Cohasset, Minnesota Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Cohasset, Minnesota Streets

1st Ave NE
1st Ave NW
1st St N
2nd Ave NE
2nd Ave NW
2nd St NE
3rd Ave
3rd Ave W
4th Ave
4th Ave W
4th St NE
4th St NW
5th Ave
5th St NE
5th St NW
6th Ave
6th St NW
9th Ave SW
Alandale Dr
Alan St
Aspen Hill Dr
Balen Rd
Bass Brook Ln
Bass Lake Dr
Bay Port Pl
Bayview Dr
Bazanis Rd
Becker Rd
Beier Rd
Broderson Rd
Brookside Ln
Buck Trl
Burr Oak Blvd
Cavanaugh Rd
Cedar Rd
Cedar Shores Dr
Central Ave
Channel Heights Rd
Christie Ln
Clair St
Clara Ave
Co Hwy 11
Co Hwy 17
Co Hwy 18
Co Hwy 62
Columbia St
Columbus Ave
Co Rd 11
Co Rd 117
Co Rd 128
Co Rd 165
Co Rd 17
Co Rd 170
Co Rd 171
Co Rd 179
Co Rd 18
Co Rd 219
Co Rd 227
Co Rd 234
Co Rd 239
Co Rd 240
Co Rd 242
Co Rd 249
Co Rd 251
Co Rd 257
Co Rd 266
Co Rd 267
Co Rd 269
Co Rd 271
Co Rd 273
Co Rd 277
Co Rd 322
Co Rd 323
Co Rd 459
Co Rd 469
Co Rd 471
Co Rd 472
Co Rd 473
Co Rd 62
Co Rd 63
Co Rd 74
Co Rd 87
Co Rd 88
Cranberry Ln
Daigle Rd
Drumbeater Rd
E Bass Lake Rd
Evergreen Ln
Felix Dr
Forest Dr
Foxtail Ln
Frandsen Rd
Front Row Dr
Great Sunset Rd
Hanna Rd
Henderson Rd
Hill Crest Dr
Hilltop Trl E
Hilltop Trl W
Hitchcock Rd
Hoff Dr
Hwy 2 E
Hwy 2 W
Indian Point Rd
Ingebo Rd
Iron Range Rd
Island View Dr
Itasca County 273
Jackson St
Jeffers Rd
Johnson Ln
Kalar Rd
Katherine Ave
Kendra Ln
Lake St
Lakeview Dr
Lampi Rd
Little Sugar Lake Rd
Little White Oaks Ln
Loon Dr
Loon Island Ln
Loons Call Rd
Malbay Rd
Maple Valley Ln
Miller Rd
Minnow Dr
Moose Point Rd
NE 3rd St
Nitke Rd
N Moose Point Rd
Northwoods Trl
Northwoods Trl Pr
N Starr Point Dr
N Sugar Lake Rd
N Sugar Lake Trl
NW 2nd St
NW 3rd St
NW 6th Ave
NW 7th Ave
NW 8th Ave
Old Stone's Throw Rd
Old Trapper Rd
Otis Ln
Park Ave
Payment Dr
Pincherry Grove Resort Rd
Pincherry Rd
Pokey Trl
Polk St
Rabbit Run
Rebel Beach Rd
River Circle Dr
River Rd
Riverside Ave
Rock Haven Rd
Rolland Rd
S Bay Ln
S Bay Rd
Silvis Rd
Sissebakwet Shores Rd
Soring Rd
Squirrel Keepers Rd
S Sugar Ln
Stark Rd
State Hwy 2
State Hwy 6
Sugarbrooke Ln
Sugarbush Ln
Sugar Hills Rd
Sugar Lake Trl
Sugar View Dr E
Sugar View Dr W
Sunrise Dr
Sunset Island Dr
Sunset Point Rd
SW 8th Ave
Timber Tree Dr
Tinquist Rd
Tioga Beach Rd
Tioga Hills Rd
Tioga View Trl
True Rd
Tupper Rd
US Hwy 2
Utech Rd
Van Patter Dr
Victory Ln
Wagner Rd
Western Ave
White Oak Rd
Wildflower Ln
Wills Way
W Ingebo Rd
Woodland Dr
W Sunset Island Dr