Battleboro, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies



Battleboro, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS3356 - LEVEL3 - Level 3 Parent, LLC, US

Battleboro, North Carolina Streets

Abbott Ave
Adams Ct
Aft Ln
Anchor Ct
Ashley Dr
Ashton Ln
Bark Ct
Barnes St
Barnhill Farm Rd
Battleboro-Leggett Rd
Beacon Tower Ln
Belmont Farms Pkwy
Benson Farm Rd
Bishop Rd
Blue Sky Rd
Bow Ct
Bradford Ln
Brandywine Ln
Brookside Ct
Bumpy Ln
Burleigh Dr
Burnette Rd
Bynum Pond Ct
Caitlin Dr
Capstan Ct
Caties Ln
Channel Ln
Chris Ct
College Rd
Conyer Ln
Cool Spring Rd
Corporation Pkwy
Crepe Myrtle St
Crownview Ln
Daniels Ave
Deans Rd
Denzel Ln
Derring Dr
Dinghy Ct
Dogwood Dr
Drake Rd
Drew Hill Ct
Dunbar Rd
Dunbar Woods Rd
E Battleboro Ave
E Bridges St
Edge Rd
Education Dr
Elmwood Ln
Ethridge St
Everette Ave
Falling Leaf Ln
Field St
Fieldstone Ln
Flat Rock Dr
Flye Path
Fountain Park Dr
Fountain School Rd
Foxcroft Ln
Gainor Ave
Gold Dr
Goose Hollow Ln
Grant Ln
Green Acres Ln
Green Pastures E
Green Pastures W
Grimes Ln
Grove Church Rd
Harold St
Hart Farm Rd
Hathaway St
Hickory Creek Ct
Hidden Path
Hubbard Dr
Inlet Ln
Ioka St
Jamie Rd
J B Ln
Joe Ellen Rd
Jones St
Kims Ct
Knot Ct
Lark Ln
Lassiter St
Lee Sharon Ln
Leeward Ct
Line Ct
Macktown St
Maril St
Marriott Rd
Marriott St
Mast Ct
McKinney Rd
Milbourne St
Mill Pond Rd
Moccasin Ln
Morland Dr
Morning Star Church Rd
N Browntown Rd
New Ct
New Hope Church Rd
N Grimes Ln
N Halifax Rd
Nicole Ct
Nolan St
N Wesleyan Blvd
Oakwood Dr
Old Battleboro Rd
Outboard Ct
Owens Cir
Patties Ln
Pearsall St
Pine St
Pittman St
Plantation Dr
Polks Hole Rd
Pollard St
Port Ct
Pratt Pl
Price Rd
Quail Roost Rd
Railroad St
Red Oak Battleboro Rd
Red Oak Blvd
Red Oak Rd
Rhodes Dairy Ln
Ridge Rd
Robbins Haven
Robin Dr
Sandy Pine Ct
School St
Scott and Beverly Ln
Sessoms Rd
Seven Bridges Rd
Shepards Ct
Shephards Way Dr
Sloop Ct
Speights Chapel Rd
Splice Ct
State Hwy 33
State Hwy 33 NW
State Hwy 4
State Hwy 43
State Hwy 48
State Hwy 97
State Hwy 97 W
State Rd
State Rd 1003
State Rd 1252
State Rd 1253
State Rd 1255
State Rd 1400
State Rd 1403
State Rd 1404
State Rd 1406
State Rd 1407
State Rd 1408
State Rd 1409
State Rd 1411
State Rd 1412
State Rd 1413
State Rd 1414
State Rd 1415
State Rd 1416
State Rd 1419
State Rd 1437
State Rd 1438
State Rd 1524
State Rd 1525
State Rd 1526
State Rd 1528
State Rd 1530
State Rd 1531
State Rd 1532
State Rd 1533
State Rd 1544
State Rd 1545
State Rd 1556
State Rd 1560
State Rd 1562
State Rd 1564
State Rd 1567
State Rd 1568
State Rd 1569
State Rd 1570
State Rd 1575
State Rd 1576
State Rd 1577
State Rd 1596
Stroud Ln
Sunny Day Rd
Syble Ln
Tall Cotton Rd
Tall Pines Ln
Treasa Dr
Tree Farm Rd
Trim Ln
Turkey Creek Rd
Tyler Run
US Hwy 301
Valley Dr
Viverette Ave
Walkabout Ln
Walter Ave
Wave Ln
W Battleboro Ave
W Bridges St
Wendover Ln
Wesley Dr
Wheel Ct
White Oak Ridge Dr
Wildflower Ln
Windbriar Ct
Windywood Ln
W Logsboro Rd
Wolf Point Ln
Wollett Mill Rd
Wrentree Ln