Anacoco, Louisiana Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Anacoco, Louisiana Streets

1st St
Adamski Rd
Addison Rd
Allen Dale Dr
Allen Dale Rd
Anacoco Prairie Trace Rd
Anacoco St
Anna Ln
Anne Rose Rd
A Prewitt Rd
Ash St
Austin Rd
Ball Park Rd
Bass Dr
Bass Haven Resort Dr
Beaver Rd
Becky Rd
Beech Grove Loop
Belsha Rd
Benefield Rd
Billy Isgitt Rd
Blaine St
Blue Creek Rd
Blue Jay Ln
Blue Magnolia Dr
Bobby Jett Rd
Bob Moore
Bourbon St
Bream Dr
Breauxs Hill
Bridge Rd
Brown Rd
Buddy Self Rd
Buddy Williams Rd
Bud Hagan Rd
Bud McCullough Rd
Burr Cementery Rd
Calvin St
Camp Baker Trce
Camp Wilderness Rd
Carlin Rd
Carlon St
Carver Dr
C Farris Rd
Charles St
Charlie Williams Rd
Choupique Dr
Church Rd
Clemens Rd
Clyde Miller Rd
Cochran Rd
Cold Springs Loop
Colony Loop
Conerly Loop
Conner Rd
Connor Rd
Corley Rd
Courtney Ln
Courtney Paige Lp
Cryer Welch Rd
Cypress Ave
Cypress Cove Rd
Date St
Desoto Dr
D Kelly Rd
Doctor Jeane Rd
Doe Ridge Rd
Dogwood Dr
Dowden Loop
Doyle Rd
Duplex St
East Rd
Edgewater Dr
E Lake Dr
E Lake Rd
Empire Pt
Erwin Rd
Eubanks Rd
Faircloth Loop
Fairlane Rd
Faris Dixon
Farris Cemetary Rd
Farris Rd
Felix Self Rd
Fisher McConathy Rd
Fitts Rd
Fondren Rd
Ford Stewart Rd
Foxey Ln
Foxy Ln
Franklin Dr
Frank McRae Rd
Freeman Gordon Rd
Front St
Gaskin Rd
Gazebo Ln
Gilbert Pkwy
G Kennedy Rd
Gladys Shirley Rd
Golden Ridge Dr
Golden Ridge Rd
Good Hope Rd
Gordon Rd
Green Acre Rd
Greenhead Rd
Greer Ln
Greer Rd
Grevemberg Rd
Gus Brown Rd
Guy Rd
Hammacck Rd
Hammock Rd
Harvey Nash Rd
Hawthorne Rd
Herline Rd
Hickory St
Hill Crest Dr
Hillman Rd
Hillside Dr
Hilton Ln
Hilton Rd
Holcomb Rd
Holly Estates Rd
Holly Grove Rd
Holton Harris Rd
Homer Moore Rd
Huey Bean Rd
Hunter Rd
Hunter Town Rd
Hwy 111 W
Hwy 392
Jack Jeane Loop
Jack Martin Rd
Jay Dr
Jay Rd
Jeanes Rd
J E Haymon Rd
Jernigan Dr
Jim Olen Rd
Joann Dr
John Craft Rd
John Keel Loop
John Ross Rd
Kay Rd
Kcs Dr
Kennel Rd
Ken Noble Ln
Knarr Ln
Kohoutek Ln
Kuhls Rd
Lacey Ln
Lacombe Rd
Langtons Landing Rd
Laughlin Rd
Laurence Rd
L Beauford Dr
Lee Dr
Lee Rd
Leo Egan Rd
Leonard Rd
Lewing Dr
Lew San Dr
Liles Rd
Lions Camp Rd
L Kay Rd
Locke Rd
Lonesome Rd
Loop Dr
Lotus Ln
L Raymond Dr
Lula St
Luther Trotti Rd
Lynn Nash Rd
Main St
Marion Taylor Rd
Martin Rd
Mattox Rd
McConathy Rd
McElveen Rd
McInnis Rd
McMahon Rd
McNeely Rd
McRae Dr
Memory Ln
Miers St
Miller Rd
Mill Rd
Mills Rd
Minze Dr
Mitchell Rd
M Mattox Rd
Mooneyham Loop
Moon Shadow Rd
Morrison Rd
Navy Dr
Neely Thomas Dr
Nelson Rd
Nicholas Cove Rd
Noble Dr
Nolan Trace Pkwy
Norwood Ln
Oak St
Old Highway Rd
Old River Rd
Ostrich Ln
Paradise Cove
Paradise Cove Dr
Paradise Pl
Parish Rd 1
Parish Rd 101
Parish Rd 101 A
Parish Rd 101 B
Parish Rd 101 C
Parish Rd 104
Parish Rd 106
Parish Rd 111
Parish Rd 112
Parish Rd 113
Parish Rd 114
Parish Rd 117
Parish Rd 118
Parish Rd 12
Parish Rd 120
Parish Rd 122
Parish Rd 123
Parish Rd 124
Parish Rd 126
Parish Rd 13
Parish Rd 130
Parish Rd 130 A
Parish Rd 131
Parish Rd 132
Parish Rd 134
Parish Rd 14
Parish Rd 141
Parish Rd 18
Parish Rd 20
Parish Rd 2029
Parish Rd 2075
Parish Rd 21
Parish Rd 2111
Parish Rd 2130
Parish Rd 2194
Parish Rd 23
Parish Rd 30
Parish Rd 33
Parish Rd 34
Parish Rd 80
Parish Rd 86
Parish Rd 87
Parish Rd 89
Parish Rd 91
Parish Rd 92
Parish Rd 95
Parish Rd 97
Parish Rd 9 A
Pat Patterson Rd
Pearl Creek Rd
Pearls Ln
Peavy Rd
Pen Leonard Rd
Perch Dr
Pete Martin Dr
Phelps Rd
Phillips Dr
Pickitt Rd
Pine Rd
Plantation Dr
Ponderosa Park Rd
Poor Folks Flat
Poor Folks Flt
Port Arthur Rd
Prairie View Ln
Prewitt Rd
Promises Ln
R Addison Rd
Ra Dr
Randall Dr
Randy Miller Rd
Rattlesnake Rd
Ray and Sue Rd
Redbud Ln
Red Gate Dr
Red Oak Dr
Red Oak Ln
Roberta Ln
Robert Jackson Rd
Robert Smart Rd
Roger Smart Rd
Ronayne Dr
Ross Rd
Roy Ave
Roy Clark Rd
Rtj Rd
Ruby Dr
Ryan St
Sampson Rd
Sandy Dr
Santos Trl
Self Rd
Shady Ln
Shapkoff Camp Rd
Shhh Rd
Shores Dr
Shreveport Hwy
Sisters Rd
Snell Rd
State Rte 111
State Rte 392
State Rte 8
Strutton Rd
Sullivan Dr
Sullivan St
Sunshine Dr
Tabor Dr
Tammy Ln
Tanglewood Dr
Tarou St
Taylor Rd
Teal Rd
Thaxton Landing Rd
Third Base Rd
Three Bare Rd
Three Oaks Dr
Tibbitt Rd
Tilly Dr
T James Rd
T Jones Rd
T Nash Rd
Todd Rd
Toledo Resort Dr
Tom Beckcom Rd
Tom Beckom Rd
Tony St
Tram Rd
Trigger Trap Dr
Trigger Trapp Rd
Trigger Trap Rd
Tyler Rd
US Hwy 171
Vernon Park Rd
Virginia St
Walter Dixon Rd
Wanda Gaskin Rd
Watkins Rd
W C Dees Ave
Welch Rd
Western Shores Dr
West St
Whatley Rd
White Rd
Wilborne Jeanne Rd
Wilburn Jeane Rd
Willard McInnis Rd
Willow Rd
W Leonard Rd
Wood Duck Rd
Woodrow Erwin Rd