Tetonia, Idaho Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Tetonia, Idaho Streets

11000 W
1250 W
1300 N
200 E
200 Rd E
261 Rd
300 W
3rd South St
75 W
7750 N
8450 W
9100 N
940 West Rd
Anderson Rd
Angler Point Rd
Ards Rd
Aspen Dr
Badger Creek Ranch Rd
Badger Creek Rd
Bainbridge Dr
Baler Rd
Bates Rd
Beaver Blvd
Blair Rd
Blue Ridge Ln
Boyer Dr
Boyer Ln
Breckenridge Rd
Brook Ln
Browns Rd
Buck Town Blvd
Cache Rd
Cache Vista Dr
Caldwell Dr
Celino Ln
Cemetery Rd
Central Ave
Clover Ln
Clydes Turn
Colter Ln
Coyote Ridge Rd
Crazy Horse
Crestview Ln
Cutoff Rd
Daisy Way
Ditty Way
E 4000 N
E 400 N
E 5000 N
E 575 N
E 600 N
E 675 N
E 700 N
E 701 N
E 7250 N
E Dry Ridge Rd
Egbert Ave
E Grandview Dr
Emmie Ln
E Rammell Mountain Rd
Fisher Rd
Flintlock Ln
Fulmer Rd
Glen Eagle Dr
Gooseberry Rd
Grand View Dr
Granite Basin Loop
Grizzly Ridge Dr
Grouse Creek Loop
Grouse Run
Haden Rd
Hall Rd
Horseshoe Ln
Indian Ridge Rd
Inglin Ridge Rd
Jackson Ave
Jorgensen St
Leigh Ave
Leigh Creek Dr
Leigh Creek Rd
Leigh Rd
Letham Ave
Los Pinos Dr
Lower Woodland Hills Rd
Lucky Dr
Madeline Rd
Mahogany Dun Dr
Moonlight Ln
Mountain View Dr
Mountain View Rd
Murdock Ln
N 100 E
N 100 W
N 175 W
N 1st St
N 2000 W
N 200 W
N 2nd St
N 3000 W
N 300 W
N 30 W
N 3rd St
N 400 W
N 425 W
N 450 W
N 500 E
N 500 W
N 50 W
N 5th St
N 6750 W
N 675 W
N 6th St
N 7th St
N 8000 W
N 800 W
N Apsaroke Trl
N Baseline Rd
N Hoopes Rd
N Hwy 33
N Main St
N Overlook Cabin Ln
Old Dry Ridge Rd
Packsaddle Rd
Pale Morning Dr
Peacock Flats
Peacock Rd
Perry Ave
Phillips Rd
Pierre's Ln
Pinochle Rd
Poleline Rd
Porcupine Pkwy
Quartz Dr
Rainbow Ln
Rammell Mountain Rd
Ranch House Rd
Reece Ridge Rd
Renegade Dr
Reunion Rd
Rim Village Rd
Rising Sage Rd
River Rim Pond Ln
River Rim Ranch Rd
Rock Garden
Royal Dr
S 1st St
S 200 E
S 2nd St
S 3rd St
S 5th St
S 6th St
Saddle Bluff Trl
Sage Creek Dr
Sandcrane Ln
S Apsaroke Trl
S Aspen Dr
Shamrock Ln
Sheridan Loop
Shoshone Ln
S Main St
Snake River
Snowy Correl
Snowy Ln
Snowy Way
S Overlook Cabin Ln
Spirit Horse Trl
Spring Hollow Ranch Rd
State Hwy 32
State Hwy 33
Summer Breeze Trl
Summit View Dr
Surprise Valley Rd
Tammarack Trl
Teton Ave
Tetonia Highlands Ln
Teton Shadows Dr
Trouts Ranch Rd
Upper Ranch Ln
Valley Dr
Valley View Rd
Valview Rd
Vista Ct
Vista Ln
W 10000 N
W 1000 N
W 10500 N
W 1050 N
W 1100
W 11000 N
W 1100 N
W 1200 N
W 13500 N
W 1350 N
W 3000 N
W 300 N
W 300 S
W 3250 N
W 325 N
W 4000 N
W 400 N
W 510 N
W 520 N
W 575 N
W 590 N
W 6000 N
W 600 N
W 6500 N
W 650 N
W 7000 N
W 875 N
W Grandview Dr
W Hwy 33
W Leigh Creek Rd
Wolverine Way
Woodpecker Trl
Woodrush Rd
W Rammell Mountain Rd
W Ridge Rd
Wylie Ln