
SE 44th Ter
SE 45th Ct
SE 45th Ter
SE 46th Ave
SE 46th Ct
SE 47th Ave
SE 47th Ct
SE 47th Ter
SE 48th Ave
SE 48th Ct
SE 49th Ave
SE 49th Ct
SE 49th Ter
SE 50th Ct
SE 51st Ave
SE 51st Ct
SE 51st Ter
SE 52nd Ct
SE 53rd Ave
SE 53rd Ct
SE 53rd Ter
SE 54 Ct
SE 54th Ct
SE 55th Ave
SE 56th Ave
SE 58th Ave
SE 58th Ct
SE 59th Ave
SE 59th Ct
SE 60th Ave
SE 61st Ave
SE 61st Ct
SE 62nd Ave
SE 62nd Ct
SE 63 Ct
SE 63rd Ave
SE 63rd Ter
SE 64th Ct
SE 64th Ter
SE 65th Ct
SE 65th Ter
SE 66th Ave
SE 66th Ct
SE 70 Ave
SE 70th Avenue Rd
SE 70th Ct
SE 73rd Ave
SE 73rd Ter
SE 77th Ct
SE 80th Ave
SE 80th Ter
SE 81st Ct
SE 81st Ter
SE 82nd Ct
SE 83rd Ave
SE 83rd Ct
SE 84th Ave
SE 84th Ct
SE 84th Ter
SE 85th Ave
SE 85th Cir
SE 85th Ct
SE 85th Ter
SE 86th Cir
SE 86th Ct
SE 86th Ter
SE 87th Ave
SE 87th Cir
SE 87th Ct
SE 87th Ter
SE 87th Terrace Rd
SE 88th Ave
SE 88th Ct
SE 88th Ter
SE 89 Ct
SE 89th Ave
SE 89th Cir
SE 89th Ct
SE 89th Ter
SE 89th Terrace Rd
SE 90 Ter
SE 90th Ave
SE 90th Court Rd
SE 90th Ct
SE 90th Ter
SE 91 Ct
SE 91st Ave
SE 91st Cir
SE 91st Court Rd
SE 91st Ct
SE 91st Ter
SE 91st Terrace Rd
SE 92nd Ave
SE 92nd Court Rd
SE 92nd Ct
SE 92nd Ct Rd
SE 92nd Rd
SE 92nd Ter
SE 92th Court Rd
SE 93rd Ave
SE 93rd Avenue Rd
SE 93rd Cir
SE 93rd Court Rd
SE 93rd Ct
SE 93rd Ter
SE 93rd Terrace Rd
SE 94th Ave
SE 94th Ct
SE 94th Ter
SE 95th Ave
SE 95th Cir
SE 95th Court Rd
SE 95th Cr
SE 95th Ct
SE 95th Ter
SE 96th Ave
SE 96th Avenue Rd
SE 96th Cir
SE 96th Ct
SE 96th Ter
SE 97th Ave
SE 97th Avenue Rd
SE 97th Ct
SE 97th Ter
SE 97th Terrace Rd
SE 98th Ave
SE 98th Cir
SE 98th Ct
SE 98th Ter
SE 99th Ave
SE 99th Ct
SE 99th Ter
SE 9th Ct
SE Chinica Dr
SE Nathan Mayo Hwy
SE Ocale Way
SE Sunset Harbor Rd
SE Timucuan Rd
S Magnolia Ave
Sportsman Ave
State Hwy 35
SW 131st Pl
Timucuan Rd
Tomoka Pl
US Hwy 27
US Hwy 301
US Hwy 441