Athol, Idaho Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Athol, Idaho IP Addresses

AS2828 - XO-AS15 - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS5650 - FRONTIER-FRTR - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS10838 - OCEANIC-INTERNET-RR - Oceanic Internet, US
AS46353 - INTERMAX-AS - Intermax Networks, US

Athol, Idaho Streets

1st St
2nd St
3rd St
4th St
5th St
7th St
Akin Back Ranch Rd
Alice Ave
Allen St
Anglewood Ln
Aurora Way
Baker Rd
Bayview Rd
Bear Track Ln
Beaver Bay Rd
Bennett Ave
Berry Patch Loop
Berry Patch Loop Rd
Bishop Ln
Bitterroot Ct
Bohn Rd
Boundary Ct
Brass Ct
Button Hook Rd
Candle Hill Ln
Cedar Mountain Skyranch
Cider Rd
Colin Dr
Collins Rd
Co Rd 22
Countrywood Ln
Criklewood Dr
Crossover Rd
Custer St
Dancing Lights Ln
Davis Ln
Doe Run
Duce Rd
E 3rd St
E 6th St
E Admiral Rd
E Alvin Ct
E Apache Trl
E Arthur Rd
E Auburn Ct
E Balavage Dr
E Bear Grass Ct
E Bertsch Ave
E Big Boulder Rd
E Black Bear Rd
E Blaine St
E Breithart Ln
E Briar Ct
E Brunner Rd
E Bunco Byp
E Bunco Rd
E Butte Ave
E Cape Horn Rd
E Cessna Ln
E Chilco Rd
E Clipper Ln
E Colin Dr
E Custer St
E Deer Ave
E Duce Rd
E Eightmile Ave
E Far Cry Rd
E Feeley Ave
E Forest Ave
E Forest View Dr
E Forest View Rd
E Gold Ave
E Greyridge Rd
E Grizzly Ct
E Grove Ave
E Guess Where Rd
E Gwen Ct
E Hellroaring Rd
E Howard Rd
E Hummingbird Ln
E Jamie Ln
E Jensen Ln
E Kita Rd
Elk Ridge Rd
E Lorraine Dr
E Lowland Dr
E Lupin Ln
E Marnett Rd
E McFarland Rd
E Menser Ave
E Metallic Ct
E Morning Glory Ave
E Mountain Ct
E Native Ln
E Nunn Rd
E Old Railroad Grade Rd
E Parks Rd
E Payette St
E Pend Oreille Divide Rd
E Perimeter Rd
E Pier Rd
E Pine Haven Ln
E Powerline Rd
E Quarter Mile Rd
E Ranger Rd
E Ravenwolf Ct
E Red Dell Loop
E Remington Rd
E Rickel Ranch Rd
E Riley Loop
E Rose Mont Dr
E Sable Ct
E Sarah Loop
E Scout Trl
E Seasons Rd
E Shadow Ln
E Shoshone Ave
E Sierra Grande Dr
E Silver Meadows Loop
E Silver Spur Rd
E Silverwood Ln
E Sims Ln
E Slide Bay Rd
E Snowy Ln
E Son Shine Way
E Straight Arrow Trl
E Sunshine Way
E Susan Ave
E Tellum Ave
E Teton Rd
E Timberland Rd
E Too Tall Ln
E Too Tall Rd
E Trinity Ln
E Trout Pond Rd
E Twete Rd
E Uriah Ct
E Valley Ave
Evening Star Ln
E Vera Ave
E Victory Ln
E Volunteer Ln
E War Eagle Ave
E White Cloud Rd
E Whitetail Ct
E Whitetail Dr
E Whitetail Trl
E Williams Ln
E Yellow Pine Ave
E Zinc Dr
Faith Hill Dr
Fir Rd
Forest Ave
Four Wheel Dr
Fremont Ave
Fremont St
Gem State Rd
Glory Dr
Gonser Ln
Governors Way
Grand Fir Dr
Granite Lake Rd
Granite Loop
Granite Loop Rd
Granite Spring Rd
Granite Springs Rd
Greenview Rd
Grove Ave
Gunsight Rd
Hellroaring Rd
Hidden Haven Rd
Homestead Rd
Honey Do Ln
Honeysuckle Rd
Hopkins Rd
Hummingbird Ln
Hwy 95
Industrial Park Ave
Jim Canyon Dr
Jim Canyon Rd
Kelso Lake Rd
Kelso Woods Dr
Kings Spur Dr
Kings Xing
Kohler Rd
Kripple Creek Rd
Lafatte Rd
Lafayette Rd
Lazy's Ln
Lazy Spade Ln
Lindsey Rd
Lodge Pole Rd
Lone Mountain Rd
Lost in the Woods Ln
Mara Meadows Rd
McTavish Ave
Metallic Ct
Misty Meadow Ln
Moose Ridge Rd
N 1st St
N 3rd St
N 5th St
N 6th St
N 7th St
N Alice Ct
N Allen St
Nat For Dev Rd 209
Nat For Dev Rd 2698
N Autumn St
N Beaver Lake Rd
N Beltway St
N Bishop Ln
N Bitterroot Ct
N Bohn Rd
N Bonanza Trl
N Brass Ct
N Bright Star Ln
N Bunco Rd
N Caliber Way
N Caravelle Rd
N Caribou Ave
N Caribou Rd
N Cedar Mountain Rd
N Cherokee Rd
N Chinook Cherry Rd
N Clagstone Rd
N Claim Ct
N Clearwater St
N Collins Rd
N Corbin Hill Rd
N Crowe Rd
N Dove Haven Ln
N Estates Dr
N Fall St
N Farmer Rd
N Fir Ave
N Flatrock Rd
N Flattery Rd
N Freemont St
N Good Hope Rd
N Greystone Rd
N Gunsight Rd
N Harrier Ln
N Hatch Rd
N Hayloft Rd
N Hester Rd
N Hindman St
N Holiday Ln
N Hollyhock St
N Infinity Rd
Nitty Gritty Ln
N Jacka Loop
N Jacqueline Ct
N Kinglet Rd
N Lakeside Ave
N Lazys Ln
N Lester Ct
N Lewellen Creek Rd
N Limekiln Rd
N Linzy Ln
N Lloyd Rd
N Llumia Ln
N Lone Moose Trl
N Lynch Ct
N Lynnhaven Rd
N Macdonalds Dr
N Main Ave
N Malispina Ln
N Marietta Rd
N McCoy Rd
N Meadow St
N Michelle Ct
N Miller Rd
N Minidoka St
N Morgan Pine Trl
N Nathan Rd
N Neely St
N Neighbor Ct
N North Star Ln
N Old Highway 95
N Old Hwy 95
Northern Sky Rd
N Panhandle Rd
N Parkridge Rd
N Pasttime St
N Pepper Rd
N Perimeter Rd
N Pheasant Run Ct
N Pine Haven Ln
N Ponderosa St
N Ramona St
N Ramsey Rd
N Rapalla Ct
N Raven Pl
N Red Fir Rd
N Red Fish St
N Residents Loop
N Roberts Rd
N Rock Springs Rd
N Sahara Rd
N Sarah Loop
N Scenery Ct
N Scranton Rd
N Sea Sprite Ln
N Sheep Springs Rd
N Sienna Loop
N Silver Meadows Loop
N Silverwood Ln
N Silverwood Way
N Skid Rd
N Stampede Rd
N Sundance Rd
N Sunset Hill Dr
N Sylvan Ln
N Sylvan Rd
N Targhee St
N Thimbleberry Acc
N Tiara Ln
N Two Rock Rd
N Waldron Trl
N Walking Horse Ln
N Warren Rd
N Weir Rd
N Wester Ranch Rd
N Wheatridge Rd
N Wishful Trl
N Wythywindle Ln
Obadiah Ct
Old House Rd
Old Hse Rd
Old Hwy
Old State Rd
Old US Hwy 95
Parkwood Dr
Pastime St
Pee Pine Rd
Pend Oreille Ave
Pepper Rd
Pine Glen Ct
Pine Meadow Rd
Quail Run Ct
Quiet Hts
Railroad St
Ranch Rd
Rd 22
Red Fir Ln
Red Fir Rd
Roberts Rd
Rock Spring Rd
Rock Springs Rd
Rodeo Dr
Rogers Pine Ln
Rosemont Dr
Rovin Check Ln
S Beaver Lake Rd
S Caravelle Rd
Scenic Bay Rd
Sleepy Doe Ln
Smylie Blvd
Spirit Lake Cutoff
Stampede Rd
Sta Off Mi Rd
State Hwy 54
Sunset Hill Dr
Sunset Hill Rd
Sunset Rd
Tag Along Way
Three Sisters Dr
Topes Pit
Trails End Rd
Trinity Ln
Trl End
Turk Ln
Twin River Rd
Twin Rivers Rd
US Hwy 95
Vera Ave
Vigs Dr
Watkins Ave
W Browning Rd
W Brunner Rd
W Cameo Ln
W Cowboy Way
Where-It's-at Rd
W Hillsdale Rd
Whitetail Run Ln
Wilderness Dr
Wildrose Ln
Wildwood Ln
W Lone Mountain Rd
W Murphy Rd
Wooden Rose Ln
W Pine Glen Ct
W Remington Rd
W Saddlehorn Ct
W Seasons Rd
W Shooting Star Rd
W Smoke Tree Ave
W Spring Ave
W Summer Ave
W Wesson Ave
Zeeland Rd