Baker, Louisiana Scanner Frequencies



Baker, Louisiana IP Addresses

AS2048 - LANET-1 - State of Louisiana Office of Telecommunications Management, US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS22773 - ASN-CXA-ALL-CCI-22773-RDC - Cox Communications Inc., US
AS35856 - LWCC - Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation, US

Baker, Louisiana Streets

Acres Ct
Adair Ave
Adams St
Alabama St
Alba Dr
Algoa Ave
Alief Ave
Allen Ct
Al Sanford Rd
Amerest Ave
Anton Ave
Ardoon Dr
Arkansas St
Ashland St
Azalea Ave
Azie Ave
Bains Ct
Baker Blvd
Balm St
Barrington Dr
Bentley Dr
Ben Williams Ln
Biscayne St
Blackwater Rd
Blairstown Dr
Bluff Creek Dr
Bodo Dr
Boxwood Dr
Brant Dr
Brantley Dr
Breckenridge Dr
Brown Rd
Buchanan St
Buffet St
Buffwood Dr
Burgess Dr
Burras Ave
Byfaul Ave
Cadiz Dr
Camelia Ave
Candletree Ave
Caravel Ct
Carney Rd
Carolyn Dr
Cayuga Dr
Celester Dr
Centerra Ct
Center St
Chaleur Dr
Chamberlain Ave
Chapeau Dr
Charles Ave
Charlton Rd
Charry Dr
Chemin Dr
Chemin Pl
Chester Dr
Chipley St
Circle Dr
Clark St
Clermont St
Cline Dr
Colfax Dr
College Ave
Comite Acres Dr
Comite Dr
Coolidge St
Core Ln
Country Ln
Crosley Dr
Cypress Dr
Cypress Wood Dr
Daniels St
Daveco St
Davis St
Day Dr
Debra Dr
Deryshire Ave
Don Ave
Dormer Dr
Douceur Dr
Driftwood Dr
Dundee Dr
Dyer Rd
E Azalea Ave
E Buffwood Dr
Ector Dr
E Myrtle Ave
Epperson St
E Tigre Chenes Ct
Evans Dr
Evanston St
Exeter Ave
Faith Ave
Fausse Dr
Felicity Dr
Felton St
Florida Ave
Fourchon Dr
Fullerton Ave
Garfield St
Garland Ave
Gayden Ave
Georgia St
Gibbens Payne Ave
Glengarry Dr
Grant St
Greenwood Ln
Gretna Green Dr
Griffin Ct
Groom Rd
Gurney Rd
Gwendolyn Dr
Hall Dr
Harding St
Harrison St
Hays St
Hazeloak Dr
Heath Dr
Heck Young Rd
Hickory Dr
Hico Dr
Hope St
Hovey Ave
Husband St
Ironwood Dr
Jackson St
Jacquelyn Dr
Jefferson St
John Marks
Johnston St
Juno Dr
Jupiter Dr
Kennon Dr
Kent Dr
Kimberlin Dr
King Charles Dr
Lake Mary Dr
Lancewood Dr
Landry Dr
Laurel Hill Ave
Lavey Ln
Lazy Oaks Dr
Lebrent Ave
Leland Ave
Loch Fyne Ave
Loflin Ave
Loflin Dr
London Dr
Longvue Dr
Loudon Ln
Louisiana Ave
Louisville Ave
Main St
Maleda Dr
Manchester Dr
Manhatten Dr
Maureen Dr
Mc Hugh Dr
McHugh Rd
McVea St
Melban St
Melpomene Dr
Middlewood Dr
Mississippi St
Misty Oaks Ave
Mitchell St
Molino Dr
Monhegan Ave
Monroe St
Morehouse St
Morvant Rd
Myrtle St
N Azalea Ave
N Day Dr
Nichols St
N Magnolia Dr
N Morvant Pl
Northeast Dr
Northwood Dr
Oak Bend Dr
Oaknolia Dr
O'Callagham Ln
Ocallaghan Ln
Old Baker Rd
Old Baker Zachary Rd
Old Scenic Hwy
Old Scenic-Zachary Hwy
Omega Ct
Paola St
Parklan Dr
Parkway Dr
Partridgewood Dr
Patricia St
Paulfor St
Penelope St
Perkins St
Pettit Rd
Pheasantwood Dr
Plank Rd
Plaza Dr
Polk St
Priestly St
Rabel Dr
Rathmoor Ave
Ray Weiland Dr
Ribbonwood Ave
Richmond St
Robinson St
Rolling Acres Dr
Roman Dr
Roosevelt St
Rue de Valeur Pl
Rue Jennifer
Rue Michelle
Rue Nicole
Rue Shaylyn
Rue Splendeur
Rue Von Heur
Ruston Dr
Sandra Dr
Sandy Dr
Saxon Dr
Scotlandville-Zachary Hwy
Scott St
Shere Dr
Sherron Ave
Shilo St
Sinbad St
Singletary Dr
S Johnston St
Ski Stone Dr
Sleepy Oaks Ave
S Magnolia Dr
S Morvant Pl
South St
Southwest Dr
Sprucewood Ct
Spur Ln
S Spur Ln
Starhill Ave
State Rte 19
State Rte 3006
State Rte 410
State Rte 67
State Rte 964
Stone Dr
Stoneview Ave
Sunshine Dr
Tallowwood Ave
Talmadge Crumholt Rd
Tamarak Dr
Taylor St
Teakwood Dr
Texas Ave
Thomas Rd
Toledo St
Tristian Ave
Trotter Dr
Truman St
Truth Dr
Twin Oaks Dr
Vail Ave
Valiant Dr
Van Buren St
Villere Dr
Walker Dr
Washington St
Waters Edge Ave
W Azalea Ave
W Buffwood Dr
W Chapeau Dr
Wedgewood Dr
Welcome Hites Dr
W Evans Dr
W Fausse Dr
Whispering Oaks Dr
Whitehead St
Willowmore Dr
Wilson St
Wimbish Dr
Wingfield Ave
Winside Dr
Wisdom Dr
W Magnolia Dr
W Morvant Pl
Woodward Dr
W Shilo Dr
W Tigre Chenes Ct
Wynell Dr
Yvonne Dr