Boonville, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Boonville, North Carolina Phone Numbers


Boonville, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS7250 - SURRY-TELEPHONE-MEMB-CORP - Surry Telephone Membership Corporation, US
AS33647 - YADTELNET - Yadkin Valley Telephone, US

Boonville, North Carolina Streets

Abbys Ct
Academy Dr
Adams Rd
Alberts Trl
Amanda Rd
Angus Rd
Aranda Ln
Arbor St
Arnie Dr
Ashburn Mill Rd
Ashlyn Ln
Ashton Cheyenne Dr
Avery Rd
Back Line Ln
Back Nine Ln
Banch Trl
Baptist Church Rd
Barney Hill Rd
Beedee Dr
Beulah Rd
Black Hawk Dr
Blow N Wind Ln
Bluegrass Hill Dr
Bohammer Trl
Booe Rd
Boondocks Trl
Boose Rd
Bryant Rd
Bueba Vista Ln
Buena Vista Ln
Burch Ferry Rd
Burton Rd
Cabin Dr
Campbell Rd
Canary Ave
Cardinal Ave
Carl Dr
Carson Dr
Cartwright Rd
Casmore Rd
Caudle Farm Rd
Center Rd
Charity Church Rd
Cherry St
Chestnut St
Chico Ln
Church Music Rd
Church St
Clyde Rd
Conrad Ridge
Coram Ave
Coyote Dr
Cranberry Rd
Crawford Pl
Creekview Dr
Crepe Myrtle Dr
Crest Rd
Crook Dr
Crooked Creek Trl
Crow Hill
Cummings Rd
Cundiff Rd
Depot St
Dillow Rd
Dobbins Rd
Doe Run Rd
Dogwood St
Donald Ln
Donnie's Dr
Drivers Ln
Eagle Dr
Ellie Mae Dr
Ellis Rd
E Main St
Farris Rd
Fleming Farm Dr
Fletcher St
Frazier Rd
Freedom Dr
Gadberry Rd
Garretts Dr
Garwood Ave
Glen Ruth Dr
Golf Course Rd
Gordy Ln
Grace St
Graham Cir
Granite Trl
Greenwood Ave
Hallmark Estates Dr
Hatchers Dr
Hayes Ave
H D Dr
Heath Ln
Hemric Rd
Hendrix Dr
Hickory Ave
Hidden Acres Dr
Hill and Holler Rd
Hodge Ln
Holbrook Hollow
Holcomb Rd
Hollyberry Dr
Holly St
Hope Dr
Horsepower Ln
Howard's Rd
Howard St
Hunter Grove Trl
Ingram Gordon Dr
J and J Dr
Johnson St
Kerr Dr
Kerr St
Key St
Kittrell Dr
Knollwood St
Kurstie Ln
Lake Dr
Larry Rd
Law School Rd
Lazy Dog Ln
Lightning Cross Rd
Lime Rock Rd
Lisa Ln
Logans Ct
Lon Ave
Longtown Rd
Luffman Farm Rd
Lyndale Dr
Lyndon Dr
Mabel Trl
Maggie Way
Mallard Dr
Manor Ave
Maple St
Martin Ave
Marview Dr
Maye House Ln
McKnight Rd
Meadowview Dr
Mead Rd
Mendenhall Dr
Michael Rd
Mickles Ln
Mill St
Mitchells Chapel Rd
Mopar Dr
Morgan Rd
Mosteller Rd
Mount Pleasant Church Rd
Moxley Rd
Ms Farm Dr
Ms Farm Rd
Muscadine Dr
Mustang Dr
Nebo Rd
N Oak Ridge Church Rd
Normandy Ave
North Carolina Ave
Oak Dr
Oak Hollow Ln
Oakland Blvd
Oakwood Rd
Old Ross Harbor Trl
Old State Hwy 60
Osborne Dr
Over the Hill Ln
Paradise Meadow Ln
Paradise Meadows Ln
Parker Rd
Park St
Pats Way
Pauls Ln
Pendry Rd
Peppermint Trl
Pleasant Hill Farm Ln
Poplin Dr
Pulliam Rd
Puppy Love Dr
Quality Acres Rd
Rainbow Ridge Dr
Ralph Rd
Ranger Rd
Reece Ave
Reece Rd
Rex Allen Way
Richmond Hill Church Rd
Richs Rd
Ridge St
River Bend Rd
River Rd
Riverview Dr
Robbins Ln
Roberts Rock Rd
Robin St
Rockford Rd
Rock House Mountain Rd
Rottie Dobie Ln
Round Hill Rd
Royal Oak Dr
Roy Rd
Sanders Ridge Ln
September Ln
Shady Spring Dr
Shawn Rodney Rd
Shaw Rd
Shenandoah Trl
Shugart Rd
Simmons-Patton Rd
Sizemore Ave
Sleepy Ln
Sonnet Dr
South Carolina Ave
Speas Ave
Speer Ave
Speer Rd
Spencer Rd
Spring St
Spring Water Dr
Sprouse Rd
Starmount Rd
State Hwy 67
State Rd 1331
State Rd 1334
State Rd 1335
State Rd 1338
State Rd 1340
State Rd 1341
State Rd 1342
State Rd 1343
State Rd 1360
State Rd 1361
State Rd 1363
State Rd 1366
State Rd 1367
State Rd 1368
State Rd 1369
State Rd 1370
State Rd 1371
State Rd 1372
State Rd 1373
State Rd 1376
State Rd 1377
State Rd 1378
State Rd 1385
State Rd 1397
State Rd 1414
State Rd 1510
State Rd 1511
State Rd 1512
State Rd 1515
State Rd 1516
State Rd 1518
State Rd 1519
State Rd 1521
State Rd 1522
State Rd 1523
State Rd 1525
State Rd 1526
State Rd 1527
State Rd 1529
State Rd 1531
State Rd 1570
State Rd 1583
State Rd 1586
State Rd 1588
State Rd 1604
State Rd 1609
State Rd 1628
Stinson Rd
Stonecrest Dr
Stuart Ln
Substation Dr
Sum Are Dreams St
Sunrise Ln
Sunset Dr
Tanyard Creek Rd
Tanyard St
Thornsbury Ln
Thunder Run Rd
Timberline Ln
T-N-T Dr
Tommi Dr
Tony's Dr
Tower Rd
Trail Dr
Transou Ave
Trayce Brandon Dr
Turtle Run Dr
Twins Pl
Tyler Baine Ln
Ty-Sid Ln
US Hwy 601
Vallie Davis Dr
Vallie Rd
Wallace Ave
Walnut St
Weatherman Rd
Webb Ridge Dr
Weeping Willow Way
Weldon Rd
Wendy Ln
Wesley Rd
Whitaker Rd
White Oak Dr
White Rock Rd
Willard Rd
Williams St
Willowbrook Ave
Willow Springs Dr
Wilmoth Rd
W Main St
Wolfe Rd
Woodruff Rd
Wren St