Morganton, Georgia Scanner Frequencies



Morganton, Georgia IP Addresses

AS25853 - ELJY30540 - Ellijay Telephone Company, US
AS30390 - IMERYS-UK-PARMOOR-ASNUMBER - Imerys Pigments, US
AS54665 - NGN - North Georgia Network Cooperative, Inc., US

Morganton, Georgia Streets

Addington Rd
Adra Dr
Adra Ln
Adra Rd
Adventure Ln
Alamo Trl
Allen Ln
Allen Rd
Amber Way
Antioch Cemetary Dr
Antioch Cemetary Rd
Antler Way
Anvil Ct
A O Ln
Appalachian Hwy
Appalachian Trce
Aster Ln
Aubery Ln
Austin Mtn Rd
Autumn Hills Dr
Barefoot Junction
Barker Ln
Barrks Farm Rd
Beacon Point Rd
Bear Crk
Bear Pause
Bear Track Trl
Bear Walks Medicine Path
Beaver's Cove
Beavers Dr
Beavers Farm Rd
Beayers Dr
Bell Ln
Benjamin Rd
Bentwood Trl N
Berta Rd
Birchwood Dr
Black Bear Ridge
Blackberry Ln
Black Dog Ln
Black Dog Trl
Blue Berry Ridge
Blue Cloud Trl
Blue Ridge Trl
Bonnie's Vis
Boot Legger Rd
Brent Ln
Briar Cove Con
Briar Cove Ln
Briar Cove Rd
Briar Ln
Bridle Path
Bruce Mountain Rd
Bruce Mountain Spr
Buckeye Branch Rd
Bud Franklin Dr
Buffalo Jump Trl
Burgess Gap Rd
Burke Mountain Vw
Butler Creek Ln
Cabbage Patch
Cabbage Patch Rd
Carlise Way
Carter Mill Rd
Cassidy Ln
Cedar Ln
Chambers Dr
Chambers Rd
Channing Hollow
Channing Ln
Channing Ridge Rd
Channing Vw
Chapel Br Rd
Chapman Pl
Charles Way
Charlotte Cir
Charlotte Dr
Chat A While Rd
Chickadee Dr
Chickadee Rd
Chinquapin Ridge Rd
Chosen Rdg
Christian Xing
Church St
Circle Dr
C J Dr
Clay Cir
Clearwater Trl
Cold Springs Rd
College St
Collins Hollow Rd
Collins Rd
Comfort Ln
Cook Henry Rd E
Cook Henry Rd W
Cook Rd
Cook St
Coon Gap Rd
Coopers Ln
Coppers Ln
Co Rd 197
Co Rd 52
Co Rd 58
Crabapple Ln
Creek Front Ln
Crestview Dr
Croft Mountain Ridge
Crystal Mountain Ln
Daige Dr
Dancing Trees Trl
Daves Rd
Dawgs Dr
Daybreak Blvd
Day Lewis Dr
Deer Haven Dr
Deer Ridge
Deer Run
Deer Springs Rd
Dennis Dr
Depot St
Dettloff Dr
Dial Escape Rd
Dillions Ln
Dillons Ridge Rd
Dividing Ridge Rd
Dixie Ln
Dolittle Rd
Doolittle Rd
Dove Ln
Dowd Rd
Down Yonder Rd
Drake Rd
Duck Cove
Dusty Trl
Eagles Lndg
Eagle Top Dr
Eagle Top Ln
East St
Echo Rd
Echo Valley Rd
E Culberson Rd
Edith May Ave
Eld Ridge Rd
Elgin Rd
Elk Ln
Ellis Ford Rd
Elrod Ln
Elrod Rd
Emelia Ln
Emmett Walker Rd
Enchanting Cir
Enchanting Forest Rd
Ethan Wilson Way
Evans Dr
Evans Rd
Evening Shade Ct
Evening Shadows
Evening Shadows Rd
Everett Botts Rd
Fain St
Fairview Ln
Fantasy Ln
Fawn Trl
Featherwind Dr
Felton Dr
Fern Dr
Fern Rd
Fire Stoke Ct
Folklore Ct
Ford Ln
Forest Cove Dr
Forest Dr
Forge Mill Rd
Forges Mill Xing
Foster Ln
Fox Hollow
Free Ln
Galloway Dr
Garren Cove Ln
Garren Cove Rd
Goa Away
Goldmine Rd
Gordon Dr
Gordon Thomas Rd
Gork Holler Rd
Grady Hunt Rd
Granite Way
Gun Shop Rd
Hampton Rd
Happy Destiny
Happy Valley Ln
Harbin Ct
Harley Hunter Rd
Harmony Way
Hawksclaw Rd
Hawksclaw Trl
Hay Dr
Haygood Rd
Hay Ln
Hazelwood Pt
Heards Ridge
Heaven Scent Rd
Hemptown Heights Dr
Hemptown Overlook
Hidden Springs Trl
Hidden Valley Cir
Hidden Valley Dr
Hidden Valley Rd
Hideaway Ln
Hideaway Pl
Hideaway Rd
Hideaway Ridge
High Country Cir
High Country Ln
High Country Rd
High Country Xing
High Lance Rd
Highland Forest Dr
High Meadow Dr
High Noon Rd
Holly Ridge Ln
Homestead Trl
Honey Bear Ln
Honey Hill Rd
Hooper Ln
Hoot Owl Hill
Hoot Owl Ridge
Horseshoe Bend Rd
Hughes Dr
Hummingbird Ln
Hummingbird Way
Hunters Run
Indian Springs Rd
Ivy Grove
Jacks Ct
Jake Dr
Joanna Ct
Jodie Ln
Jones Dr
Jonica Gap Rd
Jordan Ln
Katie Haven
Katydid Rd
Kimbolton Dr
Kissentry Ln
Lacy Ln
Lake Cove Cir
Lake Cove Dr
Lake Cove Rd
Lake Dr
Lake Front Dr
Lakeshore Cir
Lakeshore Dr
Lakeside Dr
Lake View Cir
Last Chance Gulch
Laurel Ridge
Lavender Dr
Lavender Ln
Leeward Trl
Lewis Ln
Liberty Hill Rd
Little Bluff Trl
Little Forest Trl
Lobo Trl
Locust Ln
Lola Mae Way
Long Branch Ln
Longleaf Dr
Loving Meadows Ln
Loving Rd
Lower Star Creek Rd
Lowery Rd
Mabry Ln
Majestic Ln
Majestic Way
Mallard Ln
Mallard Point Rd
Mallard Pt
Maple Cir
Maple Grove Rd
Maple St
Maple Way
Mark Mills Rd
Mar Lin Trl
Mattie Mitchell Rd
McKeral Dr
Meadow Hill
Meadowoods Dr
Meadow Ridge
Meadow View Dr
Meadow Woods Dr
Milich Dr
Mill Rd
Misty Mountain Overlook
Misty Mountain Trl
Misty Mtn Trl
Misty Mtn Trl (Access Rd)
Mitchell Branch Rd
Morganton Hwy
Morganton Industrial Park
Mountain Lookout
Mountain Rd
Mountain Top Rd
Mountain Valley Rd
Mt Carmel Rd
Mtn Rd
Mull Lane Cir
Mull Ln
Mull Rd
Mull Valley Rd
Mustang Trl
My Mountain Rd
N Burgess Gap Rd
Neal Dr
New Hope Rd
Nicholson Dr
Oak Crest Dr
Oakey Ridge Rd
Oak Hill Rd
Oak Hills Dr
Oak Ledge
Oak Ledge Rd
Oak Ridge Rd
Oak Ridge Way
Oak St
Old Chappel Rd
Old Dial Rd
Old Field Rd
Old Hwy 76
Old Loving Rd
Old Morganton Rd
Old Schoolhouse Ln
Old Seabolt Pl
Old Toccoa Rd
Old US Hwy 76
Ole King Cole
Ollie Ln
Orchard Dr
Outback Trl
Overlake Ct
Paddington Rd
Padena Dr
Padena Rd
Panter Rd
Parker Dr
Pate Rd
Patterson Ln
Patterson Pl
Phoenix Ln
Picklesimer Rd
Pleasant Gap Dr
Point Dr
Pond Overlook Ln
Poor Johns Rd
Poplar Ln
Pounding Creek Rd
Pounding Cr Rd
Prince Dr
Rabbit Ridge Rd
Rabbit Ridge Run
Racoon Trl
Rain Mountain Dr
Ralston Gap
Raper Rd
Reuben Rd
Richards Branch Rd
Richys Ln
Ridge St
Ridgeview Cir
Ridgeview Rd
Robinson Thomas Rd
Rock Hill Ct
Rocky Point Dr
Rocky Rd
Rocky Top Ln
Rogers Dr
Rolling Hills Dr
Rowland Pointe Rd
Rowland Pt
R T Lance Rd
Ruby Gulch
Rustic Barn Trl
Rustic Vw
Rusty Dr
Saddleview Ln
Sand Gap Rd
Scouts Ovlk
Seabolt Dr
Serenity Ridge
Shadow Creek Ct
Shane Dr
Sharewood Forest
Sharewood Ln
Shepherds Ln
Shepherds Pl
Shepherds Ridge
Shepherds Walk
Shepherds Way
Snowy Rd
Songbird Ln
Sourwood Cove Ln
South Rd
Sparks Rd
Split Rock Trl
Spring Ridge Dr
Spring Ridge Ln
Spring Ridge Trl
Squirrel Chase
Squirrel Hunting Rd
Stanley Ridge Rd
Star Creek Cir
Star Creek Ct
Star Creek Dr
Star Creek Rd
Star Dr
Stardust Ln
State Rte 2
State Rte 515
State Rte 60
State Rte 60 Byp
Stavanger Rd
Stewart Ln
Strickland Rd
Summer Dr
Sundance Dr
Sunset Ln
Syrup Mill Branch Rd
Tall Pines Rd
Tana Ridge Ln
Tankersley Cir
Tarpley Branch Dr
Tarpley Branch Rd
Tarpley Ln
Tater Hill
The Bluff
The Builders Hill
The Farm Rd
Thoma Pt Rd
Thoma Rd
Thomas Cir
Thomas Dr
Thomas Mountain Rd
Thomas Mtn Rd
Thomas Ridge Rd
Three Kids Trl
Three Oaks Cir
Three Oaks Dr
Thunder Trl
Timber Ln
Timmy Cir
Tipton Springs Rd
Tipton Trl
Tobacco Rd
Toccoa Farm Heights Rd
Toccoa Farm Rd
Tomahawk Pt
Tomorrow Ln
Town Square Rd
Tranquil Ln
Trappers Trl
Tulip Ln
Turkey Ridge Rd
Turkey Scratch Rd
Turkey Trot Rd
Turner Rd
Turninglay Creek Rd
Turning Lay Rd
Two Cedars Rd
Underwood Rd
US Hwy 76
Valley Ln
Victory Ridge
Victory Ridge Rd
Voyles Town Rd
Wagon Wheel Rd
Walk About Creek Rd
Walk About Ct Rd
Walker Dr
Water Garden Trl
Waterloon Trl
Waters Mtn Dr
W Culberson Rd
Wheelers Way
Whispering Meadows
Whispering Pines Rd
Whisper Rd
White Oak Ln
Wilderness Dr
Wilderness View Dr
Wildlife Trl
Wild Turkey Trl
Wild View Hollow
Williams Branch Dr
Wilscot Creek Trl
Wilscot Farms Rd
Wilscot Ln
Wilscot Valley Dr
Wilscot Valley Farm
Windy Hollow Ln
Winter Dr
Wise Rd
Wisteria Ln
Woodland Ridge Dr
Woodleaf Rd
Woods Edge
Wright Mill Rd
Wrought Iron Trl
W Second St
Wunder Bear Ridge