Lewisville, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies



Lewisville, North Carolina Phone Numbers


Lewisville, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS7029 - WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications LLC, US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS40245 - WAKE-FOREST-UNIVERSITY - Wake Forest University, US

Lewisville, North Carolina Streets

Alabnon Rd
Allspice Ct
Amber Forest Ln
Anchusa St
Applewood Dr
Arboretum Ct
Arboretum Dr
Arbor Run Ct
Arbor Run Dr
Arrow Leaf Ct
Arrow Leaf Dr
Ashfield Ct
Ashfield Dr
Ash Land Ct
Ashley Lake Dr
Ashmont Forest Ct
Baileys Cove Rd
Baileys Way
Ballyhoo Dr
Barksdale Rd
Barkwood Dr
Barnstable Rd
Barnview Dr
Bebb Willow Ln
Beech Forest Rd
Beech Valley Rd
Beechwood Dr
Belhaven Ct
Belleforde Ct
Belmeade Way Trl
Belnette Dr
Big Tree Ct
Big Tree Dr
Birchbend Dr
Birch Tree Ln
Blackbird Ct
Bla Mor Ln
Blarney Ln
Bouzeke Ct
Bouzeke Rd
Bradford Lake Ct
Bradford Place Ct
Bradford Place Ln
Briar Creek Manor
Briarmede Rd
Brightstar Ln
Brittington Ct
Brittington Dr
Brookfarm Trl
Brookfield Forest Ct
Brookfield Rd
Brook Meadow Ct
Brook Meadow Ln
Brook Mill Dr
Brookside Dr
Brookway West Ct
Brookway West Dr
Buckey Ct
Buckhorn Rd
Cabin Grove Dr
Calindia Way
Cane Ridge Ln
Canterwood Dr
Carrington Oaks Dr
Carrington Pl
Cedarbrook Ct
Cedar Hollow
Charisma Ln
Cherry Tree Ln
Chesterfield Rd
Chockecherry Ct
Chockecherry Ln
Concord Church Ct
Concord Church Rd
Conrad Cir
Conrad Rd
Conrad Sawmill Rd
Conrad St
Cortney Glen Ln
Cotinus Cir
Country Ln
Covington Pl
Crafton Creek Dr
Cramerton Ct
Crashore Ct
Crashore Dr
Credence Farm Rd
Crenata Dr
Cresthaven Rd
Crestway Ct
Curtina Ln
Dalton Ct
Dalton Rd
Damon Dr
Dawnlea Dr
Deer Run Dr
Desmond Dr
Deverow Ct
Dewberry Rd
Dexter Rd
Dinkins Rd
Divaldi St
Dorse Forest Tl
Dorse Forest Trl
Dorse Rd
Dorse Ridge Rd
Double Creek Dr
Double Spring Rd
Doub Rd
Eaglewood Ct
Eaglewood Dr
Eden Rock Ct
Eden Rock Rd
Ellison Creek Rd
Elmwood Ct
Enrico St
Esso Ln
Fair Bluff Dr
Fairhaven Ct
Fairhaven Rd
Fallbrook Ln
Falmouth Dr
Fantasy Rd
Fawnbrook Rd
Fawndale Dr
Feldspar Ln
Fernham Pl
Five Oaks Dr
Flameleaf Ct
Flintridge Dr
Forbus Farm Trl
Forest Haven Ln
Forest Wood Dr
Fountain Brook Ln
Fountain View Ln
Fox Glen Trl
Fox Ridge Cir
Fox Run Dr
Franklin Rd
Garden Terrace Ln
Glad Acres Rd
Glenn Rd
Glensheen Trl
Gnarl Wood Rd
Grainland Dr
Grapevine Rd
Grapewood Cir
Graydon Ct
Great Wagon Rd
Greenfield Estates Dr
Green Tree Dr
Grindstone Dr
Grinnell Ct
Grinnell St
Grove Creek Dr
Hackberry Ct
Harmony Cove Ave
Harvest Mill Dr
Harvest Pine Rd
Harwick Ct
Hauser Rd
Heatherford Dr
Heritage Dr
Hidden Lake Trl
Hidden Stream Dr
Hilary Ct
Hillside Manor Dr
Hilly Creek Ct
Holder Acres Trl
Holder Farm Rd
Holly Hedge Dr
Homewood Dr
Honeyridge Ct
Hounds Ridge Rd
Ivywood Ct
Jeannine Dr
Jennings Rd
Johns Bluff Rd
Kelwyn Ln
Kensford Ct
Kensford Dr
Ketner Rd
Kings Tree Rd
Kinney Rd
Kinnway Ct
Knoll Ct
la Grande Dr
Lagrande Place Dr
Lakehurst Dr
Lake Knoll Ct
Lakeway Dr
Lalanda Dr
Lasley Forest Rd
Lasley Rd
Laurel Creek Ln
Lawrence Rdg
Lazy Acres Ct
Leatherwood Ct
Leons Way
Lewisville Clemmons Rd
Lewisville Trails Ct
Lewisville Trails Rd
Lewisville Vienna Rd
Linda Dr
Linden Hill Ln
Linkner Ln
Loblolly Ct
Loblolly Dr
Long Shadow Trce
Lucy Ln
Lumley Rd
Madison Glen Dr
Manarda Cir
Marblehead Rd
Marblehead Rd S
Marshall Rd
Matt James Ct
May Apple Dr
Meadow Chase Ct
Meadow Chase Dr
Meadowgate Ln
Meadow Lake Dr
Merry Hill Ct
Messick Oaks Trl
Mill Chase Rd
Mimosa Ct
Misty Creek Rd
Mock Dr
Montrachet Ct
Montrachet Dr
Myrtle Wood Ln
Nading Ferry Rd
Nanzetta Way
Newcomb Ln
Nix Dr
North St
Norwood Ct
Norwood Ln
Oak Bend Ln
Oakencroft Ct
Oak Grove Ave
Oak Leaf Ln
Oak Run Ct
Pamo Ln
Panther Ridge Ln
Pebble Meadows Dr
Pegram Farm Rd
Pennington Ridge Ct
Pepperidge Rd
Peppermill Ct
Phillips Bridge Rd
Pilot Ridge Dr
Pinehurst Dr
Pineola Ln
Plemmons Rd
Poplar Ridge Rd
Prestwould Dr
Ravencliff Ct
Red Maple Ln
Reid Acres Ln
Reynolds Rd
Ridgebury Ct
Ridgecrest Trl
Ridge Gate Ct
Ridge Gate Dr
Ridge Grove Ct
Riding Ridge Ln
Ridings Ct
Ridings Rd
River Grove Ct
River Path Rd
River Run Ct
River Run Dr
Riverway Rd
River West Rd
Riverwood Dr
Rolan Acres Ct
Roller Mill Ct
Roller Mill Dr
Rondex Ln
Running Cedar Trl
Ryan Patrick Ln
Saddlebrook Cir
Saddlebrook Dr
Santolina Ln
Saskatoon Dr
Sattsgate Dr
Scarlet Ln
Scott Rd
Scott Rd Exd
Scottswood Ct
Seasons Hollow Rd
Sedgewick Ridge Ct
Sedgewick Ridge Rd
Senoa Rd
Sequoia Dr
Shadowridge Ct
Shadowridge Dr
Shady Brook Ln
Shallowford Rd
Shallowford Reserve Dr
Shallowford Ridge Rd
Shamrock Glen Ln
Shamrock Trail Rd
Shangri-la Dr
Sharon Church Rd
Shiva Dr
Sims Dr
Slater Farm Rd
Slater Rd
Smoke Tree Cir
Smoke Tree Creek
Smoke Tree Ct
Sonata Dr
Spainhour Farm Rd
Spoke Ln
Spring Farm Ct
Spring Hill Rd
Spring Meadow Ct
Sprinkle Mill Cir
State Rd 1001
State Rd 1146
State Rd 1152
State Rd 1153
State Rd 1158
State Rd 1159
State Rd 1160
State Rd 1161
State Rd 1166
State Rd 1171
State Rd 1173
State Rd 1300
State Rd 1301
State Rd 1304
State Rd 1305
State Rd 1306
State Rd 1307
State Rd 1308
State Rd 1310
State Rd 1312
State Rd 1525
State Rd 1537
State Rd 1585
State Rd 1586
State Rd 3212
State Rd 3284
State Rd 3503
State Rd 3519
State Rd 3528
State Rd 3566
State Rd 3570
State Rd 3572
State Rd 3573
State Rd 3693
State Rd 3694
State Rd 3695
State Rd 3699
State Rd 3703
State Rd 3704
State Rd 3707
State Rd 3723
State Rte 1156
Sterling Acres Dr
Strupe Rd
Styers Ferry Rd
Styers St
Sumac Ln
Summerglen Dr
Sunny Acres Dr
Sunset Ridge Dr
Sweet Bay Ct
Tarawood Dr
Thriftwood Trl
Thunderwood Ct
Thunderwood Farm Ln
Thunderwood Farm Rd
Tierney Dr
Timberpeg Ct
Toronto Cir
Trevor Downs Ct
Trevor Ln
Troxaway Ct
Tullyries Ln
Turnbridge Dr
Tuscany Ct
Tuscany Dr
Twilight Ct
Twin Oaks Lake Dr
Vaughn Park Dr
W Bend Ct
Weatherford Trl
Wellesley Place Ct
Wellesley Place Dr
Westbend School Ct
Westbend School Rd
Westeba Rd
Westleigh Dr
Will Austin Ct
Williams Rd
Willowmede Dr
Winderly Ct
Windham Farm Ln
Winding Oaks Trl
Witherbee Ct
Woodcove Dr
Woodford Rd
Woodside Ln
Woodview Ridge Trl
Woodville Rd
Wright St
Wyntfield Dr
Yadkinville Rd
Yakima Ct
Yarmouth Ln