Saint Pauls, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies

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Saint Pauls, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US

Saint Pauls, North Carolina Streets

3rd St
Acorn Dr
Alfaros Day St
Alton B Rd
Amber Dr
Amore Ln
Ander Dr
Annette Dr
Applewood Cir
Applewood Rd
Apricot Ln
Armory St
Asberry Rd
A Townsend Rd
Avery Rd
Back Forty Dr
Bald Eagle Rd
Ballance Farm Rd
Barker Ten Mile Rd
Barts Dr
Baxley Rd
Bazemore Ct
Bell Rd
Berkley Rd
Berkshire Dr
Bernstein St
Besalt Dr
Bills Rd
Bladen Union Church Rd
Blanchard Rd
Blanks Rd
Boone Trl
Bouquet Dr
Brendas Dr
Brightleaf Pl
Brisson Rd
Brisson Sands Rd
Britt Rd
Broadwell Rd
Burnsdale Dr
Burris Dr
Butler Farm Rd
Butler Farms Rd
Cain Rd
Camwood Dr
Canopy Dr
Carlyle Rd
Carolina Church Rd
Carrisbrooke Rd
Caulder Rd
Cedar Grove Church Rd
Charlie McMillon Cir
Chauncey Cir
Chicken Foot Rd
Chime Dr
Christine Ln
Church Rd
Cliston Rd
Combine Dr
Community Rd
Conoco Dr
Coon Trail Ln
Corner Oaks Dr
Cottle Dr
Council St
County Line Rd
Covington Farm Rd
Cowan-Tyson Dr
Coy Rd
Crenshaw Rd
Crossbow Ln
Danbury Dr
Darnell St
Davis Farm Rd
Dean Rd
Decker Rd
Deer Trail Rd
Destin Dr
Dijour Dr
Dillon Rd
Doby Rd
Dogwood St
Donna St
Doral Pl
Dove Dr
Dover Rd
Dowless Rd
Dryesville Rd
Duncan Cir
Durden Dr
Dusty Rd
E Armfield St
Eberhardt Rd
E Blue St
E Brannon St
E Broad St
E Chapel St
E Clark St
Eddie and Ola Dr
Edgegrove Cir
E Eure St
E Great Marsh Church Rd
Elizabeth Ct
Ella Mae Dr
E McDuffie Crossing Rd
E McKoy St
E McLean St
E McRainey Rd
Emma Jane Rd
Emory Ln
Emory Rd
E Parkton Tobermory Rd
Eppingdale Dr
Erika Rd
E Ross St
E Stack St
Evans Rd
E Worth St
Factory Ln
Faenza Dr
Fisher Rd
Frazer Rd
Freedom Dr
Freeman St
Garfield Rd
Gentle Winds Dr
George St
Gibson Ct
Gillispie Ave
Ginger Ct
Gonzalez Dr
Grantham Dr
Grassy Ln
Great Marsh Ch Rd
Hagens Rd
Hahn Rd
Hall Ln
Harvestgrain Dr
Harwick Dr
Heaven Rd
Heck Rd
Herman Bond Rd
High Park Ln
Hilltop Ln
Hinson Rd
Howell Rd
Hughes Farm Rd
Hummingbird Ln
Hunnington Farm Rd
Hunter's Cove Dr
Hyatt Rd
Ice Cream Dr
Iceland Dr
Ingram Rd
Ivanhoe Dr
Jack Pine Dr
Jason's Place Rd
J Bird Ln
J D Rd
Jed Dr
Jelly Bean Dr
Joshua St
Julia T Rd
Karo Dr
Kelmscot Dr
Kemp St
Kenneth Rd
Kesler Dr
Kindley Dr
King Farm Rd
King Rd
King St
King Tuck Rd
Kitty Fork Rd
Lakeview Dr
Landfill Rd
Laura Ln
Lester Michail Rd
Liberty Park Rd
Lorrean Dr
Lucy Jane Rd
Lyde Rd
Maple Leaf Dr
Marion Rd
Martin Rd
Mary C Rd
Maudie Rozier Rd
Mayflower Rd
May St
McAllister and W Cir
McCall Rd
McCoy Ln
McEachern Cir
McGeachy Ln
McKinnon Ln
McNeil Rd
Millers Cemetary
Millionaire Rd
Mines Creek Rd
Monroe Rd
Morning Dr
Morrison Rd
M Strong Rd
Myrtle St
N 1st St
N 2nd St
N 3rd St
N 4th St
N 5th St
N Alford Rd
Nash Rd
N Ballance St
N Burlington St
N Chapel St
N Elizabeth St
New Bethel Church Rd
N Grayce St
N Hill St
N Johnson St
N Keith Ave
N Louisadell St
N Maple St
N Old Stage Rd
N Railroad St
N Seawell St
N Stewart St
N Wilkinson Dr
Oak Dr
Oakland Rd
Oak Ridge Ln
Odum Home Place Rd
Old Nc 20
Old Pond Rd
Orlando Dr
Pac Cir
Pages Lake Rd
Pait Dr
Palmerland Dr
Patricia Dr
Paulownia Dr
Pear Tree Ln
Penny Rd
Pericat Dr
Persimmon Rd
Pine Hill Rd
Piper Rd
Pone Loop Rd
Poor Dr
Powers Lake Dr
Prairie Ln
Privateroad 1664 Rd
Purdie Hall Rd
Register Ave
Register Dr
Rex Church Rd
Rex Rd
Rhemish Dr
Ribbon Dr
Ribbon Rd
Riddle Rd
Ridge Dr
Robert Bessie Rd
Robin's Ave
Rocky Rd
Rosea Esters Dr
Rosetta Dr
Rowland Ln
Rozier Siding
Rozier Siding Rd
Rozierville Rd
Rs Humphrey Rd
S 1st St
S 2nd St
S 3rd St
S 4th St
S 5th St
Sand Clay Rd
S Burlington St
S Butler St
Scotch Ln
S Dean St
S Elizabeth St
Shasta Dr
Shaw Mill Rd
Shaw Rd
Shipman Dr
Sicily Dr
S Inman Ave
S Johnson St
Skylark Ln
S Lafayette St
S McGoogan St
S Mill St
Snow Hill Dr
S Odom Rd
S Old Stage Rd
Sparkman Ln
S Powers St
Spring Branch Dr
State Hwy 20
State Hwy 87
State Hwy 87 W
State Rd 1005
State Rd 1006
State Rd 1117
State Rd 1136
State Rd 1300
State Rd 1305
State Rd 1306
State Rd 1318
State Rd 1726
State Rd 1727
State Rd 1729
State Rd 1732
State Rd 1733
State Rd 1734
State Rd 1739
State Rd 1740
State Rd 1741
State Rd 1742
State Rd 1743
State Rd 1745
State Rd 1746
State Rd 1747
State Rd 1758
State Rd 1759
State Rd 1761
State Rd 1762
State Rd 1763
State Rd 1769
State Rd 1784
State Rd 1807
State Rd 1810
State Rd 1822
State Rd 1906
State Rd 1907
State Rd 1908
State Rd 1909
State Rd 1910
State Rd 1912
State Rd 1916
State Rd 1919
State Rd 1921
State Rd 1922
State Rd 1924
State Rd 1925
State Rd 1926
State Rd 1927
State Rd 1929
State Rd 1931
State Rd 1933
State Rd 1934
State Rd 1935
State Rd 1936
State Rd 1937
State Rd 1938
State Rd 1939
State Rd 1940
State Rd 1976
State Rd 1980
State Rd 1985
State Rd 1988
State Rd 2023
State Rd 2250
State Rd 2251
State Rd 2252
State Rd 2256
State Rd 2257
Sugar Dr
Sunning Ct
Sunshine Dr
Sutton Rd
S Washington St
S Wilkinson Dr
Tailwinds Ln
Talbot Cir
Talmage Rd
Tea Cup Dr
Tiger Tail Rd
Tobermory Rd
Tolar Rd
Tolarsville Rd
Toot- Toot St
Torcross Dr
Townsend Rd
Troublefield Ln
Unc Dr
Unicorn Dr
Union Center Rd
Upton Pl
Usher Rd
US Hwy 301
Valley Pine Rd
Versaw Cir
Veterans Rd
Victoria Dr
Viking Dr
Vine Yard Dr
Waldron Rd
W Armfield St
Watts Dairy Rd
Wayland Dr
W Bay St
W Blue St
W Britt St
W Broad St
W Clark St
W Cutlar St
Weathervane Dr
Wellington Rd
Westcott Dr
W Fisher St
W Great Marsh Church Rd
Wheat St
Whirlwind Dr
Whitehead Dr
White's Dr
Whittington Ln
Wilcox Rd
Wildlife Ln
William Duke Rd
Willis Dr
Willoughby Dr
Willow Dr
Willow St
W McDuffie Crossing Rd
W McLean St
W McRainey Rd
W Northrop St
Woodside Ave
Worth St Exd
W Pate St
W Pittman St
W Pool St
W Powersville Rd
Wrenn Rd
W Shaw St
W Sylva St
W Townsend St
Yambo Dr
Yarborough Rd