Saint James, Missouri Scanner Frequencies

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Saint James, Missouri IP Addresses

AS20115 - CHARTER-NET-HKY-NC - Charter Communications, US
AS22561 - CENTURYLINK-LEGACY-LIGHTCORE - CenturyTel Internet Holdings, Inc., US

Saint James, Missouri Streets

Adams Cemetery Rd
Aida St
Allsup Rd
Amanda Ave
Anna St
Anthony Ave
Basford Rd
Bell Rd
Benjamin Blvd
Bennetsen Rd
Blue Gate Ln
Boissilier Rd
Boys Town Rd
Broeeard Rd
Brown Rd
B St
Burchwood Dr
Cardetti Rd
Cartall St
Cedar Crest Ln
Cedar Hill Rd
Celia St
Charles Ave
Christine Ave
Co Hwy Kk
Copeland Rd
Co Rd 1000
Co Rd 1010
Co Rd 1020
Co Rd 1022
Co Rd 1023
Co Rd 103
Co Rd 1030
Co Rd 1040
Co Rd 1050
Co Rd 1060
Co Rd 1070
Co Rd 1080
Co Rd 1090
Co Rd 1100
Co Rd 1110
Co Rd 1120
Co Rd 1130
Co Rd 1140
Co Rd 1160
Co Rd 1170
Co Rd 1180
Co Rd 1190
Co Rd 1210
Co Rd 122
Co Rd 1220
Co Rd 1230
Co Rd 1250
Co Rd 1260
Co Rd 127
Co Rd 1280
Co Rd 1290
Co Rd 1300
Co Rd 1310
Co Rd 1320
Co Rd 1330
Co Rd 1340
Co Rd 1350
Co Rd 1360
Co Rd 1380
Co Rd 1400
Co Rd 1420
Co Rd 171
Co Rd 172
Co Rd 2030
Co Rd 2038
Co Rd 2080
Co Rd 2100
Co Rd 2170
Co Rd 2180
Co Rd 2190
Co Rd 2210
Co Rd 2220
Co Rd 2230
Co Rd 2250
Co Rd 2270
Co Rd 2290
Co Rd 2300
Co Rd 2310
Co Rd 2313
Co Rd 2330
Co Rd 2340
Co Rd 2350
Co Rd 2360
Co Rd 2370
Co Rd 2410
Co Rd 2430
Co Rd 2450
Co Rd 2460
Co Rd 2480
Co Rd 3120
Co Rd 322
Co Rd 323
Co Rd 3250
Co Rd 3270
Co Rd 3310
Co Rd 3330
Co Rd 3370
Co Rd 3390
Co Rd 3410
Co Rd 3430
Co Rd 3450
Co Rd 3460
Co Rd 3470
Co Rd 3480
Co Rd 3500
Co Rd 3520
Co Rd 3540
Co Rd 3550
Co Rd 3560
Co Rd 3590
Co Rd 3600
Co Rd 3610
Co Rd 3620
Co Rd 3630
Co Rd 3640
Co Rd 3644
Co Rd 38
Co Rd 401
Co Rd 403
Co Rd 404
Co Rd 415
Co Rd 4160
Co Rd 4180
Co Rd 419
Co Rd 420
Co Rd 4200
Co Rd 421
Co Rd 4220
Co Rd 423
Co Rd 4230
Co Rd 424
Co Rd 4240
Co Rd 427
Co Rd 428
Co Rd 429
Co Rd 430
Co Rd 431
Co Rd 432
Co Rd 433
Co Rd 434
Co Rd 435
Co Rd 4350
Co Rd 436
Co Rd 4360
Co Rd 437
Co Rd 438
Co Rd 439
Co Rd 440
Co Rd 4400
Co Rd 4410
Co Rd 442
Co Rd 4420
Co Rd 446
Co Rd 447
Co Rd 448
Co Rd 450
Co Rd 456
Co Rd 465
Co Rd 466
Co Rd 467
Co Rd 515
Co Rd 516
Co Rd 521
Co Rd 562
Co Rd 57
Co Rd 73
Co Rd Kk
Cornick Dr
Corral Dr
County Line Rd
Courtney St
Craig Rd
Decamp Rd
Deer Park Ln
Deer Run Ln
Diestelkamp Rd
Dillon Outer Dr
Dillon Outer Rd
Dogwood Ln
Dunham Rd
E Charles St
E County Line Rd
E Dillon St
E Eldon St
E Hardy St
E James Blvd
E Johnson St
Elm St
Emory St
E Scioto St
E Springfield Rd
E Springfield St
Evergreen St
E Washington St
Favre Rd
Ferndale Rd
Flag Springs Rd
Flaim Rd
Flat Grove Rd
Florine St
Foote Rd
Forest Ln
Forrest Grove Rd
F St
Garret Rd
Gorman Rd
Grover St
G St
Gunter Rd
Harrison School Rd
Helen St
Hidden Hills Ln
Holly Ln
Home Dr
Howard Rd
Hwy 08
Hwy Kk
Industrial Dr
Jake Prairie Rd
James Dr
James Ln
Jana Ln
Jill Dr
John Parry Rd
Johnson Rd
Jones Rd
Kathryn Dr
Kent Dr
Klossner Rd
Krewson Ln
Kruse Rd
Kyle St
Laney Rd
Leonard Rd
Lois St
Lola Ln
Lyon St
Mae St
Magnin Rd
Maramec Spring Dr
Maries Road 424
Maries Road 440
Maries Road 450
Marion Dr
Mary's Pl
Matlock Dr
Matlock Rd
Mikkelsen Rd
Mitejo Cir
Mite Jo St
Mueller St
N Bourbeuse St
N Carson St
N Charles Ave
Nease Rd
N Hwy 68
N Jackson St
N Jefferson St
N Louise Ave
N Maramec St
N Outer Rd
N Seymour St
N Springfield St
N Svc Rd
N Washington Ave
N Wishon St
Oak Grove Rd
Oak St
Old Hwy 66
Old Springfield Rdoold Friendship School Rd
Old US Hwy 66
Old Vineyard
Olga St
Opal St
Orchard St
Parker Ln
Parker St
Pentecost Rd
Piazza Rd
Pine Hill Rd
Pinto St
Plank Rd
Prairie Cir
Pr Rd 2294
Pr Rd 3398
Pvt Dr 3435
Pvt Dr 3484
Pvt Drive 1021
Pvt Drive 1022
Pvt Drive 1052
Pvt Drive 1063
Pvt Drive 1065
Pvt Drive 1122
Pvt Drive 1211
Pvt Drive 1218
Pvt Drive 1255
Pvt Drive 1292
Pvt Drive 1294
Pvt Drive 2292
Pvt Drive 2294
Pvt Drive 2305
Pvt Drive 2331
Pvt Drive 2354
Pvt Drive 3332
Pvt Drive 3398
Pvt Drive 3453
Pvt Drive 3467
Pvt Drive 3503
Pvt Drive 3518
Pvt Drive 3614
Pvt Drive 3625
Pvt Drive 3641
Rd 100
Rd 101
Rd 102
Rd 103
Rd 104
Rd 105
Rd 106
Rd 109
Rd 110
Rd 112
Rd 285
Rd 74
Rd 75
Rd 77
Rd 78
Rd 88
Rd 88A
Rd 89
Rd 90
Rd 91
Rd 92
Rd 93
Rd 94
Rd 95
Rd 97
Rd 99
Red Bird Rd
Republican Rd
Rhoda St
Rinehart Rd
Rolling Hills Ct
Rolling Hills Dr
Rose Mary Ave
Saint Ann Ave
Saint David St
Saint Dennis St
Saint Francis Ave
Saint Francis Cir
Saint Gregory St
Saint Johns Ave
Saint Marcus Ave
Saint Marie Ave
Saint Michael Ave
Saint Richard St
Saladin Rd
Sands Rd
Sbabo Rd
S Bourbeuse St
S Carson St
Schnelt Farm Ln
Schnelt Farm Rd
Sherwood Ln
Shoemate Rd
Sidney St
Sieber Rd
S Jackson St
S Jefferson St
Skouby Rd
Skyles Rd
S Louise Ave
S Louise St
S Maramec St
S Meramec St
S Oak St
Sorell Rd
S Outer Rd
Spook Hollow Rd
Spurgeon Rd
S Seymour St
State Hwy 68
State Hwy 8
State Hwy B
State Hwy Bb
State Hwy Dd
State Hwy Ee
State Hwy F
State Hwy H
State Hwy Kk
State Hwy P
State Hwy U
State Hwy V
State Hwy Yy
State Rd Kk
State Rte B
State Rte Bb
State Rte Dd
State Rte Ee
State Rte F
State Rte Kk
State Rte V
State Rte Yy
St James Rd
S Wishon St
Tammy Ln
Terry Ln
Tony Berg Rd
Trail End Rd
Trevor Ln
Turnbough Rd
Turner Rd
Tyler Ln
Union Ave
Valley Rd
Vanbibber Rd
Vaughn Rd
Vineyard Outer Rd
Vineyard Rd
Walnut St
Walters Ave
Walters Dr
Walters St
W Church St
W Eldon St
W Hardy St
White Rd
W Home Ave
Winter Dr
W James Blvd
W Johnson St
W Marcella St
W Matlock Rd
W Parker Ln
W Scioto St
W Springfield Rd
W Springfield St
W Washington St
Zion Hill Rd