Rockwell, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies



Rockwell, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS7029 - WINDSTREAM - Windstream Communications LLC, US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS26903 - SALISBURY-ASN - City of Salisbury, North Carolina, US

Rockwell, North Carolina Streets

Alana Dr
Andover Ln
Anthony Rd
Aquila Dr
Armistead Rd
Ashland Rd
Ashley Dr
Austin St
Autumn Glen Dr
Barger St
Barn Swallow Ln
Becky's Ln
Bedford Ln
Belle Vista Dr
Belmont Pl
Bentley Ct
Bev Rd
Bird Dog Trl
Birtwick Rd
Bk Ave
Blackbeard Ln
Black Beauty Ln
Blackwelder Farm Rd
Bost Cir
Bostian Fisher Rd
Braidon Dr
Brendas Loop
Briarcliff Rd
Broad St
Brook Ave
Brooks Farm Rd
Brooks Link Rd
Brooks Rd
Broom St
Brown St
Burchette Dr
Butterfly Ln
Cal Miller Rd
Cannon St
Cardinal Dr
Carolina Ave
Carolyn Ave
Carter Hill Rd
Carter Loop Rd
Carter Loop St
Cedar Cir
Cedar Hill Dr
Center St
Central St
Chapman Farm Ln
Charles St
Chelesa Ln
Childrens Cir
China Grove Hwy
Chow Dr
Church St
Cigar Ave
Claires Pl
Comolli Rd
Cook Rd
Coral St
Cornelius Rd
Cottonwood Rd
Country Place Dr
Country Ridge Rd
Crescent Rd
Crescent St
Cross St
Crosswood Farms Rd
Dakota Ln
Dallas Dr
Darryls Dr
D Earnhardt Rd
Deaton Park Ln
Deborah Lynn Ln
Debra Dr
Deer Chase
Deer Track Rd
Deer Valley Rd
Delinda Dr
Denton Dr
Depot St
Division Ave
Dogwood Cir
Dogwood Dr
Double Impact Dr
Double Thumb Rd
Drye Farm Rd
Drye Haven Ln
Dutch Creek Rd
Dutch Farm Rd
Earnhardt Rd
Eastern Ave
Edgar Rd
Elaine Ave
Eller Rd
Elm Grove Rd
Elwyn Dr
E Main St
Emanuel Church Rd
Emanuel Rd
Faggart Cir
Family Cir
Farm Estates Dr
Featherstone Dr
Ferris Ave
Fesperman Rd
Fesperman St
Fisher Dr
Fisher Rd
Flash Bullet Dr
Fletcher Rd
Flowering Tree Ln
Forest Dr
Forest St
Geneva Dr
Ginger Ln
Glendas Ln
Gold Hill Ave
Gold Hill Rd
Grand Oaks Dr
Graystone Rd
Green Field Ln
Gregory Rd
Happy Hollow Rd
Happy Lake Rd
Hard Rock Dr
Haystack Dr
Hazelwood Dr
Henderson Dr
Hidden Oaks Dr
Hilbert Rd
Hillcrest Dr
Hoffner Dr
Hoffner Ln
Holly Ridge Rd
Holshouser Rd
Holshouser St
Howard St
Huckleberry Ln
Hunters Point Dr
Huntington Ridge Dr
Imanuel Church Rd
Industrial Ave
Irish Potato Rd
Ironwood Dr
James Acres Ln
James Dr
Jennifers Ln
Joe St
Joetta Ln
John Miller Rd
Johnson Dairy Rd
Josie St
Justin J Dr
Kings Farm Dr
Kizziah Dr
Klondale Rd
Kluttz Rd
Kokomo Ln
Lake Dr
Lands End Ln
Large Ave
Lavista Rd
Lentz St
Liberty St
Lillyfield Dr
Linker Rd
Link St
Little Red Bird Ln
Log Barn Farm Dr
Lower Stone Church Rd
Mallard Ln
Mallards Way
Maple Leaf Rd
Marion St
Market St
Martha Jane Ln
Martin Farm Rd
McBride Dr
Medium Dr
Megan Dr
Meismer Ln
Middle Brook Dr
Miller St
Misenheimer Rd
Misty Ln
Moore Village Rd
Moses Rd
Mount Olive Rd
Mount Pleasant Rd N
Nazareth Home Rd
N Cherry St
Neazer St
N Hambley St
None Dr
N Trexler Ave
Oak Creek Dr
Oak St
Ocher St
Old Beatty Ford Rd
Old Concord Rd
Old Mill Pond Rd
Old Rocky Rd
Old Rte 80
Oliver Rd
Orchard Rd
Organ Church Rd
Orphanage Rd
Paddock Cir
Palmer Cir
Palmer Rd
Park Dr
Paul Rd
Pecan St
Peggys Ln
Percy Ln
Phaniel Church Rd
Pheasant Ln
Pine Cir
Pine St
Pleasant Meadows Ln
Pless Rd
Poole St
Pop Basinger Rd
Poplar Post Ln
Poplar Trl
Preston Ridge Ln
Quail Haven Dr
Quantz Ln
Railroad Ave
Railroad St
Raintree Dr
Rakes Rd
Redbird Ln
Red Oak Dr
Red Rd
Reid Rd
Reids Pecan Dr
Rimer Rd
Rimertown Rd
Robaldo Ln
Rob Ward Rd
Rock Acres Rd
Rock Creek Rd
Rock Grove Church Rd
Rock Olive Dr
Rockwell Farms Rd
Rockwell Rd
Rockwell School Dr
Rockwell School Rd
Rocky Rick Ln
Rogers St
Ross Meadows Dr
Rothrock Rd
Row-Cab Line Rd
Roy Cline Rd
Ruby St
Running Cedar Dr
Ruth St
Saddle Club Dr
Safe Haven Ln
Sage Ln
Salisbury St
Sam Euart Rd
Sand Rd
Sapp Dale Dr
Sapp Rd
Savannah Dr
School St
Shady Creek Dr
S Hambley St
Shellie Dr
Shinn St
Shipton Loop Rd
Short St
Shuping Mill Rd
Sides Rd
Sides St
Sir Oliver Pl
Sis Carter Rd
Sisk-Carter Rd
Sloop Homeplace Dr
Small Sifford Way
Starlight Dr
State Hwy 152
State Hwy 152 E
State Rd 1002
State Rd 1006
State Rd 1221
State Rd 1344
State Rd 1470
State Rd 1565
State Rd 2320
State Rd 2323
State Rd 2324
State Rd 2325
State Rd 2327
State Rd 2329
State Rd 2333
State Rd 2335
State Rd 2337
State Rd 2338
State Rd 2340
State Rd 2341
State Rd 2345
State Rd 2346
State Rd 2357
State Rd 2359
State Rd 2360
State Rd 2363
State Rd 2367
State Rd 2368
State Rd 2369
State Rd 2382
State Rd 2402
State Rd 2406
State Rd 2408
State Rd 2411
State Rd 2414
State Rd 2415
State Rd 2416
State Rd 2419
State Rd 2429
State Rd 2432
State Rd 2434
State Rd 2435
State Rd 2437
State Rd 2438
State Rd 2440
State Rd 2445
State Rd 2446
State Rd 2473
State Rd 2559
State Rd 2565
State Rd 2566
State Rd 2567
State Rd 2568
State Rd 2569
State Rd 2570
State Rd 2623
State Rd 2629
State Rd 2630
State Rd 2631
State Rd 2632
State Rd 2633
State Rd 2634
Sternbridge Dr
Stolz Rd
Sunset Dr
Sunset St
Tarheel Trl
Thayer Rd
The Wilds Dr
Tobas Rd
Trappers Ridge Dr
Trexler Ave
Trexler St
Trex Rd
Trotter Ln
Troutman Rd
Troxler Rd
Tryon Rd
Turlington Ln
Tyler Rd
Upper Palmer Rd
US Hwy 52
Vance Allen Ave
Van St
Vera Dr
Vine St
Viscount Rd
Wallace Ln
Watkins St
Watson Ln
Waycross Dr
West St
White Oak Ln
Wilcoy Rd
Williams Dr
Windmill Rd
Windsor Wood Trl
Wind Swept Way
Winecoff St
Wingate Ln
W Main St
Woodland Dr
Wooster St
W Park Dr
Wyant Rd