La Porte, Minnesota Scanner Frequencies



La Porte, Minnesota Phone Numbers


La Porte, Minnesota IP Addresses

AS14371 - PBNET - Paul Bunyan Communications, US
AS16904 - ARVIG - Arvig Enterprises Inc., US

La Porte, Minnesota Streets

108th St NW
115th Ave
122nd St NW
145th Ave
185th Ave
195th Ave
1st Ave NE
1st Ave NW
1st Ave SE
1st Ave SW
1st St
1st St NE
1st St NW
1st St SE
1st St SW
201st Ave
205 Ave
205th Ave
245th Ave
255th Ave
257th Ave
263rd Ave
265th Ave
269th Ave
275th Ave
279th Ave
285th Ave
285th (Twnsp 2) Ave
295th Ave
2nd Ave
2nd Ave NE
2nd Ave NW
2nd Ave SW
2nd St
2nd St NE
2nd St NW
305th Ave
309th Ave
315th Ave
325th Ave
331st Ave
334th St
344th St
346th St
354th St
360th St
374th St
380th St
390th St
398th St
3rd Ave
3rd Ave NE
3rd St
400th St
406th St
410th St
414th St
420th St
428th St
440th St
444th St
450th St
460th St
470th St
474th St
480th St
5th Ave
6th Ave
72nd Ave NW
Benedict Lake Rd
Blue Trail Forest Rd
Cass Line Dr
Cass Line Rd
Central Ave N
Central Ave S
Co Hwy 16
Co Hwy 3
Co Hwy 30
Co Hwy 31
Co Hwy 36
Co Hwy 37
Co Hwy 39
Co Hwy 4
Co Hwy 44
Co Hwy 45
Co Hwy 5
Co Hwy 66
Co Hwy 71
Co Hwy 9
Co Rd 101
Co Rd 118
Co Rd 141
Co Rd 37
Co Rd 38
Co Rd 39
Co Rd 5
Co Rd 9
Co Rd 93
Co Rd 94
Co Rd 95
County 101
County 16
County 3
County 30
County 31
County 36
County 37
County 39
County 39 NW
County 39 SW
County 4
County 44
County 45
County 5
County 9
County 93
County 95
Creder Spring Rd
Front St
Gaywood Dr NW
Harmony Ln NW
Harmony Rd NW
Hendrickson Twp 11
Hendrickson Twp 16
Lake Benedict Rd
Lakeport Twp 8
Lakeport Twp 9
Lakeport Twp Rd 13
Lakeport Twp Rd 6
Lakeview Ln
Lantern Trl
Large Pine Ln
Leech Lake Township Road 27
Leisure Cir
Librarian Ln
Linden Trl
Log Home Dr
Lotus Dr
Maidenhair Dr
Main Horseshoe Rd
Main Horseshoe Trl
Main St
Main St E
Main St W
Majestic Pines Dr
Mallard Dr
Maple Leaf Dr
Maple Ln
Marigold Dr
Marlar Dr
Meadow Cir
Meadow View Dr
Merganser Dr
Merit Scool Dr
Micheau Dr
Midday Cir
Midday Ln
Minium Matience Rd
Mink Dr
Minnow Ln
Mint Trl
Mohawk Dr
Moonback Dr
Moon Lit Trl
Moose Dr
Moose Trl
Mullberry Dr
Muskrat Rd
Musky Dr
Necktie River Rd
Nettlewood Dr
Nevaeh Dr
Nickolson Dr
Northern Lights Trl
Northwoods Dr
Norway Dr
Norway Ridge Dr
Notch Pine Trl
N Steamboat Lake Dr NW
Nu Rabco Lake Dr
Nu Robco Lake Dr
Nu Robco Lake Trl
N Willow Rd
Oak Bend Trl
Oak Dr
Okoboji Ln
Old Backboard Rd
Old Brook Rd
Old Cemetary Rd
Old Oak Dr
Old Oak Tree Dr
Old Sunset Dr
Omega Dr
Orchard Dr
Orchid Dr
Oriole Dr
Osprey Trl
Otter Dr
Otter Ln
Otter Trl
Overlook Dr
Owl Ln
Oxbow Cir
Palomino Dr
Parkway Forest Rd
Paw Print Dr
Pemmican Dr
Pennywort Dr
Pennywort Ln
Periwinkle Ln
Periwinkle Trl
Phoebe Dr
Pickerel Rd
Pincherry Trl
Pinewood Ln
Plum Dr
Primrose Ln
Quail Ln
Quartz Loop
Queen Annes Dr
Queen Dr
Quest Ln
Quiet Dr
Quiet Trl
Quill Rd
Rail Rd
Raven Rd
Rea Dr
Rifle Range Dr NW
Robco Airport Dr
Roxbury Dr
Sail Star Ct
Schoolcraft Dr
Schoolcraft Trl
Selby Dr
Shady Ridge Dr
Shanty Lake Rd
Starry Dr
State Hwy 200
State Hwy 371
State Hwy 371 NW
State Hwy 64
Sunny Hill Dr
Timberline Dr
Tim St
Townline Rd
Twp Rd 289
Twp Rd 5
US Hwy 71
Warren Ave
Wildwood Rd NE