Rocky Point, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety




Rocky Point, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS2711 - SPIRITTEL-AS - Spirit Communications, US
AS7018 - ATT-INTERNET4 - AT&T Services, Inc., US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS33749 - ATMC - Atlantic Telephone Membership Corp., US

Rocky Point, North Carolina Streets

Apple Blossom Dr
Ardmore Rd
Arlington Ave
Arvida Spur Rd
Asa Ln
Ashton Rd
Autumn Ct
Avendale Dr
Babbling Creek Rd
Balcombe Rd
Beaver Cove Ct
Beaver Dam Trl
Bellhammon Dr
Bellhammon Forest Dr
Bill Pickett Dr
Boyce Rd
Brandon Ln
Bridgeside Rd
Brighton Rd
Britlee Ct
Broken Spur Ct
Brookside Trl
Browning Rd
Buck Trl
Bumpy Ln
Buttonwood Ct
B W Groves Rd
by the Brook Ln
Camellia Dr
Canal Rd
Carl Meeks Rd
Carpenters Ln
Carr Ave
Cart Wheel Rd
Carver Dr
Casha Rd
Cedar Farms Ln
Cheshire Rd
Cheuffa Ct
Chinaberry Ln
Christy Ln
Churchhouse Bay Ln
Clarks Landing Loop Rd
Clarks Landing Rd
Clayton Ln
Clearbrook Trl
Complex Rd
Conklin Ct
Cooper Ln
Cory Rd
Country Ln
Creekstone Trl
Cricket Dr
Daisy Scott Rd
Daniel Rd
Deepwoods Ridge
Dogwood Ln
Drake Ct
Dreyton Hall Ct
Eastwind Ct
E Belair Ct
Elijah Hall Ln
E Point Rd
Erwin Branch Ln
E Strawberry Ln
Everette Rd
Fall Brook Ln
Fennell Town Rd
Fords Ln
Forest Island
Forest Ln
Foxwood Dr
Futch Ave
Gander Ln
Gobbler Ct
Goose Neck Rd
Goose Neck Rd W
Granite Dr
Grape Rd
Green Hill Ct
Grey Beard Dr
Harmony Ln
Harrison Creek Rd
Harts Ln
Hayduke Ln
Hearthside Dr
Heath Dr
Heath Rd
Herrings Chapel Rd
Highsmith Rd
Hines Rd
Holly Ln
Honeysuckle Rd
Horseman Rd
Hunter Ct
I- 40
Interstate Loop
Invershield Rd
Island Creek Rd
Jakes Dr
Jericho Rd
Jordan Rae Ln
Jumpin Run Trl
Juniper Rd
Kel Ash Exn
Kel Ash Rd
Kellyville Rd
Kimberly Ct
Lanier Ave
Larkins Rd
Lecy Padgett Rd
Light Wood Knott Rd
Lillington Ln
Little Kelly Rd
Little Pond Rd
Loftin Ln
Lone Star Ct
Long Branch Ln
Long Creek Loop Rd
Lucas Ave
Magnolia Dr
Maplewood Ln
Marble Dr
Mariners Cay
Marlboro Farms Rd
Marlin Ct
Martinez Ln
Martin Marietta Access Rd
McCrary Rd
McIntyre Church Rd
Meadowview Ct
Meeks Creek Dr
Merganser Loop
Merricks Ct
Michelle Ln
Mill Branch Dr
Millis Farm Rd
Mill Pond Trl
Millstone Trl
Mimosa Ln
Mincey Ln
Misty Meadows Ln
Moore Towna Rd
Moore Town Rd
Morning Glory Rd
Mount Gallon Rd
Mulberry Ln
N Holly Shelter Estate Rd
N Hummingbird Ln
Nixon Ave
North Dr
Oak Hills Dr
Oaks Plantation Dr
O'Berry Dr
Old Blossom Ferry Rd
Old Bridge Rd
Old Plantation Rd
Old Swann Plantation Ave
Old Swann Point Ave
Old Swann Point Dr
Pennsylvania Ave
Pickett Rd
Pine Hollow Dr
Pine Village Dr
Pintail Ln
Pond Rd
Poplar Branch Rd
Porters Lane Rd
Possum Ridge Rd
Quail Run Dr
Railroad St
Raven Dr
Raymond Williams Rd
Rebecca Kennedy Rd
Red Hawk Ln
Remington Rd
Reverend Andre Carr Rd
Rice Ct
Ridgecrest Ln
River Landing Dr
Robinson-Johnson Rd
Rocky Point Elementary Rd
Rocky Point Training School Rd
Rooks Ln
Rose Dr
Rufus Lewis Rd
Sandy Bend Exd
Sandy Bend Rd
Sawdust Rd
Saw Mill Rd
Scott Rd
Shadow Dr
Shaw Hwy
Shelby Renee Ln
S Holly Shelter Estates Rd
S Hummingbird Ln
Simpson Ln
Snowberry Ln
S Pointe Rd
Spring Chase Ln
Spring Park Ln
State Hwy 133
State Hwy 210
State Hwy 210 W
State Rd 1002
State Rd 1400
State Rd 1401
State Rd 1402
State Rd 1404
State Rd 1406
State Rd 1407
State Rd 1408
State Rd 1409
State Rd 1410
State Rd 1411
State Rd 1416
State Rd 1418
State Rd 1419
State Rd 1420
State Rd 1421
State Rd 1422
State Rd 1423
State Rd 1424
State Rd 1425
State Rd 1426
State Rd 1427
State Rd 1429
State Rd 1433
State Rd 1434
State Rd 1435
State Rd 1438
State Rd 1439
State Rd 1440
State Rd 1441
State Rd 1442
State Rd 1443
State Rd 1447
State Rd 1516
State Rd 1517
State Rd 1518
State Rd 1519
State Rd 1522
State Rd 1573
State Rd 1599
State Rd 1600
State Rd 1610
State Rd 1630
State Rd 1631
State Rd 1632
State Rd 1635
State Rd 1636
State Rd 1640
State Rd 1686
Stillwater Pt
Stone House Rd
Stones Throw Ct
Stoney Trail Rd
Stroud Will Ct
Sugarloaf Ct
Summer Time Ct
Summit Ct
Summit Ridge Dr
Summit Ridge Rd
Swann Ct
Swann Plantation Dr
Tarwolf Trl
Teel Ct
Terrapin Station
Thankful Rd
Thompson Ct
Thornbury Dr
Timber Trl
Tosacal Ln
Trails End Dr
Tulip Tree Ln
Turkey Creek Rd
Tyler's Run
US Hwy 117 S
US Hwy 17
Verzaal Ln
Via Dolorosa Rd
Village Cir
Vogler Dr
Wagon Train Rd
Walnut Branch Dr
Wax Myrtle Ln
Wayfarer Dr
W Belair Ct
Westbrook Dr
Westley Ct
West Ln
Whippoorwill Ln
White Oak Rd
Wild Turkey Trl
William P Mercy Ct
Willow Ct
Willows Bay Dr
Winchester Ln
Winding Creek Dr S
Winding Creek Rd
Windward Ct
Windward Dr
Wingate Dr
Winterberry Ln
Wishbone Spr
W Nightingale
Wo Johnston Ave
Woodcliff Dr
Woodcroft Ln
Woodhaven Dr
Woodpecker Pkwy
Worley Pl
W Pintail Ln
W Pointe Rd
W Strawberry Ln
Zurchers Dr