Spring Lake, North Carolina Scanner Frequencies

Public Safety


Spring Lake, North Carolina IP Addresses

AS209 - CENTURYLINK-US-LEGACY-QWEST - Qwest Communications Company, LLC, US
AS721 - DNIC-ASBLK-00721-00726 - DoD Network Information Center, US
AS1541 - DNIC-ASBLK-01534-01546 - Headquarters, USAISC, US
AS11426 - SCRR-11426 - Time Warner Cable Internet LLC, US
AS20115 - CHARTER-NET-HKY-NC - Charter Communications, US

Spring Lake, North Carolina Streets

Airman Dr
Alan Parker Cir
Alcherry St
Alden St
Alexander Ln
Alex Ryan Ln
Alleghany Dr
Allegheny Dr
Allen St
Almond Dr
Amanda St
Anderson Creek Dr
Anderson Creek School Rd
Anderson Hills Rd
Andrew Cox Ln
Andrews Church Rd
Angus Ct
Angus Ln
Annawood Ct
Ann Creek St
Anson Ln
Antler Dr
Appaloosa Dr
Arabian Dr
Archie St
Arctic Cir
Arizona Ct
Arrowhead Rd
Arthur Ln
Artillery Trl
Ashley Ct
Ashton Pl
Aspen Ave
A St
Astor Dr
Astor Pl
Atomic Dr
Austin Ave
Azalea Dr
Balero Ct
Balsam Pl
Balsawood Cir
Baltic Rd
Banicher Ct
Barnes Dr
Barons Run E
Barons Run W
Bedford Rd
Berdene St
Bernard St
Bethel Baptist Rd
Bettie Hamilton Ln
Betty St
Bill Greene Ln
Bill Shaw Rd
Birchwood St
B J Palmer Dr
Bladen St
Bland St
Bliss Ave
Bluegill Ln
Blue Pine Dr
Bluerock Ln
Boats Ln
Bobby Dr
Brahma Ln
Brandi Ln
Brasstown Dr
Breezy Ln
Brenda Cir
Brinkley Dr
Britania Rd
Britanic Rd
Broadlake Ln
Broad St
Brook Ln
Bruce Ln
Buck Eye Dr
Buckhorn Lake Rd
Buddy Barefoot Rd
Bundy Ave
Burro Ln
Butternut Dr
Buzz's Dr
Caldwell St
California Ln
Calvin St
Camellia Ln
Canopy Ln
Canteberry Dr
Capitol Dr
Capybar Dr
Carlisle Pl
Carmichael Ln
Carnation Cir
Carolin St
Carrboro St
Carteret Ct
Casa Ln
Catfish Ln
Cecil Ave
Cedar Dr
Cedarwood St
Chapel Hill Rd
Chara Ct
Charlotte St
Chavis Dr
Cherita St
Cherub Ln
Chestnut St
C Holder Ln
Cimarron Dr
Cirello Dr
Citron Pl
Clover Ln
C-Me St
Cobblestone Dr
Collingwood Dr
Colton Dr
Columbus Ct
Connie Ct
Cooper Ave
Cottageville Dr
Cottswold Ln
Country Acres Rd
Cox Pond Ln
Coyote Ln
Coyt Cir
Craven Ct
Creech Dr
Creeksville Church Rd
Crescent Dr
Crest Cir
Crestview Pl
Crocus Ct
Cronkite St
C St
Currie Dr
Curtis Cir
Cynthia Ln
Cypress Dr
Dacha Ln
Daffodill Pl
Daisy Cir
Daly Ave
Dandelion Pl
Darkwood Dr
Dassie Cir
Davey St
Davis Ct
Deborah Dr
Deerfield Dr
Delphic Rd
Dianne Cir
Dimaggio Dr
Dingo Rd
Docs Rd
Dogwood Dr
Dolphin Cir
Dolphin Ln
Donnas Ln
Donnett Ln
Doug West Ln
Dove Ridge Ln
Dow Cir
Down Stream Dr
D St
Duncan Rd
Dundee Ln
Durham Ct
Dustin Dr
Eagle St
Easterling Dr
Easy Ln
Edgecombe Dr
E Dove Ridge Rd
Edward Cir
Edwards Ave
E Everett St
E Governor Brandon St
Eileen Dr
Elaine St
Elfman Dr
Elfreth Ln
Elizabeth Ct
Elizabeth St
Elliott Bridge Rd
Elliott Ln
Elma Black Ln
Elma St
Elm St
Elvin Matthews Ln
E Manchester Rd
E Northpoint Rd
Eppingdale Dr
Erica Ln
Eric McCormick Ln
E St
Ethan Ln
E Tryon Ct
Eugene Ln
Eva Cir
Evans St
Falling Water Rd
Faye St
Finley St
Fountain Park Cir
Francis Ct
Franks Rd
Freda Ct
Frugal Cir
Gadget Dr
Gallery Dr
Gardenia Cir
Garden St
Gardner St
Garysburg Cir
Gary St
Gena Ln
Gena St
General Lee St
George West Ln
Georgia St
Gerber Ln
Gladiola Dr
Godfrey Ln
Godwin Ave
Golden Rod Ct
Goodyear Dr
Gordon Ln
Graham St
Great Dane Ln
Great Pine Ct
Greeley Cir
Green Ivey Ln
Green St
Greyhound Ln
Grubb Ln
Guilford Ct
Haire St
Hallmark Cir
Hallmark Dr
Hanging Rock Ln
Hanna Ln
Happy Valley Dr
Harger Ln
Harley Ln
Harrill St
Hasting Ln
Hawk Ridge Dr
Hayes Rd
Haywood St
H B Dr
Heather Brook Cir
Heathrow Dr
Heatter Ave
Hedgemoor Cir
Helen Mathews Dr
Helicopter Rd
Hendon St
Henle St
Hereford Ln
Hettie St
Hickory St
Highgrove Dr
High House Ln
Hillandale Rd
Hines St
Hinkle St
Hinterland Ln
Hiroko Ln
Holland Dr
Holloway St
Holly Ct
Holly St
Holstein Ln
Honey Dr
Huckleberry Dr
Hunting Bay Dr
Huntley St
Hussey Dr
Iredell St
Iris Cir
Ivey St
Jamestown Ct
Jamestown Dr
Janet Cir
Javelin Ln
Jde St
Jeff St
Jersey Ln
John Ryan Ln
Johnson St
John St
Joint Rd
Joye Cir
Kangaroo Ln
Karen Cir
Kaye St
Kelly Creek St
Kelly St
Kenneth Dr
Kenwood Ave
Killdeer Dr
King St
Kingtown Ct
Knight Pl
Koinonia Dr
Krause Ln
Kristin Ave
Kunz Rd
K & W Dr
Lacock St
Lacy St
Lake Ave
Lake Ave Exn
Lake Park Dr
Lake Shore Dr
Laketree Blvd
Lakeview Acres Ln
Lakeview Dr
Lamplighter Way
Lancaster Ct
Lanexa Rd
Langley Rd
Lanier Dr
Latrell Cir
Laura Ct
Laurel Dr
Lauren Cir
Laurens Cir
L B Wilson Cir
Leach St
Leaning Pine Cir
Leeks Ln
Lee St
Lemuel Black Rd
Lenoir Dr
Leopard Ln
Lewis Cir
Lexus Ln
Lillington Hwy
Lily Cir
Lisa Cir
Little John Ln
Little M Dr
Little River Rd
Loblolly Pl
Londontown Dr
London Way
Long Valley Rd
Longview Pl
Lottie St
Lous Chapel Rd
Lucas Rd
Lyndon St
Lynn St
Lynx Ln
Mack St
Mack West Ln
Macland Dr
Madison Ave
Magnolia Dr
Magoo Ln
Maple St
Maranatha Cir
Marble Dr
Marc St
Margaret Ln
Marian Ln
Marthas Ln
Martin Cir
Marvin Dr
Mastercraft Ln
Matador Ct
Maxie Loop
McCormick Bridge Rd
McCormick Rd
McFayden Dr
McKay Dr
McKenzie Rd
McLamb Ct
McNeil St
Meadow St
Mechanical Dr
Mesa Ln
Micahs Way N
Micahs Way W
Micaville Cir
Michaelyn Ln
Mills House Ln
Milton St
Mimosa Dr
Misty Cir
Misty Cove Ln
Mockingbird Ln
Mojo Ln
Monroe St
Montana Ln
Mont Dr
Morehead St
Morgan Ct
Morris Dr
Morrison Ave
Mosby Ln
Moyers St
Murchison Rd
Murro St
Mustang Ln
N 1st St
N 2nd St
N 4th St
N 5th St
N 6th St
Narcissus Pl
Nautique Dr
N Betty St
N Bragg Blvd
N Brenda St
Nc 210 S
N Conner Cir
Nelson Ct
Nevada Ct
New Castle Ln
New St
N Grogg St
N Hillside Dr
N Lena Dr
N Main St
N Mitchley St
Noe Ln
Nolen St
Norris St
North Dakota Ct
N Peggy St
Nursery Rd
Oakdale Dr
Oak Hill Ln
Oakridge Dr
Oakview Ln
O and H Street
Odell Rd
Old Dutch Rd
Old English Ln
Old Farms Maple St
Old Fort Ct
Old Forte Trl
Old Pine Ct
Old Salem Dr
Olive St
Ollis Dr
Orchard Falls Dr
Orchid Dr
Oregon Ln
Ormsby Ct
Orrin Ct
Outback Ln
Overhills Rd
Overview Ct
Owen Dr
Palamino Ln
Paloma Ln
Pansy Cir
Panther Ln
Parker St
Patawba Ln
Pate Ave
Pat St
Peaceful Ln
Pearl St
Pecan Dr
Pender Rd
Penquin Ln
Peonie Pl
Person Ct
Person St
Pete Mason Dr
Pettit St
Petty St
Pinecrest St
Pine Hawk Dr
Pine Hill Ct
Pine Knoll Dr
Pinetree Ln
Pine Water Way
Piney Pond Rd
Pittman Dr
Plymouth Ct
Poe Ave
Poinsetta Rd
Polk St
Poplar Dr
Presidio Ln
Priddy St
Primrose St
Quarter Ct
Rainbow Ct
Rainey Dr
Raleigh Ave
Rambeaut Rd
Randolph Ct
Randolph St
Ranger Ln
Ravenhurst Cir
Raven Ln
Raynor Rd
Ray Rd
Red Fox Rd
Red Oak Dr
Reggie Ct
Regina Dr
Rhema Dr
Ridge Cir
Rita Ln
Rivenbark Ln
Riverbank Dr
Rivers Edge Rd
Riverside Cir
Riverwind Dr
Robbie Cir
Robeson Ct
Robeson St
Rock Harbor Ln
Rockingham St
Roger Curtis Ln
Rolling Pines Dr
Rolling Springs Dr
Romie St
Ronald Ln
Ronnies Rd
Rosebud St
Rose Clark Cir
Rose St
Roslyn Way
Rosser Rd
Ruby Clara Ln
Rupe St
Rutherford Ave
Ruth St
Ryans Cir
S 1st St
S 2nd St
S 3rd St
S 4th St
S 5th St
S 6th St
S 7th St
Saddletree Dr
Salisbury Ln
Samuel Ct
Samuel Dr
Sandalwood Dr
Sandclay Dr
Sandclay Rd
Sarah Cir
Saunders Ct
S Betty St
S Bragg Blvd
S Brenda St
Scarborough St
Scaup Dr
S Conner Cir
Scotland Dr
S Dakota Ct
Sean Dr
Sedgefield Ln
S Grogg St
Shady Grove Rd
Shady St
Shelby St
Shellnut Cir
Sherrie Cir
Sherry Ln
S Hillside Dr
Shining Water Ln
Sierra Trl
Sigmund St
Silk Floss Ln
Skipping Water Dr
Skylar St
Slate Dr
Sleepy Dr
S Lena Dr
S Main St
S Mitchley St
Sonnydee Dr
Spanish Wells Dr
S Peggy St
Speranza Dr
Spring Ave
Spring Ave Exd
Spring Pond Ln
Springside Dr
Springwater Ct
Stage Rd
Stallion Ln
Standli Dr
State Hwy 210
State Hwy 210 S
State Hwy 24
State Hwy 690
State Hwy 87
State Rd 1001
State Rd 1116
State Rd 1117
State Rd 1120
State Rd 1121
State Rd 1123
State Rd 1124
State Rd 1125
State Rd 1142
State Rd 1144
State Rd 1145
State Rd 1146
State Rd 1147
State Rd 1149
State Rd 1151
State Rd 1156
State Rd 1160
State Rd 1161
State Rd 1162
State Rd 1163
State Rd 1164
State Rd 1165
State Rd 1166
State Rd 1167
State Rd 1169
State Rd 1170
State Rd 1173
State Rd 1175
State Rd 1184
State Rd 1197
State Rd 1198
State Rd 1451
State Rd 1559
State Rd 1560
State Rd 1600
State Rd 1620
State Rd 1635
State Rd 1678
State Rd 1679
State Rd 1680
State Rd 1684
State Rd 1775
State Rd 1776
State Rd 1777
State Rd 1798
State Rd 2045
State Rd 2047
State Rd 2048
State Rd 2049
State Rd 2050
State Rd 2051
State Rd 2052
State Rd 2059
State Rd 2064
State Rd 2081
State Rd 2086
State Rd 2094
State Rd 2100
State Rd 2113
State Rd 2408
State Rd 2419
State Rd 2420
State Rd 2454
State Rd 2455
State Rd 2456
State Rd 2457
State Rd 2458
State Rd 2500
State Rd 3145
Stewart Farm Ln
Stirup Ct
Stone Cross Dr
Stonehurst Dr
Stone Quarey Dr
Stonewall Ct
Storey Acres Rd
Streamway Dr
Strickland Dr
Sue St
Summit Dr
Sunflower Ln
Superior Dr
Surfwind Dr
Swain St
Sweet Ln
Tall Oaks Dr
Taylor Rd
Terrell Ln
Thalia St
The Inner Cir
Thelma Searles Rd
Thoroughbred Ln
Tiffany Cir
T J Trl
Tolbert Ct
Tomahawk Cir
Tommys Dr
Tradewind Dr
Tram Rd
Tulip St
Turnbridge Way
Tuscarora Dr
Twinberry Ln
Twin Falls Rd
Unique Dr
Valley Pines Cir
Valley Rd
Vass Rd
Verlie Ave
Verlie Dr
Verrazano Pl
Veterans Dr
Village Lake Ct
Violet Cir
Virginia Dr
Walnut Dr
Walter Mason Ln
Wapiti Dr
Ward Ln
Warfield St
Water Fall Way
Waterway Dr
Waterworks Rd
W Dove Ridge Ln
Weaver St
Wedgewood Dr
Weeping Pine Ct
Wellons Ave
Wesley St
Westbrook Dr
W Everett St
W Governor Brandon St
Whaleboat Dr
Wheeless Rd
Whispering Pines Dr
White Eagle Ln
White Oak St
White Pine Pl
Wicker Cir
Wilder Cir
Wilderness Dr
Williams St
Williford Ln
Willow Oaks Dr
Wilson Ave
Wimbledon Ln
W Manchester Rd
W Northpoint Rd
Woodbridge Dr
Woodwind Dr
W Tryon Ct
W & W Ln
Wyoming Ct
Yancey Ct
York Ct
Zackary Ln
Zena Ln
Ziglar Cir