California, Maryland Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




California, Maryland IP Addresses

AS687 - DNIC-AS-00687 - DoD Network Information Center, US
AS701 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US

California, Maryland Streets

Abell Dr
Abell House Ln
Acorn Ln
Airport Rd
Alder Ln
Almond Ct
Alton Ln
Amber Dr
Andrew Ct
Andy Way
Ann Ln
Argyle Ct
Armsworthy Ct
Arrowhead Ln
Arthur Ln
Ash Creek Way
Ash Ct
Ash Wood Ln
Aspen Ln
Aster Way
Audrey Way
Autumn Leaf Way
Autumnwood Ln
Azalea Ct
Barberry Ln
Barefoot Dr
Baringer Dr
Bayside Way
Bean Family Ln
Beaver Creek Dr
Beechwood Ct
Bellflower Way
Bellwood Ln
Benswood Rd
Bent Tree Ln
Bill Dixon Rd
Billy Way
Birch Way
Black Oak Ct
Blueberry Ln
Bond Cir
Brook Dr
Brown St
Bubba Way
Butternut Ln
by the Mill Rd
by the Mill Way
Cal Acres Ln
Calla Lily Way
Calla Way
Camellia Ct
Camellia Dr
Canna Ct
Capps Ct
Castillia Way
Catalina Ln
Cattail Ln
Cedar Ct
Chawla Way
Cherry Blossom Ln
Cherry Hill Ct
Cherry Hill Ln
Chestnut Oak Ct
Chickory Ln
Christy Ct
Clark Dr
Clarks Rd
Clearbrook Ln
Clements Ln
Clover Ridge Ln
Coati Ln
Cobblestone Ln
Coledorall Ct
Cooperstown Ln
Coralberry Way
Cornwall Dr
Corvette Way
Cottonwood Pkwy
Cove Manor Rd
Creeping Ivy Way
Crestwood Ln
Crimson Ln
Crippen St
Cross Bow Dr
Cross Bow Ln
Cypress Dr
Daffodil Dr
Dahlia Cir
Dahlia Dr
Daniel Ct
Deer Crossing Ln
Deer Foot Way
Deerhaven Ln
Deer Pond Ln
Delphinium Dr
Dement Ln
Devonshire Way
Dianthus Ct
Dianthus Way
Dusky Meadow Way
Elizabeth Way
Elkton Ln
Elliott Ct
Elmbrook Dr
Emerald Ln
E Othello Way
Epic Dr
Evening Primrose Ct
Evergreen Way
Fairmeade Way
Falling Leaf Ln
F Birch Ln
Fdr Blvd
Fieldstone Way
Fire Dept Ln
First Colony Blvd
Flagstone Way
Forest Way
Four Oaks Ln
Foxglove St
Fresia Ln
Garrison Dr
Gibson Way
Grammas Ln
Grand Slam Ln
Granite Way
Grape Ivy Ln
Gray Wolf St
Great Laurel Way
Green Acre Ln
Gregory St
Grey Squirrel Ln
Gross Ct
Gross Dr
Halsey Ct
Havenridge St
Hazel Nut Ln
Heatherwood Ln
Herring Ct
Hickory Hills Cir
Hickory Hollow Ln
Hickory Nut Dr
Hickory Nut Ln
Hilton Dr
Hollow Ln
Holly Berry Ln
Holly Hill Ln
Hollyhock Ln
Honeysuckle Way
Hosta Ln
Husband Dr
Hyacinth Ln
Indian Bridge Rd
Insurance Ct
Iris Dr
Ivy Stone Ln
Jasmine Way
Jeeter Way
Joan Dr
Johnson Pond Ln
Jonquil Ln
Joy Point Rd
Keyport Ct
Kinder Ln
Kingston Creek Rd
Kingston Ln
Kingston Shores Ln
Kingston Village Rd
King Way
Knotts Dr
Laceys Ln
Lakeview Dr
Larkspur St
Laurel Glen Rd
Laurel Hill Dr
Leaning Pine Ln
Lilac St
Lilliflora Dr
Locust Ridge Ct
Long Bow Dr
Louisdale Rd
Lous Way
Macarthur Blvd
Magnolia Dr
Maguire Way
Mallard Glen Way
Marble Way
Marguerite St
Max Way
Mc Auliffe St
Mc Bride St
McCool Dr
Mellencamp Ct
Mercedes Dr
Mill Cove Harbor Rd
Mill Cove Rd
Mimosa Ct
Mimosa Ln
Miramar Way
Mistletoe Ln
Misty Pond Ct
Monterey Ln
Morningwood Way
Myrtle Point Rd
Nautical Way
New Hope Ln
Nolte Ct
Novosel Ct
N Patuxent Beach Rd
N Poteat Ct
N Springsteen Ct
N Town Creek Dr
Oak Crest Ln
Oak Dr
Oak Hill Ln
Oak Tree Ct
Ocelot Way
Old Pine Ct
Old Rolling Rd
Old Saint Andrews Church Rd
Onion Fields Ln
Othello Ln
Pansy Way
Park Dr
Parkview Cir
Parkview Dr
Patuxent Beach Rd
Patuxent Blvd
Patuxent Ln
Pecan Ct
Peony Pl
Pepper Ridge Dr
Periwinkle Way
Peters Ct
Petunia Way
Pimento Ln
Pine Bark Ln
Pine Creek Ln
Pine Needle Ct
Piney Wood Cir
Pin Oak Ct
Placid Hill Pl
Plantation Ct
Plumleaf Way
Poplar Wood Dr
Poppy Way
Pops Way
Portland Head Ln
Potter Dr
Pow Wow Pl
Primevere St
Purple Plum Way
Quiet Oak Ct
Redbud Ln
Red Fox Way
Red Oak Ct
Redwood Ln
Ringtail Dr
Risa Ln
Riverwood Way
Rocky Way
Rolling Oak Ln
Rosewood Ct
Rumsford Ln
Saint Andrews Church Rd
Saint Andrews Ln
Saint Clair Rd
Sandra Ln
Sassafras Ln
Scarlet Oak Ct
Scobee St
Scotch Pine Ct
Settlers Ln
Seven Gables Ln
Shady Ct
Shady Hollow Ln
Shady Mile Dr
Shields Ct
Shore Side Pl
Short Bow Ct
Silences Rest Ln
Silk Oak Way
Silverberry Way
Silverwood Ln
Simmonwood Way
S Laurel Glen Rd
Smith St
Smoke Hill Rd
Snowberry Way
Snow Leopard Dr
Southwood Ln
Sparks Ln
S Patuxent Beach Rd
Spinnaker Way
Split Oak Pl
Split Pine Ln
S Poteat Ct
S Springsteen Ct
St Andrews Cir
State Hwy 235
State Hwy 4
Stoney Hill Ln
Sugarbush St
Sugar Maple Ct
Summer Sweet Way
Surrey Way
Swanfall Way
Sweetbay Ln
Swift Fox Dr
Sycamore Hollow Dr
Sycamore Ln
Sypher Rd
Taylor Ln
Thompson Ln
Three Notch Rd
Torino Dr
Town Creek Dr
Town Creek Shop Ln
Twinberry Ln
Ventura Way
Verbena Ln
Victorian Dr
Violet Ln
Voyage Path
Wainwright Ct
Wallace Ln
Walnut Hollow Ct
Wapiti Way
Wedgewood Ln
Wentworth Way
Western Branch Ln
Western Ranch Rd
Wetstone Ln
Whispering Wood Way
Whistlewood Ln
White Ash Ln
White Birch Ct
White Cedar Ln
White Elm Ct
White Oak Ct
White Pine Ct
Wild Daisy Way
Wildeflower Ln
Wildewood Blvd
Wildewood Dr
Wildewood Pkwy
Wild Iris St
Wild Rose Ln
Willis Dr
Willow Creek Ct
Willow Creek Ln
Willow Creek Way
Willow Leaf Way
Willow Oak Ct
Willow Pine Way
Windflower Way
Winterberry Ln
Wintergreen Ln
Wooded Way
Woodhaven Dr
Woodlake Ct
Woodland Acres Rd
Woodland Dr
Woodland Park Dr
Woodlawn Dr
Woodside Way
Woodstown Way
Worth Ave
W Othello Way
W Patuxent Beach Rd
Yellow Wood Way
Yulan St