Rosedale, Maryland Scanner Frequencies



Rosedale, Maryland IP Addresses

AS701 - UUNET - MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business, US
AS3549 - LVLT-3549 - Level 3 Parent, LLC, US
AS6059 - UMS2-ASN - University of Maryland, US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US

Rosedale, Maryland Streets

31st St
32nd St
33rd St
34th St
35th St
62nd St
63rd St
64th St
65th St
66th St
67th St
68th St
Aaron Mee Way
Abbeywood Ct
Abigail Dr
Akron Rd
Alan Tree Rd
Aldeburgh Ct
Allison Ln
Alton Ct
Analee Ave
Annadaniel Dr
Armada Way
Arrowood Ct
Aspinwood Way
Aster Rd
Attenborough Dr
Averill Rd
Avery Ct
Avery Rd
Babikow Rd
Baldridge Ct
Balistan Rd
Baltistan Ct
Banat Ct
Bandol Ct
Bantry Ct
Bardia Ct
Barkdoll Ct
Barletta Ct
Baron Pl
Basilan Ct
Bassett Rd
Batavia Farm Rd
Beatty Ave
Beechdale Ave
Bensel Ave
Beowulf Cir
Berk Ave
Berkfield Rd
Berk Ln
Berkwood Ct
Berkwood Rd
Bluegrass Heights Ct
Blue Grass Rd
Bohendrickson Ct
Bohn Ct
Bonwel Ave
Bouldercrest Ct
Bowleys Ln
Brafferton Way
Breslin Ct
Brian Rd
Bridge Ave
Bridgeford Cir
Brightleaf Ct
Brightside Ave
Brightstone Dr
Brinsmaid Ct
Broadbridge Rd
Brunsmaid Ct
Brushfield Ct
Brushfield Rd
Bucks School House Rd
Burnfield Rd
Buttonwood Ct
Callo Ln
Camhill Dr
Camrose Ct
Candle Ln
Canonbury Rd
Capella Ct
Caradoc Dr
Cartwright Ct
Castle Stone Dr
Caterham Ct
Catoctin Ct
Cavel Rd
Cedar Farm Dr
Cedar Grove Ct
Cedarhouse Ct
Cedar Pond Ln
Chand Ct
Chapel Hill Ct
Chapel Hill Dr
Chesaco Ave
Chesterfield Way
Chivalry Ct
Choptank Ave
Chriswell Ct
Clarkedavis Ct
Clayfield Ct
Clementine Ct
Coco Rd
Commercial Ave
Commons Ct
Commons Rd
Contractors Rd
Cool Meadow Ct
Corkley Rd
Crestview Garth
Crossett Rd
Customs Rd
Dalrose Ave
Dalton Ave
Damian Ct
Daybrook Cir
Days End Ct
Daytona Rd
Delegge Rd
Devonwood Ct
Dillehunt Dr
Doris Ave
Dorset Ave
Dotty Rd
Draper Ct
Duchess Ct
Dutrow Ct
Duvall Ave
Eagle Walk Ct
E Biddle St
E Boundary Ave
Edewing Ct
Edgewater Ave
Edwill Ave
Elkhart Ct
Elligson Rd
Ellinwood Rd
Elmhurst Ave
Enterprise Ave
Evering Ave
Fairhill Ave
Fernsell Ct
Fieldvale Rd
Finsbury Rd
First Light Ct
Flagstaff Rd
Flintshire Rd
Fontana Ln
Fordcrest Rd
Franklin Square Dr
Galahad Ct
Garvey Rd
Gemini Ct
Gettig Rd
Gilley Ter
Gillow Rd
Gilmore Ave
Gina Ct
Glen Arbor Dr
Glendower Ct
Glenthorne Ct
Glenwest Ct
Golden Ring Ct
Golden Ring Rd
Goldenwood Rd
Goldfield Ct
Grafton Ct
Gransay Rd
Greencastle Dr
Guinevere Ct
Gum Spring Rd
Haas Ln
Hallsdale Ct
Hamilton Ave
Hamiltowne Cir
Hane Ln
Hanford Rd
Hanzlik Ave
Hardwood Dr
Harryweiss Ct
Havenoak Rd
Hazelwood Ave
Hazelwood Ct
Heathcliff Dr
Heinle Ave
Hesse Ave
Higan Ct
Hilldale Rd
Hilltop Ave
Hoffmeister Ln
Hollowstone Cir
Holyoke Rd
Horst Rd
Hospital Dr
Ironwood Ct
Jacfisher Ct
Jacobs Field Rd
Jarwood Rd
Jimrowe Ct
Kahler Ave
Karl Ave
Karow Ct
Kelbourne Rd
Kelly Ann Way
Kelmscot Rd
Kelseys Ln
Kemsley Ct
Kemsley Rd
Kendersham Ct
Kendrick Rd
Kenwood Ave
Kern Ave
Kimbark Ct
King Arthur Cir
King Ave
King Charles Cir
King Henry Cir
King Richard Ct
King Square Ct
Krueger Ave
Lacotti Ln
Lake Dr
Lancelot Dr
Landay Ave
Landover Rd
Langdale Rd
Latimer Ct
Lawrence Ave
Leasdale Rd
Leatherwood Pl
Leavers Ct
Leewood Rd
Lennings Knoll Ct
Lennings Ln
Levers Ct
Libra Ct
Liljones Ct
Lillian Holt Dr
Linden Ave
Lionhead Ct
Lisa Ct
Litany Ln
Livia Ct
Locust Ave
Lomond Ct
Longview Ave
Longview Ct
Lorraine Ave
Magdolena Rd
Maidstone Ct
Mallory Ct
Manger Ct
Manor Pl
Marielle Dr
Martinque Rd
Maulsby Ct
Maya Way
Mayflower Rd
McDaniel Rd
Meadow Branch Ct
Mildred Ave
Millfield Rd
Montrose Ave
Moravia Park Dr
Morning Ct
Mount Airy Ct
Mount Airy Rd
Nancy Ct
Narcissus Ave
National Rd
Neighbors Ave
Neuter Ave
N North Point Rd
Nottingwood Rd
N Point Blvd
Oakdale Ave
O Dell Ave
Old Bucks School Rd
Old Philadelphia Rd
Opinkett Ct
Orion Ct
Oswald Way
Palamon Dr
Parham Cir
Patapsco Ave
Patuxent Ave
Paula Pl
Pavia Ct
Pennsbury Pl
Peper Ave
Perry Hall Blvd
Perry Ridge Ct
Perryspring Way
Philadelphia Ave
Philadelphia Ct
Philadelphia Rd
Philco Rd
Pinecrest Ave
Pine Grove Ave
Pineneedle Ln
Plainview Rd
Pocono Ct
Poplar Ave
Potomac Ave
Price Ln
Primrose Ave
Princess Dr
Proctman Ave
Pulaski Dr
Pulaski Hwy
Quad Ave
Queensberry Rd
Race Rd
Radecke Ave
Ravenwood Rd
Red Hill Way
Redmore Rd
Regal Ave
Reston Ln
Ridgeborne Dr
Ridge Bourne Dr
Ridge Rd
Riverdale Ave
Rocky Mount Rd
Roferd Ave
Rollingside Ave
Rolyn Ave
Rosedale Ave
Rosedale Heights Ave
Rosegate Ct
Rose Haven Rd
Roseland Ave
Rosewick Ave
Roslyn Ave
Rossford Cir
Rossville Blvd
Roxboro Rd
Royal Ann Ct
Russelwood Rd
Rustic Ave
Sagramore Rd
Sauers Ct
Schaefers Ln
Scheeler Ave
Scranton Rd
Seling Ave
Sellier Ave
Selwin Ct
Serpens Ct
Severn Ave
Shadowbrook Ct
Shady Spring Ave
Shakerwood Rd
Shiphorst Ter
Shirewood Ct
Shirley Ave
Shirleybrook Ave
South Rd
Spotswood Rd
Spring Ave
Springdale Ave
Springhouse Cir
Square Ridge Rd
Stapleford Rd
State Hwy 7
Stellabrooke Ln
Stonecutter Ct
Summit Ave
Sumter Ave
Supply Ave
Sweet Gum Way
Swiven Pl
Talc Dr
Talister Ct
Tameron Pl
Tamsin Ct
Tarpleys Cir
Tempest Ct
Thomas Ave
Timberbrooke Rd
Todds Ln
Tomahawk Ct
Topaz Ct
Torrington Cir
Towns Ct
Travis Ct
Treyburn Ct
Trimble Way
Trumps Mill Rd
Tulip Poplar Ct
Turning Leaf Ct
Twincrest Ct
Underhill Rd
US Hwy 40
Veney Ct
Walnut Ave
Weyburn Ct
Weyburn Rd
Weyfield Ct
Weyhill Ct
Weytop Ct
White Ave
White Marsh Rd
Whitney Dr
Wilenoak Ct
Wilhelm Ave
Willann Rd
Windemere Cir
Windsor Way
Winkel Ct
Wintergreen Pl
Winterhaven Rd
Woodhaven Ct
Woodhaven Rd
Woodruff Ave
Yellow Brick Rd
Zoei Dr