Valrico, Florida Scanner Frequencies



Valrico, Florida IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS385 - AFCONC-BLOCK1-AS - Air Force Systems Networking, US
AS701 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS1541 - DNIC-ASBLK-01534-01546 - Headquarters, USAISC, US
AS3356 - LEVEL3 - Level 3 Parent, LLC, US
AS3549 - LVLT-3549 - Level 3 Parent, LLC, US
AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS14654 - WAYPORT - Wayport, Inc., US
AS22312 - TECO-ENERGY - TECO Energy, Inc., US
AS22394 - CELLCO - Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless, US
AS55285 - GRANITE-SERVICES-TAMPA - Granite Services, Inc, US

Valrico, Florida Streets

10 Oak Pl
4th St
5th St
6th St
Abbey Grove Dr
Acorn Leaf Ct
Acorn Seed Ct
Activities Ln
Alafia Oaks Dr
Alcorn Rd
Allwood Ave
Almandine Ct
Amber Oak Dr
Amber Rd
Amber Ridge Ln
Amethyst Way
Appletree Dr
Arbor Oaks Dr
Arborwood Dr
Archmont Ct
Arista Blvd
Arizona Sun Ct
Arley Pl
Arranmore Cir
Asa Trl
Ashwell Ct
Aspen Leaf Way
Autumn Glen Dr
Avalon Terrace Dr
Avant St
Avon River Dr
Back Water Ct
Balington Dr
Balmoral Pl
Barkley Ln
Barnhouse Pl
Barn Owl Ct
Beachmont Dr
Beachwood Ln
Bear Claw Ct
Bear Oak Dr
Beaver Pond Trl
Beck Ln
Belfort Pl
Bellerive Pl
Bell Grande Dr
Bell Shoals Rd
Benson St
Bent Creek Dr
Bent Grass Dr
Bent Leaf Dr
Bent Oak St
Berry Bend Rd
Berryfield Pl
Berryknoll Pl
Berryvine Pl
Beth Ann St
Big Pine Dr
Binion Pope Dr
Bismark Dr
Black Knight Dr
Blackwood Pl
Blantyre Pl
Bloom Hill Ave
Bloomingdale Ave
Bloomingdale Oaks Dr
Blowing Oak St
Blue Fox Way
Blue Maidencane Pl
Blue Stone Ct
Bob Evans Rd
Bobs Rd
Bollingwood Pl
Bonnie View Dr
Bonterra Blvd
Bon Vie Pl
Booth Dr
Borden Ct
Bow Ct
Boxcar Way
Brahma Dr
Brandon Brook Rd
Brandon Lakes Ave
Brandon Lakes Cir
Brandon Lakes Ln
Brandon Ridge Dr
Brandywine Ct
Brandywine Dr
Brantwood Ct
Brantwood Dr
Braun Way
Brentwood Hills Blvd
Breyer Wood Ct
Brianholly Dr
Briarcliff Cove
Briarcliff Dr
Briarlake Dr
Briarmeadow Dr
Briarpark Way
Briarpatch Dr
Brickyard Ct
Bright Sky Trl
Brilliant Cut Way
Brimhollow Dr
Broken Sound Ln
Brooke Dr
Brooker Trace Ln
Brookville Dr
Broomsedge Ln
Brucken Rd
Buckhead Way
Buckhorn Groves Ct
Buckhorn Manor Dr
Buckhorn Oaks Dr
Buckhorn Preserve Blvd
Buckhorn Run Dr
Buckhorn School Ct
Buckhorn School Rd
Buckhorn Trace Ct
Buckingham Loop Dr
Bucknell Dr
Buckner Rd
Burnt Hickory Dr
Burridge Ct
Cabbage Palm Dr
Caboose Ln
Cade Ln
Callista Ave
Cambron Dr
Camden Oaks Pl
Cameo Crest Ln
Camphor Glen Ct
Canaan Corral Ln
Canter Ct
Canter Woods Ln
Canyonwood Ct
Cape Cod Cir
Capri Rd
Caravel Ln
Carenon Ln
Carleigh Ln
Carmella Dr
Carousel Ln
Carriage Park Dr
Carrie Cove
Carrie Ln
Carrie Wood Dr
Carter Oaks Dr
Casaba Loop
Cascio Way
Casey Jones Dr
Castlebar Way
Castle Heights Ln
Castlekeeper Pl
Castle Key Ln
Castle Stone Ct
Cedar Cay Cir
Cedar Crest Pl
Cedar Glenn Ct
Cedarshake Ln
Centennial Falcon Dr
Center Point Rd
Chablis Ct
Chardonnay Pl
Charter Wood Pl
Chelsea Wood Dr
Chelsea Woods Dr
Cherokee Rd
Cherokee Trl
Cherry Oak Dr
Chesney Dr
Chestnutwood Dr
Chickasaw Trl
Choo Choo Ln
Church St
Cimmaron Run Dr
Cinder Dr
Cinnamon Trace Dr
Citrone Ct
Citrus Orchard Way
Citrus Wood Ln
Clareside Dr
Clarion Dr
Classic Dr
Claudina Pl
Cleo Ln
Cliffdale Dr
Clifton Dr
Clinton Rd
Clover Dew Ct
Cloverfield Ln
Clover Heights Ln
Clyde Roach Pl
Coast Line Way
Coconut Cove Pl
Cold Creek Dr
Colusa Ln
Commonwealth Ave
Compass Oaks Dr
Cooper Ridge Pl
Coopers Hawk Ct
Copper Canyon Blvd
Copper Height Ct
Coral Crest Dr
Co Rd 640
Co Rd 676
Cordgrass Dr
Coto Pl
Cottage Grove Cir
Cottens Dr
Cotton Mill Pl
Cottonwood Tree Cir
Country Creek Ln
Country Gate Ct
Country Vineyard Dr
Cranberry Knoll Rd
Crape Myrtle Ln
Crayford Pl
Crest Ct
Crestfield Dr
Crestmont Ct
Crest Top Trl
Crestwood Dr
Cricket Ln
Crooked Creek Way
Crooked Stick Dr
Crosby Rd
Cross Grove Pl
Cross More St
Cross Ridge Ct
Crosstree Ln
Crowned Eagle Ct
Crown Park Dr
Crystal Carbon Way
Crystal Goblet Ct
Culbreath Cove Ct
Culbreath Rd
Culusaja Cir
Cunard Dr
Custer Dr
Cypress Landing Dr
Cypress Ln
Cypress Point Pl
Daly Way
Dalzie Dr
Danny Dr
Dartford Ct
Daventry Pl
Deep Well Ct
Deer Run Pl
Delamere Ct
Delarua Pl
Dever Moody Rd
Dewberry St
Dew Bloom Rd
Diane Ave
Diehl Dr
Dierker Dr
Dillon Ct
Dixie Maid Ln
Dockside Dr
Doefield Ct
Donegal Ct
Donnelly Rd
Dragon Head Dr
Dragons Fire Pl
Dragon Tail Ct
Dragon View Ct
Drake Elm Ter
Drakes Landing Ct
Draw Bridge Ln
Drumwood Pl
Dumbarton Way
Dumont Dr
Dunaire Dr
Dunaway Dr
Duncan Cove Way
Duncan Tree Cir
Duncombe Dr
Durant Ct
Durant Oaks Dr
Durant Rd
Durant Woods St
Duxberry Ln
Eagle Bluff Dr
Eagle Ridge Ct
Eaglerise Dr
Eagles Nest Dr
Eaglewood St
Eastmonte Dr
Eastridge Dr
Echo Springs Dr
Edgehill Rd
Edgerton Dr
Eider Ct
Elba Pl
Elk Ridge Ln
Ellenville Pl
Ellington Ct
Elm Grove Ln
E Lost Pine Way
Elton Pl
E Lumsden Rd
Emerald Creek Dr
Emerald Hill Way
Empress Ct
Engineer Dr
Erin Brooke Dr
Erindale Dr
Evans Ln
Facet View Way
Faircourt Dr
Fairhaven Dr
Fairlea Dr
Fairlea Ln
Fairway Estates Ct
Fairway One Dr
Fairway View Dr
Falkirk Ave
Falling Leaves Dr
Family Ct
Fawn Lake Pl
Fawn Meadow Dr
Featherband Dr
Finch Rd
Flat Branch Ct
Fleewell Ct
Fleites Ln
Florida St
Flower Branch Way
Folklore Dr
Fontana Pl
Fountain Grass Dr
Foxdale Pl
Fox Hill Pl
Fox Squirrel Ln
Freeland Dr
Front St
Gadwall Ct
Gangplank Dr
Gardenwood Pl
Gay Ann Dr
Gem Luster Ct
Gentrice Dr
Georgia Trace Ave
Glendon Pl
Glen Mist Dr
Glen Park Ln
Goldcrest Pl
Golden Oak Ln
Golden Pond Ct
Golf Heights Cir
Golf Manor Blvd
Golf Meadow Blvd
Gorman Dr
Gotham Way
Grand Canyon Dr
Grand Heritage Blvd
Grand Magnolia Pl
Graphite Ct
Graywood Ct
Great Golfers Pl
Greatview Pl
Greenford St
Greenhills Dr
Greenhollow Ln
Greenmark Ln
Greenrock Pl
Greenside Dr
Greenstone Pl
Green Valley St
Greg St
Greymont Dr
Greystone Heights Dr
Grovesedge St
Groveway Dr
Guiles Rd
Halloak Ct
Hamlin Ct
Haney Ct
Hanover Hill Dr
Happy Acres Ln
Hardcastle Pl
Harder Oaks Ave
Hardwood Dr
Hardwood Pl
Harmony Grove Trl
Harrogate Dr
Harvest Grove Ct
Hatch Pl
Havenstone Way
Havenwood Way
Hawley Ct
Heartland Cir
Hedgeway Dr
Helene Pl
Helm Ln
Henchee Ln
Heritage Crest Dr
Heritage Dr
Heritage Park Ct
Hermitage Hill Way
Hermitige Hill Way
Herndon St
Hickory Grove Dr
Hickory Ridge Dr
Hidden Acres Dr
Hidden Meadow Ct
Hidden Pines Pl
Hidden Spring Pl
Hiddenwood Ct
Hideaway Ln
Hideway Ln
Highcrest Cir
Highgate Dr
Highgrove Ct
Highlander Way
High Tide Ct
Highwood Rd
Hill Dr
Hillgrove Rd
Holleman Dr
Hollow Wood Dr
Honeybell Ridge Ct
Honey Ridge Pl
Hopewell Rd
Horseshoe Pick Ln
Horstree Ct
Hunt Club Ln
Hunter Rd
Hurley Grove Way
Hurley Pond Ln
Hurley Rd
Imperial Eagle Dr
Innergary Pl
Intervista Ln
Isle of Palms Dr
Jacqueline Dr
Jade Ln
Jason Dr
Jean Rd
Jelane Dr
Jennifer Ln
Jenni Lin Ct
Jolley Ct
Kalewood Pl
Kantrel Pl
Kay Jane Dr
Kay Jean Dr
Keel Pl
Kendal Ct
Kennen Dr
Kentfield Pl
Kenwick Dr
Kimmi Tree Ln
King Arthur Ct
Kingsford Pl
King Surrey Ct
Kinross Ct
Kiowa Ln
Kirkcaldy Way
Kirkmont Pl
Kiser Dr
Kitmore Pl
Klickety Klack Ln
Klickety Klak Ln
Knobcrest Pl
Knotty Oak Ln
Kristin Pl
Kristin Way
Kyle Ct
Kylepoint Way
Lady Elaine Dr
Lady Guinevere Dr
Laindale Pl
Lake Breeze Pl
Lake Michaela Blvd
Lakemont Dr
Lake Valrico Cir
Lake Valrico Ln
Lake Valrico Way
Lalina Ct
Landside Dr
Laurelcrest Cir
Laurel Leaf Dr
Laurel Oak Dr
Laurel Pointe Dr
Laurelwood Ln
Laxton Ln
Lee Dr
Legends Pass Dr
Leichester St
Leola Ln
Leonard St
Letona Ln
Levonshire Pl
Lighterwood Way
Lina Ct
Linford Ct
Lithia Center Ln
Lithia Pinecrest Rd
Lithia Ridge Blvd
Little Denise Ct
Little Eagle Ct
Little Oak St
Little Rd
Little Stearns Rd
Lodgeview Way
Loma Vista Dr
Long Green Ct
Long Island Way
Longmore Cir
Long Pond Dr
Lornewood Dr
Low Tide Ct
Lukow Pl
Lumsden Pointe Blvd
Lumsden Trace Cir
Lutie Dr
Lyncrest Ct
Main St
Mallory Point Dr
Manor Oak Dr
Manor Ridge Pl
Maren Trace Ln
Marjo Ln
Marjorie Dr
Marjory Dr
Marlin James Dr
Marseille Ct
Marsh Hawk Ct
Mason Oaks Dr
Meadowcrest Dr
Meadowridge Dr
Meadows Edge
Meme Ln
Mendocina Way
Mendocino Way
Meredith Dr
Merion Rd
Merrick Run Ln
Meteor Pl
Midoneck Ct
Millcreek Ct
Miller Woods Ct
Miramont Cir
Misty Landing Dr
Misty Ridge Ln
Mock Orange Ct
Mohican Trl
Monastery Ct
Monte Lake Dr
Moondale Ct
Moreland Dr
Morganside Way
Morning Rain Pl
Morningside Dr
Morningside Loop
Morrill Ct
Mossy Timber Trl
Mountain Meadow Way
Mountain Top Dr
Moyer Ln
Murcott Pl
Murray Dale Dr
Myrtle Rd
Nadina Ct
Napa Pl
Napa Valley Cir
Narrow Way
Natures Ct
Natures Way Blvd
Needham Dr
Newbourne Way
Newland Pl
New River Hills Pkwy
Nittany Ct
N Miller Rd
N Mount Carmel Rd
N Mulrennan Rd
Northridge Dr
Norwood Hills Ln
Nova Dr
N Saint Cloud Ave
N Valrico Rd
Oak Arbor Ln
Oak Brush Pl
Oak Cliff Ct
Oakhill Dr
Oakhill Key Ct
Oakhill Park Pl
Oakhill Ridge Rd
Oakhill View Dr
Oakhill Village Cir
Oakhurst Ct
Oak Isle Ct
Oaklane Rd
Oak River Cir
Oak St
Oak Tree Pl
Oakwood Dr
Oakwood Knoll Ct
Ocean Breeze Pl
Olavet Ct
Old Course Ln
Old Mulrennan Rd
Orangecrest St
Orangefield Pl
Orange Lawn Dr
Orange Pointe Rd
Orange Ridge Ct
Orchid Isle Ct
Ottawa Run
Otter Creek Ct
Ottowa Run
Overstreet Hill Rd
Overstreet Ln
Oxmoor Ct
Palace Ct
Paladin Ct
Palm Beach Dr
Palm Ridge Pl
Pamella Persona Way
Pankaw Ln
Panther Creek Pl
Park Meadow Dr
Parkside Dr
Parkwood Dr
Parrish Ridge Ln
Partridge Point Trl
Pawnee Path
Peachfield Dr
Peach Heather Trl
Pearson Rd
Peekskill Rd
Penmark Stone Pl
Penrod Ln
Petticoat Junction
Pierce Christie Dr
Pine Knot Dr
Pine St
Pine Top Dr
Pine Trace Cir
Piney Branch Cir
Piney Branch Dr
Pioneer Ln
Pittwood Rd
Planters Wood Ct
Pleasant Pine Ct
Polumbo Dr
Pongo Ln
Portobello Cir
Possom Trot Rd
Powder Ridge Dr
Prairie Grass Ln
Preston Woods Dr
Property Ln
Pyrite Ct
Quail Briar Dr
Quail Hollow Pl
Queen Alberta Dr
Queensbury Ave
Rachel Ct
Rainbrook Cir
Ramshead Dr
Ranch Grove Ct
Ranch Rd
Randy Dr
Rankin Pl
Ravenna Dr
Ravenwood Dr
Ray Rd
Red Lion Dr
Red Warbler Ln
Regal Park Dr
Regal River Rd
Ricky Cir
Ridgecrest Dr
Ridgefield Dr
Ridge Land Ln
Ridgemore Dr
Ridge Top Way
Ridgevale Cir
Ridgeview Pl
Riflecrest Ave
River Close Blvd
River Crossing Dr
River Dr
Riverfield Ct
River Meadow Ct
River Overlook Dr
River Park Ct
Robert James Dr
Robinson Rd
Robin Way
Rochelle Ln
Rockfield Loop
Rockingchair Dr
Rockin J Ct
Rocky Mountain Ct
Rolling Acres Pl
Rolling Cir
Rolling Fairway Dr
Rolling Hills Blvd
Rolling Meadow Dr
Rolling Terrace Ln
Rolling Terrance Ln
Rollingwood Ln
Ronja Ln
Rose St
Royal Ridge St
Royal Tuscan Ln
Royal Wood Ct
Rudder Dr
Ryalwood Ct
Sablewood Dr
Sacramento St
Saddle Ridge St
Sail Way
Saint Anthony Dr
Saint Cloud Oaks Dr
Sakura Dr
Sally Parrish Rd
Samantha Ln
Sand Hollow Ln
Sand Key Ln
Sand Pebble Dr
Sand Ridge Dr
Sand Trap Pl
Sangria Dr
Santee Way
Savannah Lake Pl
Savannah Landings Ave
Sawdust Ct
Sawtooth Dr
Schooner Bay Ct
Scovill Ln
S Dover Rd
Seffner Valrico Rd
Selkirk St
Sequoia Way
Shadowhill Ln
Shadowood Dr
Shady Creek Ct
Shady Leaf Dr
Shady Oaks Dr
Shamrock Park Pl
Shantia Ct
Sharewood Dr
Sherbrook Dr
Shilo Ct
Shortcake Ln
Siena Way
Silkwood Pl
Silverado Way
Silver Hill Ct
Silver Hill Dr
Silver Hill Pl
Silver Ln
Silver Ridge Way
Silver Streak Ln
Silver Trumpet Ct
Skipping Stone Ct
Sky High Dr
Sky Ridge Dr
Skywood Dr
S Miller Rd
Smoke Hickory Ln
Smoke Rise Ct
S Mulrennan Rd
S Nine Dr
Soaring Osprey Way
Somerstone Dr
Sonoma Dr
Split Silk St
Spoonbill Ct
Sprawling Oaks Pl
Springdell Cir
Spring Rd
Springville Dr
Spring Way Cir
Spruce Ln
Spruce Pine Dr
Spyglass Hill Cir
Spy Tower Ct
Squirrel Run Way
S Ridge Dr
S Saint Cloud Ave
Stable Dr
Stallion Way
Starlifter Ln
Starmount Dr
Starwood Ave
State Hwy 60
Station Dr
Staysail Dr
Stearns Park Rd
Stearns Rd
Stern Way
Still Meadow Dr
Stonebridge Trl
Stonehill Ave
Stone Hollow Ct
Stove Pl
Strawberry Junction Ln
Strawberry Ridge Blvd
Sugar Loaf Ln
Sugar Ridge Way
Summer Bay Way
Summer Cruise Dr
Summergate Dr
Summerhill Dr
Summer House Dr
Summer Island Ct
Summerlyn Dr
Summer Sails Dr
Summit Chase Dr
Summit View Dr
Suncoast Ave
Sunnybank Ct
Sunnybank Dr
Sunset Beach Ct
Sunview Ave
Susan Pl
Sutherland Cir
S Valrico Rd
Sweet Breeze Dr
Swift Cir
Sydney Rd
Sylvan Oaks Dr
Sylvan Shadow St
Taho Cir
Tallow Tree Cir
Tampa St
Tarawood Ln
Tatiana Pl
Taxter Run
Tea Olive Ter
Tennessee Rd
Tevalo Dr
Thames River Pl
Thistle Terrace Pl
Thomas Cooper Rd
Thunder Way
Tiger Wood Ct
Tiller Way
Timberfall Ln
Timbergrove Dr
Timber Knoll Dr
Timber Run Dr
Timothy Ter
Topsail Pl
Tortguga Way
Tranquiview Ln
Travis Robert Ave
Treadway Dr
Treeline Dr
Triple Brooks Dr
Triple Jump St
Troon Pl
Tropicana Way
Trumpworth Ct
Tucson Ct
Turkey Oak Dr
Turnbury St
Twilight Dr
Twin Creeks Dr
Upland Pl
Valencia Grove Dr
Valleybrook Ave
Valrico Forest Dr
Valrico Grove Dr
Valrico Heights Blvd
Valrico Hights Blvd
Valrico Hills Ln
Valrico Lake Rd
Valrico Station Rd
Valrico Vista Dr
Vickers Rd
Villa Dr
Village Dr
Village Hill Dr
Vinedale Ave
Viola Ln
Vista River Dr
Vistaview Ln
Walsingham Way
Walton Ln
Warmspring Way
Washington Rd
Water Lark Way
Waterleaf Ct
Waterman Dr
Waterwood Ct
Wave Crest Cir
Waylon Ln
Weld Bird Ct
Westchester Hills Ln
Wexford Green Dr
Whisper Grove Ct
Whispering Leaf Trl
Whisper Ln
Whistle Stop Ln
White Pheasant Pl
Whitney Pl
Wildberry Way
Wildwood Hollow Dr
Wildwood Ln
Williams Blvd
Willow Oaks Dr
Willow Ridge Ter
Winchester Ln
Windcrest Oaks Ct
Windell Pl
Winding Brook Ln
Winding River Dr
Winding Trail Dr
Windjammer Pl
Windwood Pl
Winn Arthur Dr
Wire Grass Trl
Wister Cir
Wister Cr
Woodknoll Pl
Woods Pointe Way
W Palm Cir
Wrencrest Cir
Wrencrest Ct
W River Ct
Yellowood Dr
Yellow Wood Dr
Zephyr Ln