Excelsior, Minnesota Scanner Frequencies

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Excelsior, Minnesota IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS5006 - ZAYOMN1 - Onvoy, US
AS7011 - FRONTIER-AND-CITIZENS - Frontier Communications of America, Inc., US
AS7029 - WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications LLC, US
AS7922 - COMCAST-7922 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC, US
AS10242 - USINTERNET - US Internet Corp, US
AS22402 - NEXTCO-AS - Nextera Communications LLC, US
AS30036 - MEDIACOM-ENTERPRISE-BUSINESS - Mediacom Communications Corp, US
AS30043 - RBAND-AS30043 - ResortInternet, US
AS46303 - POPP-COM -, Inc., US

Excelsior, Minnesota Streets

1st St
2nd Ave
2nd St
3rd Ave
3rd St
3rd St W
78th St W
Academy Ave
Afton Rd
Amlee Rd
Andover Pl
Anthony Ter
Apple Rd
Arbor Creek Ln
Arbor Ct
Arboretum Blvd
Arbor Ln
Aster Cir
Aster Trl
Audubon Cir
Barberry Cir
Barrington Way
Baycliff Dr
Baycliffe Dr
Bay St
Bayswater Rd
Bayview Ct
Bayview Dr
Bayview Pl
Beacon Ct
Beehrle Ave
Beeman Pl
Bell St
Beverly Dr
Birch Bluff Rd
Blue Jay Cir
Blue Ridge Ln
Boulder Bridge Dr
Boulder Bridge Ln
Boulder Cir
Bracketts Rd
Brand Cir
Brentridge Dr
Brentwood Ave
Brynmawr Pl
Burlwood Ct
Byron Cir
Cajed Ln
Cardinal Ave
Cardinal Dr
Cardinal Rd
Carman Rd
Carrie Ln
Carson Rd
Cartway Ln
Casamita Rd
Cathcart Dr
Cedar Ln
Cedar St
Center St
Channel Dr
Charleston Cir
Chartwell Hill
Chaska Rd
Ches Mar Dr
Ches-Mar Farm Rd
Chestnut Ct
Chestnut Ter
Christmas Lake Pt
Christmas Lake Rd
Christmas Ln
Christopher Rd
Church Rd
Circle Rd
Clay Cliffe Dr
Cliffwood Cir
Clover Ln
Club Ln
Club Valley Rd
College Ave
Co Rd 113
Co Rd 117
Co Rd 15
Co Rd 19
Cottagewood Ave
Cottagewood Rd
Cottonwood Ln
Coulter Blvd
Country Club Rd
Country Oaks Dr
Country Oaks Rd
Courtland St
Covington Ct
Covington Rd
Covington St
Crabapple Ln
Creek Run Trl
Crestside Ave
Crestview Cir
Crestview Dr
Curve St
Cypress Dr
Dartmouth Dr
Deer Ridge
Devonshire Cir
Division St
Dogwood Ave
Dogwood Rd
Dyer Ln
East Dr
Eastwood Dr
Eastwood Rd
Echo Bay Dr
Echo Rd
Edgewood Rd
Elbert Pt
Elder Turn
Elm Pl
Elm Ridge Cir
Elm St
Elm Tree Ave
Equestrian Way
Eureka Rd
Eureka Way
Excelsior Blvd
Fairhope Ave
Fairview St
Fairway Dr
Fatima Pl
Ferncroft Dr
Fir Tree Ave
Florence Dr
Forest Ave
Forest Cir
Forest Dr
Fox Glove Cir
Galpin Lake Rd
Galpin Ln
Garden Rd
George St
Gideons Ln
Gideons Point Rd
Gillette Curv
Glade Ave
Glencoe Rd
Glendale Dr
Glen Rd
Grace St
Grant Lorenz Rd
Grant St
Greenbriar Ave
Greenwood Cir
Grove St
Halgren Ct
Hallgren Ln
Harding Ave
Harding Ln
Harper Rd
Hazel St
Hazeltine Blvd
Hickory Ln
Hidden Ln
Highcrest Dr
Highland Ave
High Pointe Rd
Highview Pl
Hillcrest Dr
Hillendale Rd
Hillside St
Holly Ln
Hooper Lake Rd
Howards Point Rd
Hummingbird Rd
Idlewild Path
Interlachen Ct
Interlachen Dr
Interlachen Ln
Interlachen Pl
Iris Cir
Iris Rd
Ironwood Rd
Island View Rd
Ithilien Ct
Ivy Ln
Jefferson St
Joshua Cir
Juniper Ave
Kathleen Ct
Kelly Ave
Kelsey Dr
Kensington Gate
Kings Ct
Kings Point Rd
Kings Rd
Kirkwood Cir
Knightsbridge Rd
Knob Hill Ln
Koehnen Cir E
Koehnen Cir W
Lafayette Ave
Lake Linden Dr
Lake Lucy Ct
Lake Lucy Ln
Lake Lucy Rd
Lakeridge Rd
Lake St
Lakeview Ave
Lake Virginia Dr
Lake Virginia Trl
Lakeway Ter
Landings Ct
Landings Dr
Lawtonka Dr
Lee Cir
Leslee Curve
Lilac Ln
Lilah Ln
Linden Cir
Linden Rd
Linden St
Linwood Ave
Linwood Cir
Linwood Ln
Linwood Rd
Lodge Ln
Lotus Dr
Lydiard Ave
Lydiard Cir
Lyman Ct
Lyman Pl
Maclynn Rd
Mallard Ln
Manitou Ln
Manitou Rd
Mann Ln
Manor Rd
Maple Ave
Maple Chase
Maple Cir
Maple Dr
Maple Heights Rd
Maple Hill Dr
Maple Leaf Cir
Maple Ln
Maple Rd
Maple Rdg
Maple Ridge
Maple Ridge Ln
Maple Shores Dr
Maple St
Maple View Ct
Maplewood Cir
Marsh Pointe Cir
Marsh Pointe Ct
Marsh Pointe Dr
Mary Lake Trl
Mayflower Rd
McKinley Cir
McKinley Ct
McKinley Pl
McLain Rd
Meadow Ct
Meadow Ln
Meadowview Rd
Meadville St
Melody Hill
Melody Hill Cir
Melody Hill Rd
Melody Ln
Merry Ln
Merry Wood Ln
Mill Creek Ln
Mill St
Minnetonka Blvd
Minnetonka Dr
Minnewashta Ct
Minnewashta Pkwy
Minnewashta Woods Dr
Moline Cir
Monroe Ave
Morse Ave
Mound Ave
Mount Curve
Muirfield Cir
Murray Ct
Murray Hill Ct
Murray Hill Rd
Murray St
Near Mountain Blvd
Nelsine Dr
N Manor Rd
Noble Rd
Northern Rd
North Ln
Northrup Ave
Oak Leaf Trl
Oak Ln
Oak Rd
Oak Ridge Cir
Oak St
Oakview Ct
Old Excelsior Blvd
Old Kent Rd
Old Market Rd
Old Orchard Ln
Orchard Cir
Orchard Ln
Orchid Ln
Oriole Ave
Paddock Ln
Palmer Ct
Park Ln
Park Pl
Park St
Parkview Ln
Partridge Cir
Peach Cir
Pearl St
Pence Ln
Pheasant Cir
Pheasant Dr
Pheasant Rd
Pine Bend
Pineview Ct
Pintail Cir
Piper Ridge Ln
Pipewood Cir
Pipewood Ct
Pipewood Curve
Pipewood Ln
Pleasant Ave
Pleasant Ln E
Pleasant Ln W
Pleasant St
Pond View Dr
Queens Cir
Radisson Inn Rd
Rampart Ct
Red Cedar Cove
Red Cedar Point Rd
Red Oak Ln
Regan Rd
Regents Walk
Ridgehill Rd
Ridge Point Cir
Ridge Rd
Ringneck Dr
Riviera Ln
Rolling Acres Ln
Rolling Acres Rd
Rolling Bluff
Rosedale Ave
Rosedale Ct
Rustic Way
Saint Albans Bay Cir
Saint Albans Bay Rd
Saint Albans Grn
Saint James Gate
Sandpiper Trl
Sawatch Pass
S Bay Dr
S Cedar Dr
S Cedar Rd
School Ave
Seamans Dr
Shady Hills Cir
Shady Hills Rd
Shady Island Cir
Shady Ln
Shadywood Rd
Shore Dr
Shore Rd
Shorewood Ln
Shorewood Oaks Dr
Sierra Cir
Silver Lake Trl
Sleepy Hollow Rd
Smithtown Cir
Smithtown Ct
Smithtown Ln
Smithtown Rd
Smithtown Ter
Smithtown Way
Sommer Gate
Spencer Ln
Spring Cir
Spring Creek Dr
Spruce Hill Ct
Star Cir
Star Ln
State Hwy 41
State Hwy 5
State Hwy 7
Steller Cir
Steller Ct
Stratford Blvd
Stratford Ln
Stratford Pl
Stratford Ridge
Strawberry Ct
Strawberry Ln
Suburban Dr
Summerville Rd
Summit Ave
Sunny Shadows
Sunnyvale Ln
Sunrise Ave
Sussex Pl
Sweetwater Cir
Sweetwater Ct
Sweetwater Curve
Sylvan Ln
Tanadoona Dr
Tanagers Ln
Tanagers Pt
Teal Cir
Tee Trl
Teton Ln
Thornberry Curve
Tiffany Ln
Timber Ln
Tonka Bay Ln
Tonka Bay Rd
Topaz Dr
Tristan Dr
Tristan Knoll
Union Pl
Upland Farm Rd
Valley Creek Dr
Valleywood Cir
Valleywood Ln
Vine Hill Rd
Vine Ridge Ct
Vine Ridge Rd
Vine St
Virginia Cove
Virginia Dr
Virginia Shores Cir
W 62nd St
W 63rd St
W 64th St
W 65th St
Walters Port Ln
Waseca Ave
Washita Bay Ct
Washta Bay Rd
Waterford Cir
Waterford Ct
Waterford Pl
Water St
Wedgewood Dr
Weeks Rd
West Dr
Western Rd
West Ln
West St
Wheeler Dr
White Dove Cir
White Dove Dr
White Oak Ln
Whitetail Ridge Ct
Whitney Cir
Wildhurst Rd
Wildrose Ln
William St
Willow Haven
Willow Woods Dr
Wiltsey Ln
Winget Rd
W Lafayette Rd
W Lake St
Wood Dr
Wood Duck Cir
Wood Duck Ln
Woodend Pl
Woodhaven Pl
Woodlane St
Woodlawn Ave
Woodpecker Ridge Rd
Woods Ct
Woodside Ln
Woodside Rd
W Point Ave
W Point Cir
W Point Ct
W Point Dr
W Point Pl
W Point Rd
Wynsong Ln
Yellowstone Trl
Yosemite Ave
Zumbra Cir
Zumbra Dr
Zumbra Ln