Ferguson, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Ferguson, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS22191 - WILKES-COMM - Wilkes Communications, Inc., US

Ferguson, North Carolina Streets

Avery Anderson Rd
Ayers Rd
Bear Run Rd
Beaver Creek Rd
Bettys Rd
Big Sky Rd
Bill Horton Rd
Brownies Branch Rd
Buckaroo Rd
Cabin Ridge Rd
Caleb Ln
Carroll Town Rd
Cartwood Dr
Casper Hawkins
Casper Hawkins Rd
Champion Mount Pleasant Rd
Champion Mount Pleasant Rd Exd
Champion Mt Pleasant Rd
Champion Rd
Clonch Dr
Cobblestone Ln
Conley Shumaker Rd
Crockett Cove
Deer Crossing Ln
Dr Miles Rd
Dyer Rd
Elk Creek Darby Rd
Elk Horn Rd
Elk Ridge Rd
Fais Doedoe Rd
Ferguson Third St
Flag Branch Rd
Fox Cove Rd
Fox Den Rd
Gene Horton Rd
Gladys Fork Rd
Golden Eagle Ln
Grannys Ln
Grannys Ridge Rd
Hackett Town Rd
Hamby Ln
Hawkbill Rd
Holleridge Rd
Horton Dr
Hunter Rd
Johnson Mtn Rd
Kendell-Town Rd
Kendle Town Rd
Last Chance Rd
Leatherwood Ln
Lee Mnt Rd
Lee Mtn Rd
Lewis Fork Baptist Church Rd
Lipford Rd
Long Fork Rd
Lou West Rd
Mary's Ln
Meadow Rd
Mica Mines Ln
Mount Pleasant Rd
Mount Zion Rd
N Marley Ford Rd
Obie Green Rd
Ottie Allen
Outback Rd
Overhill Dr
Pegs Branch Rd
Pine Valley Rd
Red Top Rd
Rocky Top Acres Rd
Rom Eller Rd
Sam Jones Rd
Sampson Rd
S Goforth Rd
Shady Haven
Shell Creek Rd
S Lee Mountain Rd
Stable Rd
State Hwy 268
State Rd 1130
State Rd 1131
State Rd 1134
State Rd 1135
State Rd 1136
State Rd 1148
State Rd 1150
State Rd 1152
State Rd 1153
State Rd 1154
State Rd 1155
State Rd 1157
State Rd 1158
State Rd 1159
State Rd 1161
State Rd 1162
State Rd 1166
State Rd 1175
State Rd 1224
State Rd 1227
State Rd 1228
State Rd 1229
State Rd 1231
State Rd 1233
Stony Fork Rd
Tabernacle Way
Tin Horn Rd
Tomahawk Ln
Tom Dula Rd
Trails End Ln
Triplett Rd
Triplett Town Rd
Turkey Pen Cove
Turkey Spur Rd
Underwood Ave
US Hwy 421
Wagon Ridge Rd
Wild Turkey Ln
Wild Turkey Rd
Wolfe Ridge
W Ridge
W State Hwy 268
W Wilkes Medical Center Rd
Yadkin View Dr