Clarkton, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies



Clarkton, North Carolina Phone Numbers


Clarkton, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS15153 - STARWIRELESS-15153 - Star Wireless, Inc., US
AS36852 - -Reserved AS-, ZZ

Clarkton, North Carolina Streets

6th St
A and S Tram Dr
Airport Rd
Allen Cir
Ann Spaulding Rd
Archie Jacobs Ln
Arthur Shaw Rd
Autry Rd
Back Dr
Baer Mill Dr
Baldwin Elkins Rd
Banks Dr
Beasley and Graham Rd
Bee Tree Ln
Bill Hooks Rd
Bladenboro Rd
Blanks Dairy Rd
Blanks Rd
Bobs Dr
Booker T Washington School Rd
Box Wood Dr
Brantley Dr
Bridgers Rd
Britt Rd
Bucks Ln
Burney Ford Rd
Burney's Mill Rd
Callihan Mobile Home Park Rd
Campbell Rd
Campbell St
Carver Moore Rd
Chancey Rd
Charley Lennon Rd
Charlie Monroe Rd
Clark St
Coley Rd
Cox St
Crestview Way
Cribb Rd
Curn Spalding Rd
Dannie McKee Ln
Daves Rd
D Campbell Dr
Deerfield Dr
Dimery Dr
Doug Evans Rd
Duncan Rd
Earl Hill Rd
Earls Ln
E Church St
E Currie St
Ed Burney Rd
Edgewood St
Ed Packer Farm Rd
Ed Sessoms Rd
Effie Dr
E Graham St
E Green St
Elkins Ln
Elkton Rd
Ella Bell Rd
E North Railroad St
E Roberts St
Ervin Smith Pl
E South Railroad St
Everette Byrd Rd
Farmers Union Rd
Freeman Farm Rd
Geneva S Baldwin Ln
George Dr
George W Kelly Rd
Georgia St
Gladys Campbell Dr
Glass St
Graham Rd
Grand Rd
Gran Trl
Green Elkins Rd
Greens Mill Rd
Hallsboro Rd
Hallsboro Rd N
Hardison Rd
Harrelson Rd
Harris Rd
Hatties Pl
H E McKenzie Ln
Henry J Ln
Hillside St
Honeysuckle Ln
Howie and Hammonds Rd
Idas Ln
Irene Dr
James B White Hwy N
James St
Janie High Rd
Jasmine Ln
Jenkins Rd
Jerry Clark Rd
Jimsie Hester Rd
Johnson McAllister Rd
John Spaulding Rd
John Wooten Rd
Jordan Rd
June Cir
Karry Kemp Dr
King and Leach Ln
Lacewell Ln
Lanier Rd
Laura Hill Dr
Leach Bryant Rd
Lisbon Rd
Little John Rd
Lucys Dr
Mae Belles Dr
Manor Ridge Dr
Manual Monroe Rd
Marlowe Trl
Martin Gourd Rd
McCarroll Dr
McCullum Rd
McKee Rd
McKenzie's Ln
McKinnon Rd
McKoy Rd
McKoy Staten Rd
McMillan Dr
McMillan Rd
McNeil Fields Dr
Mears Ln
Mears Rd
Melvin St
Memorys Corner Rd
Mercer Mill Brown Marsh Rd
Mercer Mill Rd
Mgm Dr
Michaels Pathway
Middle Swamp Ln
Mille Christine Rd
Mitchell Field Rd
Mitchell Ford Rd
Mitchell Hill Dr
Mobile Dr
Mobile Rd
Monroe Rd
Montgomery Rd
Mount Calvary Rd
Mount Olive Rd
Mount Olive School Rd
Mrs Susies Dr
N College St
N Elmhurst St
N Elm St
N Gooden St
N Grove St
N Mitchell Ford Rd
N Page Rd
N Singletary St
N W R Latham St
Old Field Cemetery Rd
Old Tram Rd
Oscar Baldwin Pl
Page Rd
Peach St
Pear Tree Ln
Peniacor Rd
Peniancor Dr
Perimiter Rd
Pig Palace Ln
Pleasant Hill Piney Grove Cemetery Dr
Plum St
Poe Elkins Rd
Porterville School Rd
Powell Rd
Pridgen Acres Dr
Quail Ln
Quill Moore Rd
Ransom Ln
Red Hill Rd
Red Hill St
Rehobeth Church Rd
Rico Rd
Riverside Rd
Robinson Ave
Roe and Sarah Dr
Roscoe Lennon Dr
Roscoe Lennon Rd
Rosemont Ln
Rosindale Rd
Roys Rd
Sables Run Trl
Sams Ln
S College St
S Davis St
S Elm St
S Grove St
Shana Dr
Shana Rd
Shannon Dr
Shurmac St
Silver Spoon Rd
Slade Meares Rd
Smith and Andrews Dr
Snaps Ln
S Page Rd
Spaulding Ln
S Smith St
State Hwy 131
State Hwy 211
State Hwy 211 E
State Hwy 211 W
State Hwy 87
State Hwy 87 E
State Rd 1001
State Rd 1003
State Rd 1136
State Rd 1137
State Rd 1138
State Rd 1139
State Rd 1140
State Rd 1141
State Rd 1142
State Rd 1143
State Rd 1166
State Rd 1168
State Rd 1169
State Rd 1190
State Rd 1194
State Rd 1517
State Rd 1530
State Rd 1531
State Rd 1532
State Rd 1540
State Rd 1541
State Rd 1542
State Rd 1543
State Rd 1544
State Rd 1545
State Rd 1546
State Rd 1700
State Rd 1701
State Rd 1703
State Rd 1704
State Rd 1708
State Rd 1709
State Rd 1710
State Rd 1711
State Rd 1712
State Rd 1713
State Rd 1718
State Rd 1719
State Rd 1720
State Rd 1724
State Rd 1725
State Rd 1726
State Rd 1741
State Rd 1754
State Rd 1755
State Rd 1756
State Rd 1757
State Rd 1758
State Rd 1760
State Rd 1761
State Rd 1762
State Rd 1763
State Rd 1764
State Rd 1769
State Rd 1771
State Rd 1775
State Rd 1777
State Rd 1778
State Rd 1788
State Rd 1793
State Rd 1795
State Rd 1797
Summit Dr
Susie Baldwin Rd
Swindell Rogers Ln
S W R Latham St
Tart Rd
Tina Ln
Tommys Dr
Turnips Ln
Twisted Hickory Rd
Underwood Davis Rd
US Hwy 701
US Hwy 701 Bus
US Hwy 701 Byp
US Hwy 701 S
Vause Rd
Virginia Ave
Wadell Smith Rd
Ward Farm Rd
Warrens Dr
Watson Graveyard Rd
W Currie St
W Graham St
W Green St
W Hester St
Whitehall Rd
White McEwen Rd
White Plains Church Rd
White Plains Rd
Windmill Way
W North Railroad St
Wooten Monroe Rd
W South Railroad St