Pfafftown, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies



Pfafftown, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS1239 - SPRINTLINK - Sprint, US
AS7029 - WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications LLC, US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS17031 - WINSTON-SALEM-SCHOOLS - Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, US
AS22460 - PEPSICO-NA - PepsiCo, Inc., US
AS22709 - NSTELCO - North State Telephone Co., US
AS40245 - WAKE-FOREST-UNIVERSITY - Wake Forest University, US

Pfafftown, North Carolina Streets

Accord Ct
Aladdin Rd
Alpha St
Amberwood Dr
Amelia Rd
Archdale Rd
Aubrey Ct
Autumn Ct
Balsom Rd
Barons Ridge Cir
Barons Ridge Rd
Bashavia Dr
Bashavia Wayside Rd
Bashavia Woods Trl
Beaver Pond Ct
Beaver Pond Trl
Benson Ln
Bent Tree Ct
Benwicke Ct
Benwicke Dr
Bernard Ridge Rd
Beroth Cir
Beroth Rd
Beta St
Bethania Oaks Cir
Bethania Oaks Dr
Bethania Place Rd
Bethania Rd
Bethania Ridge Rd
Bethania Tobaccoville Rd
Bird Dog Trl
Birdie Way
Blazingwood Dr
Bolin Rd
Bottoms Rock Ln
Boudwin Dr
Bracy Ridge Ct
Brakenwood Dr
Bramblewood Trl
Bridal Ridge Dr
Bright Leaf Rd
Broadview Rd
Brookbank Dr
Campton Ridge Ct
Campton Ridge Rd
Carillon Dr
Castes Dr
Chebar Dr
Chesridge Ln
Cheverly Ct
Chickasha Rd
Clarice Ave
Cliffside Dr
Clinedale Ct
Clinedale Rd
Community Church Rd
Conrad Farm Rd
Conrad Sawmill Rd
Continental Dr
Coon Creek Rd
Copperhead Ridge Dr
Cotswold Ct
Cotswold Rd
Country Heights Ln
Crestbrook Ln
Crestlawn Ct
Crestlawn Tl
Crestlawn Trl
Crestview Place Dr
Crosscreek Trl
Cutters Creek Ct
Cutters Creek Dr
Davbow Dr
Davis Farm Ln
Deforest Ct
Dixiana Ln
Dobbs Parish Ln
Doral Dr
Dorothea Creek Dr
Dozier Trl
Duffer Ct
Duffer Ln
Dunhurst Dr
Eagle Cove Ct
Eagle Crest Dr
Echo Hill Ln
Echo Trl
Edgeworth Trl
el Camino Dr
Elkvue Dr
Ellen Ave
Enfield Rd
Fairfield Creek Dr
Fairfield Oaks Ln
Fairway Run Dr
Farmstead Rd
Faylyn Dr
Ferncrest Ct
Ferntree Ct
Finwick Dr
Folkstone Ct
Folkstone Rd
Forest Ln
Forest Mill Dr
Fox Horn Cir
Foxhound Dr
Fries Creek Rd
Frosty Ct
Garces Cir
Glad Acres Rd
Gladewater Ct
Gladewater Dr
Glarestone Dr
Glen Ellyn Ct
Glenn Ferry Rd
Glennmoor Dr
Goldfinch Rd
Goslen Dr
Grabs Dr
Grandview Club Rd
Grandview Crossing Ln
Green Forest Ln
Greenhill Dr
Greenly Dr
Green Turf Ct
Gretchen Ave
Harrell Dr
Hauser Dr
Hauser Farm Rd
Haviland Ct
Henley Hill Ln
Hidden Ct
High Cliffs Rd
High River Trl
Hollow Springs Trl
Honeycomb Ln
Hunting Creek Dr
Hunting Meet Ct
Indian Camp Dr
Indian Wells Trl
Innsbruck Ln
Jane Ave
Jay Bird Ln
Johannes Ln
Jonathan St
Joyce Norman Rd
Kahala Ct
Kane Dr
Kapp Rd
Kathryn Ct
Katie Ct
Kecoughtan Rd
Kennette Dr
Ketner Rd
Kilby Rd
Kilmurry Hill Rd
Lake Pine Ct
Lakeside Dr
Lakeview Dr
Landon Dr
Larkwood Dr
la Sierra Dr
Leward Rd
Lewisville Vienna Rd
Lochurst Ct
Lochurst Dr
Lodgecrest Ln
Lofter Ct
Lofter Dr
Lone Oak Rd
Loren Ln
Macbrandon Ln
Main St
Manoa Rd
Mashie Dr
Meadow Ln
Meredith Rd
Mickle Rd
Millie Ln
Mill Run Ct
Mill Run Ln
Millstone Ln
Millwheel Rd
Montford Rd
Mount Salem Rd
Myers Rd
Needham Rd
Niblick Dr
Night Owl Ct
Oak Park Cir
Oak Park Ct
Oak Park Dr
Oak Park Pl
Odenton Ln
Old Bethania Trl
Olde Creek Rd
Olde Farm Dr
Olde Fields Way
Olde Ridge Rd
Old Towne Village Cir
Olin Rd
Palisade Dr
Paramount Rd
Parsons St
Patty Ln
Peaceful Glen Dr
Pebble Lake Ct
Pebble Lake Dr
Pellam Forest Ct
Pellinore Dr
Pendragon Ct
Penrose Rd
Peter Pfaff Rd
Pfaff Ln
Piglet Pl Pvt
Pine Acres Ln
Pine Cone Dr
Pinehill Dr
Pine Trails Rd
Pinewood Ln
Pipestem Ln
Pointer Ct
Polaris Ct
Polaris Rd
Poplar Ln
Primrose Rd
Proud St
Quail Creek Dr
Rainbow Ave
Reif Ct
Reynolda Rd
Ridgeway Dr
Ring Ct
River Branch Ln
Rivercross Trl
River Dale Rd
River Haven Rd
River Ridge Ct
River Ridge Rd
Roberts Rd
Robin Hood Forest Dr
Robinhood Rd
Robinhood Trace Ct
Robinhood Trace Dr
Robinwest Ct
Robinwest Dr
Rock Hill Rd
Rolling Green Ct
Royal Ridge Dr
Runabout Rd
Salem View Rd
Sam Hollow Ct
Sam Hollow Dr
Sand Wedge Ct
Sapona Trl
Sapp Ridge Rd
Scales Dr
Seal Dr
Setter Ct
Seven Hills Rd
Seward Cir
Seward Rd
Shadi Green Ln
Shady Ridge Ln
Sherborne Dr
Sheri Park Ln
Sherrill St
Shop Rd
Shore-Craft Dr
Silver Springs Rd
Skylark Ct
Skylark Rd
Skyline Dr
Southern Hill Dr
Spease Acres Dr
Spicewood Dr
Spring Forest Dr
Squaw Dr
Standing Oak Ln
State Hwy 67
State Rd 1308
State Rd 1312
State Rd 1313
State Rd 1434
State Rd 1437
State Rd 1438
State Rd 1439
State Rd 1440
State Rd 1441
State Rd 1442
State Rd 1443
State Rd 1445
State Rd 1447
State Rd 1448
State Rd 1449
State Rd 1451
State Rd 1453
State Rd 1454
State Rd 1455
State Rd 1458
State Rd 1463
State Rd 1465
State Rd 1466
State Rd 1468
State Rd 1470
State Rd 1471
State Rd 1500
State Rd 1518
State Rd 1519
State Rd 1521
State Rd 1522
State Rd 1525
State Rd 1540
State Rd 1546
State Rd 1547
State Rd 1548
State Rd 1555
State Rd 1556
State Rd 1557
State Rd 1559
State Rd 1598
State Rd 1599
State Rd 1627
State Rd 1629
State Rd 1688
State Rd 1759
State Rd 1795
State Rd 1821
State Rd 1828
State Rd 1830
State Rd 1831
State Rd 1832
State Rd 1835
State Rd 1836
State Rd 1842
State Rd 1845
State Rd 1849
State Rd 1861
State Rd 1871
State Rd 1873
State Rd 1885
State Rd 1890
State Rd 3202
State Rd 3210
State Rd 3211
State Rd 3215
State Rd 3217
State Rd 3218
State Rd 3219
State Rd 3224
State Rd 3237
State Rd 3238
State Rd 3239
State Rd 3240
State Rd 3243
State Rd 3248
State Rd 3252
State Rd 3255
State Rd 3261
State Rd 3275
State Rd 3292
State Rd 3293
State Rd 3295
State Rd 3296
State Rd 3297
State Rd 3298
State Rd 3299
State Rd 3300
State Rd 3301
State Rd 3306
State Rd 3307
State Rd 3322
State Rd 3323
State Rd 3332
State Rd 3333
State Rd 3334
State Rd 3337
State Rd 3339
State Rd 3346
State Rd 3354
State Rd 3357
State Rd 3358
State Rd 3359
State Rd 3363
State Rd 3364
State Rd 3365
State Rd 3367
State Rd 3368
State Rd 3369
State Rd 3372
State Rd 3373
State Rd 3954
State Rd 3962
State Rd 3986
State Rd 3987
State Rd 3989
State Rd 3998
State Rd 3999
State Rte 1446
Stimpson Dr
Stimpson Ridge Dr
Stoneman Pl
Strieter Rd
Sullivan's Trl
Sweetbriar Rd
Tee Time Trl
Thornwood Ln
Timberfield Cir
Timberfield Dr
Tom St
Tonifae Dr
Transou Place Ln
Transou Rd
Tristram Dr
Turfwood Dr
Turkey Ln
Turnberry Park Ct
Turnberry Park Dr
Twin Meadows Dr
Twin Oaks Lake Dr
Vienna Dozier Rd
Vienna Forest Dr
Vogler Rd
Wagon Trail Rd
Waldraven Rd
Wall Brook
Waller Rd
Wanda Vista Ct
Wandering Ln
Warbler Rd
Warner Ct
Warner Rd
Waterway Dr
Wedge Dr
Wellsprings Ct
Wellsprings Dr
Wenlok Ln
Wesmar Dr
Westerburg Ln
Westrock Dr
Wheaton Rd
Whippers-in Trl
Whippoorwill Dr
Whispering Wind Dr
White Pines Ln
Whitman Rd
Wide Country Rd
Wild Rose Dr
Willowdale Dr
Willow Wind Dr
Winward Rd
Wishing Well Rd
Wolfe Store Ln
Woodridge Ln
Woodsway Dr
Woosley Rd
Yadkinville Rd